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  1. Big sofa, little door...

    Can you not go to the Nabru shop in Uxbridge and try sitting on them
  2. I never get a smile out of them when I go past on tick over and yet they have a sign saying that you will get one
  3. Boeing 737

    The egpws will take care of the mountain
  4. Boeing 737

    Bristol college used to have one but I think they broke it up in the end
  5. Boeing 737

    Loads of info on B737's here http://www.b737.org.uk/index.htm Which variant are you flying
  6. Historic Boats for sale online

    We did cruise the Caldon Canal in October with Elizabeth, and was told then that it would be going up for sale. Yes sad to see this happen especially as we have known Jimmy since he was at Cassio Bridge
  7. Anyone Based at Pyrford Marina on the Wey?

    If I was paying £4000 to Pyrford marina surely they would be keeping an eye on it
  8. Would that be lite ply as used in the making of furniture in camper vans
  9. Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    It is the places with a good reputation that are bad that I need a list of. I.E Shepperton on Thames. Quite a posh place yet I have been set adrift there when moored there twice
  10. Metric rules

    We're getting there inch by inch
  11. Central Heating Fluid

    got a feeling that if you do a forum search this has been raised before. Certainly when I bought my Fernox Alphi in Nov-Dec 17 it was cheaper there then Screwfix. At the moment Plumbworld are the cheapest.
  12. 3/8 or 10mm gas pipe??

    Chill out and learn how to google https://www.bes.co.uk/search/?q=3%2F8+copper+pipe
  13. Central Heating Fluid

    Fernox Alphi available from plumbnation. much cheaper then screwfix
  14. 3/8 or 10mm gas pipe??

    how old is the gas. if it is imperial gas how will it fit in a metric pipe