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  1. Tonka

    End of an era....BBC QT

    David Dimbleby was the idiot who couldn't understand the "Bake off " price and thought that his programme was worth more. Yeah right
  2. Tonka

    Pre-purchase surveyors [Derbyshire]

    That is because they are having to us their words very carefully because of the threat of being sued. Less is more
  3. Tonka


    Item 63 is the filter D5W Parts FR,EN(3).pdf
  4. Tonka

    Thames Moorings a warning

    Newbie, put the tea on
  5. Just looked on their website and it states that they do not have an hire boat
  6. Is the Braidbar hire boat a traditional
  7. But you have not shown where the river goes, just a little bit of where it comes from
  8. Tonka

    Diesel south of soulbury three

    Do Wyvern shipping sell it at Leighton Buzzard. They have hire boats so must have it
  9. Tonka

    1986 Brentford Rally

    Mine are screwed up in the engine hole and one in the boatmans cabin
  10. Tonka

    1986 Brentford Rally

    That was not the one I was thinking of as I remember an earlier one which was circular and had a tug with tower bridge in background
  11. Tonka

    1986 Brentford Rally

    The ring plaque were round and had tower bridge on them. They were left over from 1977 ish as I remember promoting the London ring cruise at the Iwa national at reading
  12. Tonka

    Josher Motor" Crane"

    The counter hole was why I didn't buy her late 1980 / early 1981
  13. Tonka

    Josher Motor" Crane"

    The owner is a member of this forum
  14. Tonka

    1986 Brentford Rally

  15. Tonka

    1986 Brentford Rally

    No the attendance plaque is round and a totally different view. As I said I wish I knew how to paste photos on an android phone No it wasn't Fulbourne that I sold

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