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  1. If anyone can't buy yeast, this might be a solution... Bread recipe Warning: some might find it gross.
  2. That's what happened to mine. We had a spectacular landing onto the VM pontoon in Bristol Floating Harbour which caused some amusement to the bloke in the boat behind where we were aiming, 30 minutes boating before heading out to sea (well, Portishead). There;s a Force 4 shop just over the way who sorted me out with a new cable. Ten minutes work to replace it.
  3. We've just replaced the starter bank on our shared boat after 20 years. Left to their own devices for all those winters, only charged when moving in the summer months. Mind, the electrolyte looked like soup.
  4. I blame computers. In the good old days he'd have worked it out with a pencil.
  5. I suspect that you have a mechanical drive tachometer in which rotation is transferred to the needle via a drag cup. See e.g. figure 10.54 I think that might be difficult to convert!
  6. I'd agree that it's more complicated than necessary. Empirical experience here says that two layers suffices for anything needed. My antennae are in exposed locations about 250 m asl.
  7. I've not had any issues with self-amalg breaking down, but I've been overwrapping it with good quality insulating tape for 40 years or more. I recently took down an antenna which had been on the mast for at least twenty years and the connectors were still bright and shiny. Professionally, I believe that Denso tape is a preferred overcoating, but it's foul stuff to handle and to remove. It's also said by some that there should be a base coat of insulating tape as self-amalgamating doesn't stick to metal. Of course, every layer should overlap the one beneath it by a turn or two. The last two turns of insulating tape shouldn't be wound under tension as it may tend to unfurl.
  8. We're talking black pudding, not black magic!
  9. Not in Dutch. Confusingly: Scampi singular Scampi's plural It annoys pedants not in the know!
  10. Mail order unless you know of a butchers' supplier. I'll be making some BP today.
  11. 3kg of dried blood keeps for a very long time and makes a huge quantity of black pudding along with beef suet and pearl barley. I make it in dishes as it's a messy faff to put in casings.
  12. Good stuff but not UV resistant. It should be overwrapped with insulating tape (ideally wrapped in the opposite direction to the self amalg). Those Belling-Lee tv connectors are extremely crap. Avoid as much as possible.
  13. Chuck in random seeds, nuts, bits if cheese for a tasty change.
  14. Onewheeler


    Depends how close you are to a pumpout point. We haven't been able to get off our mooring for four months and the nearest pumpout is a long trip in both directions.
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