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  1. LadyG

    Viewing this week

    I've watched them all, well not the model railways channel, they are a bit different from others, but then, so is Dan. I hope he lives his dream. Its about 25K, seems about right to me, assuming it is a sound hull and a good engine. If neither of these qualities, then it would be not in the least desirable.
  2. LadyG

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    ^ Me2^ No one has a good word for the new logo, and no one thinks it will make the brand [Brand C&RT?] recognisable by more of the great british public. I am not clear how re branding will increase "friends of the C&RT" , or volunteers, or how it will attract new income streams. If it is designed to impress the Government or other funders, lets hope they loosen the purse strings 'cos I can't see any way there will be enough money to maintain the infrastructure once property values have been realised.
  3. LadyG

    Cost of refitting a 20ft NB?

    MARYBETH Springers are well known 40 year old NBs. This is as smart as they get, the broker is respected. The boat has been reduced, so don't expect it to be discounted much further. http://www.abcboatsales.com/boat-sales/ estimates survey £700 solar £300
  4. LadyG

    Cost of refitting a 20ft NB?

    The thing is that the two essentials are a sound hull and a good little engine, you have to avoid rustbuckets as they might well sink. I think it is best to find something that has been well maintained rather than thinking that you would like a project, I would avoid a project as the cost of fixing things can be more than the value of the boat, and it can be a can of worms. If you intend to live on board, it is doubly important to have it reasonable habitable and safe.
  5. LadyG

    Cost of refitting a 20ft NB?

    no, honestly, I have seen one on london boat girl vlog https://www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=282352 latest vlog, 4 min in 4 mins in
  6. LadyG

    Cost of refitting a 20ft NB?

    What about an ex lifeboat, they can look pretty zany if you paint on fins and eyes, the engines are well maintained. https://www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=282352
  7. LadyG

    Cost of refitting a 20ft NB?

    ROFL @MUMBLE! I think you will find a nice cruiser type would be less, well , ridiculous! Is this a party boat or a liveaboard?
  8. LadyG

    Making lock gates

    I don't think you understand the youtube thing: subscribers [in this case nearly 40k] are notified of new vlogs on a particular channel, those who don't like the channel neither watch the vlogs nor do they subscribe. I assume David's friends are subscribed, but I don't think they number in the thousands. Cruising the Cut is a professional reporter and TV news presenter, its his profession, he does it very well and uses different approaches, so I really can't agree with your critisism. Poor vlogs are numerous, fortunately they usually die a death. There is nothing worse than a shaky two minute wind blasted video uploaded by some numptie who wants their fifteen minutes of fame.
  9. LadyG

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    Charge all towpath users £40 per annum for a licence. Cue front page news and lots of tweets etc. Organise protests. Cue the CEO on TV news, sporting the T-shirt, apologising for the misundertanding, promising free access for cyclists/families/adventure clubs, the disadvantaged, the middle classes, emphasise inclusivity and wellness. PM. announces an official Brinkley Public Holiday. Job done. . . . CEO moves on, Jeremy Clarkson Corbyn moves in.
  10. LadyG

    Making lock gates

    You don't have to watch it. Most people find these vlogs informative and entertaining. It takes a lot of work and cost to produce good vlogs, 29,935 subscribers can't be wrong. But if you feel you can do better, give it a go and I'll give it my personal review.
  11. LadyG

    Dogs and Their Owners

    I thought perhaps there was a subliminal message from the Far Right, but so far, have failed to break the code: WV + P - D - F - S - C - V - H - C + BREXIT + S - D - P - M + WV
  12. LadyG

    Stephen Lawrence Day

    I don't think its about our nationality, the point is that in world politics, the circumstances of Biko's death and the world wide ripple effect was so much greater and long lasting, it could be considered more appropriate to nominate a public holiday in his memory. The SL affair "uncovered" racism within Metropolitan police force; racism was a fact of life which most Londoners and Westminster polititians would have been aware of, but chose not to do anything about. Changes in UK Laws, education and attitudes are the lessons learned, I don't see the point of a public holiday. As I say, it looks to me more like a political move, an attempt to swing the black vote in the London area, a sort of modern gerimandering. I suspect it will mean very little to those born in the last twenty five years.
  13. LadyG

    Hydrogen peroxide

    I know, but its best to be safe, one never knows what people will do, and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Off the cuff, one bottle of bleach will be more than enough. Soak/circulate for ten minutes. The dirtier the canal water, the less it matters about disposal, and vice versa.
  14. LadyG

    Hydrogen peroxide

    Hypochlorite [bleach] is excellent cheap disinfectant of water tanks pipes etc, but you have a disposal problem unless it can be poured on waste ground. It will bleach your clothing, and likely kill the fish if it gets in to a watercourse. The smell will linger untill you have fully flushed the system. As a once upon-a-time food and dairy hygiene expert, I have never used hydrogen peroxide in industry. Probably best to use a proprietry product and follow the instructions.