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  1. Basingstoke Canal is open now and worth the effort. I would say that as I live in Mytchett
  2. In the radio controlled aircraft world it was called wing band
  3. Isn't Naughty Cal made of glass
  4. It wasn't Eileen Dover by any chance
  5. We have a Zanussi compact washing machine fed by hot water. It is connected to an engine driven 240 5kva alternator. Because of the hot fill we normally do the washing in the morning because if we do it after a days cruising the very hot water will thermally shock the washing and shrink a lot of items
  6. They are the night watchmen going home or coming to work
  7. Well the jettys are the worst
  8. It does if he paints the exhaust manifold. I didn't know he was tarting it up to sell it
  9. the B & Q paint will not be Hi Temp paint
  10. craftmaster do engine paint and do a green which is a match for my Beta BD3 but I cant tell you the exact name on the tin as it is on the boat. Have a look at their website. Having looked at their website think it is the Mid Brunswick Green which is used on Lister Stationary engines
  11. Ctek are the bees knees in the auto trade and often re branded to BMW etc
  12. They get used more when you in the cabin to pull the doors closed. Especially the engine room doors
  13. 3 to 4 years ago they crashed a rocket onto the moon deliberately so as it would throw up a dust cloud which they then collected with another spaceship so as they could analyse the makeup of the moon. A lot of money wasted when they could have analysed the moon rock that we bought back from the moon.
  14. You are not supposed to go in the tunnel by Odiham
  15. You have also forgot Horace Clark at Sunbury on Thames (Vjeara line) . At Weybridge there was a Miss line but can't remember the name of the company. Also TW Allen and sons at Molesey lock
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