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  1. I've had success using impact drivers for removing stubborn screws (and bolts) - not in window frames though. They can be expensive for a one off use, I was lucky a friend has one. Make sure to use the correct bit and a good quality one. I agree it does look like PZ#2 would be correct.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement We have already spent a good few nights in hotels, a few more won't be a problem. Thanks, I'll take a look at them - I have family near there so it would be nice to visit them too at the same time
  3. Thanks, the reason why I was looking for want of a better description for "rated narrowboat builders", was to go and visit some and decide IF we wanted or could sensibly afford a new build. It was an attempt to reduce some legwork. I try not to rush into things these days so have been researching and looking at quite a number of boats new and used. Most builders seem to be in the midlands or north west, it's 4 hours to the midlands from here and 5 to 6 hours to the north west, so just trying to narrow the search somewhat.
  4. Nice jump to a conclusion. To those that tried to answer my question, thank you. To those that offered sincere advice thank you too. I thought teh question was really simple, but apparently not.
  5. We have already been aboard more boats than I can remember both new and used. Some of the new boats have been disappointing to say the least, some too expensive - none quite matching what we want. We are prepared to compromise if we buy used, but don't feel we should on a new boat, so having one made seems to be the best solution.
  6. Hi Alan, thanks for responding, it is a bit of an open question so my apologies ... We are looking for a Narrowboat, ideally of steel (I believe there are some aluminium ones). From my research so far the steel will be 10/6/5/4 or better if such a thing exists. We would be after either a Cruiser stern or a Semi-Trad stern and reverse layout. Length between 57 and 60 foot. Budget is not set in stone but up to £120k if needed. btw I used to have a Lada, only car I could repair with a lump hammer Thanks, Paul.
  7. Me and my lovely wife are looking at having a new boat built. I am seeing conflicting views on some boat builders and unlike other trades I can't find a "check a trade" type website that has real life reviews from people who actually had a boat made by them. I've found the directory on the CRT website, but I suspect the description there is supplied by the boat builders themselves. I've bookmarked around 15 builders so far so short of going to visit each one I'm not sure the best way forward just now,. I'm not sure it is allowed to ask views on a given builder as such. If anyone has any pointers or can point me at a "check a narrowboat builder" type website I'd be very grateful. Many thanks.
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