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  1. OP could consider transporting the boat, depends on their circumstances. It's an absolute pain not having skilled staff to do this kind of work quickly and efficiently. They have so many breakdowns you would think it would pay to have a core of staff working on routine maintenance and on standby for these regular emergencies.
  2. I think the idea is that you buy them yourself and get free electricity from the sun. Not sure why the taxpayer would be expected to pay for your energy because you live on a boat on the tidal Thames.
  3. I use the CRT stoppages map to check up on navigation hazards. There has been no update on the Bradley culvert stoppage, contrary to expectations. The opencanalmap and Canallplan AC are pretty good, but the CRT site Is definitive. You don't say what are the dimensions of your boat, this might affect routing. Go to stoppages on the CRT site, then Search for closure (stoppages) Enter a waterway and enter for all the stoppages this week, dates can be changed.
  4. No, the ankle was not related to grass cutting, but it happened so easily, I am more aware of uneven towpath verges. I doubt compensation would be worth the hassle. A colleague at work had an injury and claimed, essentially for medical expenses. She had to go to some sort of court where it was said it was partly her fault! For being at work, I assume. I don't think CRT do anything to care for boaters, judging by the huge holes where mooring bollards have fallen in to the cut at abandoned swing bridges and the like, the handrails which seem very fragile, equipment fails etc.
  5. OP could think outside the box )1 Move to a university town, buy a big old house, fill it with students, rake in the rent. 2) Tell own children to go to university close to home and let them stay at home.
  6. If the three boaters raised that point in conversation without being prompted, I would think that is a massive concern, it means they are finding the cost of their hobby to be too expensive, compared to other costs, capital, licence, insurance, maintenance, and marina fees. I liveaboard, the cost of propulsion diesel is quite small, in comparison to other life costs. Quite a lot of my diesel goes to domestic purposes, if only propulsion, it would be only a few hundred a year, compared to ten thousand and more of living costs.
  7. Not sure why you are raising the Q as you are electric, mostly. I'm not going far due to other parameters,: essentially I like to potter, then there are stoppages so frequent that I am unable to navigate freely, but yes, I expect some will restrict their travel, but a few hundred quid compared to a few thousand inflation pounds pa will not make a massive difference to anyone's lifestyle.
  8. Barrowford reservoir is undergoing repairs, it is empty. I am on the L &L, not far from the Bradley stoppage, the water is lower than normal, maybe five inches +/-1 Not sure when or where I can expect the next stoppage, just as well I'm not trying to run a business or actually go anywhere in particular!
  9. i thought that students get a loan to pay their university expenses, I can't imagine thousands get a boat and live on it for three years while trying to study in difficult circumstances. Putting it bluntly, it's not a good idea. These days a half decent small boat will be £25 to £40k, and project boats at half those prices could easily cost £10K to make comfortable. Money which you may or may not get back. Living in a marina is expensive, living on the cut is extremely difficult, and not cheap.
  10. If the timeframe is four years twixt now and university, I would also add in costs for keeping a boat. I'll be honest, when at uni, the student should be spending most of his time on campus rather than messing about with a boat, which is not cheap, absolutely not cheap. Other opportunities may come along, plans may change, a boat can soon become a millstone.
  11. My understanding is that the new contractors have failed to cut the grass, can't put it clearer than that! I've broken one ankle this year, not wanting another fall, but I can't strim the grass before I've actually moored up! I have however put down a large mat to allow access across the verge.
  12. Signwriters are different guys to boat painters, and while its lovely to have your own boat signwritten, the boat needs to be prepared for this. As an example, I had a signwriter paint my boat name x 2, and the reg number x 2 for well under £100, single colour, I am in the North where everything is cheaper! and I think quite a lot depends on availability and complexity. The same would apply to having panels done. If multicoloured, it might require three or more days and of course this means you have to hire a painting tunnel for that additional time. A professional paint job with signwriting can cost £10k to £15k, maybe more. I'm no expert. I don't think the cost depends on area so much as complexity.
  13. Its over their heads Athy, but I think we can be sure a lot of the stuff on the forum qualifies.
  14. She lives on a boat, and has had the usual unexpected expenses. I've no reason to think she will skew her program to prove a point. I assumed she just put a few suggestions in to help potential contributers. There have been quite a few responses on here. Liveaboards are going to miss out on the government handout for those with an electricity account, so they are going to be £400 poorer. In case you haven't noticed, all households are affected by inflation, some more than others. So in theory these sort of programs will be of interest to program planners. I think some boaters are likely to forage for herbs, fruits and nuts, though they are not going to save much money, but if it makes a program for entertainment, I can't see an objection. I have met boaters who don't ever buy firewood. They do it to save money, same deal shopping at charity shops, which is not free, but provides basic clothing suited to the boating lifestyle, lol.
  15. I think you'll find all solar companies main objective is to sell you the panels they have in stock, or can deliver by drop shipping. Bimble use a dedicated courier, I found their advice and delivery excellent. They had several different panels, I just went with a standard kit for my boat, no issues.
  16. I am moored next to a bit of a field that is set up for foraging according to a notice, I am not sure what I will find, are these foraging fields quite common?
  17. I suspect the OP is not familiar with these terms just sayin', caveat emptor, get a surveyor, look at a few boats, don't rush in where angels fear to tread.
  18. No Athy, it's about inclusivicity. For one section of the community, lol
  19. Who advised you of the work required. If owner, why has he not had the work done? Just saying, buying an old boat and this is an old boat, get a survey done, out of water, costs about £1000 or less. Some folks like boats like Springers, they probably are experienced. If your skills include welding, boat electrics, engine rebuilds, just ignore me PS boats are a luxury few can afford. If you are buying a boat as cheap housing, be very very careful. if you have unlimited cash to spend on a boat, well good luck!
  20. If CRT had taken on the role of a housing authority when they had the land, they would be under strong criticism from boaters, but migh t be a viable business
  21. Not many opportunities to glean wheat these days, and sugar cane requires a trip to the Caribbean. Sugar beet needs processing which would be beyond facilities found on boats. Obviously a goat would provide nearly everything one needs, and she can do the foraging for you.
  22. He never got his boat back despite being in the right, in his opinion, in fact he is never going to be reasonable. I left TB because of his rantings, vindictive personal, unreasonable, and ultimately wrong.
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