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  1. Great! No problems there then. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi all, Travelling down from Fradley intending to wind in Burton. There is a discrepancy between Pearson’s, Nicholson’s and CRT map. Does anyone know if the winding holes shown in Nicholson’s at Horninglow and Shobnall are still useable? cheers Tim
  3. Thanks very much everyone. A little job for next week.
  4. Thanks, any preference for oil, or whatever is hanging about?
  5. Thanks, I’ll take it steady refilling.
  6. Hi, it’s on a Lister FR2
  7. Hi, Does anyone know the oil capacity of the L-B 2:1 reduction box? I need to change the oil, and want to make sure I have enough before starting the job. I can’t find anything in the manual or online. Also, is it better to avoid hypoid gear oil in these boxes? I know there has been discussion on the forum before on this topic but I’m not sure of the final verdict. It had certainly had EP oil in it in the past, there is a half empty bottle on board to prove it. Many thanks Tim
  8. Many thanks. Off to the motor factors on Monday.
  9. Hi, does anyone know the original uncompressed thickness of an FR2 rocker box gasket Part no: 292-2085. I know it’s not critical but as I’ve got to buy the gasket material to make one I might as well get it right. cheers Tim
  10. Many thanks all, I shall give Comma a try. As regards the grade I’ve just carried on using what the previous 2 owners used. In 6 years I’ve never had a starting problem although I do always give it the recommended 20+ turns with the starting handle after its been left, before firing it up.
  11. I usually use Morris Golden Film SAE 30 in my Lister FR2, but notice that Comma Classic is available at a better price. Has anyone used this oil and can recommend it?
  12. Dear oh dear, I couldn’t have got it more wrong if I’d tried.
  13. Many thanks. It was Aquarius and Ilford, not a banjo but a flute, God I must be loosing it! Thanks everyone!
  14. Now, long lining could very well be the one, have you got a link? I still can’t find it.
  15. I think it was banjo, or maybe banjo and fiddle. It sounded a bit like Irish session music to me. Not sure about Rebecca Jane Photography, I’ll see if I can find her.
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