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  1. I can assure you that in the unlikely event that my anchor is in the wrong place I won't be carrying on the roof, or the gunnel, but I know another way! I remember poor old Tony, an ancient who could barely afford a tin of paint, falling off his boat while carrying a battery, he was very, very reluctant to let go that battery!
  2. Yes I'm afraid I didn't buy a premium boat like wot you did, lol. I've spent my money on a proper anchor and ground tackle instead of a dual filtration system. My fuel is fresh and clean, no signs of muck at bottom, treated routinely, and the filter recently replaced was noted as clean, engine etc professionally serviced every year. I would instal a proper dual filter system on a sea going boat, but not on a narrowboat which never ventures out on rivers in dubious conditions. I dare not ask Tyler Wilson to comment on your suggestion that he's not a very good builder, he'd explode! Shire Cruisers had the Isuzu LB33 on all their hire boats for reliability until they. were withdrawn from the market. Some are still going strong, twenty years on PS I've got rivets and a semi josher bow , is that not good enough?
  3. I doubt that it will make much difference. At this time of year, no one is going to water their garden. I'm not sure who is using excess water, but I expect the water companies know. To be honest private individuals could be educated to use less water all the time, I am more careful on a boat than when in a house, possibly use fifty percent less. I think there was an idea that water meters would cut consumption, not sure how that worked out. We've had some heavy rain today, I hope that does not flush out the lime mortar on the Rochdale repairs.
  4. I only use it on that silly little dolly thing with a hefty (oversized?) mooring rope, not for everyday stuff, and its not tied on shore. I generally use it when it's blowing a gale or some other time when it must not slip off. It is not tied with that hitch at both ends I do carry a knife if handling the boat, from the shore, plus there is always one in the welldeck, and one in the aft cabin which doubles as a bottle opener. And an axe! I've never ever had to cut any rope in anger.
  5. I find the (double) sheet bend is easier to do, it looks aesthetically pleasing, but if I intended to use a knot to join two ropes with the intention of applying maximum force I would use a Carrick Bend. Unfortunately I came late to that knot, so I'd need to practice it. Ashley's book of knots, which is the Bible of knots rates the sheep bend as essential, but I'd say the bowline is the most useful all round knot if one only learnt one knot. I use it for my two bow mooring ropes. I use the canalnans hitch, most frequently. The clove hitch for security on dollies. The round turn and two half hitches for my centrelines, and to moor at a bollard sometimes if sharing.
  6. I'm even more confused by this lake business,what has that to do with the price of fish! ? are they asking if respondent has done any leisure activity, other than horse riding or archery (!) perhaps, near water, excluding seaside or reservoirs, or including reservoirs used for dinghy sailing? No mention of CRT as far as I can see, so how is 'awareness/wellness" being measured? Been to a pub, but not a cafe, a museum but not an art gallery?
  7. It does not make sense expecting commercial boatyards to allow access 24/7, free of charge. I've used some where it's free and they don't have many users, others have a coin in the slot where they do eg linear marinas.
  8. Obviously not, I think strategy for London is totally different to other parts of the network, but I'm not convinced that the situation has suddenly appeared, it might be a plan to say every three miles, then find some selfish landlubber objects to dozens of scruffy old boats queuing up to deposit shit at the bottom of their beautifully manicured waterside garden.
  9. YouTubers Minimal List have an alternative map of the canals, not sure if they do T shirts. I'd like a map in wipe clean laminate so I can colour in stoppages, and update as more and more are added, needs to be poster size, or in sections. Preferably showing locks.
  10. If I'm using an unknown Elsan I will sometimes take a bucket of warm soapy water to wash my hands, public taps are not hygenic particularly Elsan taps. There you go, it's the same with supermarkets, they even have to provide baby changing facilities. I expect some RV users who stealth camp use the Elsan, annoying, but not much that can be done about it.
