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    Aircraft, Steam railways, Industrial archeology. Canal boats & history.

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  1. Flyboy

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    Have a look at 00:30 the truck signalling left at traffic lights and see how my bikes go up the inside of it. I expect they would blame the truck driver for knocking them off.
  2. Flyboy

    Cheap Engine Hours Meters?

    I run my hours meter from the panel illumination bulb holder on one of the guages.
  3. Flyboy

    What size BMC oil filter?

    I've checked on the Mann Hummel website and the W719/14 is a direct equivalent of the Coopers FT 4899. I would not recommend using old oil with a new filter, you can but you should fit a new filter when you change the oil. You can get a pump to suck the oil out of the dipstick hole. Pela is one make.
  4. Flyboy

    Cheshire Ring from Autherley

    You could always do the Stourport Ring as an alternative.
  5. Flyboy


    Well spotted. I've corrected my typo. thanks.
  6. Flyboy


    Why do you single out pump out toilet owners when there are also cassette/Elsan owners doing it as well. Presumably you have seen the culprits doing this disgusting practice so you will have reported them, or are you just making an assumption?
  7. Flyboy

    Three Miles Up (canal ghost story)

    Thanks for that info. I got it into my head it was on the Nene.
  8. Flyboy

    Bow Thruster Tube Blacking

    And the rudder tube & weed hatch.
  9. This is a film of a short story, written in 1951 by Elizabeth Jane Howard who was part of the embryo IWA in the post war era. It looks to me that it was filmed on the Nene, perhaps somebody could confirm. Elizabeth Jane Howard was married to Peter Scott & I believe had a fling with Robert Acikman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8141oiuSUp4
  10. Flyboy

    Oliver Cromwell final moments

    Well , it was hard enough to stop dead with the tug still pulling.
  11. Flyboy

    Pump out prices

    £15-£20 seems to be the going rate at most marinas.
  12. Flyboy


    You can leave it on all day if you wish, why would you want to leave it on if you're not using it ? Anything that consumes power won't help you're battery charging regime. I always switch mine off when not using it.
  13. Flyboy

    Smartbank charging problems

    Thanks for the update.
  14. Flyboy

    Smartbank charging problems

    On a slightly different tack, did you find anything regarding Poppin's gearbox oil leak ?

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