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  1. Thanks for your reply Ditch crawler, I do have valve in the pipe, I have tried that and it's still the same
  2. We are just cruising our newly purchased project 55 foot Narrow Boat Home. I will be stripping out the cabin side and roof wood, so I assume I would glue some wooden battens to the hull metal then screw or nail the ash or oak faced ply to the battens, so if I have it correct what is the best glue to use, as I want this to be a one time upgrade
  3. I tried to drain the engine oil on our 1.5 BMC but after many minutes and lots of pumping action I only managed to suck out approx 1/2 litre of old engine oil. I suspect the pump seal may be at fault, so are these still available or will I have to source a new pump ?
  4. Well glad my simple question has generated so mush response !. I will paint ours to match what will be our new colour (black.cream) but after 2 breakdowns in 2 days trying to get our baby from loughborough to Chirk, we may get the best value for money pushing our boat home punt style with our pole lol. If you see a rough looking green boat with 2 border collies on the stern give us a cheery wave and wish us luck, at Rugeley visitor moorings near Tesco at the mo fingers crossed will be back on our way in the morning. It's also weird that never before buying our Davison Brothers boat had we
  5. I never thought of ali scaffold poles, but to late now I have bought my nice Ash one lol, came in very handy today when I could not get Willoughby reversed back in her berth, I also like Neils idea of painting 1 foot sections different colours, be good practise with the brushes ready for her re-paint in the spring, or if enough coffers left after the re-fit, may book a dry dock to do it this winter if the dry dock has some form of heating.
  6. Hi Tony, Thanks for your reply, the marine Engineer was very busy so just told me it is canal water cooled and also has a tank with antifreeze for the heat exchanger. I only have my camera phone and as it is very murky here and does not have a flash I don't think the pictures would be of any value, but once I find my proper camera, I will take some pictures to finally know 100% what we have. It was my confusion, the water pump is a big brass type run from a separate belt to the alternator, and from looking the engine also has a normal car type water pump that flows the water/antifreeze mi
  7. Thanks for your reply Dave, I will break out the paint then and give it the once over
  8. Well just to update the post, had the marine engineer in today and as thought our baby is raw water cooled, so my next question is how often do you clean the mud box out ?
  9. Hi All, Just bought a new Ash boat pole, I have read that you should not paint them as they can rot under the paint, but mine looks very vunerable and I suspect needs some kind of treatment, so do I oil, varnish or just paint it to make it last the next few years?
  10. Hi Arthur, Thanks for your reply, I will fit them and see how we get on then. Had the marine Engineer here today so he has sorted my fuel pipes and changed them to the ones to pass the BSC so all going well,
  11. Hi All, Just taken some roof lining down from our cabin and the shell could do with a good coat of Paint, I also need to blast and re-paint the exterior roof, so would an etch primer or the old red lead paint if still available be any good ?, or are there some specialist other products on the market ?
  12. Thanks for your reply Alan, seen as I have bought them I may as well try and fit them, then if they do cause me problems at least I will still have the original bits to put back on, but on a cold day as today and seeing the news is saying arctic blasts are on the way, I think I will leave it till the summer
  13. I have just bought 2 spin on conversion kits 1 oil & 1 Fuel, looking at the supplied conversion housing, it seems very good quality to me, but when I asked our marine engineer to fit them, he flatly refused, saying he has had loads of trouble after fitting them with leaks and the fuel filter draining back etc. So are these kits a cone and I have bought a lame duck, or is he just to busy and is trying to put me off?
  14. I like Alastairs suggestion of boards but this will prove to expensive so will go with 18mm ply and floor tiles in the galley and the thick laminate floor in the rest, and will go with 12mm hull side overlaid with 3mm Ash or Oak Faced Ply and possibly 6mm cabin sides and roof.
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