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  1. CRT Licensing Review final report

    Yet again, they’ve said the basic price will be frozen in 2019 because of the other changes. This has been pointed out several times in this thread.
  2. CRT Licensing Review final report

    As has been pointed out above, to offset the reduction in the discount, the basic price is planned to be frozen for 2019.
  3. B B C .

    I told him politely!
  4. B B C .

    It is now. Under the new Charter, the funding of the WS was transferred to the licence fee. Since then, there has been a small Foreign Office grant for some new language services.
  5. Nick Clegg Knighted

    You do realise, do you, that this quote is frequently mis-attributed to John Lennon -- but was actually a Jasper Carrot joke?
  6. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    Can you feel a whoosh of hot air rising from the stove?
  7. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    They're not supposed to move the air so much you can feel it, they're supposed to even out the heat given off by the stove. Make sure it's in the right place on the top of the stove -- near the back or the side so it can draw air up from behind or beside the stove. Without the fan, on our boat the floor is colder and all the heat collects up near the ceiling; with it, it's much more even, and you no longer worry about the ceiling getting really hot. It it evens up the temperature, then it's working.
  8. Eco Fan

    This is the key benefit as far as I'm concerned. Without the fan, all the heat ends up near the ceiling and the floor is cold; with it, it's much more even. Exactly. (And I like your mix of imperial and metric measurements.)
  9. Leave space for anglers!

    It's not just me. Here and here for example.
  10. Leave space for anglers!

    Barmy is derived from the village of Barming, where there was a huge mental asylum -- and it's in Kent, which is very much in the south.
  11. CRT Changes To Executive Team

    They might be years away from the current statutory retirement age, but as they all appear to have worked for BW, they’ll probably have been in the old BW pension scheme — which members were allowed to stay in when the change to CRT took place. It was a final salary scheme, and I’d be amazed if the retirement age was higher than 60. Like other civil service type pensions, it probably also had quite generous terms for drawing your pension early.
  12. Cratch - What Is Important

    And when you roll up your cratch cover, roll the sides inwards -- not outwards like the one above. Then the roll will be the colour of the outside not the white of the inside, and if you get caught in a shower, it won't collect rainwater.
  13. Having read that you were wondering how it went, I can now understand why you called it an ummersion!
  14. Caldon canal

    So you didn’t go to the best bits.
  15. Advice for Upper River Severn Please

    For the most basic indication, there's a red yellow and green gauge at the bottom lock onto the river, isn't there?