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  1. But do they have engineering staff? Foxes might be better. Central between Nene and Great Ouse.
  2. Strangely none of the ads in GOBA News mention surveys. Try Tony Pope, 07833 393928. He is based in Soham. Did our BSS Inspection a few years ago.
  3. Old enough to remember going to Stonehenge, parking in the road and walking amongst the stones and, shock horror, touching them.
  4. Our favourite is after crossing the M65 to moor just after the first railway crossing. Out in the open with views down the valley.
  5. 60 X 10 which is 55.82 sq mtrs. Hadn't thought of knocking off a bit for the pointy front or the rounded stern though.
  6. I would have said that but dinner beckoned. The thing is that there are many places to moor between Netherton and Birmingham. We've probably stopped at all of them.
  7. Or there are bollards either side of Whimsey Bridge at Oldbury or a pontoon, or was, opposite.
  8. On the one hand a lot of the old Dock area is derelict, and looks it but on the other the Mann Island development, the Ferry Terminal building and the Liverpool museum don't do much for the environment they are set in. If Liverpool are serious to become a Cruise Ship destination then they need a decent terminal (Southampton has 4) Not the marquee in a car park with a rusting gangway leading to the pier, with its bus shelter type waiting areas. And it needs to be in the 'sensitive' area as that's where passengers want to be. Although it may have changed since we were last there. I should add I really like Liverpool. It was there on a 3 month placement at Halewood, all expenses paid, that I saved up for Js engagement ring.
  9. With the new(ish) control pedestal Hazleford is easy.
  10. The only 3 CRT moorings that I can think of that are serviced are Eastwood Lock, Newark and Barney and none of those have all 3 services without moving your boat or carting your cassette away. There is also Clarence Dock if they allow winter moorings. We've spent time in Kings Marina in Newark and Wigrams Turn as a winter mooring but there are many others. You could try lateral thinking and take a CRT/Waterside Moorings for a year, just remember to give proper notice when you want to leave.
  11. Firstly I'm with Ron-M that limiting engine speed is not the answer. Plenty of times when you want a quick burst of revs to give better steerage. We've been hit twice and damaged caused by hire boats and on both occasions the companies concerned paid for the damage caused without any hassle.
  12. About a mile north of Bramble Cuttings is one boat length of piling where it is deep enough to moor. Alternatively, if Bramble Cuttings are full almost opposite towards Middlewich there are some rings on the towpath side.
  13. Reading the posts I was going to say that. Having been CCers for 14 years with lots of hiring and share boating before that, we've had no more trouble than when we lived in a house. But friend, also liveaboard, has loads of trouble when moored in places we've been. But he can be aggressive. Edited to add we never lock the back doors when we are onboard.
  14. We spent a winter in Salthouse back in 2015 and emptied out cassettes there every week. We asked first but we're never charged a penny. It's not the best of elsans. After mooring on the fuel pontoon you carry the cassette up 10 feet to the quayside, lift the drain cover and empty down the hole. No washout point but plenty of water in the dock. There was a tap but never sure if it was for drinking water or not as unmarked. Things may have changed now.
  15. Empty the Elsan at Litherland in the way down. You can empty at Liverpool Marina, which gives you an excuse to cruise down through the linked docks, but they do charge.
  16. Otherwise Litherland Visitor Moorings are gated.
  17. Western Approaches Museum. Old Town Hall. Old Dock. Maritime Museum. Williamson Tunnels. City Library. St George's/ Radio Tower Victoria Gallery.
  18. You going to visit us at Hartford?
  19. They are mixture of EA, GOBA and Local Authority but all 48 hours with some like Ely, strictly enforced.
  20. Not quite fair. We've often met them at Lock 5
  21. For £10 it's probably just had a good clean and a bit of WD-40. I wouldn't touch it.
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