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  1. It takes me12 mins to cycle to Lidl, The DIY sheds are in the same locus a few minutes further away. I don't go specially, except for 1Kg packs of absolutely delicious bacon (ham) offcuts for about £1.69. My fire extinguisher strategy is safety in numbers .... different ages, models, different sizes from 2 Kg down to 500 gm, two oldest out side at the bow, three in engine room, one near bed, one in galley, two in saloon. I might get a CO2 for engine/diesel heater compartment, need to fit special access ports. @nbfiresprite We had fire extinguisher demo in science ... spectacular, as the force of the Co2 shot the lighted newspaper Glasgow Herald ( a broadsheet) from one end of the room to the other, where one boy (Brian, with the red hair) had the foresight to stamp on it with his size 10's. before the school burned down. That was a few years ago!
  2. OK, I picked up a fire extinguisher [1 Kg ABC], a desk lamp [2.4 watt, warm white LED], and tri-focal reading /craft glasses, total about £20, a nice haul, esp fire extinguisher under a tenner, they also had smoke alarms about £5.99. I treated myself to a smooth blended malt, after all, it's Burn's Nicht, I have a real haggis, a turnip and a sack o' tatties in the larder. I'm going to learn the bagpipes this afternoon.
  3. I really like the boat, except the bench seating, I'd rather have a small sofa. I have just bought curtain material for six windows, cost less than £200 the thermal lining cost more than the lovely fabric which was "end of roll", I also bought 7 metres of very smart FR for the [four seater] dinette under £100. Cost of paint plus ephemera, I would estimate at £500, but if rubbing down and varnishing a few sq ft of woodwork puts you off, well you are in for a shock
  4. Because we are sensitive and able to undersand that other people are affected and may have lost a friend or a loved one.
  5. Poor thing is lost, it's a lovely white domestic goose, very unhappy. Who do I call?
  6. I would think it is quite possible that a relative or friend of a boater might stumble across a comment on here, and there is the "friend", who glories in pointing out stupid speculation. "Gallows humour" is a different thing.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. I am halfway through, but budget dictates a moratorium fairly soon, if they offer me a few £K, I could glitz it up. I don't think anyone wants to watch me making curtains / paint dry
  9. yea, well I won't need much more, just 4 metres thermal lining and 2 m FR [fire resistant] for the curtain next to the stove. Day 2: hemmed seven linings, stabbed finger, sewing machine not co-operating
  10. I would say spam , but then I'm not staff ! How much will they pay me, do you think?
  11. just got a call from someone from Just Fabrics who I ordered material from, sent two messages and two phone calls on Sunday, and today at 9 00 am and 11 00 am. Regardless they have cut the fabric and will post it today, so apparently that is their idea of customer service, no friendly chat, no advice. Why bother . So they lost my additional sale, and denied me a 15% discount [advertised] PS piping is better done with plain [contrast] or "on the bias". I am not sure if the "risk" of piping is worth it, I will have to experiment.
  12. yes, I just wanted a ballpark figure as my maths gave me results from 4.5 metres of 54/56" up to 12m . I think looms are still imperial, and some fabric has a 1" selvedge, so it is 54" Anyways 7 m will be enough [I think]. If the company would respond to my messages they will be able to confirm.
  13. It's a beautiful fabric, https://www.justfabrics.co.uk//curtain-fabric-upholstery/grey-brushed-stripe-fabric/? Tony, and heavily discounted. I have been unable to contact them today, so have ordered 7m in case someone else buys it. There won't be waste there will be lots of mix 'n match things. Yesterday I found a guy in desperate need of curtains .... I can set up in business!
  14. No, only one panel per cushion width if the stripes are running vertically, which is standard orientation.
  15. Yes the selvedge in this material is likely to bring the actual usable width to 54", though it can be used for hems in this job. It is striped with a fairly small repeat [longitudinal not "railroad"]
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