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  1. It is not sold until vendor gets the money. You should know that
  2. Dont think there is much difference between trad controls and a single lever if you going to go from fast ahead to fast a stern in a quick single movement
  3. Forgot about yours, sorry
  4. The early ones were better looking from the front and from the rear. I asked Mr Hudson himself at a Braunston show why he had changed the design of the front which he denied doing but if you look at an older one then it is clearly evident. I think they changed when he started buying in pre cut steel. If you look from the rear they have a strange thing happen around where the engine room doors are.
  5. Do you not know that you are not allowed to put lovely and Hudson in the same sentance
  6. We had a 60 ft working boat which had reverse layout I.e the engine hole was the kitchen and where the boatman's cabin should of been was where the Petter PD2 was. It was in the process of being built when the builder who also owned "the boat and butty co" at Runcorn found out that they had a full season booked on the self steer camper but no boat. So they changed the design to suit campers
  7. Why have a long prop shaft. Surely you could fit hydraulic drive. I believe the 70 ft Janus has this arrangement
  8. More akin to the Daf Variomatic where the gear lever was either in neutral, reverse or foreward and you pressed the throttle
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. So you have no proof just a gut feeling. Even if bits on the tractor were the same does not mean the engine is.
  11. Can you show the proof of this please. It was the Ford one that was also a Lister
  12. Can you check your facts. A Beta tug engine is not made by John Deere.
  13. Totally disagree. It is different with traditional controls but it is not because of the controls. It is because if the boat has trad controls it probably has a slower engine with a bigger prop and this causes the difference
  14. Do not think "Health and Safety at Work" are keen on helmsman courses are keen being run on traditional sterns because of the number of people and the extra risk. So to find one with trad controls makes it harder. I know "livingonanarrowboat.co.uk" run introduction courses on a Hudson boat with a Jp3 so has trad controls but they are not RYA so he gets away with it
  15. They probably want to move out into the country and do not realise that they could cruise the boat to the countryside
  16. If you had of built a traditional narrowboat you could just open both sets of doors and the piegon box. Sorted
  17. Why do people think that food served on a slate is posh. Have you ever looked at a slate under a microscope and seen all the pores that can contain dirt and germs.
  18. Why not stop in Marlow and go to Rebellion Brewery, buy a case to drink at Henley. Got to be cheaper and you know the money will be going to the brewery
  19. Tonka


    What switch would that be on the oil lamp
  20. Tonka


    I have to get out of the boatman's bed to turn the oil light off by the range
  21. For the trade ones that nobody buys or wants.
  22. Tonka


    Is it not in the bedroom then
  23. Obviously you have not seen the price of ordinary toilet seats for houses.
  24. If you check their website the chandelry is having an upgrade so they have temp moved into the stove shop. This would explain what you saw
  25. Kings lock boatyard at Middlewhich http://www.kingslock.co.uk/ Think they are Morso agents
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