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  1. Rusty old engine hole :(

    I bought a very cheap one from Screwfix a few years ago for a nasty one-off job (clearing the contents of a jerry can of red diesel from the boot of my car). Worked fine. They have a different model now for£35. Also the sort of thing that Aldi and Lidl have regularly if you can wait.
  2. Ship lock (Gloucester)

    Last time I looked, most (but not all) only went a few days ahead for UK waters, thanks to the restrictive practices of whichever government department controls the data. Most didn't cover Sharpness either. There may be better ones available since we moved off the G&S in 2013.
  3. Ship lock (Gloucester)

    Well worth buying a copy of Arrowsmiths Bristol Channel Tide Tables to plan when to go through Glos or Sharpness locks. Available from Arrowsmiths and Ebay but not Amazon. Take your first trip when there's no tide on the upper river and no recent rain. It's always slow going up the eastern channel but much easier above the parting.
  4. Best small inverter to power 240V fridge

    Might be worth quoting some real figues. The Indesit under-counter fridge I installed last year, A+ rated, draws 65 W with compressor running and a mean consumption of about 15 W. That's in warm to hot French weather. It probably isn't much different from any other similar sized A+ fridge. It runs very happily from a Sunshine Power 1kW PSW inverter. Martin/
  5. Pump out stuff ???

    Ours is!
  6. Pump out stuff ???

    Wouldn't want to use that in the engine room. Sparks and fine swarf everywhere!
  7. Pump out stuff ???

    If (as it appears) the sides of the tank are the hull, I'd be very wary that there might be substantial corrosion from the inside out. I would cut the whole thing out so as to be able to inspect it, and if you want a tank there replace it with polyethylene. (I'm in the middle of cutting out the steel tank on our shared mainland boat: a reciprocating saw does a nice job, aided by a jigsaw depending on access.)
  8. Mobile broadband abroad

    Yes, I've used mine abroad although it often seems to be only for a few minutes, presumably while the network decides that it's not a permitted activity.
  9. Mobile broadband abroad

    The Three interpretation of that ("Our Advanced plans let you use Feel At Home Around the World in 71 destinations, at no extra cost. You can also use your phone as a Personal Hotspot, and call free from your mobile to Customer Services") is that it means you can roam, and use a personal hotspot in the UK. Mendaciously ambiguous? A discussion with the ASA might be in order.
  10. Mobile broadband abroad

    Thanks! The Three website is appalling. I've found pages which say you can or you can't run a hotspot. I shall call into their shop tomorrow and see if I can change my contract. Wish me luck! Martin/
  11. Mobile broadband abroad

    I can't find the quote that you quoted. The only mention on their web site says the opposite. Can you find a link please? Their customer service tells me that personal wifi hotspot is only available with a£5 per day addon.
  12. Mobile broadband abroad

    Using the Three service as a mobile hotspot is hit-and-miss on the mainland: it sometimes works in France but often drops the link after a few minutes, giving enough time for the missus to download her emails and the Grauniad. It works quite often in Spain. Couldn't make it work at all in Belgium. It does give much wider inclusive coverage abroad than any other provider of which I am aware (the only exception nearby being Andorra, but they operate a last-century mobile phone network). I recall that some of the more expensive Three packages permit a limited download when tethering while roaming. Look at the small print (in the case of Three, often ambiguous and confusing).
  13. How to mount a satellite dish

    Slot the outer one and secure it with a Julibee clip? Drill a hole in the outer and tap a thread for a clamping bolt? Or just use the screws on the u-bolt or mast clamp, and the elevation bolt on the back of the dish. Put wing nuts on to make it easier to slacken and tighten?
  14. How to mount a satellite dish

    Mast clamp onto your handrail e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8-NUT-SHELLEY-CLAMP-2-x-2-UNIVERSAL-AERIAL-POLE-MAST-CB-HAM-TV-BRACKET/162874753698?hash=item25ec1782a2:g:xm0AAOSwpzdWtQF6 Add a stub mast and a couple of u-bolts to the back of the dish. Slacken the bolts for azimuth and elevation adjustment.
  15. 2 into 1 crimps

    Screwfix 76776 or similar?