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  1. I actually measured it at 41 psi which I thought close to the factory setting.
  2. Yes. Pump off, tank valve closed, taps open.
  3. Sorry Tony. I meant expansion tank, name escaped me for a while. Its states 3 bar on the label and tyre pressure gauge confirms that so OK.
  4. What pressure should this be set at? Pump cuts in at 20 psi and out at 40 psi. Is adjusting it the same as accumulator?
  5. BCNS Facebook page shows a lot of boats moored at Smethwick waiting for the off.
  6. And they don't like you occupying a table if you're not eating.
  7. Anyone used one of these and can recommend a particular model. Spent all day with a water fed brush and scrubbing brush to clean the roof of a widebeam. Thought a pressure washer might make life easier but has to be easy to store.
  8. Phone him and ask. He's only 1/2 mile away.
  9. Can't Simon at Selby Boat Centre help?
  10. Much of it by feel at present. Swivelled the alternator down so I could get at the solenoid to confirm diagnosis. With alternator off looks like you can get a socket on the two retaining bolts but they appear to go through the bell housing and out so about 4 inches long. The heat exchanger overhangs the starter so much of it will be by feel or use of a mirror. Unfortunately one of the steel supports for the deck boards is in just the right place to stop you getting your head right down.
  11. The starter on our neighbours Sea Otter has failed. Anyone on CWDF ever changed one and give some pointers?
  12. Perhaps because it's a long way up if you're on a narrowboat?
  13. And I'll make sure we're securely moored. Wouldn't want to meet it at the bridge at Twenty Pence.
  14. On my Android phone it's the camera symbol after you click the comments box.
  15. Wasn't that bad a job. I waited until we were on the upper part of the Weaver so the clear water meant I could see what I was doing. Nice new file and about a hours filing. Weed hatch back on and try it. Some noise still there but better. Weedhatch off again and another 30 mins or so with the file and all good.
  16. We had a singing prop after it was changed. Vetus sent me instructions in where to attack the edges with a file. With clear enough water you can do it through the weedhatch. Can't find the Vetus instructions now but this should help. https://nbsg.wordpress.com/2016/11/05/blacking-and-no-more-singing/ At the time I was told the old fashioned remedy was to reverse over a shingle bank!
  17. The Houdini hatches were specified when we had the boat built. I added the perspex double glazing using magnetic tape to hold it in place against a 12mm batten around the wooden trim of the hatch. As for the skylight on the current boat I just specified the size and left the rest to the builders. There are 4 other boats in our marina with similar skylights.
  18. Not open currently. A petition going the rounds to stop it being turned in not a house but we've been past it a few times lately and it looks too late. Nice GOBA moorings just downstream on opposite side. If you climb the flood bank a very large solar farm to your left and an enormous glasshouse to your right.
  19. Now closed, seemingly permanently.
  20. The original seat is MDF sprayed white and the edge wears quickly showing a black line. I made a template of the WC from newspaper and after not finding one to fit at any of the DIY stores took it to a bathroom specialist. They came up with a Pressalit Tivoli 2 which fits perfectly.
  21. Me too. The first time after going through the tunnel we had to go down 10 locks before being allowed to moor. At least we were both fit enough to walk back up and walk over the top and back. And the last time, 2019, we could moor in Marsden for 3 days and again at Diggle.
  22. And, from a Facebook post, they have reverted to the 'you must stay at Dobcross overnight and we open the locks in the morning and then you may stay overnight at Marsden but have to descend down the next morning.' If it's only 2 boats each way once a week it's hardly in the cause of water conservation.
  23. Victron told me it was something called Grid Detection.
  24. Same with us in 2020
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