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  1. The Isis in the photo is a share boat. One of the former owners told me they paid for a mooring on the Thames using a credit card, and following the instructions on the sign put Isis as their reference. A couple of days later they were contacted by the credit card company because the US authorities had been on, asking why they were funding terrorists. They pointed out that Isis was a boat, the money wasn’t going to Isis it was going to the local council in Marlow, and you can’t buy many weapons for £6.
  2. Have a look at canalplan.eu which will give you an idea of how long each stretch takes.
  3. I’d be cautious of stopping around King’s Norton. People seem to moor quite happily in the university area these days. Anywhere in the centre is fine (my preference is the NIA side of Broad Street rather than the Gas Street Basin side). When you go down Farmer’s Bridge Locks and the Aston Locks, keep going until beyond Minworth before stopping for the night. Although this sounds like a lot for a day, the Farmer’s Bridge and Aston Locks are really quick, and if you have crew to set ahead you can get through the, really quickly — in fact Farmer’s Bridge is probably my favourite set of urban locks. Birmingham is actually a really nice city, and well worth an explore, even if you only go up to the garden and viewing area at the top of the new library.
  4. The sign calls them tunnel mouth trips, so I don't believe anyone thinks they're actually going all the way through and back.
  5. What he said was that there were checks every two days, which is what spotted this problem; a big inspection every year; and a really big inspection every ten years. These are carried out by independent engineers, not to save money, but because it's a statutory requirement to use someone from a panel.
  6. I believe that’s one of the Soulbury Three Locks, not Stoke Hammond lock.
  7. Philip Roth was famously considered not a good enough source to correct an entry about one of his own books.
  8. There's another Co-op not far from the Caldon at Endon. Just after the obstacle course of the 'roundabout', bridge, and sharp right hand turn (where there's an old arm with moorings in it), there are some good moorings. Walk back to the bridge, take the path across the fields to the main road, and the Co-op is down the road to the left.
  9. Having done it in a week on a hire boat (albeit many years ago) I can assure you it is doable. It's such a popular ring I'd have thought a few dozen hire boats do it every week.
  10. As it's only going round the loop and back to its mooring -- and appears to do so without an issue -- they'd probably argue that it is fit for navigation on the part of canal it's intended for.
  11. I'm bookmarking this thread so I can quote it the next time someone complains about CRT having a monopoly.
  12. I got great satisfaction from doing my oil change on at least one occasion moored near bridge 74 on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, and then walking with the old oil to the recycling centre just down the road from the bridge. I think you’re not technically supposed to walk in, but I’ve been there on foot a few times and no-one has stopped me. And there, you tip the oil into a huge container. It was being emptied on one visit, by a tanker with a pump.
  13. You probably mean never, rather than ever, I suspect! BTW, I thought Sickle looked spectacular when we passed it on its moorings a couple of times last month.
  14. Yes they are doing Buckby and Watford. To upside is that they come to unlock Buckby first, so when we came down last month it was all open by 8.30.
  15. That'll be the landslip? Some photos on this blog from April: https://pippa13.blogspot.com/2019/04/further-than-expected-easter-sunday.html Passable, but slowly, and I believe they are locking the locks above and below overnight. Incidentally, your title says Stourbridge, but the text says Stourport, which I think is what you mean.
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