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  1. Live aboard Holiday Experience.

    Yes, nice website, one thing you maybe did not mention is, that as the boat goes at walking speed, keen walkers might have an opportunity to do some walking on the towpath, not sure if this is always possible.
  2. Is that a catflap? lower right
  3. There is an uber thin poly film for the job: bag up your cushion foam, apply vacuum to shrink cushion, insert in cover, remove the film. Sailrite video tip.
  4. Traveling on a canal at night?

    It's when things are extra - ordinary that one needs to know what's what. I would not expect commercial traffic on the Thames to understand a guttering candle could be a narrowboat underway.
  5. Traveling on a canal at night?

    OK. I'll go for a white light which is simple as long as it can be seen all round?
  6. Traveling on a canal at night?

    not many, but some narrowboats travel on rivers where there is commercial traffic.
  7. Traveling on a canal at night?

    Oh, right, never realised that, very strange idea if you are on a major commercial waterway, maybe that is covered in the hereafter...............
  8. Traveling on a canal at night?

    Those 12m and under should have a stern light which covers the 120 degrees to the stern, the red and green lights cover 120 degrees each. http://www.powerboat-training.co.uk/articles/articles-nav lights.htm Vessels over 12 metres should display an all round [masthead] light. I think this makes it clearer, here, a motor yacht under 20m is the same as a narrowboat, http://completeguide.rnli.org/navigation-lights.html My own thinking is that as a steady white light in front of you should be the stern light of the boat travelling in front of you, any white light up front should be in the nature of a deck light, fairly dim and illuminating the well deck/forward bulkhead, and not the water ahead of you as it could be confusing to a boat which is approaching on a reciprocal heading.
  9. Is the broker going to deny full access to the innards if you have asked "is it open to survey?", after all you can just say you are doing your own preliminary survey. I can only endorse the spouse problem, but give it six months, life's too short.
  10. Brexit 2017

    Ambiance of Wotherspoons, lol: reminds me of a 1970's Wimpey coffee shop, but then I don't like many of these chains, plastic food eaten with your fingers, its hardly an enjoyable meal experience. PS I don't feel we are obliged to give employment to eastern europeans, if they want to work hard and make money, fine, but not fit young men selling the Big Issue when they could actually add to the economy by getting a proper job.
  11. Brexit 2017

    I like Lidl and Aldi, indeed make a special effort to go there for a change [round trip 20 miles], usually get some good deal in one or the other to pay fuel cost, its clean and lots of good food at great prices. No problem at checkouts. Hard working staff .... wow novel idea, lol. I don't get this idea that jobs which are hard work are to be avoided like the plague. Now Morrisons are replacing their checkout staff with self service, to the point that you sometimes have to wait five minutes as there is only one checkout working. They are cutting staff, I expect the wages are local minimum, but staff seem Ok. I would not use Wotherspoons again as they are the lowest denominator of pub chains. They take trade from local businesses, so more empty pubs, more empty shops. I do not eat cheap meat, so I asked for a veggie burgher, the kitchen went in to overdrive, but none available. Filling seats on the basis of cheap beer, you will lose the traditional english pub, end up with identikit pubs, tables with numbers etc etc.
  12. overseas aid

    I havent followed the story, but, it will shake up a few nests. Caeser's Wife should be quoted. I would imagine folks will just change their charities, overall the Charity GDP should work out about the same.
  13. overseas aid

    Re the SA, they are a right shower, I had a bit of a problem getting paid for some maintenance on a house they own, so I said I would maybe think about a bit of local publicity [the director had just threatened me with some sort of restraining order lol]. I got the money in my bank account within 60 minutes: this was about two/three months after the work was done, invoiced etc etc. The house is still empty, why do they own empty houses? ........ ask their accountant.....
  14. Forth and Clyde Closure

    We all know a besom is a sort of broom, the kind a witch uses to fly to the moon is this Nicola?
  15. Forth and Clyde Closure

    The OXFORD ENGLISH dictionary is wrong. In the West of Scotland we used to have signposts : "The Coup" COUP 2. A place for emptying rubbish, a dump (Sc. 1886 J. Barrowman Sc. Mining Terms 20; Cai.7, Bnff.2, Abd.9, Fif.10, Slg.3, Arg.1, Lnk.11, Kcb.1 1940).Sc. 1938 St Andrews Cit. (12 Feb.) 10/5: Mr C. —, architect, stated that he would require a coup for material within the next month or two . . . and he indicated a site which he has in view for the purpose. COOP as in chicken coop.