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  1. Calcutt boats have 3 wet docks.
  2. so why do us mugs pay to use it. If we all flouted the rules they would quickly come up with a solution
  3. The Americans are going metric one inch at a time
  4. But they don't know how big a boiler they need which is why they want to work out the rad sizes.
  5. Wasnt UNF & UNC known as American fine (ANF) and American course (ANC)
  6. Firstly you have assumed it was a narrowboat. It was a Dawncraft Dandy. Secondly it was not my boat so I do not know why the baby was near the hob but on small plastic boats the hob is often near the bunk. Thirdly I was not the speeding boat but moored nearby with a car and was able to take the baby to hospital immediately. All I can say it was not a sight I would like to repeat.
  7. Having had to take a baby to hospital who got scalded by a kettle coming off of the hob because of a speeding boater going pass a moored boat. I always slow down. But no doubt most of the numpties who speed past boats would probably blame the hob design.
  8. Is the rest of the boat that dodgy
  9. Tonka

    MCB faulty?

    Had this happen a couple of years ago on the boat. Whenever I tried to put the inbuilt generator on line the rcd would drop. Spent hours looking for an earth leak. It was only when I got back to the mooring and plugged in the shore line and the rcd tripped i decided it was the rcd at fault. Quick trip to screwfix and got new rcd. Fitted and all was well on shoreline and generator
  10. Tonka


    Yes but isnt it the same effect once the water in the tank has warmed up. It won't be cooling the engine.
  11. Tonka


    So once the water tank is warmed up does that mean that the engine will run hotter.
  12. Nicholson's were ok when you only needed 3 books for the whole system.
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