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  1. I used to have a test rider b'f, we used to scoot round the airfield, on a summer night, it was really smooth, 100mph. I had to hold tight on corners [he said]. Thank goodness we never had a puncture. I had a 125, lovely thing in summer I might get another one, some time. I'm not sure if I ever got a licence, when the L plates went tatty , I threw them away. Grandfather rights? My Driving Licence has a lot of letters on it, how do I find out what they mean, I had to relinquish my beloved paper licence recently.
  2. He seems to have grown. Or is he a late sub? We know.
  3. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    I seem to have jumped threads, I m past caring, listening to Radio na Gael , I love my Heritage, agus, haggis, Eilean Mhor. trouble is, that might just be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeks
  4. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    People pee in their wetsuits, [northern scuba diving training], that and some random person spitting in my goggles ....... that was too much for me.. I stand by crocus. ask @Athy
  5. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    there can never be enough crocus,
  6. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    Anyway, the stuff I drink is pre mankind, and that's why I drink it.
  7. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    I think that is too kind. Anyway, I can source salmon lice any day of the week, and locusts are a bit specialist, they need tlc. bad boy Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    I think he was a bit anal!
  9. presumably they have to pay for winter moorings and V moorings are free. Just, drop a stink bomb in their engine intake every night, they'll soon move.
  10. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    Any way, that's the first Ebay scammer I've come across. He' will need to refund, or be eaten by a plague of lice.
  11. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    It was dark here last night, andI mean, it's summer. I don't need to be told that re-cycled piss is not good for me, well mine is OK, but I draw the line at re-cycled Londers piss
  12. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    I needed the weedkiller for a garden, I had to buy it locally, I am left with some I don;t need. He posted it after I had cmplaned, and I told him I had to buy it locally. He started off saying he would do a part refund but he never did.
  13. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    I get my main order from Asda every week just edit it during the week as a shopping list. They send you the best on the shelves, you can reject it or get a refund if not happy which is better than Morrisons, You easily find the special offers, I reckin to save £5.00 a week. I only buy the best stuff, never that "value" cheapo, saves time, and with no car, it's great for bottled water and toilet rolls in bulk, easy to find cheapest water/litre.
  14. LadyG

    Ebay scam

    that does not seem to be an option, it i "goods not as described! He has about 15 % negatives, many are late deliveries. And of course he makes a small profit on them as well. It's a scam
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