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  1. Yes, that was my thought as well. Especially when looking at a potential purchase, without taking some of the paneling appart, which the current owner would not like I guess, how do you tell ????
  2. Having read about the demons that can be encountered with wiring & polystyrene insulation, I have ignored boats which show this in the listing. However, there have been a couple in recent months listing Pstyrene which looked to be interesting. Given than 'older' boats must have it, am I being too cautious ? would you buy a boat with Pstyrene insulation? I would not be in a position to referb once bought. Thxs
  3. When we finally get our boat, looking at options for the occasional visitor. Having been caravaners for our whole lives, these things are not uncommon to us. 3-fold bed, 1200 wide. Has anyone ever known one fitted in a boat? I'm considering a unit in the saloon which could accommodate one to unfold when guests are around, but be away to leave space free to live when not in use.
  4. Yes, surveyor is a given, I am up with that and already have that + blacking added to the £ budget, but will the surveyor test the heating system? will they check the alternator operation ? do they check the fridge is working correctly? If yes, thats great, but on a house survey I don't think they do so was wondering about the same situation with the boat Should be noted we hav'nt moved for 30 years, so could be a bit out of date.
  5. So, notwithstanding the current situation where people seem to be buying boats without even viewing them, what did you do before you bought your current boat? You go and view the vessel, but did you have a 'test drive' like you would with a 2nd hand car ? Did you test all the on-board equipment like central heating, calorifier, alternators for charging battery bank, shower, Fridge, washing machine, flush on the pump out loo ?? Mrs Aprilia is most concerned (having never done this before) that it would seem the norm is to look at the outside of the chocolate box and buy with your eyes wide shut! We have been to view a boat today with a well known brokerage, but didn't think about this line of questioning until we had come home. If buying through a brokerage, is there any comeback on something not working when you pick the boat up after purchase ? If I buy a 2nd hand car from a dealer tomorrow & spend 40K, if 1 week later there is a problem with the alternator, usually you have 1 / 3 / 12 months warranty, I am suspecting with brokerages there is no cover ? PS sorry if this has been covered in the past by previous forum members.
  6. Thanks everyone, I never thought of it in those ways. I love to have other opinions to my own, helps thought processes. Thanks again.
  7. We have seen a boat only 2 years old. Looks to be in GC. Most people seem to recommend having a survey on a used boat, which makes sense, especially as we will be new to it & without experience. But, after only 2 years & the fit out by a normal company, i.e. not a owner done job, would it still be needed to pay for out of the water survey on such a young boat? whats the general opinion. Thanks in advance,
  8. Aprilia

    Snob boaters

    Hey ! I resemble that remark...........
  9. Looking at many boats & it seems as we all know they 2nd hand market is moving almost too fast to be true. In these unusual times, its a difficult question but what is the experience here regarding asking prices for boats. With houses, cars etc. usually the asking price is subject to negotiation and a lower figure is typical, its been 30 years since we moved house, but it was back then typically -10% of the asking price for the starting point. With boats it could be there is no hard & fast rule, but I had read admittedly in a thread somewhere about 2 years old, that boats could sell for 15K-20K below the asking price. Here we are presuming the price range to be around 75K-85K So, with boat prices in this bracket, is there a target price to offer or with current situation & fast sales is it a case of pay the screen price. Thanks in advance.
  10. Outside, OK know you need not to have the rain, but I can see angled poles down the side of the boat to stretch a line along & have many feet of drying line.
  11. No-one do anything down the length of the boat to have a long old-style washing line ?
  12. We;ve been looking for many months now & I have convinced myself I DONT want a cruiser since its a lot of 'wasted' space. But, since the vast majority of boats out there seem to be cruiser stern, am I an idiot ? Seems to be the 'inside' space on a trad or semi is more useable for the long-term community, but am I missing something? Cruiser deck looks great with the seating plus G&T pictures, but wouldn't that part of your 60' boat be better utilised in another way, like a couple of foot added to the bathroom, bedroom etc. I'm thinking if we want to sit out, in the summer months, then we would on the canal side or in the bow but having never had any experience, would welcome the opinion of assembled experts on the subject.
  13. As ive already noted, for better or worse, my dear lady loves a wash/Mach. Now, presuming that the washing is done once/week/month etc.etc. the next step is drying. Not even I would contemplate a dryer on a boat, although I've seen several for sale with this electricery device fitted. But in the real world, where is everyone hanging the washing to dry ? I have a couple of ideas for widgets I could make, but if there is something that is already existing, I won't re-invent the wheel. Thxs.
  14. Many boats ive been looking at seem to have between 1000-2000 hours on the engine, some less than that. But how many is too many, what is the life expectancy form a normal Beta Marine 43BHP or similar. I appreciate it will have something to do with servicing, how often & how well, but one I like the look of has 6,000+ recorded. I would be hesitant at this large number incase I catch a pup. Am I right to be overly cautious in this way>
  15. Thanks for all the replies. My main concern is for the little lady, she uses alot of washing machine time. I've already started the education on electricery and the limitations, but im sure we will need more than usual for a boat, at the start at least. Gas will be for cooking, the only real high electric will be the w/mach & microwave, but that for occasional use for cooking. We will be going 2nd hand boat, not new, so I was looking to see what ones have generators already installed rather than installing an new unit. I didn't appreciate that a similar situation could maybe be achieved via a larger battery bank & large inverter. If this is the case, then it would widen the options somewhat as I could add batteries almost at will then.
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