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  1. Where can one get round cloths these days?
  2. The problem is that you're budget is so tight if you want to liveaboard, it will be "older" was thinking you could compromise for a short term. Or aim to keep the boat long term, and accept higher maintenance ongoing from day 1. Remember,the broker is acting for the seller A good surveyor is acting in your best interests, but he is not infallible. There is always a risk when buying a boat. PS I watch TV on my phone and my laptop in bed! I think you get special headphones from your dentist
  3. Interesting question, which I am unqualified to answer, others will be along. Off the cuff, I think I would gp for a smaller boat. ie one where the pullman dinette has to be made in to a bed. A shorter boat is cheaper to licence, and you will probably need to use a marina occasionally. It will be younger than a longer boat. You may end up with a cassette rather than a pumpout.
  4. We used to smoke them, Annie's Pantry, Uddingston, 1956
  5. Interesting life some folks have. I must be missing out )
  6. My thick sirloin , marinated in olive oil did well on top of stove, medium not medium rare. Onions in their own coats were lovely inside, outside charred
  7. Hi, Winter has arrived: put stove on, medium spuds in [ie under] , then some onions, and garlic. This may not work. I have a sirloin ready to grill, any other ideas? Can I use cheapo aluminum foil?
  8. Should I move my bed then?
  9. MrB is correct. I arranged to look at a boat: it took me two phone calls to discover the boat was not fully owned by the vendor and that the "owner" wanted me to pay by bank transfer to a third person, not the broker. The broker seemed "uninterested" in this information, obviously by this time, I was not going to buy the boat.
  10. The eighteen year old is an adult, like the mother and father, presumably they could all get themselves a job, and rent a flat? I've not a lot of sympathy, having worked part time from age thirteen. Full time after leaving college age 22. I could not afford a "gap year" I don't see the point.
  11. I have a 57ft NB, with six vents, one of which is jammed shut with solar panels above, so there is not enough ventilation in the bedroom [portholes do not open] I have ordered two large solar panels, they do not fit well with respect to current vents, this would be one thing I would consider carefully. I have made a feature of my grills and vents internally, with expensive chromed fittings,. I sprayed the inside with white paint [Rustoleum Hard Hat] plus white silicon to form a smooth surface. I might need to clean them with foaming cleanser and a cloth every so often. I don't think much of the bathroom mushroom fan, it prevents natural ventilation 24/7
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. strange questions....................... if you know what you are doing, it's maybe OK to DIY, else get a qualified, experienced and insured BOAT electrician.
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