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  1. So had I. I can still taste it... Sweeter than Branston, smaller bits, a bit curry flavoured. Takes me back...
  2. Well, not from the whole, squeaking pig. A nice chunk of belly pork or loin takes about a week to turn into green bacon, a few days longer for smoked.
  3. It comes from added phosphates used to aid water retention and decrease the bacon : total weight charged for ratio.
  4. Fancying a bacon sandwich a few years ago, I went to Sainsburys and purchased a pack of "I can't believe how bloody expensive this bacon is" bacon (or something along those lines). It oozed white stuff all over the pan, looking like... well it wasn't nice. The week after I started making my own bacon and haven't bought any since.
  5. No butter. In a blender put: A few cherry tomatoes, very ripe, or a couple of normal sized tomatoes A clove of garlic A pinch of chilli flakes A few mint leaves A couple of tablespoons of olive oil Blend. Spread some on the bread for a bacon bap, cheese on toast, pickled herrings on toast or whatever. Keeps a few days in the fridge.
  6. Given the amount of space that you have I'd be inclined to include some solar thermal panels for hot water.
  7. These http://www.penninecomponents.co.uk/product.asp?strParents=0&CAT_ID=234&P_ID=1212 have done plenty of years service for us and feel substantial.
  8. Nice little electric loco as used for towing barges on the canal entre Marne et Rhin. Most of the track and overhead wiring are still present in the souterrain de Mauvages, and intermittently elsewhere. As far as I can see it was a single track system, so when two locos came nose-to-nose preseumably the two lines were swapped and the locos reversed away. I believe they were about 10 kW or so. There are a few of the locos still to be seen along the canal.
  9. It's a while since we moved off the G&S, but I think Purton bridges used to have VHF (along with Junction and Llanthony).
  10. To stop people thinking they might get off their boat for a stroll or to find a mooring ring. They're only intended for emergency use, and are incredibly badly designed with a bit of an overhang at the top. I co-authored a document some years ago (in BW days) making a number of suggestions to improve safety at the lock.
  11. It's not that tall if the river is high 😄
  12. And if you're in France, Carrefour sells a 15W40 mineral diesel oil for about 13€ for 5 L. Mind, that's nearly£ 13 thanks to the torykip idiot exchange rate.
  13. When going in to Glos lock, especially if there is some fresh, remember that the current flows fairly fiercely across the entrance. Aim at the left hand wall and be prepared to go in a bit faster than normal.
  14. Sounds about right. Our domestic A+ 230V fridge in a boat in mid France consumes 14 W average in conditions hotter than usual in the UK. About 65 W when the compressor is running.
  15. BTU / h? Is this a nineteenth century document?
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