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  1. Can't have that, the missus has veggie tendencies. It doesn't stop her drinking beer though.
  2. Ta chaps or whatever you identify as. I'll find some of the high temperature mastic stuff. There's a tube somewhere in the garage.
  3. I'm fitting a new rope seal to the door of my Boatman stove. Would one normally add some cement or high temperature mastic to hold it in place? Martin/
  4. Yes, that has an effect and is probably comparable in magnitude to barometric changes and wind turbulence.
  5. I've always been rather sceptical of the need to keep the tank full, as I suspect that the number of air changes in the ullage over the course of a year is fairly small. The driving force for exchange is the slow variation in external air pressure as weather fronts go past, and probably more importantly the rapid fluctuation in pressure due to wind. A few years ago I did a study on the exchange rate in a vented nuclear reactor containment. I can't remember the details but the annual number of volume exchanges was quite small. In a fuel tank, the smaller the ullage the less water vapour will be drawn in. As it doesn't hurt to keep the tank full I try do so, but don't get obsessive about it.
  6. Why not take a relay out and measure the coil resistance.
  7. I think I got some from B&Q, but it was a long time ago.
  8. Horns, in my experience, need to be treated as disposable and need replacing every few years. Maybe the weather or the spiders inside.
  9. Yes, probably ok. The girl child left her car on our driveway for a month with one of those gps black boxes fitted for her insurance. It was flat as Miss Norfolk when it came to start it. At that point we discovered that some scumbag had tried to screwdriver both locks so we couldn't get in. I now know how to break in to a Peugeot 107 with no signs of damage. The battery was fine after a charge.
  10. Italian cars too. I was going to change the feeble battery on a girlfriend's Fiat, but gave up when it became apparent that the brake master cylinder would have to come off first.
  11. You're asking sensible questions. Amongst those that you haven't asked: How to heat the boat? In order of expense, probably LPG > diesel > kerosene (needs a second tank) > solid fuel (coal / wood). Electric is probably a bit cheaper than diesel but not usable if you go cruising. Hot water? An electric immersion is probably the most economic and convenient if you're in a marina, usually fairly easy to arrange if it's not already in the calorifier. A 1 kW immersion left on for a few hours may be better than a larger, domestic sized one used for a short period. Ask away...
  12. How do you know when you've passed an angler? You can't get the seat down. Bye!
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. A few m of 22 swg wire in a bucket of water? (Other gauges are available).
  15. Read this first. https://passive-components.eu/capacitors-losses-esrimpdfq/
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