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  1. I've never been so warm in winter as on my boat ... stove plus Webasto , I suggest you try c.c first, it's more relaxing. Boat has to be fitted out for liveaboard. I've not [yet] done any locks on my own!
  2. OP has done some cruising, and it's not a liveaboard, so layout not so important, imho. I believe Aintree offer a standard layout in order to reduce build costs, I've not seen any adverse criticism of them. You can appoint your own surveyor, to inspect the build and pay in stages, make sure you own the boat, in case of financial problems! Is there an owners assocition? There are specialist firms who advise on props, but you likely won't be going out when Ouse is in flood, so it's a matter of building your experience and confidence. A second hand boat may have it's own problems, DAMHIK. I think a new boat could have a diesel stove with it's own tank., for heating and maybe cooking/hot water, Refleks and Kuboto are well known, also Bubble
  3. I am sugggesting he gives boat life a chance, it's not likely he can buy an ideal boat with a perfect mooring, so he can cruise CRT waters in summer and use trains/cars to visit Warrington. I've been to Warrington, once.
  4. personally, I would think he needs three months to 'chill', so no need to take a mooring straight away, as that is only needed when he needs to work. holiday on CRT canals for a while, enjoy the peace and find out if he likes it.
  5. Well, You may feel there are similarities, lol. I have lots of sailing experience, but only a year living in a sewertube. I would advise you to buy a smallish boat, modern, small but beautifull, forget any thoughts of a project if you are even thinking of working. A car might be essential if you want to work regular shifts, so if you cc then you have to spend lots of valuable time on commuting. Make sure you have a good stove and central heating if you want to live on it all year.
  6. A halfway house might be a van conversion, can be left withrelatives or in securestorage, small space living, and learn transferable skills. Less capital involved, and mobile.
  7. How much have you got and how do you define liveaboard. If I can find a more suitable boat for myself,I might sell mine, if I end up "in credit". I bought mine as a 'liveaboard', but it was designed to be on shorepower, so I have spent a few thousand quid on making it independant of mains. Don't put anything cheap on a boat. Replace doors in galley with solid wood. Modern kitchen stuff is mdf blotting paper. If you can't hang a door, learn how to do it using good quality hinges and catches. A major re_fit is not for you, if you want 'a wow factor' see Thetford sinks etc, else buy a tin of white from B&Q, and repeat every six months. PS I wouldnot pay that money for that boat.
  8. Why do you want to live on a boat, when it might be better to live in a house? You can buy anything if you have enough money, purchase is just the start ........
  9. Have you runout of anecdotes, antidotes and have joined the CWDF Establishment aka nit pickers? I can't belive that, PS is cat OK? Lol
  10. So I can expect demand to rise as price falls?
  11. I tried to get off the side the other day, having organised some passers by to operate the swing bridge: too late, I asked them to wait 'til I was ready , by the time I got sorted, we had quite a crowd, and had to re-open the road! The stern was absolutely opposite the bolllard, and reversing with or without a spring had the effect of clinging to the side like a limpet mine. It took a big boathook and a bit of assistance from the shore to get out, I have a big tyre at the back to allow me to crunch the side, but 'pivoting' does not work if wind is perverse.
  12. I 'm happy with my portholes, ( and my Caldwell windows), but long term, I'd like to replace plastic with glass with an engraved star as I have seen on other boats, also need oak trim liners, tx Also some of glass in windows need replaced (wear and tear), I suppose windows need to be removed?
  13. Yep, all organised now, three charts for £30, pilots really, aeriel photos plus notes.
  14. All these lighting options! I need to replace the switches, they are currently '......' unmatched pairs, one for 240 and one for 12 volt, I assume any domestic double switch can be used instead, vertical wood trim will be interupted by the switches, I will use chrome, I am open to other ideas.........
  15. Not very re-assuring! I've gathered enough info to do the trip now, just check the weed hatch before I leave, dip tank,check oil prep anchor, notes, both full and abrieviated ready, just need to do radio checks tomorrow and talk to lock keeper, I don't have the chart/pilot book yet,
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