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  1. Tonka

    Historic waterways pictures

    That is so wrong for many reasons 1> How do you close the bottom gate where the boat is going in. 2 > Is that a single lock under the bridge and if it is where are the top gates etc
  2. Tonka

    Historic waterways pictures

    Is the canal really that wide there, or is the perspective wrong of the boat or canal
  3. Tonka

    Eberspacher starts then stops

    Civil means not military
  4. Tonka

    Eberspacher starts then stops

    I was civil.
  5. Tonka

    Eberspacher starts then stops

    lots of info here Technical%20Bulletin%20281.pdf
  6. Tonka

    Eberspacher starts then stops

    I am sure that you are wrong with what you have said above and that they run better on the new fuel that is available today. if you google it there is a report somewhere or don't bother and just keep talking rubbish
  7. Tonka

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    I have just looked at google maps and you can see that they are moored on the towpath side. There is a strip of land between the water works and river. The bank where they are moored was done up because in the water works bit was an old hut which used to be used by 1st Molesey Sea Scouts ( I remember a sea scout row boat breaking the nose off of a skiff ). I would have thought that the sea scouts leased or had permission to use the bit inside the fence from the "Metropolitan Water board" as it would of been which is now Thames Water Board and the towpath I assumed would have been council. Just found this on another site "I believe the Jaguar Sea Scouts previously had a base on the Thames near Apps Farm but that the (French) firm redeveloping the area into wetlands reneged on the agreement to re-establish the base on completion of the works"
  8. Tonka

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    We use to Moor legally on the water works coal wharf at Hampton and we're moored abreast. It is just downriver of the foot bridge to platts eyot. They then decided to get rid of the pile of coal and build the control centre which they did. Then they singled my father in laws boat and I due to the aforementioned right. This meant that we overhung a fence line. This was then considered to be a security risk so we had to be moved onto platts eyot. This was about1995. I used to work for Nra #4 district as a boatman years before and had not heard of it either
  9. Tonka

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    It is illegal to Moor abreast on the Thames. Don't mock I have been done for it in the same area. " every vessel has the right to navigate from bank to bank and by mooring outside of a boat you have impeded their navigation "
  10. Tonka

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    Nothing it's a genuine question ?
  11. Tonka

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    if they get away with it why aren't we all doing it and having a free mooring without council tax. Bought up in East Molesey so know that area well.
  12. I am not poo pooing the act but asking a genuine question
  13. So what about army dogs, They are highly trained but they are not covered by this. Why not ?
  14. is there a law that says that you cant put a chuck it and bucket in a room where a pump out toilet is ?
  15. Tonka

    Charger tripping MCB problem

    It was just that I had an rcd / mcb combined which I had to change last year as it kept dropping off

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