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  1. So CRT need to dredge the canals and sift the old anodes out of the dredgings
  2. Think your timings are out. We looked at Crane at Rugby Wharf over the winter of 80/81. When we looked inside the counter you could see outside through the metelwork
  3. I am certain that narrowboat Mole which was built by Dave Harris, owned by Dave Harris and over plated by Dave Harris was as safe as houses before he sold it on.
  4. Just put a bucket under it. Every few days you empty the bucket
  5. So why do firms use these gauges if they are not fit for use in a marine environment
  6. Get it installed in the boat. Much warmer then installing on the towpath
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Which is why you should be contacting the boat mover and saying that you are going to claim through their insurance, assuming they were bona-fide and had insurance
  9. Surely the boat movers insurance should cover it
  10. Why not replace the one in the panel
  11. Which Beta engine is this on. There should be a wiring diagram in the manual. There is for my Beta Tug engine
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