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  1. I have no idea, strikes me that you are winding us up. Did the vendor find that every other prospective purchaser just ran away when they discovered this flaw, viz it may not be owned by the vendor. How can you possibly know? What does the vendor suggest? Is it usual for the vendor to borrow money against a boat, I would say not. I trust its not the same scam I was asked to get involved in, a boat offered by New and Used, but the vendor wanted me to transfer money to a third party. Ask for Receipts / Bill of Sale. Don't expect a solicitor to help you, they are not in that business.
  2. Yes, that in in hand, I won't be asking anyone other than Kevin Knight if I can help it. ? There were four batteries in the bow and four in the stern plus the starter, and the charging is through the starter battery (in layman's terms). Now we have two in the bow and three in the stern plus starter. There is a black box under the sink. I'm not going there, it's all too much........
  3. SORTED problem identified. In the deepest recesses of the boat lurked two f****** batteries linked by hidden passages to my nice new agms. They boiled, they heated, they expelled hydrogen sulphide, and they were determined not to give in. My new batteries are on overnight charge, time will tell, are they dead or alive ? Thank you to those who kept the faith, and who contributed positively, you know who you are. Jo
  4. I keep telling the guys on here that I can't actually provide the info they require. I can change the battery reading by turning off and on the seven or eight isolator switches. But I will try to get the multi meter working. Though I know that from readings overnight that the bows are at about 11.5, the stern are all fully charged, at least as much as I can because the engine is running about four hours per day. If it was a simple system it would have been sorted by any good electrician, but I cannot judge the quality of an electrician by just chatting. I have gently encouraged two of them to re design the system, the first agreed to, then gave up, and the current one is very supportive, but I am not sure if he really wants to take this on. I can't expect Tony Brooks to sort this mess, he is supposed to be enjoying his retirement, like me, lol. Kev is current electrician, he is supportive, but I am not sure, if I were him, consider the job is worth the hassle, when his remit was to change batteries and fit radio. It's not looking like that anymore.
  5. I get complaints if I ignore the regular abusers, so I promised to read everything on one particular post, so all I got was abuse from those I have on ignore. Nothing that could be helpfull just abuse. I don't know why these people even exist, the planet would be better wthout them. You note that I rarely name names, but that idiot PD is typical, what he thinks he is doing other than being a complete prick is beyond me. The others who posted are those who know I have them on ignore, but they don't like being ignored. Obviously one of these people wil report the post,nand I will be bsnned for life, that's a relief.
  6. I won't be back. Just look at posts by wanker PDsomething, someone who obsesses , who has never met me, but who goes around talking about who I am, what I do, it's just beyond normal.
  7. Stalking is a criminal offence and being abusive and obsessive title tatting is a complete pia, there are so many nasty people on here it's beyond unreal. Folks think boating is fun, well I can tell you some people on here need to zip their lips.
  8. I don't read Alan's posts, and I wish he would not comment on mine. I am prepared to have a big battery bank and keep the figures up to the best they have been in the past, I know the voltage will drop over 35ft direct, I have no reason to think the cable size is an issue, its been there for twenty years. I don't think there is any reason to replace it, or an electrician would have suggested it. That is their job, they know the batteries should be at the stern, I know it, everyone knows it by now. Let's hope no one goes down this route when fitting out their boat.
  9. See your above abusive post to se why you are on ignore, not constructive. Do you suppose I have just posted so eedjits like you can hurl abuse at me, in fact Chagall pointed me in the right direction, ie the immersion water heater has been on for some indeterminate time, it is now off, and two of the three labels will be will be changed from heater to immersion, though I won't forget it now. Electrician had his head in the wiring box for a couple of hours, worked out what was happening, he's an electrician, if it took him two hours, do you wonder it has taken me two years? I managed on my proper boat by using a good electrician to sort the electrics, a good mechanic to service the engine and so on, a good boatyard to lay a mooring, I did not sew my own sails either, I employed a sail maker. The bow batteries are behind a large cupboard which first has to be emptied, then they are under the well deck, I can't actually reach them easily, just about reach the first one, the second one, I can just about see the wiring. The starter battery is on a shelf under the stern deck, I might just be able to reach it, but there is no point it fires up the engine no bother. The other domestic bank has a cover which is screwed down, covering two batteries with another at arm's length. I don't think you need to know these things, best not to respond to my posts.
  10. I've found them, just let cat out as I'm on a newly constructed road, with a grass verge, obviously more concerned about him than if in a field, but he is sitting on the boat. He used to live in Glasgow, as a stray, so he should be wary of traffic. I'd hate anything to happen to him.
  11. He's happily married with a ready made family of grandchildren, he'll never be rich, but he sems to like dabbling in various businesses, his car is something weird, think Grunge Allegro, that is his main business I think: customising cars and sorting classic cars, all a but of a mix. Boats are just a diversion.
