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  1. I am considering buying the guide for 4 counties ring to be used next year . Have read the various reviews on the Amazon site , with some being quite negative on the coverage . Specifically that a lot was devoted to the wider area , to the detriment of information pertaining to the canal itself. I already possess a copy for the GU, & Oxford, 2009 print, and found it very useful on 2 previous trips. Be interested if other members have any views on the current edition . Thanks
  2. I am interested how a boat share plan works . Is this on the same basis as a property time share , where you get allocated a set period each year , or is it a lot more flexible . Typically, how many shares is an average ?
  3. So fast forward to 2020, and £1000 / week seems about the rate ? I consider this good value given its an all in cost. Transport /Home / entertainment . I shall fly from New Zealand to do it again. the cost for me and wife adds another £2000 plus . We also intend on hiring a cottage ,likely in the Lakes , an area I know very well. This will cost in the region of £700, add to that £200 for a car plus fuel to get about and the comparisons are evident. And... the view when you wake up is the same every morning . The UK canals are a unique experience to be had no where else , even France has nothing comparable in extent or terrain.
  4. OK. thanks, I had put in the first and last days as 4 hours because that's about the time allowed by a hire company on those days . Pick up time is usually after 3 pm . and drop off time around 10 am . However I better understand the wording now .
  5. is that return ? and 8 hours each day ?
  6. Will someone please clarify my understanding . I have punched in Autherley junction to Leek tunnel ( northeast ) Return. I am getting 7 days 40 minutes at 8 hours cruising per day . Plus 4 days cruising on first day , and 4 days cruising on the last . Is this first and last day included in the 7 day total , or additional to it ? Thanks
  7. Good morning all. As requested I should better explain our situation. Although I have been in NZ for 40 years I am English , my wife is a Kiwi. I spent 10 years as a tour bus driver both in England and Europe, so I have had my fill of Cathedrals and museums . NZ pubs are horrendous drinking holes , devoid of any convivial atmosphere, so almost any English pub is in comparison delightful. I have done trips on the Oxford, Leeds Liverpool, and lastly the G.U. from Linslade to Stoke Bruene. The G.U. is the only canal my wife has done , and she commented there were long stretches of tree lined canal obscuring much of the view. We like different things , for my part I miss the old village scene, the more time spent strolling them the better I shall think of our trip. Small towns also interest me, if we hit a wet week, I prefer to be close to any town where we can escape cruising in the rain. Our trip is planned for next year, possibly June , if not September, subject to our borders opening . No date on that , we are still confined to home . I have considered the Caldon canal, but canal plan says its a push unless I have 8 or 9 hour days . So lots of time to research. Thanks everyone for your thoughts .
  8. I have picked Countrywide cruisers at Brewood as my preferred hire company . Canalplan gives me just over 5 days journey time at 7 hours / day to do Stourport return . This I believe is ideal in that it should be quite a relaxed week. Are there likely to be any unforeseen holdups that might delay me ? I am hoping this plan gives ample time to both explore some villages plus include relaxed lunches at whichever pubs we discover . Would appreciate anyones thoughts, good or bad Thanks .
  9. Hmm so differing viewpoints , evidently its a subjective question but I am inclined to take the advice of the majority. I also like the winding contour aspect of the Stourport trip. The route north on the Shroppie looks line a railway line . In my view boring in the extreme ( but I could be wrong ). Thanks for everyones' input, much appreciated .
  10. So I think South is the way to go. I watched both videos above, no contest . The Stourport basin Looks complicated. Are there plenty of visitor moorings? it looks a busy spot. Or would turning there and mooring up at the bird in Hand pub be a wise move ? Also is it necessary to enter the basin to make a turn? I see no winding hole . Thanks for all the replies .
  11. For a 7 day there and back hire, which direction is the more scenic ? I am considering either North to Stone/Stoke, or south to Stourport . Like most I wish to stop at pubs overnight, but I prefer a more open route rather than one shrouded by long stretches of tree shrouded canal. and of course a good selection of villages to explore . My searches suggest either route is feasible in the given time ? Have also determined that the 4 counties ring is a bit of a rush ? Thanks
  12. Update . I have a second crewman . So my choices have widened immeasurably. I still prefer a narrow canal but otherwise open to anything new . As stated , have previously done the Oxford/ Grand Union / and L & L . so hoping for other suggestions . I like open country ( not too many long stretches of tree shrouded views ). Villages, Small towns and definitely not industrial. Does the Staffs & Worcs fit ? I like the look of Napton Narrowboats from Autherly Junction . Thanks .
  13. Hi, can anyone suggest a link to a site that gives time/ locks on any given route ? I am thinking of a return trip from Great Heywood to Stourport on Severn , and whether its a 1 week trip ? If this is too ambitious , what would anyone suggest is the better half , North or South ? Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the advice . So now I have a few more questions that have come to light . If we were to Begin our trip at Wooten Wawen, on the Stratford, is it feasible to travel on a 7 day hire as far as Evesham ? Also is the Avon tidal ? and how much more envolved is it negotiating a flowing river ? I believe locks on this river may be manned, Correct ? My searches have identified a £50 river licence fee, are there any other fees to consider ? Sorry for all the questions, Derek Tanner.
  15. Thanks . I note some locks on the Thames are manned. Is this the case for any Canal routes ?
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