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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Were they the boat builders on the Avon near Bristol?
  4. Not my doing. Fitted by Aintree Boats. I would add that our instructions mention a restrictor in the water inlet. They didn't fit one, if it was part of the kit, with the result that water would end up on the top of the toilet under the seat on the right hand side. Turning the isolator valve to about half way sorted it
  5. Just looked at the fitting instructions left with ours and it states a template is supplied.
  6. This is ours. About 50 mm upstand from floor. 280mm high 340mm across opening.
  7. First Gold licence we took, because I didn't read the rules properly, was in an April. I paid for a 12 month Gold Licence but only got to use 9 months of it. Received a refund of the unexpired part of the Standard licence.
  8. If you go for a Gold then you've already lost one month's rrfund.
  9. Was trying to keep post short.
  10. That's my experience. Turn the tap on with valve on rank filler closed and hose expands. Depending on the water pressure it may expand fully, put filler in tank and open valve. Drop in pressure causes hose to retract. If the pressure is already low it will go back to its original, unexpanded length and the water will only trickle through Hence my comment about Fradley where the taps on the Coventry are particularly slow. That was with a short 10 metre hose which we promptly gave away. Now we are in a marina some 200+ metres, and 20 or so taps, from where the water enters the pontoons. On our new boat we found we have to fill every 2/3 days and as we are moored stern in bought a 30m Hozelock expanding hose. As others have said, these have a mind of their own snaking all over the place as the tap is turned on. I guess the longer the hose the more wayward they are. So I drag it along the finger pontoon to the front of the boat, open the valve on the filler, the hose starts to retract and I have to put my foot on it to stop it being pulled out of the tap. Depending on how many other boats have decided to fill at the same time it may only retract a little. Other times it becomes so short that it is pulled at sharp angles around the stern and front of the boat, further restricting the flow. On a bad day it will retract then expand so the hose drops between the boat and pontoon then gets caught behind a fender when I try to lift it back out. So it's gone.
  11. Try using an expanding hose at Fradley, then bin it.
  12. Considering a lot of other rivers, moorings on the Great Ouse are not too bad. Quite a few water taps on the Ely section and boatyards on the Bedford to St Ives seem happy enough to let you use their water and elsan for free. For pumpouts there are only 3 EA ones, all on the lower part. St Ives and above you rely on boatyards. We're one of those natives now!
  13. Had to sign up for it but don't know if it's for EA licence holders only Certainly arrived on the Great Ouse. Not much rain on Christmas Day but plenty since. Guess we're 12 - 15 inches up.
  14. Actually we had text and email from the EA on Christmas Eve that locks on the Great Ouse would be reversed over the holiday due to the expected rainfall.
  15. Some years we received a letter ( not email so tells you how long ago) Sayed we had overstayed at Ellesmere. We had been recorded there twice in 14 days but, we'd been up to Llangollen, paid to moor and had a receipt with our name on. And booked and been onto the Montgomery and back.
  16. We've been through London 3 times by boat, 1990, 2009 and 2016 and always enjoyed it. 2016 we spent Christmas there. Even though we had no real problems with mooring it was harder each time and I recognise a lot of the issues he remarked on. If I was going again would certainly book.
  17. Our previous boat had oak panelled sides and roof which was sprayed with a clear lacquer. We found that a deposit would form over the surface, presumably from the stove, which we removed with sugar soap wipes. Whilst it always looked good closer inspection showed that in areas near the stove some of the veneer had lifted slightly. We rubbed bees wax into these to stop the wood drying out too much.
  18. Obviously not the same pump but I bought a repair kit for our Johnson shower pump from Aquafax.
  19. There are several 12ft 6in wide boats in our marina. Mile downstream the lock is 11ft 11ins. The upstream lock, 2 miles away is 13ft 1in but after another mile it is 11ft 1in.
  20. We both shower everyday (and have water saving shower head) and don't wash, etc under running taps but I won't say my wife is obsessive about clothes washing but,.....
  21. The water tank in our previous narrowboat was the bow locker. Epoxy coated. In answer to a previous post it never froze in 14 years. That would last us 3 to 4 days showering everyday and full use of a washing machine. If we were unable to fill the tank we stopped using the washer which almost double the time to empty. We expected our new widebeam to have a larger tank capacity. It is more conventional under the well deck aft of the bow thruster but, despite on paper having more capacity than the narrowboat one, only lasts the same time. I put that down to the much larger washing machine not being run at full load.
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