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  1. Onewheeler

    BETA 35 not starting - help!

    I've not looked at a Beta starter closely (and won't be able to look at mine until Sunday) but it might be the contacts in the starter solenoid that have corroded. On my old BMC engine that was easy to remove and test off the engine. It's the bit to which the big and small + cables are connected. The bolts should be accessible.
  2. Onewheeler

    Thames Moorings a warning

    Report to Action Fraud and sit back to enjoy the entertainment?
  3. Onewheeler

    Charger tripping MCB problem

    No, it's a generic one from Ebay. Does the job though. I'm hesitant about a thermistor, probably OK but they get hot. I've designed a circuit but have more interesting or urgent things (depending on whether I'm listening to me or her indoors) that get in the way of building it.
  4. Onewheeler

    Charger tripping MCB problem

    What I was thinking but not familiar with the Victron device. Our isolation transformer trips the shore MCB about one in four times on connection, depending on at what part of the AC cycle connection is made. Would put in a surge limiter but it's less hassle to go and reset the MCB.
  5. Onewheeler

    Thames Moorings a warning

    I was just about to post that! Maybe common sense will prevail, or not.
  6. Onewheeler

    How to strengthen this knob

    Get yourself a meter from the current century! It may be that the unusual arrangement of a bakelite shaft is to protect fingers from exposure to high voltages were a metal shaft to penetrate to close to the surface. Check first!
  7. Onewheeler

    How to strengthen this knob

    The knob looks like a bog standard old fashioned radio control, with an integral shaft. The shaft looks like the same as used on a standard potentiometer. Knobs with grub screw available on Ebay e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-VINTAGE-BAKELITE-VALVE-RADIO-KNOBS-BRASS-INSERTS-GRUB-SCREW-FIXING-35MM-DIA/113603357901 Search "knob vintage radio" and cut the shaft off a pot?.
  8. Onewheeler

    Overseas owner Lay up options?

    G'day! Plenty of furriners on the Dutch Barge Assn. forum at barges.org (I think you have to be a member but it's very useful and not just for big boats) We keep a shared boat on the mainland (currently in Gent). We usually find a marina which is cheap for the winter months and much more secure than an unattended online mooring. We winterise her ourselves (an easy job if the boat is designed properly), keep the batteries topped up with a solar panel. Canal levels don't usually fluctuate much, but there's always someone around to slacken lines if necessary. If on a river you must make sure that you have a floating pontoon or adequately long mooring poles. For our share boat, we book our winter mooring about six months in advance. It may not be necessary to go so far out in the UK unless you are looking in a popular area. Martin/
  9. Onewheeler

    What fuel?

    Phurnacite is the best we can buy readily. Agree with other comments re Taybrite, but don't think it used to be so bad. Picked up a few sacks of Homefire Olive, made from olive trees ( or stones?) recently. Smells lovely but burns very quickly and leaves a lot of ash. It seems to have been discontinued, maybe that's why it was cheap.
  10. Onewheeler

    Flue Supplies

    Think I used https://www.fluesystems.com/ a couple of years ago, probably because they were cheap or had what I wanted in stock. No complaints.
  11. Onewheeler

    Inverter size

    I like the flashing lights. They help me find the toilet in the middle of the night.
  12. Onewheeler

    Inverter size

    Should be OK. On our boat share we have a 1 kW PSW (2 kW peak) invertor which runs fridge and odds and ends for charging. The fridge is A+ and even in hot French weather only draws 14 W average, 65 W peak. Our invertor was from Sunshine Solar <https://www.sunshinesolar.co.uk/prodshow/1000W___24V_Pure_Sine_Wave_Sunshine_Power_Inverter/VP100024.html>
  13. Onewheeler

    Stove chimney hole filling

    I fitted a plastic pudding basin to the roof of our mainland boat share with silicone sealant in 2014 as a temporary fix for a broken ventilator. It's still going strong. (The condensation in the photo isn't really a problem, it was about 0 C outside at the time and the heating had just gone on).
  14. Onewheeler

    Handheld vacuum

    I've got one of the B&Ds like that, probably an earlier version as ours is a few years old. Works well but the filter needs cleaning frequently and is a messy business best done outside. It ideally needs a vacuum cleaner to clean the vacuum cleaner's filter. It's lasted well.
  15. Onewheeler

    Help - can’t identify cause root cause of leaks!

    Blocked drainage channels?

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