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  1. That hole cutter is excellent thing, have you got the plates that sit in the holes? [not an expert but being supportive!]
  2. LadyG

    Wind speed.

    lol, the clothes pegs are blowing off the washing lines, no chance of hanging out my undies!
  3. LadyG

    Mineral oil

    boats have a lot in common with sheep: they spend their lives trying to find novel ways to die. What I mean is, why is it more important to remove more oil with higher spec oils?
  4. LadyG

    Mineral oil

    why would that be? PS I used to buy tractor oil for my Yanmar YSB boat engine, it came out of a girt big oil drum, and I paid about a tenner for 10 litres. I knew nothing of this...............
  5. LadyG

    Wind speed.

    I'm not one to exaggerate [hic], but I was pushing my bike [wind too gusty to ride], when I was all but shoved in to a parked car, it was pretty bad, not far from Greenock, where these humengous cruise ships disgorge their pax. Windfarms shut down as they become heliocopters in this weather
  6. LadyG

    A warning to others...

  7. LadyG

    A warning to others...

    After some cowboy had fiddled with my wiring [how can anyone think they should just start work with no instruction?], I had quote of £2K to fix the wiring on my yacht by yet another cowboy, this time I had to leave the boat for 14 days [liveaboard], and they could not provide a wiring diagram. I got a proper guy to do the job. It took him about four hours actual labour on the boat, it cost less than £600 [included Garmin], and I never ever needed another electrician after that, come hell or high weather, everything worked. I also got some education on electrics, batteries, and lifestyle choices, great guy.
  8. LadyG

    A warning to others...

    Yes Dearie, but you are just [ ] a "numptie", whereas Rose are a business. Bad news spreads faster than butter on a hot teacake. Good customer services pays off: I purchased a Tecsun radio last week, and it did not do as I expected from the advert . They offered to take it back, but it is a cracking thing, so I declined, they THEN refunded a tenner for inconvenience! Amazing! I will buy another radio from them, they do "all singing all dancing" as well as my £30.00 portable radio.
  9. LadyG

    A Wee one to start again.

    hi Wayne, I understand your frustration, had it myself when knee gave up in the middle of a kitchen floor job. Do you watch SAIL LIFE on youtube: Mads is renovating a 40 foot GRP yacht over a period of 2+ years, and has tackled most jobs along the way, is an expert in "sanding". I can't help out, but sending you [hugs].
  10. LadyG

    A warning to others...

    Yes, trust plus common sense. I have used local garage for a succession of old work vans, I know that he assesses the cost of a job versus the value of the vehicle, so last MOT was £600, rather than the norm of £250. HOWEVER, he did not charge for the last work done as, quote "you have spent enough on this vehicle". The [electrical] problem is not fixable, so I have to scrap the thing or sell it on to some unsuspecting buyer. When its going its fine, but it frazzles batteries like a Duracell Bunny on speed. I think it sounds like the guy who looked at the job had little or no concept of the work involved, and took his estimate from the OP's assessment.
  11. LadyG

    A warning to others...

    the point us that there is no such thing as an estimated quote.
  12. LadyG

    Car Park Stoke Buene

    wot is this T charge of which you speak?
  13. LadyG

    The moral of the story?

    This could be correct, I was once asked to help load a donkey in to a trailer, how hard could that be? He fixed his legs, all four, and so we had to lift him in, I think he liked his summer home better than his winter quarters.
  14. LadyG

    A warning to others...

    A quote is a quote, is the price for the job. An estimate is a guesstimate, legally means damn squit.
  15. Really? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=JANET&rlz=1C1SQJL_enGB798GB798&oq=JANET&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.12531j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

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