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  1. Onewheeler

    Oops, more new build woes...

    I think we shared a lock with them a couple of weeks ago, maybe Abingdon. Had a chat about his finding water in the tank, but couldn't see how if it were a leak he wasn't trailing a slick. Didn't think of the rudder tube. Looked a nice boat otherwise. Martin/
  2. Onewheeler

    Stratford to Gloucester and beyond.

    We were held up at Marcliff Lock a while ago by a hire boat, fresh out of Bidford with a young family aboard, which was broadside on to the weir (or booms). Not a lot of water running at the time. I had the impression that Bidford Boats were used to pulling their boats off from there with a Landrover winch.
  3. Onewheeler

    Stratford to Gloucester and beyond.

    If you go down when the river is low and there's no tide, the eastern channel like a canal - lots of overhanging or fallen trees, murky water, floating debris, not much flow! Worth noting that the entrance to Glos Lock when there is any flow can be interesting as the current sweeps from left to right across it. Aim for the left-hand gate and go at it a bit faster than one would normally. Also, make sure the lockie knows that you're coming by phone or VHF 74 from the upper parting with a second call when you're passing the bridges above the lock. If you have to tie to the wall outside the lock, use stern line only. Martin/ ps bother, the posting has gone berserk!!!! Can't get rid of the spurious stuff below.
  4. Onewheeler

    Stratford to Gloucester and beyond.

    Better still, go up to the Boat at Ashleworth an hour before the tide turns, have a pint or two and then ride the tide up to Upper Lode. We've hit about 14 km / h. Watch out for the nav markers opposite the Red Lion.
  5. Onewheeler

    Canal du Midi from Beziers by public transport

    Well, the question is a bit like 'where can I get to in a day trip from Northallerton"! Why not ask Google maps for public transport directions to a few places that you might fancy visiting on a day you might like to go?
  6. Onewheeler

    Stratford to Gloucester and beyond.

    No, rivers are lovely in the winter. Empty of other boats and plenty of choice of moorings. Just make sure that the level is low and that there's no bad weather forecast.
  7. Onewheeler

    Stratford to Gloucester and beyond.

    Definitely maybe. Avon goes up and down like a fiddler's elbow. Look at the board and be prepared to tie up for a couple of days, or hang around in Stratford for a bit if we have extended dampness. Severn takes much longer to respond but keep aware of tides below Upper Lode. Lockies will advise, but if nervous avoid a few days either side of new / full moon.
  8. Onewheeler

    ABC Leisure buys Pridewater Estates marinas

    At the rate they're expanding they'll be buying CART next.
  9. Onewheeler

    Any info on Hesford Marine Boats?

    Not much help to you, but Boden was built at Hesford in 1993. 8/6/4 steel. We've been happy with her for the last 21 years. Some pitting corrosion which I hope has stopped since we moved onto the Thames and had extra anodes fitted - it certainly seemed OK at the last docking. Quite a nicely shaped boat compared with some of the "extruded" boats that one sees although the steelwork is not particularly flat. Don't know much more about the shell, the fitout was done by the first owner. The rudder top bearing seems to be a simple tube, which now rattles a bit but no more than a minor annoyance. Martin/
  10. Onewheeler

    Waste tank problems

    Not if on the Thames. Wrong paradigm.
  11. Might be worth trying this stuff: Envirograf Sealant. It's not "penetrating" but stays flexible and might be able to be worked into the joint. Good on flues. Maybe cover with a tight binding of fibreglass tape? It needs a while to cure.
  12. Onewheeler

    Johnstone’s Garage Floor Paint

    Yes, Leyland confirmed that their floor paint isn't suitable. I used an International non slip paint on the back deck a few years ago. Hopeless. It flaked off the Masons paint that was under it, and anything applied on top flaked off too. Had to remove it completely to redo the deck.
  13. Onewheeler

    too p or not too p

    There's always a fisherperson behind a bush who appears when taking relief while steering.
  14. Onewheeler

    Leyland floor paint

    Rylards is used on the cabin sides of our mainland boat share, it seems to last fairly well (in anchusa blue). Some fading, but it sees more sun than in the UK. I'd not heard of Paintmaster. Did you use the one sold as "boat & barge enamel" or the basic gloss? Did you undercoat?
  15. Onewheeler

    Leyland floor paint

    What Tony said above. Plus, floor paint is supposed to be hard-wearing, and the previous Wickes one has performed very well (and had a very good reputation for boat roofs at the time it was applied). They don't sell it any more, otherwise I'd put another two coats on. Also thinking of using Crown trade, which can be had for about the same price as the Leyland paint.

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