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  1. We have written and article for Waterways World that has been published in the October 2021 issue. See pages 64 to 66. The rest of the magazine is interesting as well 🙂 David www.floydtilla.co.uk
  2. We have now completed our first canal/ river ring in floydtilla, full write up on the blog in 3 parts. see https://floydtilla.co.uk/2021/08/10/the-avon-ring-travelogue-part-3-back-to-droitwich-spa-marina/ we have originally planned to do this the year before COVID struck, but high river levels stopped us. David
  3. I will keep an eye out for Willow.. thanks D
  4. Sorry was not us, we are at Droitwich Spa Marina till Monday David
  5. Hi Jimbobs We had hired a Black Prince boat before we started looking for our own boat, and we compared what we saw to what we had hired, most were very dark and seemed home-made. The hire boat you know should be well maintained as it is in their interest not to be called out during a holiday booking, they are also tough as they are handled by anyone with any level of experience. We had them remove a toilet as we had found we did not need two and also a larger kitchen was probably needed, I like to cook. The basic cost was agreed when we started, and they estimated about £1500 for the modifications, the repaint was included in the basic price, all we had to pay for extra was the survey, which I have documented on the blog. Black Prince could not have been more helpful during the process, they normally have a waiting list for their old boats, so get on the list ASAP, we waited one and a half years after paying the deposit (£5K) till we got delivery, it was slightly delayed due to Covid. We had a small problem with the paint on the roof, but they sorted this out very quickly. I would recommend them fully. David P.S. I haver not association with Black Prince apart from being a customer
  6. Hi Guys sorry out and about at the moment, will reply in full later today. But FYI an article should be in Waterways World September issue if all goes to plan. David
  7. You are completely right, my mistake, I have a few SIM's in for testing, I will update the page ? David
  8. I have seen that, but there seems to be nothing much since the old site died David
  9. That seemed to have died a number of years ago
  10. Hi I am interested to see how many ex-black prince boats are still around, we have just got our first, and I am sure there must me lots still on the network. I would like to build a register of all the boats and record their history during and after being a hire boat. I am sure this will be a mine of useful information to other BP owners who would like to see what works in the way of upgrades and modifications etc. I am happy to build a website where we can record this, probably based on WordPress, I am open to ideas and suggestions, especially for what others would like to see, and what URL we should use etc. If this is of interest we could open this up to other ex-hire boats, or even open to all? Does the CRT registration number always remain with the boat or do they change?, as this would be an excellent way to index them. Thanks David
  11. I would be happy to recreate an owners group is anyone was interested. Also, where do I find the BP owners club pages on this forum David
  12. Thanks, I will take a look, could be something worth reviving David
  13. I hope so, we have a dog, who I hope will be able to control him self not to chase all the wild life and sit with me back there. David
  14. We have now arrived at our mooring at Droitwich Spa Marina, what a friendly place this seems to be, a lot of facilities. Our handover from Black Prince was nice and simple see https://floydtilla.co.uk/2021/05/01/picking-up-floydtilla/ Thanks David
  15. More updates to the kitchen and our special cupboard has been added.. https://floydtilla.co.uk/2021/04/15/kitchen-progress-and-our-special-cupboard/
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