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  1. Was there a few days ago for the historic boats. Fly is closed. Bridge has a new licensee and are not yet doing food but apparently they intend to (one of the new people is apparently a chef). The Combermere closed on Sunday gone as the current (or now previous??? ) licensees are leaving/left. Don't know if there is a new licensee in yet but it is too good a pub to not be open. The bridge did have 3 craft beers on as well as standard marstons fayre.
  2. Just hope no-one tries to light it
  3. So far I have taken to writing a journal - handwriting rather than typing, radical I know . I also have my camera and phone camera. The big issue is my handwriting, apparently it makes doctors handwriting look neat and legible ...
  4. Yep, the active ingredient is aggressive can't remember what it is now as haven't used the stuff for a while. Smidge works as well imo/e. Evil sods they are, used to get them on our allotment. Hurt like hell when they bite. Anthisan always worked on the bite for us. Smidge also keeps these away too fwiw.
  5. Another vote for Smidge, works great and doesn't affect plastics etc (e.g. camera and sunglasses) Deet can.
  6. I got a reply from Immersun who are the company behind SolarImersion, sadly it seems a no go ... "Hi Paul, Thanks for your enquiry however IMMERSUN is only compatible with grid tied system as it needs to be able to detect exported power in order for it's mechanism to work." I wonder how it detects the exported power though ...
  7. If I do find it I will share it with the forum. Thanks I have seen this but not sure I want the faff tbh.
  8. I'm currently researching ways to use solar to heat the water on our boat. Currently have 550W solar, and a Victron MPPT controller 150 | 35 and a Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger. The calorifier has a 1KW immersion heater in it which is only powered when on hook up. On days like today the solar has topped the batts up by mid morning and runs everything on the boat (other than the washing machine). I can even use the coffe machine and it copes fine. I'd like to be able to heat the water by using the excess solar, saves running the engine or hooking up when in the marina. I accept that some days it won't get me anything but on others it will or could. I do not want to mess about with arduino's and other "creative" ways of making the kit do what I want, ideally a plug and play solution is rquired. But I accept there may be some woring changes needed. I've found some domestic solar diverters on the web, such as SolarImersion, Solar i-Boost and Myenergi Eddi. Has anyone used one of these and did it/does it work? TIA Paul.
  9. Thanks all. This works well, thanks Tony.
  10. I want to try using fender hooks rather than use the eylets which always seem to be in the wrong place... Ideally I'd like to adjust the length of rope when it is needed, the fender hooks I have, have 1 hole in the leg. Is there an easy way to add in adjustment at all? I'd thought of some form of slipknot but I'm damned if I can remember how to tie one. Another idea was/is to put another hole in the leg and use that and friction to adjust length. I'd make sure the rope can't escape too so to speak. Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received. TIA, Paul.
  11. Don't know about "no mow May" but maybe this will help explain ... Mowing less, growing more | Canal & River Trust (canalrivertrust.org.uk)
  12. If it helps, my floor to under edge on gunwale is 930mm, the height of the rear frame is 790mm (max) the rear part of the cushion (or matteress) extends well above this
  13. Got ours from here https://www.sofabedbarn.co.uk/18-narrowboat-seating Need to assemble it onboard but easy enough. The Cantebury is very comfortable to sleep on and is plenty long enough (I'm 5' 11").
  14. Is one better than the other? I'm guessing that a full rotation is probably better ...
  15. Thanks. I already have a lot of DeWalt cordless gear so have been looking at this 18V XR Brushless 125mm Dual Action Polisher - Bare Unit - DCM848N-XJ | DEWALT United Kingdom no idea how good it is, but all my other DeWalt stuff is very good. Trouble is, it is expensive at around £200.
  16. I have an angle grinder and it looks as though I can fit a hook and loop backingplate to it. Would it be sensible to use this with the appropriate polishing pads? I've never used a polisher before so thought I'd ask ... TIA Paul.
  17. Celotex (and Kinspan etc inc sprayfoam) is about twice as good an insulator at the same thickness.
  18. I use SquareSpace for my photography and blog about photography stuff (which badly needs updating - the blog that is). But it would seem an expensive way just to get a blog. It is easy to use though. Maybe have a look at Weebly as well as the others mentioned, Wix can be a bit difficult to get the hang of, but it is quite good (I don't like it but ... ).
  19. A bit of both I'd say. No doubt money is tighter for an awful lot of people just now. Last year on our narrowboat holiday my wife was always a littler nervous when we went out (virtually every night). Have to say that most of the pubs on the Warwickshire ring were very good, with good food and good beer! Hopefully many of the pubs will get enough use to stay open, we will be doing a lot of cruising this year!
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