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  1. Onewheeler

    Water under floor

    8 Bloke with bad aim in the toilet
  2. Onewheeler

    Oh Hell no

    Here's a bit of toilet discharge pipe I took off our mainland boat recently. I guess it had been in use for at least twenty years. The pipe wall thickness is ~ 4 mm, the scale 6 - 8 mm. Some of it had spalled and caused a blockage near where it goes through the seacock.
  3. Onewheeler

    Mooring between Oxford and Reading

    There's a few feasible places above the Thame entrance (on the Thames) next to a highish wall. The bank is sometimes overgrown but if it's been cleared it's a good spot.
  4. Onewheeler

    Mooring between Oxford and Reading

    From memory there's about 200 m above the lock cut on the left bank with adequate water depth which used to be free and a lovely spot. I'd heard that the land was purchased by a nasty bit of work from UKIP who had put up no mooring signs. Further up looked ok to moor but was on the wrong side of the barbed wire to access Dorchester. That was a couple of years ago.
  5. Onewheeler

    Dutch barges and overplating

    Our ex-oil tanker is about 90 years old and still floating. She usually has a bit of welding when dry docked. It's routine when they get to a certain age. Of more interest should be whether she has been maintained regularly below the water line. Martin/
  6. Onewheeler

    Calorifier connections

    Missed it, but I was at next week's.
  7. Onewheeler

    Calorifier connections

    Thanks Tony. That makes sense. I'll have to drain it if I decide to fit an external immersion which is tempting me, the internal arrangements will become apparent then. Funny how oddities like that only become apparent when thinking about changing things. Martin/
  8. Onewheeler

    Calorifier connections

    Yes, I fitted the salamander about fifteen years ago for the Webasto. I've only just realised though that the secondary side penetrations for cw feed and drain are unexpectedly high.
  9. Onewheeler

    Calorifier connections

    Ooh, you are high maintenance! There's a faint line on the insulation about 18 cm up which is where the connections are. You can see the coil connections to rhs of second photo and the cw inlet is just visible at bottom of first.
  10. Onewheeler

    Calorifier connections

    Maybe it was intended for direct heat. It's from the past. I've only seen inside once, many years ago when I took the immersion flange off to fit a salamander coil. Didn't notice what the internals were like.
  11. Onewheeler


    Pure guess, but looking at pictures of dipsticks and tubes (not a euphemism but private browsing might be advised) it looks as if in some models the stick doesn't emerge from the bottom of the tube. So, in a hot engine if there is a good seal at the top where the dipstick goes in (that's a big if) air in the tube expands and the level at the bottom of the tube drops. Pull it out and oil settles to its proper level. Or something completely different.
  12. Onewheeler

    Calorifier connections

    Nope, hot comes out of the top where it's supposed to. Heating coil also about the same height as the cold feed. Seems odd to have a dip tube (if there is one). It would make it harder to drain (although I haven't done that in 22 years) and seems generally pointless.
  13. Just looking at our calorifier with a view to adjusting the pipework. Vertical cylinder type, about 45 cm high. Realised that the cold feed and drain points are both about 18 cm up. Are they likely to be connected to dip tubes going to the bottom of the tank? Why do it that way? Martin/
  14. Onewheeler

    Big Twin Cylinder Diesel

    I can just imagine the bloke in a cap's shirt snagging on one of the shaft bolts a few inches in front of him, and his guts being splattered everywhere.
  15. Onewheeler

    Immersion heater not working.

    Failed thermostat? No electricity reaching it?

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