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  1. I cant afford the first one let alone 2.5 million
  2. Is the arm over CRT land or your land so will you have to pay CRT
  3. Right close to Stourton junction is this property for sale with own mooring arm https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-60214395.html. I amn not the vendor and have no connection to the property. Wish I could afford it
  4. As the forum is fixing this problem hope it gets a donation from what you are getting paid
  5. Are you sure that this is actually true. Now don't have a go at me it is just that there is a lot of reports of this happening locally to me in Hartley Wintney, Hants. The local vets have not as yet seen one animal that has been poisoned and somebody new has moved into the area and where they have moved from is not getting dogs poisoned any more
  6. I believe DMR is the expert on cleaning dog hair out of the control box so may be worth a PM to him
  7. did you mean relay, there is some of them in the control box
  8. How do you know about the porn ?
  9. There was a Water Travel tug called Enfield which had a 5 Cylinder Gardner. The prop apparently was directly driven.
  10. If wd40 worked they wouldn't make another product specially to free up rusted items which you can buy in Halfords
  11. Lots of marina's and mooring companies have a similar policy. But they don't always apply them
  12. Reminded me of Triggers Broom. Where is the original bit ?
  13. Hardware is okay it's the software
  14. Tonka

    Propane pigtails

    Bes do spanner type pigtails. Just fitted one to daughters camper van
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