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  1. Onewheeler

    240 volt ac on a boat - why?

    Ahem... 230V -6 +10%, so 216 to 253 V.
  2. Onewheeler

    240 volt ac on a boat - why?

    230 V is usual for mains devices .since about umpteen years ago. (It doesn't stop Western Power Distribution sending me 245 V most of the time.)
  3. Onewheeler

    Increasing our fresh water supply

    I forgot to mention: those cheap water meters from Amazon work happily in both directions. Fitting them 'backwards' can make the plumbing easier.
  4. Onewheeler

    Increasing our fresh water supply

    The nice thing about the meter I used is that you can adequately measure how much each activity uses, and change habits if necessary. It's a different requirement from knowing if the tank needs filling. A dipstick is fine for that if feasible.
  5. Onewheeler

    Increasing our fresh water supply

    I fitted a water meter this year to keep an eye on consumption. Actually, I fitted one to our UK narrowboat and one to our shared boat on the mainland waterways, the latter having no ready means of determining the tank level. Two of us average about 35 L per day, which includes two showers each per day, washing up and general odds and ends. Our NB has a tank volume of a bit over 300 L and our other boat about 800 L. A shower averages less than 5 L, and the missus uses less than me as she's smaller. The big consumption on the mainland boat is the washing machine at 75 L. Suggest putting a meter in. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it! The one I fitted following another thread was this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bradas-digital-water-meter-grey/dp/B007WMHZQ6/ref=mp_s_a_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1543057857&sr=8-13&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=water+meter Connected it on the feed to the pump with hose fittings. Martin
  6. Onewheeler

    Cruising the River Severn in January

    It's lovely in winter. Needs planning around tides, rain and opening hours. It would be advisable to wear a lifejacket as most of the river is remote from help and the water will be cold. VHF radio is useful as phone reception is patchy. Check pub opening times too!
  7. Onewheeler

    Battery wiring at fault? 12v socket reading jumping.

    If by a '12v socket reader' you mean a plug with three LED digits built into the end, be aware that some of them are utter crap. I have several which I thought would be useful for car and boat and their readings go all over the place.
  8. Onewheeler

    Anyone for the Chop?

    I wouldn't fancy shaving with that.
  9. I loop the long line going back to the pontoon through the handle of a 5L water container. It keeps tension in the rope and keeps it off the gunwhale. Less danger of the rope rolling under feet too. A Waitrose water bottle shows that you are refined. Scuzzier brands are available.
  10. Onewheeler

    More power to your ......

    In the UK you can't be charged over the cost of supply, so unless someone is powering his or her hydroponic cultivation you're unlikely to lose more than the cost of a fancy mains connector. In France electricity is usually included in the mooring fee. In Belgium, marinas commonly charge an arm and a leg for electricity and water (a € per kWh or less than 100 L typical) so, unless it's a coin in the slot, might just be worth taking precautions.
  11. Onewheeler

    Any advice welcome River Avon Evesham.

    At busy times bear in mind that moorings are limited and at popular places it's a good idea to arrive early.
  12. Onewheeler

    Community Led Housing Fund

    I may have caused an unplanned defecation into the basin. Don't drink the water in Bancroft!
  13. Onewheeler

    Community Led Housing Fund

    In my limited experience of getting my feet stuck in the mud with my head underwater after a vertical descent into Bancroft Basin, I view deep water as safe!
  14. Onewheeler

    Community Led Housing Fund

    Indeed, but there is no reason, other than convenience, why they need to be connected to anything...
  15. Onewheeler

    Community Led Housing Fund

    Why stick at canals? There must be potential in a community-led project to take on a gravel pit for mooring, with suitable waste disposal. Obv. have to crane boats in and out, or floating sheds as seen on the Thames for humongous prices.

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