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  1. I understand that anglers are more at risk then boaters. Because they are handling their tackle and then munching their sandwiches.
  2. My friend caught it from Canoeing on the River Wandle so not confined to canal's. His Doctor told him when my fiend saw him said he was stressed so he should "get divorced, retire or move house to reduce his mortgage" He then went to his wife's doctor who rushed him into hospital where fortunately he recovered
  3. Hi Annie, We have met in 2017 on the Caldon Canal. I knew the real reason but did not like to publish the reason for the sale. Glad you have come along and told people.
  4. Welcome to the forum, to answer your question's. You can get a rough idea with regard name by checking here https://canalplan.org.uk/boats/ but do not take it for gospel. Best to ring EA licensing themselves but be careful when I did that in 1999 they said my boat name would be "Vera 2" but when I got the licence it was for "Vera 4" so good job I did not paint "Vera 2" on the side. Surely the cheapest licence is just a Thames Licence on its own. Depends if you are going back on the canal's in the future in which case which is cheaper a Thames licence and an occasional CRT Visitor licence or the Gold licence, only you can decide that one as depends on your usage. We were moored on the Thames 1964 ish through to 2009 and it is fine if you know what you are doing.
  5. Did Gary die from food poisoning ?
  6. How will it get into Dunchurch Pools Marina ?
  7. A four stroke radio controlled aero engine records a higher decibel reading than a two stroke aero engine and yet the 4 stroke sounds quieter.
  8. We had to put the fire out in September 2017. Don't think it was a volunteer. It was the cabin stove and not the one in the boatman's cabin as that was not alight
  9. Harecastle tunnel which I know is not Blisworth tunnel insist that you put the fire out.
  10. You could do what the rest of us do and simply remove your hearing aids
  11. copied from another boat builder I bet
  12. one plastic bag on the prop and you're dead
  13. No property backing on to CRT water has automatic rights
  14. not since MTB had a go at him. Shame really as he was going to put a load of good info on the site as well.
  15. "Narrowboat Buckby Can in 'Oxford Blue' from my boat Purchased in Braunston in 1990 which I'm told was painted by Ron Hough" Doesn't that sentence mean that his boat was painted by Ron Hough
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