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  1. I think it is a Burland. Can you provide more photo's. One from the side would be good.
  2. @dmr is your man, I am sure he will help you. Search for him on this forum
  3. Harder to steer in reverse. Yes it is easier to go the other way around as you come up from Brentford as it opens but it depends on where he his starting the journey. We often use to be at Richmond Half lock going down stream as they opened the barrier. You then have to punch the tide to Brentford. Make sure its not a spring tide.
  4. You will also see cants at the bow of the boat as shown on the same drawing
  5. Do the National Trust still own New Haw lock house ?
  6. I think you need to chat with Roger Alsopp who is a member on this forum as I remember some of his stories of when he was a bailiff
  7. I have only seen the headlines online .
  8. According to all the blurb it was going to be data lead and no dates. Yet again he has done a uturn and made it date lead. What happens if the data is not low enough he will have to do a uturn again. Thought he would of learnt by now. Unfortunately all the idiots insist on dates.
  9. Do you mean a switch because what I have is a relay which switches over between the shore power or the generator automatically. See photo
  10. Have used these guys. They built replacement hatches for my boat whilst it was there being painted.
  11. I bought and sold through ABNB in 1999 and the service then was excellent. It has had different owners since then though.
  12. Only one took their love to town
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