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  1. So very sorry for your loss of Bev, a glass will definately be raised in her memory x
  2. Please Max - just post that you are OK - if you don't want to communicate with the forum - that is also OK, but just a post to say I am fine will do - we can then all sleep xxx
  3. Please could we have an update on the circumstances of how it was found, where it was hidden, and if the thieves have been found?
  4. So very very pleased that the boat is back to its rightful owners, what an awful time you have had. I feel that it was always going to be found, I cannot understand that it was found so close to Mercia, I was expecting it to be found down here on the K & A at Honey Street or Avoncliff. At any rate miles from the T& M. Hope there was not too much damage done. All boat owners please start thinking about securing your boat when you leave it - in a Marina or on the towpath. Denise
  5. Were the personal belongings that belonged to the owners of Chilton ever found? Wasn't there a post about Chilton been seen moored bow to bow with a really scruffy, rusty boat - was this ever followed up? Denise
  6. Went to Banbury today, handed a flier to a couple on a working boat, who knew about the Kings Bromley theft but not this one. They are cruising for the next 4 weeks and will keep a look out. Another flier given to a couple who CC and live aboard,did not know about the theft, if they see any boat remotely resembling the stolen one they will ring the number. Fiers given to a share boat owner who is handing over, but will pass on the details to the next share holders. other fliers given out. Where is this boat? They don't travel fast, they are big, it has to be found. Denise
  7. We no longer have a boat - sold it this time last year. However I have been following this thread, and also the Chilcot thread. I didn't realise that Chilcot had been missing so long before it was found, and it seems that both boats were taken at a similar time. Chris & Graham - please don't beat yourself up about talking to the chap at Fradley, we often met people who would say -lovely boat, do you live on it? No -we would reply, just weekends or two or three weeks in the Summer, we live in Wiltshire, but moor at Kings Bromley, or Mercia (we have moored at both). At times we even invited people aboard and took them for a mile or so down the cut, on the understanding they would walk back. - were we stupid? I like to think not. However, we used to moor on the K & A with our first boat at Hilperton (then Wessex Marina), then at Frouds Bridge. When I got fed up of the K& A we moved to the Trent and Mersey, It only took two weeks of leisurely cruising to get from Frouds Bridge to Mercia Marina. Tomorrow my husband and I are going to Banbury (day out) I will take the fliers with me and walk the canal there and also keep a look out for the boat. On Saturday we will go to Devizes and hand our fliers to boats on the Caen Hill flight so getting boats going east and west. This boat will be found, there are too many people looking for it, for it to disappear forever. I really feel for you Chris and Graham, but you will get your boat back. Please people don't be put off from mooring at either Mercia or Kings Bromley they are both great marinas Denise
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