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  1. Very sensible approach, you should think about boats advertised at £42K. When you make your offer, you might need to turn the screw, an approach which won't work with the more affluent vendor. If the vendor needs to pay out £3K in marina fees, you maybe can get £2K off his asking price. If vendor needs to pay £200 to get it thru the imminant BSC, ditto If vendor needs the cash to buy a house, etc etc. You see where I am coming from....
  2. That is the theory, but I can't see over the bow,, will need to investigate. I remember having a hot air pipe directed up my oilskins on a salty water boat, we had one pipe, it was great for the helmsman, but the crew below kept whinging, southern softies..
  3. This is another thing, I mean, unlike most folks on here, I am not living on board 'cos I want a narrowboat. I am living on board 'cos I want to live in the country, without the constant police sirens so beloved of those blue lighters, and other urban practices I go to sleep in complete silence, and wake to the dawn chorus. I had never stayed overnight on a narrowboat, but had done lots of sailing, so that part of it was not going to worry me, but best to have a few days on board before diving in to deep waters. For example, how did you come to think about this? Do you think you will travel about or live cheek by jowl in a marina? Can you think about sanitation? Water? Energy? Weedhatches? Coal fires? Stuffing boxes, lol?
  4. Wingnuts? We had a lad at school and that was his nickname, very character building....
  5. Off topic, I'm thinking about a new kind of wheel, its got round axles and square wheels, saves quite a bit on making those expensive circular wheel rims........
  6. I'll take your word for it. I've hardly moved in cold weather, well I've hardly moved at all, but I have bought a pair of cashmere socks and a pair of merino socks to pair up with my winter boots, plus a coat from Mountain Warehouse, I went out walking yesterday in pretty cold wet conditions, snow goggles weather, it was fine, not sure if my feet will keep warm enough standing at the steering position.
  7. There will be bills Comms £50 pcm Boat Insurance £10pcm Boat Licence £80pcm Maintenance £100*pcm Diesel £35**pcm Coal £50pcm I have fudged this * figure as my first year expenditure meant a set of new domestic batteries and a lot of paint, in my second year I have had two episodes of one off boatyard maintenance, and some internal titivating. Next year it might be £600 for blacking. Coal and wood costs about £100 evey four weeks in winter. Diesel has been almost solely for heating and battery charging which is essential. In a normal year it might be £40-50pcm. I also paid about £1000 for 550 Watts of solar including labour, a one off cost.
  8. I think we're at cross porpoises.
  9. You could also consider part glazed doors. There is another idea for the roof, these are glass prisms, which don't open, they are about a foot or so long and eight inches wide, I Don't know if anyone has tried them on a narrowboat.
  10. Not a new engine, it would be very inconvenient to stand on, not a new gearbox as the PRM120 was not faulty, it was the nylon control lever needed stripping and reassembly.
  11. Yes, I can understand, it's a big move, I have half portholes, half windows, and I also painted above the gunwales white (special scrubable white as used in industry), the deckhead is white.
  12. She never claimed to be a mathematician. Poor thing, whereas most of us would want get out of London, she decided it was her spiritual home. When I bought my boat a relative gave me a book written by a girl who lived on a boat in London, I've not been able to read it, it is so bad, but somehow she got it published in hardback.
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