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  1. I think you are right, there do seem to have been a lot of stoppages. My theory is that it’s because there was a year with very little use because of lockdowns, followed by a year of more use than usual as everyone took to the water.
  2. Another vote for Hawne Basin. We filled up there last week — at 65p per litre.
  3. Came up Atherstone today, admittedly in the rain. As the boat rose in Lock 2 I walked up to the top lock which appeared to be full. It was, with a top paddle up. I asked one of the five volunteers in the office whether the paddle was up for a reason. ‘Just to keep the levels up’, was his answer. I closed it. He then asked if we were coming up, and were we in Lock 2. I said we were, to save him looking, and he came with me to empty the lock. By the time we were coming into the top lock, there was a vlockie on each bottom gate, and one on each top paddle. So at least I didn’t have to work that lock.
  4. Going through Ashted, one of us will be on the towpath with the centre line pulling the boat in to the towpath side. That’s been just enough to keep the handrails safe.
  5. Aga may well do buy backs — but I doubt they’d buy a Heritage Uno, seeing as how it’s made by a completely different company! The Heritage is designed to be suitable for a narrowboat, and people who have them love them.
  6. Probably because the Bridgewater is not a CRT canal.
  7. Passed you today on the Tame Valley. Didn’t have time to tell you about the work boats in the middle of the Rushall — hope you managed to get past them like we did. We did the Anglesey Branch yesterday and it was fine.
  8. I can't imagine that introducing a six inch gap in the pipe did anything to reduce the smell...
  9. adam1uk


    This year, the Midland Chandler’s marquee is about a quarter of the usual size, and has other stands (including Craftmaster) inside it. The other chandlery tend down by the marina is not there, mostly because it was from Braunston Bottom Lock, which is no longer trading. The boating marquee is also smaller than usual and with fewer exhibitors. All in all, quite hard this year to find much to spend money on.
  10. I would agree with this -- and if I remember correctly there's only really one mooring by the sani station at Camp Hill, and you won't know until you get there whether it's free. I would opt for a later lunch at the pub, and then just stay there for the night. Or meet your friends for dinner rather than lunch.
  11. I really wondered where this was going until I got to the word Desmo.
  12. As I added above, it’s on the lock landing now but it wasn’t at the time of the incident.
  13. It’s not on a lock landing, it’s just off the landing — and it wasn’t tied like that at the time of the incident. There are still forensic searches going on; I don’t know about divers, but it’s a possibility I suppose. edited to add, it wasn’t on the lock landing when we came past a few minutes after the incident, but it is now.
  14. Latest info is that a man was arrested the early hours on suspicion of murder. The woman was arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.
  15. No, I meant the boat travelling in front of us called the police. The Eastern European boat had a man on board, the one behind appeared to be empty.
  16. We came past about ten minutes after it happened yesterday, but didn’t see anything ourselves. The boat in front had called the police. The rumour was that it was a licence checker on a bike. The canal is still closed at the moment.
  17. We passed a wide beam named ‘March’ yesterday. I wondered if it’s owners had been inspired by this thread.
  18. It's not a new logo, though, is it? The big information signs at places like Foxton have the logo and the sweeping different blue colours -- and they've just used a bit of the shape rather than the logo on its own. Such as on the vans as above, or this downloadable map:
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. It’s a regional slot, and HD can’t (yet) show different programmes in regions. Regions will only get the episode that relates to their region, which is why the NW got Ep4 and the SW didn’t get one at all. But then it’s a BBC4 production, so any slot on BBC1 will be seen as a bonus (and BBC4 will be hoping it inspires people to look out the rest).
  21. The trip to Froghall is much longer, and the moorings before the Black Lion really feel remote. The narrow bit past the railway station is well worth doing. You are unlikely to get through the tunnel, so don't miss the winding hole before it. The moorings there are nothing special at all. If the steam train is running, it's a nice trip. The Leek Arm is from memory only an hour or so each way, so while you're there you might as well go and have a look down there too. There's a nice mooring in the pool before the tunnel. The tunnel is also worth a trip through, and you can moor at the end and walk into Leek. In Chester, there are moorings close to the city above the staircase locks, or you can go down and there are moorings below which are less built up.
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