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  1. Thanks for the replys Ill post when i have found the problem ans a solution
  2. Thanks for the reply Tony. When im next at the boat i intend to use my Pila suction pump to see what is at the bottom of the tank. Then it might be wise to remove all the old fuel leave the tank to dry out, clean the tank out and refill with fresh I have sent the direct injectors to be serviced as they had gummed up I will post when i sort out the reason for the problem
  3. Hello fellow boaters Has anyone seen/had this type of Bug? We had the fuel pollished 18mts ago when we had the Black slimy gunge which blocked the fuel feed line,and some of this Ginger sticky granular "dead bugs" Fuel only from hire boat base....dosed with marine 16 plus other product from tank polishing Co and a water absorbing device in the bottom of the tank . We have done about 50hrs plus some engine running up to temperature over the winter Also it seems to of changed the diesel from standard red to a straw colour in the bottom of the tank 2x quality filters in line the primary one heavly contaminated no water, secondry filter no water but in the base but some Ginger bug
  4. bridge100


  5. bridge100

    Ducati. Not boaty.

    If you have no luck I have owned and worked on the Ducati V twins (and various old and new machines) I may still have some manuals and tools From your profile location you are not to far away im near Stevenage and i might be able to come over if you are stuck
  6. Hi, Which model Lombardini is it . If its a 1502 We had one in our previous boat. It started misfiring, i sent the injectors to be serviced. I asked the then new agents fot the clearance setting (I ordered a manual which was on back order)for the roller rocker which operated the individual injectors. I was told it was the same as the valve clearances. I fitted them and set the clearances as advised. WHITE SMOKE filled the cut from the exhaust. I am reasonably experianced with engine so double checked everything. When the engine manual arrived and i read it i had been given incorrect information. The setting up of the injectors is fairly complicated (the injectors have to stop "dribbling" at a preset position before tdc) and requires some special equipment which i still have. I also have the manual which also covers other engine types The new agents are www.bryco.co.uk/Lombardini‎ who i have delt with with other engines and were very helpful.
  7. Thanks for all the replies folks I think we will book a mooring on the river to be sure of a place. If there is room in Bancroft Basin we might just moor there for 48hrs Cheers all
  8. Hi All We are going to the Stratford River festival on the 2nd July on our Narrowboat Has anyone been before and can advise the best places to moor It seems we can book in for a mooring on the river, which we would consider Or is it better to moor on the canal, we don't mind walking a couple of miles, or catching a bus, or a taxi to the event Thanks
  9. Saw it display at Cosford SPLENDID Due at Old Warden Shuttleworth Collection Bedfordshire JULY 5th
  10. Morning, No its still at home I will take it to the boat next visit and see if it works Hope it gets sorted for you
  11. I have the same model It worked fine first time on the boat I took it home plugged it in and it kept going (like yours) to first installation every time i switched it on, i did a factory reset and re formatted Unplugged it from the mains moved it to an upstairs tv/room and it came up with "first time installation" and it wanted a pin/code. I entered 0000 and after re tuning for the new TV area has worked fine since then Maybe try removing the plug from the power re-powering up and trying the 0000 Goodmans helpline is 0871 2301777 Cheers
  12. Just seen that my cut and paste didnt work.i got it from this site http://www.fbhvc.co.uk/legislation-and-fuels/fuel-information/ The "Fidreglass-reinforced polyester and epoxy resins" were in the NOT recommended column
  13. Hi I sold my Ducati 900 MHR a couple of years ago. Try the Ducati club for information about removing the residue in the tank. i seem to remember a thread on their site about that. Also the new bio/ethanol fuels might not be compatible with a fiberglass tank of that age (i think you can get sealants) The plastic fuel pipes to the cards might of gone brittle over the years and might crack If you have any problems.I might be able to help. Ive worked on and restored lots of bikes over the years EthanolThe Federation has identified three operational aspects relating to the addition of ethanol to petrol: Compatibility: some elastomers, plastics and composite materials are not compatible with petrol containing ethanol. Where problems are experienced, incompatible materials in the fuel system should be replaced with compatible alternatives. Material Recommended Not recommended Elastomers Buna-N (hoses and gaskets) Fluorel Fluorosilicone Neoprene (hoses and gaskets) Polysulfide rubber Viton Buna-N (seals only) Neoprene (seals only) Urethane rubber Acrylonitrile-butadiene hoses Polybutene terephthalate Polymers Acetal Polypropylene Polyethylene Teflon Fibreglass-reinforced plastic Polyurethane Polymers containing alcohol groups (such as alcohol-based pipe dope) Nylon 66 Fibreglass-reinforced polyester and epoxy resins Shellac
  14. Hi,, If all else fails, you could try Keys Galore London NW1 020 7586 7941 If your key as a number on it is worth ringing them Ive used them in the past for car/motorcycle/plant keys Or try a local locksmith who may have suitable blanks All the best
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