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  1. But that list is wrong. The BBC news stated that you can still fill your fish pond with a hose
  2. Apparently it is the same with hot tubs.
  3. Apparently if you pay a boatyard to fill your water tank then that is allowed as it's business use.
  4. If you are a leisure boater and you fill your water pipe using a hose pipe, then that is considered as leisure use so that is not allowed in areas where there is a hosepipe ban in force
  5. Yes it would not smell if you have not used it. Because if you used it that would be adding to the waste tank
  6. If it is a dump through, all you need is a hose through the pan and a stick
  7. My dump through tank is under the dinette which is permanently left as a bed so it could be
  8. Just use a torch to see into the tank when you flush if it is a dump through. Our previous boat had not been pumped out for 3 years when we bought it.
  9. But which is better, thick plate with no framing or thin plate with loads of framing
  10. Below that is the tumblehome according to some but then I thought the cabin sides were the tumblehome
  11. Depends on the engine. Also depends on the size of the water tank. The marina where I moor ask you not to fill the water tank before slipping
  12. Looks like the Shotbolt one on apollo duck
  13. Surely the question should be what actual size is the hull sheets The spec could be a lie
  14. Why do people paint above the rubbing strake
  15. Why would you put tyres above the walkway
  16. Yes and no, depending on the mooring
  17. The whirring could be the macerator pump if that type of toilet or it could be the water pump.
  18. I was always told that one support should at least be directly below the engine.
  19. Surely if you are going slow then the stern fender gets hit by a speeding boater
  20. Yes i have received this and filled it in. It says that they know loads of info on the boats but need to know about the owners. Yet asked me what heating my boat has, all of this info they have from the BSS. They asked how i use the boat. Leisure i says so it then asks me loads of questions that pertain to liveaboard only i.e acess to doctors etc
  21. are you saying that you lift your stern and front fenders when cruising, because they were the ones i was referring to
  22. I use rope shackes to secure my stern fenders
  23. And that the engine is tip top to start or you could end up with problems in the middle of nowhere. Had a lift pump fall off on a pd2 when on the Shrubnall Embankment on our way home from Runcorn on first trip.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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