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  1. Karndean Looselay vinyl planks is the way to go.
  2. Our boat had a gas cylinder when we bought it. It had no gas in it though. Which we found out at tea time
  3. Of course he might now realise he was duped and be too proud to admit it so make a story up about a broker
  4. Also doesnt screw to the wall. Wouldn't a Ctek one be a better investment. How many outputs does your Sterling one have as my sterling is 20A and 2 outputs if I remember right.
  5. Tony, that was because the jetty that you was on had 2 narrow boats lengthways on it so you had the gap to allow the front boat to go past the rear boat. On the single jetties in Locks marina at Calcutt there is about 10 inch gap between boats.
  6. yes i know what you mean but in the old days Hire companies like Swan line at Fradley used to have boats that they built so were to hire spec but owned by a private individual who time shared the boat with the hire company. Julianne was one such boat. Does this not happen any more or has time share (which is a fancy term for hire boat) replaced it
  7. not if the hire boat is privately owned, i.e sponsored
  8. Neither , it had a gypsy curse on it that stated that anyone who owned the island went bankrupt. I think someone even paid some gypsy to come and uncurse the island. They turned up in a Rolls Royce.
  9. Thames island boatyard fire: Huge blaze that destroyed historic boathouses and vessels at Platt’s Eyot in Hampton was ‘accidental’ Thames island blaze that destroyed historic boathouses was ‘accident’ | Evening Standard and more here London Fire Brigade release cause of Hampton fire which destroyed historic Dunkirk evacuation boat - Surrey Live (getsurrey.co.uk)
  10. Was launched 2 weeks ago at Calcutt Marina slipway. Had Fischer Panda on it next day to get it running. Just been on the above link which states it has full disabled access which the boat did not as no access out of front via lift. The floor is not very neatly done for a professional fit out but will be covered with carpet.
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