  11. Just so, the CRT are intending to provide more services where needed This does not mean every so many miles. Distance ie mileage has little to do with access, not if one has to negotiate locks etc. Fly tippers will not be easy to identify, they'll just wear masks. Fencing won't help If the bins are never emptied, boaters will just throw bags over the fence. Ive seen biker groups using toilets, with a key. Really that's not a problem, problem is people accessing with crowbars
  12. Facilities stations already exist, they just need to be maintained.
  13. The boat doors not the stove doors, from the photo looks like stove too close to wood work
  14. I would remove fuel from main tank use containers from a car wash. Settle. Decant using aquarium filters and a spare container. Use finer filters, and a small dose of biocide till satisfied, return some to tank, flush, repeat till you are getting clean diesel. Run engine, flush again. Change to another new fuel filter. Having used biocide at full dose to clean everything you should be able to return the rest of your fuel at maintenance concentration. Make sure no water gets in to tank. Don't forget to flush through to day tank
  15. We are usually talking about narrowboats which don't have drain holes or more than one filter, a disposable filter which normally lasts a year. There are methods of cleaning the tank not always successful .
  16. They are risking losing their jobs, hardly a worthwhile exercise. Most management massage outcomes. Just read the PM s press releases this week.
  17. Yes, this will give you time to get in to a routine, work out what is going on. You probably have a starter battery and one two three or more domestic batteries. The starter might be the same type as in a car, the others should be the ones that run lights, water,pumps, shower etc. So you likely have two battery banks. Hope that has not confused you, but you need to keep that starter battery charged to start the engine, and keep the others happy so they don't die too quickly.
  18. Solid fuel stoves are generally the best option for boaters, but the smokeless fuel, which is compressed processed coal and comes in 'eggs' is the standard fuel for most boaters as it works out cheaper than logs. Hardwood logs are really lovely, low ash, clean, look nice too. The smokeless stuff comes in bags of 20/25kg, usually and costs about £14/£18 It's dirty, sometimes the bags arrive wet and dirty, but it's cheaper and usually stays in overnight.
  19. I wouldn't worry about eight times depth, I've never ever used that for anchoring. Four or five five times scope for a prolonged storm at sea with an anchor watch. Standard is three times taking in to account tidal rise. I would not want more than five times in a storm, in a suitable spot., but not on a river. I've got 33m rope and eight m of heavy chain, I would want to feed the anchor out till the anchor held the boat and then decide what to do, check tide, situation, advise the harbour authority and discuss options. When I say feeding out the anchor, that would be if situation allowed, I might deploy it all and hope it works. This would be if boat was in favourable orientation and boat is likely to fall back on the anchor. I don't think one wants to anchor in the centre of the fairway, nor does one want to try to anchor too near moorings for fear of catching on their ground tackle. It's all a bit academic but not a bad idea to run through a few options.
  20. Oh , I didn't know that was de regeur, I've just given my bib and brace outfit to the charity shop, a fashion item three years ago, worn very few times, never seemed to be suitable for anything but gardening.
  21. There's been a bit of rain. No sign of activity at the Tuel Lock end which has been de-watered. I don't know what's going to happen. Not sure if anyone does. I was hoping for some update this week.
  22. It's not impossible if there was a COVID involvement, but that would show up as an anomaly. Any adjustment to surveys should be identified, if this baseline number has increased, then any deviation or even levelling will need to be explained. Anyway it's all very dubious as you say. Whistleblowers for an fairly insignificant organisation like CRT sounds more like disgruntled (former) employee.
  23. I've seen quite a few YouTubers doing this marketing, other items are available, hats, mugs etc. I think it must be quite inexpensive to set up, no stock as such, well let's hope not or I can see problems ahead. I thought that plastic bag was a sort of Victorian truss, so at least it had impact. Unfortunately I don't like them enough to buy anything, but others will.. I can usually identify boaters by cheery greeting on towpath, but it's part of 'raising awareness', which is OK
  24. I think I have had to use a bucket from time to time, not often, but if swillng out is required there should be a concrete floor draining to an external trapped drain and ventilation is required (this takes me back about forty years!)..
  25. Because I did not know, it was dark, late at night and a drunk had fallen over beside the verge, the gates were not those gates used for public access, there was no sign. It was a sort of country road. I was checking if he was dead or just broken , and would have stopped a car to ask for assistance when the nurse came along.
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