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  1. I've been told on good authority that he's also been banned from the Caravan Talk Forum.
  2. Is the boat just casually moored to the towpath or is it an official mooring site ?
  3. Flyboy

    Glandular problem

    You won't see grease going down a Nylon tube, all you will see is the grease in the tube.
  4. Pearsons Canal Companion Cheshire ring covers your intended route. Each page on Pearsons gives you the time taken, distance & no. of locks so are handy to work out your daily timings. https://www.worldofbooks.com/en-gb/books/michael-pearson/pearson-s-canal-companion-cheshire-ring-south-pennine-ring-10th-edition-pearson/GOR006238642?keyword=&gclid=CjwKCAjwvbLkBRBbEiwAChbckU9JyW4Frin0q7Mjg3ZWjji2s_vNDcJ-7M2MOqcR2D-k9kXtKP5tChoCdhoQAvD_BwE
  5. Flyboy

    Glandular problem

    Plenty of 1/8th BSP to 8mm pipe (5/16") on Ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Metric-Compression-Fittings-Male-Studs-Bspt-from-4mm-to-15mm-for-Fuel-Etc/121189650007?hash=item1c37774e57:m:musu2NyMolMRePFYMc28Q9w
  6. I suggest you undo the 4 bolts, lift up the housing. Lever out the plastic bearing and slide up the shaft. De rust the shaft with emery cloth and re assemble. If the plastic bearing is in poor condition they are available from Midland chandlers.
  7. Nigel Carton of this parish comes well recommended. 07989388109
  8. Does it look something like this ? This is the standard setup for a twin alternator engine. The water pump is directly above the crankshaft pulley. Which belt is missing ?
  9. No offence taken, I thought you were trying to fill it with the engine cap off. No it shouldn't leak. The cap seal is obviously faulty as others have said.
  10. If that's what happening, you're filling the engine the wrong way. On a Barrus Shire you fill via the cap/screwed plug on the exhaust manifold or thermostat housing until it's full, then put the cap/screwed plug back in place. Now fill the header tank. The header tank being higher than the exhaust manifold or thermostat housing will obviously empty out of the manifold/thermostat housing if the cap/bung is off.
  11. Perhaps Loddon had been through there, not as bad as leaving gates open though.
  12. Have you checked that the waterpump drive belt is correctly tensioned and in good condition ?
  13. Thanks Richard ,that's what I've been trying to get over to john6767.
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