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  1. If you read my posts you would see that I have tried to define a business sale eg, when a broker owns the boat, and a private sale where the boat is owned by Joe Public, WHETHER OR NOT THAT SALE IS VIA A BROKER. Your point is exactly the point, there is nothing, in law, that makes buying from a broker who does not own a boat any safer than from a private sale.
  2. CHG did mention that his cooking blogs were by popular demand, and he's obviously not trying to pretend to be a chef, I fnd his stuff quite relaxing. I think his name is Kevin. Plus I think he does motorbiketravels. The Foxes have a large following now, I prefer the earlier vlogs to the rather slicker, comedic routines we are getting nowadays.
  3. I had this at one of my first locks, as I was pondering what to do with a stuck paddle, so I handed him the windlass and took his dog. He said "it's stuck", I said "yes"
  4. I've never heard of it,as far as I am aware oil has no free water in it, so the only water would be from damp air in the container. I've never seen any, and I used to keep oil in my garage in a metal contaner
  5. I have several flotex pieces on the floor, they need to go outside for a good scrub to get them clean and remove brown cat hair, looks great for a few days, after a few weeks they need to be lifted and scrubbed, day to day sweeping does not work, other than that they would be good, but I have problems re fitting them, so it's a constant job, lift, scrub, dry, Re lay. I can't be bothered with housework, it's the biggest drawback of narrowboat living in winter: coal dust and cat hair.
  6. The floor of my boat is ply covered with sort of pseudo parquet, so I tried covering it with sticky back vinyl laminate from B&Q, this did not work. I currently have carpet on most of the boat. The bathroom has sticky back tiles but they also seem to move a bit, so that has not worked. I wonder if 23mm square mosaic non slip tiles would work, they need to be grouted, possibly laid on a screed. Obviously this would raise the floor level a bit. Should I just buy a square metre of lino type vinyl and lay it loose, or at least with a bit of tacky stuff.?
  7. I did not say that a rusty roof would cause the boat to be not fit for purpose. What I said, and have said repeatedly is that buying from a private seller it is "sold as seen" Regardless of the waste of time that Trading Standards often are in practice, the boat, if sold by a busines should be "fit for pupose", and this makes business sellers far more cautious than private sellers.
  8. I am sure you will cope, it perfectly normal to be a bit nervous, but the best advice I got was not to feel under pressure when others are around, which turned out to be spot on. When on your own you do everything at half pace, but that is part of doing this 'muscle memory' thing. On my first few days I was lucky enough to have CRT put me through some tricky lock complexes, then I met another lady singlehander and we leapfrogged quite a few locks and swing bridges ie taking it in turns, (you need two BW keys for this). Other boaters will help you, as will random people, but that wa
  9. I was being ironic, its not likely the mother of three is an instructor, and she would not be a club member for long if she endangered their lives like that on a regular basis.
  10. Yes, of course they might be fully signed up members of British Canoeing I think it's £45 for an adult and £27 for each person under 18. They would be covered for public liability if anything happened to other people.
  11. Hmmmm, the ' instructor' is not wearing a life jacket, just as well the kiddie had one. Not a great idea to 'teach' someone aged 5, on a canal. Canoeing or kayaking. Extremely sloppy reporting, (can't call it journalism)
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