  12. It's the difficulty of testing the batteries with a multimeter I cant access all the batteries, it takes half an hour even to get at them, I never use a multimeter, I don't know if it still works, I can't be sure how it works. I have an LED voltmeter at the bow batteries, at this exact moment they are showing 12.25 the engine has been off for 90minutes, they were 10.6 this morning at 5.00 am, engine on for about seven hours. I will move the boat again on to some cat friendly moorings tomorrow, that should be another four hours, hopefully some sunshine. The LED seens to be the most precise gauge, the voltmeter at the back, is showing somewhere between 14.2 and 14.4 I think.
  13. Somehow all the ducks got in a row two weeks ago, and the immersion heater has been sucking power of the batteries. This Co incided with my plan to do laundry on a daily basis, using more hot water than usual, you could not make it up There are at least four heating systems on the boat, and something which is black box, under the sink, freeze preventer. The immersion switch is so labelled, but later up the line to the batteries it becomes Heater, I assumed this referred to Webasto, but apparently not. I think I might invest in a label maker,
  14. Omg, you are suggesting ammending ColRegs, that won't work the boaters who use commercial canals will be laughed out of court, Long blast, I'm going through One short blast I'm turning to std Two short, I think of a drink, Double to port Three short, operating reverse propulsion, this is usefull if you are faffing about and another boat comes up behind you. I used long blast when I was creeping out of a marina today, I was out of sight of anyone on approach or passing. I rarely use turn to Stb or turn to port, but it's best to make your intentions clear if there could be doubt.
  15. I should have mentioned, in case I have not that Kev turned out to be very hands on, he turned up as promised, fitted the car aerial on the rear sliding hatch, it looks great, and works. He sorted all the switches and explained how the power from the rear moves down to the bow batteries, with nearby isolators btw. He explained how to work the radio, and how to use it to charge my phone! I think he realises that I don't do Spotify or dongles etc. He would not send me another invoice, but I insisted he took some cash, and a pint of real ale in a can (Tesco express) nearby.
  16. You lost, there is no invertor charger on the boat, the charger at the stern is 20 amps designed in the 1960' it boiled the LA batteries adequately. There once was an inverter charger, but it was mistakenly removed when I was told it was an invertor, in fact it was labelled charger, the label remains, but the unit has gone.
  17. I don't think that was the exact advice, as it happens I had contacted two paint firms, got similar recommendations, the Jotamastic 90 is good for imperfectly prepared surfaces, I looked at the websites and discovered it is important to decide which one to use, most people would assume that Jotamastic 90 is is one mix, but there are three mixes under one name. 90 90 Al 90 WG People on this site often lose sight of the name 'discussion', and like to engage in unarmed combat. Thunderbolt is much more relaxed in that respect.
  18. There one was a wiring diagram, very basic, and not very accurate. There are numerous isolator switches, at least six. There are dozens of other switches, most are obvious, some are not. There are fuses from the ceramic era through the 1960s auto, to a few modern ones. None of the electricians have wanted the job of sorting the system, I've left the opportunity open to them, well to those I considered competent. I really don't want to spend any more time or money on the work, I just want to get the inside decor finished and get on with my retirement, stress free, that was the plan and still is.
  19. Unfortunately an electrician told me I had a big invertor next to my new 375 amp Victron, and we agreed he could remove it, it was sold as an invertor, but it was an inverter charger, so now I can't charge bow batteries via shoreline like normal people do.
  20. It a not that I don't want to improve the system, it's that I can't. Most electricians say leave it as it is, or rip it out and start again. None of them want to start again, it's considered to be a workable system The fridge is normally off, I have discovered that if I have engine and fridge on for an hour my freezer chills my G and T. I have accepted that as a workable system, I no longer buy frozen food, I tried leaving fridge on for a week, and it seems the immersion heater might also have been on, that experiment was a fail, and the new bow batteries were installed as soon as I found an electrician. They will take a very long time to charge up fully. Still hovering around 12v
  21. It is £70 just to look, and he is not available for a few weeks. This is such a dificult job I can't trust just anyone, they all said they were electricians, but tbh there are those that only know modern plastic boats, and those who understand narrowboats and owner fitouts. HOWEVER best news is that Kevin the Elctrik, turns out to know the job, and is stuck in to it as we speak. He has identified what is hsppening, and what is going on Engine running for for hours now and LED voltage showing 12.v. I HAVE MUSIC success!!!!!!! I have power to batteries, even if there is a long way to go. Cheers This has been a difficult day
  22. What are you on about, there is no 'immersion switch' but the water is hot, but that is to be expected if the fire is on or the engine is on, and either one of these is on every day, every single day, so I never run out of hot water. I have found a fuse which is labeled heater, and pulled it, now found a standard house switch which says immersion, it was in the standard On position, but no light in the standard illuminating switch. The latest electrician mentioned a draw on the power, but he put it down to the 375amp Victron, explaining that all invertors draw power, but could not quantify. Turned Off the immersion, and pulled a 15amp fuse vaugely labelled heater. I am going out to check if the diesel pontoon is free of the plastic boat, and will phone electrician to see if he can come asap. I may move to Lincoln today, but I understand it's £10 a night, and I don't think cat will like it, he likes fields.
  23. I know that they should not be at 10.4 why do you think I am so concerned? Oh, right, immersion, I did notice watervis hot, that might be it!!!!!!!((
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