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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. adam1uk


    Some shell builders have prices on their websites: Aintree Boats: http://www.aintreeboats.co.uk/prices/ Tyler Wilson: http://www.tylerwilsonboats.com/index#/traditional-narrowboat-1
  3. A lot of councils have switched people to do other things. My next door neighbour who works for the local highways department is working from home, but has been going through the government’s list of vulnerable people making sure they have what they need and can get food etc. So just because you can’t see things going on, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.
  4. Yes, between Midland Chandlers and the bridge.
  5. And this was moored on the North Oxford, just past Braunston Junction when we went past this morning.
  6. The stoppage notice on the website gives the closure as ending on 20th, not 27th. Any idea which date is correct?
  7. When I phoned the book a couple of years ago, I got the impression that the 72 hour notice thing was to give you time to make other plans, if it turned out they didn't want to let you down on the day you wanted to go! We turned right out of Pomona Lock but couldn't go far up the Irwell because of massive bridge works. It was still worth going and having a look though.
  8. You'll have to phone and ask. It seems they'll only do it when it suits them -- so not even every weekday.
  9. adam1uk

    NB Phoenix

    I would say that a cruiser has access to the deck from the side — so between the cabin and whatever rail/dodger arrangement goes round 5e back of the stern deck. A semi-cruiser would have access at the stern, like a semi-trad would. So I would say this is more semi-cruiser than cruiser (although with the swim deck off the back it doesn’t really lend itself to existing labels).
  10. Surely you check the T&Cs before paying, not after. If you pay without knowing whether a refund would be due, there's not really much you can do about it.
  11. It always was pretty hard to contact them, but I’ve heard recently that it’s worse. Someone told me the owner had gone awol, and even the harbourmasters had no means to replenish diesel supplies etc.
  12. That sounds high to me. Admittedly it was five or six years ago, but we paid £500 for the name and location on both sides plus number in a panel; diamonds on the bow flashes, cratch board and roof; scroll on each side; CRT number on both sides.
  13. I don’t think you are reading it correctly. If you pay in full online, you get the 2.5% prompt payment discount, and the 2.5% online discount — so the same 5% as before. If you switch to monthly direct debit you only get the 2.5% online discount.
  14. No, it was established a couple of pages ago that the retailer was not Narrowboats Ltd.
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