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  1. lol, I can't find the broadcast, he had glasses, blue suit, skin coloured "tinted"
  2. Please put them to sleep in freezer and cut spinal processes, then uber huge pot and plunge. I had a Teso bag full of shellfish of all sorts given to me. Freeze, stab, hard boil, never again
  3. I don't think anyone ever looked at the instalation this turned out to be ~"owner fit out", disguised as something else. I did not take everything apart, The previous BSC examiner was a very experienced surveyor, and popular locally. There was at least six contraventions. My boat is now safe, but I had some idea that it should have been when all these certificates were issued.
  4. 'cos polis normally have better things to do, now it's about training joe public not to break the law. If folks persist the Army will be bought in to support Police, we are a long way from that, at the moment.
  5. I was thinking about going on my yacht. Those days have gone ... ... or have they ................ if half of us die, the rest can take over I bags Monacco, Gibralter, and the Hebrides, [ Outer and Inner ], plus Firth of Clyde.
  6. Athy, if only. Rule of thumb: Six days to adjust Six weeks to run the experiment : keep status quo or turn the screw Sixteen weeks to determine results.
  7. Del Boy, yes a great characature, not so many around these days. First time I went to London for a job interview [age 21], I arrived at 06.00, having driven through the night in my mini 224JVD A very kind taxi driver led me to Whitehall, great days, real people.
  8. First rule of computing GIGO every model depends on info in / then how you 'sort'it. Veryeasy to 'prove'/disprove 'facts'
  9. This makes you sound like the people who pick and choose which laws they obey and which they don't.. This is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY, keep a low profile. This is just the start. Caeser's wife
  10. I am no expert in this pandemic, or human C-viruses, but as symptoms look like the usual winter bugs and it took hold [as in recorded] in London very fast, I'd tend to think it was in the population a few weeks be4 it was identified
  11. I would prefer last night's government adviser / politician to take over, he's got a grasp of the essentials and does not need to boost his ego with letter, a natural leader. People have a radio, if not, give them one.
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