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  1. Apologies for the comment above, you will get serious replies from senior forum members. There was recent thread which discussed some arguments, the problem, while not very relevant in this instance, helped develop the the way things might be approached. I would think you may need an experienced surveyor.
  2. Did you try the "search" facility?
  3. I will try eggs in foil ................
  4. Spelling? PS someone turned off the daylight. Not a happy bunny!
  5. Split pins, yes did a delivery on a rag n stick. The handrails came off before Dumbarton, we sorted this, but the mast fell off on first owner outing, same thing.
  6. It was the only thing we had .... no phones, two horses, I can't recall if we had more than one paperclip, ..... I had used the handbrake to stop it, in a lay-by, it was a very slow lorry, top speed 30mph. I realise now, too late, that "banter" in the NB sense does not mean "a casual comment" but more a "ceilidh"
  7. I noticed how clean my gas stove is this week ............. it is only being used for soup, boiling water, and suchlike , anything bovine/ovine/porcine [?] gets wrapped in foil and put under the fire, I can also BBQ on coals using my all metal cheese grater! I think it would work for toast, just not french toast.
  8. can one still mark batteries etc?
  9. Following on from the use of the paperclip to convert a wall heater to non pop up toaster. I well recall driving a newly acquired horse lorry not by me!] when the brake pedal linkage failed, we used .......... yes .... a paperclip and limped towards civilisation. We got to the races in it, but only once.
  10. Folks on this forum have long memories 😅
  11. I thought it could have been phrased better, less aggressive, and more informative and no email. It targeted one person, not a good idea.
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