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  1. Perhaps, with the latest crop of completely avoidable stoppages, most of which are the result of lack of maintenance and of which CART have been aware of for some time those who have leapt to the support of this totally unfit for purpose organisation might now consider signing this petition.
  2. I suspect that if the level and severity of the stoppages now happening in the North West were happening on the southern G.U. and its associated waterways then even this complacent and blinkered forum might be moved to collective action. The system is not as it was during the eighties and nineties the level of unplanned stoppages is far worse and this can only be due to the poor decisions taken by successive managements. Under funding is partly to blame but an apparent lack of empathy with the history and culture of the cut by CaRT management becomes yearly more apparent. Regards, HughC.
  3. I have signed this. It may be the first sign of effective opposition and pressure on CART.
  4. The Markeaton brook through Derby. There are apparently traces of wharfage in the tunnel under the Wardwick. Regards, HughC
  5. It must be the best part of forty years ago that we attended a public meeting in Ironville village hall called to discuss the restoration of the Cromford after the ECP&DA had organised work parties to clear the flight through the village. At this meeting the BW representative said that the restoration movement had to choose between the Cromford, the Grantham or the Nottingham only one was going to be viable. It was not too long after this that BW ripped out the top of the flight in order to 'safegaurd against a 100 year flood'. The only other place where this happened was on, I believe, the Huddersfield Narrow also in danger of restoration. Well we have had some serious flooding since then but not in Ironville nor would there have been since a plan was put forward to enable the flight to be used as a flood spillway. The Nottingam is of course a lost cause and the Grantham appears moribund which leaves only the Cromford so perhaps B.W. were not so far off the mark. Not of course that any navigation in the accepted sense of the word will ever be allowed past Ambergate.
  6. hughc

    Watford locks

    Anything under three summer days for Braunston to Langley Mill is good going, or it used to be.
  7. That is very very similar. We have rebuilt the wheels on ours and fitted them with modern tyres and generally overhauled it but other than that it is identical. Regards, HughC.
  8. If you would like to take your children or grandchildren cycling safely I have for sale an Alworthy 1930's family triplet. Built in Yorkshire not China I might add. Overhauled with new tyres and chains but everything else including Trivelox gears is original.Regards, HughC
  9. Some children, especially when indoctrinated whilst very young, grow up to become obsessed to the point where their canal mania exceeds even that of their parents. Regards, HughC.
  10. Beautifully fabricated on board by the Reverie Canal Trading company with whom I have no connection other than being a very satisfied customer. Regards, HughC.
  11. When we were very young and bought Avon the top bends were not good. Money was very tight and although we had dehogged her and replaced a good deal of planking the cost and complexity of the bends proved a step too far. We replaced the rotten sections with ferrocement based on expanded metal sheet and a rich mortar mix which ws cast in place and caulked where it abutted wood. We than ran the boat for some years and when painted the difference was noticable only to a very discerning eye. What was surprising was how flexible the repair was so drifting up to a lock cill one could see the bends flex a little as they absorbed the impact. I think they were still in place when the boat was broken up at Puttenham. Not all bodges are bad bodges and some existing boats would have been scrapped long ago but for a little 'out of the box' solutions. Regards, HughC.
  12. Paint the bilge first. Regards, HughC.
  13. Having owned an early fifties Rover 90 with a freewheel and totally inadequate drum brakes believe me it is a lethal combination. Regards, HughC
  14. I towed Daphne's sister Clara from Ken Keays' yard to Langley Mill in ,I think , 1978. It was during the worst storm in living memory at the time. I do remember that we had to cut our way through a variety of what CART now call 'vegetation' on the eleven mile. The owner subsequently burnt Clara and Avon was broken up at Puttenham. Regards HughC
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