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  1. i did that, it sticks but i am not very good painter so it does not look brilliant. But it does not look like a stainless steel chimney any more so hopefully will not get pinched
  2. strange that the cup for the rudder is not in the skeg
  3. don't tell everyone how good it is here
  4. I think it was discussed in the thread about Canopus & Sculptor. I wont say anymore in case I upset someone.
  5. I regularly take the tyre off and crecote the rope fender. Probably every 2 to 3 years
  6. put a tyre around the front button to stop it catching
  7. Surprised you haven't used your contacts at Calcutt boats as they must know.
  8. Can you not make one out of ply. Have you got one to copy is it a new fitment
  9. My Dave Harris likes to spurt out like that. The filler is on the walkway and the tank goes across the boat under the boatman's cabin.
  10. can i ask @matty40s, why is it a pig to fill the fuel tanks ?
  11. What about this Hudson. Hudson 57 Traditional for sale UK, Hudson boats for sale, Hudson used boat sales, Hudson Narrow Boats For Sale SM Hudson Steve Hudson - Apollo Duck has a washing machine
  12. At least you are keeping the ugly boat thread going
  13. I hadn't realised that Iris Rose was gas free which surprised me as he had the boat built to cruise apparently.
  14. Is there a max size in your mind or will you go to 70ft. I know Calcutt have Iris Rose which was a live aboard and is owned by the engineer and I know Great Heywood have a Dave Harris 70ft for sale
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