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  1. I might give that a try, could be a prototype if it does not work out, first time. I'll be doing a cardboard mock-up anyways. Do I need special blades/jigsaw etc. I assume I need power tools. Neighbour has loads of tools, lol. It is currently split in to six panels, I could make that a feature, though hopefully it won't need to be opened up once the work is done. ...
  2. I'm upgrading and modernising my electrics, the existing mix of gauges, displays, dials, buttons, switches, toggles auto/domestic, are driving me crazy. Once there is some logic to the array, I'd like a nice "engineered" display , I call it a dashboard. Properly done, with cutouts and "etched" labelling. who does this sort of thing. Thanks in anticipation
  3. LadyG


    There is a storage tank , one day I might look in to it , not brave enough, no idea what kind it is. My first action will be to clean it out, given the track record of the cassette, which ended up in the skip, and a new Excellence by Thetford. What stuff should l add to the tank in the interim?
  4. Athy. Is there no cricket on tele?
  5. LadyG


    Thanks guys, I'm not too bothered, they are MCPs. I used to say of my husband "Yes, he has "inferiority complex", inevitably. He is inferior. :💥
  6. LadyG


    Drama Queen ..... >
  7. I've got blacking on the well deck, it's too hot to walk on, I don't fancy stripping it.
  8. The trouble is that lots of people say just that, then they gip when it actually costs them money. Not me of course, I sit on the fence ..................... I make it up as I go along oo-h did I really say that? PS "oops sorry about that bump mate, you should be insured comprehensive!" and don't park in my blind spot! A new brake lever is required, not a new bike!
  9. Blue gloss everywhere ............................... not for long....................... If you want to see my inspiration, check Lady Grey 100 tea bags box https://www.twinings.co.uk/tea/earl-grey-tea. I don't mind if only one side is done and dusted, I have no shame ..................... PS, we are talking "concept" rather than professional finish, , it has to be better than Blue Gloss with feature drips, inside and out!
  10. LadyG


    Had a fairly uneventful visit to the Elsan ................ correct amount of blue this time, usual Marigolds [one trip], safety goggles and mask plus lots of kitchen roll impregnated with lavender oil. I had I switched immersion heater on so I could have a nice shower! Sorted..
  11. Having been on board for six weeks, the interior painting has been slow, very very slow. Undeterred, I decided to crack on with the outside: it's blue , everywhere is blue, even the anodised window frames! Next week the pontoon side will be dark grey, light grey/dark grey/mid grey/black. Signwriter booked in for six week hence, he suggests bright orange signwriting, suits me. He did not even blink when I suggested yellow rivets, lol. I am going for the Eye of Horus, instead Paint arrives Wednesday, should have one side finished in seven days.
  12. LadyG


    Yes, I kinda feel sorry for those poor worm, what a sad life. Mr Septic tank seems a genuine guy, I'm wondering if these are the same as these special worms:
  13. Lots of opportunities for mixing metaphors, dogs doolies[?}, or bees knees ................ imho Bilge paint is the best of all. Needs perfect preparation to get perfect result.
  14. LadyG


    The Robert Dyas trolley worked great, it tows behind the bike. I need a source of masks, the one I use for sanding is not up to the job. Also will add more Blue, and turn on the immersion heater before I set off for the Elsan, solar seems to be a fail, adds to list of "why does this not work?"
  15. The RSPB will advise if you visit a centre.
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