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  1. Yes, anything is possible, and some layouts are well thought out, might be best to send OP to Whilton to have a look at a large number of boats in one day. I'm just saying there is no need to limit selection to a small boat, for most folks it comes down to capital, and when I was looking my search actually excluded the one I bought, @Tumshie found it for me, it was in my price range, ticked most boxes and was less than I expected to pay. Of course it turned in to a bit of a project for me, but others would have kept it as it was.
  2. I think there is a sort of "tiny homes" and 'minimalist" theme going on here, personally I don't think you want to be crammed in to 42 foot narrowboat for regular liveaboard. By the time you fit in a front end, and a rear end, your cabin length could be 25 ft, subtract 4ft for the engine box, 8 ft for the galley and 6ft for the shower, loo, and your down to 7ft x 7ft, you need to fit a stove, a table, a sofa bed. Not sure if you need clothes other than shorts and T shirt, but a cupboard might take up another foot. So you are living in a space the size of a king size bed. PS Ladies are probably not going to be impressed by the sofa bed 🛌
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. I think they are now selling about £8-10 k more. I did discover mine was uninsurable cos it was subject to flooding. That is to say I once had a burst pipe. Not many flats which are 500 ft above sea level and 50 feet above a stream are subject to flooding. I had one viewer in two years, and it was a lovely flat, if you want to live there, which I did not. The estate agent valued it, not me. I have since been trying to find a nice one bed flat for the same amount, guess what, they don't exist.
  5. I had a customer, when I was her gardener, she bought a composting bin from the council, still grass cuttings and twigs four years later. She never bought another bin, fortunately she never tried adding excrement of any description. She only bought one bin.
  6. Omg, these guys are extreme. And have never worked in hygeine or have much idea about biology, its perfectly OK to eat hamsters, but I would draw the line, I'm on the normal curve. If they were gardeners they would buy compost
  7. Welcome back, Others will comment, another toilet thread. What more can there be to say........? 🍿? The search function is on top right. Best enter composting toilet to limit it down to only a few hundred comments
  8. Correct, I strayed off the point, what I should say is that a boat which has been looked after and cc d should not require modifications. A boat which has been on shore power and only cruised for a few months in summer will not necessarily be adapted for cc. My boat for example needed new batteries, as they had been charged up 24 7 on shore power. On the cut they were hopeless. The solar was about 200 W, now its 550, else I'd have to top up nearly every day. A new controller required to match. There are other small things that folks who always have shore power forget about. Its not my idea, other cc s who I have met have mentioned it. People don't know everything before they buy a boat, but they are better to buy something that best meets their requirements than not. I understand there are wide beams for sale on narrow canals, an innocent might assume he can hand over the cash and set off......
  9. I find my fridge to be pretty useless, it is a very old 12v thing, Installed like a domestic fridge under countertop sandwiched between cupboards. In summer it heats up the galley and wakes me up at night. In winter it sucks the batteries dry. I don't use it, I have my food delivered or visit local shops. If starting from scratch I would ensure the fridge was drawing cold air from bilges and out putting hot air above the worktops, or a small fan to the exterior. Even in fairly remote places, it is easy to get food delivered, probably twice a week. So except in a heatwave your food would probably keep in cool boxes. You can get ice in bags. Not really expensive if it extends food life by 24 hours. Some of these cool boxes can fit a car cigar lighter thingy.
  10. If you are determined to cc, and that is OK by me 🎉 I would advise you, initially, only to look at boats which have been successfully cc d. Unsucesfull cc boating is the sort of thing I imagine might happen if I let my boat go to rack and ruin: never replace batteries, rely on a frame generator to annoy neighbours, run genny four hours a day, let paintwork flake and rust, black only when selling, pile several trees on roof, cover leaky areas with blue tarps. Inside ignore cleanliness, never inspect bilges, never clean engine hole, ignore fire installation guidelines, borrow neighbour's fire extinguishers and Co and fire alarms for the BSC. Smoke in bed!
  11. Well, I don't take my boat out in a strong wind because I know I can't hold it against the forces of Mother Nature, of course I don't have bow thrusters. Having been in a difficult situation, berthing a big yacht with a tiny engine, and a lot of windage, I have some sympathy. The cargo boat should be designed to cope with the situation (cross-wind in a gale is not an unexpected event), or the master trained to cope, one or the other failed. As to the pilot v captain, well the captain knew his boat, and let his boat go aground........ Bad News
  12. One has to keep things in perspective, the most likely fire risk on my boat which had BSC certification was a shallow grate on stove so coals fell out, then bounced across inadequate hearth to land on the wooden flooring or a fireside rug. I keep an extinguisher quite near the fire, I don't expect to abandon the boat if a burning log falls out, though the hearth no longer allows logs or coals to tumble on to the floor I am an adult, and I understand the basics of firefighting, it's quite simple. Its no secret, do not put water on burning chip pan etc etc, ie what is the source of fire, what resources are available. NB oven chips should be used on a boat, never conventional deep frying Do not put anyone's life at risk. If you do not understand fires, and firefighting, take a course, I have done this, ask the RYA, or phone up the local fire brigade, ask for their advice. I suspect folks like MtB have more experience of hot potatoes than the average boater ♨️
  13. We all know they are not designed for firefighting porpoises, we will never know the answers to either Q, I would still be happier with a 2kg extinguisher than a 1 kg,, but (confession), I don't actually empty out of date extinguishers, I just buy another every two or three years. I ll try for another 1kg ABC, taking me up to five in-date extinguishers. I'm thinking about an auto engine extinguisher, but would I know why engine stopped? Any pros and cons, it seems an unlikely event, of course.
  14. I have found Wilko Intense White satin to be best on my white painted ply. And Zinsser coloured on the lower boards, good colour, proper thickish paint. I probably should have used a primer, some had been varnished, some had not, I well remember those dark dingy days, I can't imagine why anyone would choose rough ply to line a boat when there are laminates available which wipe clean, look smart and cost less than the four or five tins of paint needed to cover up.
  15. Might be OK at £5K less, gas heating is very expensive. The stove in corner does not look like a good install, too much woodwork close, and in one end of boat. Generally it's been modified to work off shore power, batteries often knackered as owner does not need good batteries.
  16. To me, OP is in the USA and priority is to buy a boat, no mention of conventional housing, his £75k might buy a nice boat, but then he has to pay boat costs every year at estimated cost of £4 to 5K pa, plus three or four bed rental, ££15K to £20K pa. Eye-watering.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. Good luck with that 🍀
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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