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  1. Yes, the OP's box does not have D in the part no.
  2. Please can you put it on in a format that non Facebook members can view?
  3. http://www.kedianengineering.co.uk/contact-us.html Kedian Engineering Unit C Stockton Hill Farm Rugby Road Stockton Southam Warwickshire CV47 8HS Tel: 01604 511512 Mobile: 07595 269594 (Martin Kedian) All enquiries to: [email protected]
  4. You may be able to lower the engine by having some new brackets made up (4 off). Forum member Kedian would probably be able to help. http://www.kedianengineering.co.uk/index.html
  5. I was going to suggest an Aquadrive or Pythondrive but it there might be too much displacement even for them. https://www.walterscheid-group.com/wp-content/uploads/Aquadrive_Cat_2018_GB-1.pdf
  6. It sounds like your accumulator may be over pressurised. What pressure have you pumped it up to ? I would set it to about 0.2bar (3psi) below the pump cut in pressure.
  7. Yes it will, you obviously didn't run enough hot water off. Taking hot water out of the system and replacing it with cold must reduce the temperature. Simple physics.
  8. How many politicians have you heard of that run electric cars? How many car maker bosses run electric cars? The answer is none I reckon.
  9. So have I. Would it be so that you can pressure test the tank easily?
  10. I wouldn't worry. Solid fuel stoves will be banned long before diesel engines.
  11. You can get a modern equivalent. https://www.chrysanthemumsdirect.co.uk/acatalog/Flit-Sprayer.html
  12. Get a load of Shoo Fly plants on your boat next time your painting. We've got some at home and they do seem to work. https://www.choicegardeningclub.co.uk/nicandra-shoo-fly-flower
  13. My mother used to send me the 1 mile to the Coop with her shopping list, I can still remember her number 153430. The Portsmouth Coop paid a massive 1s/ 8pence in pound dividend, other areas were much less. The divi gradually reduced over the years and then disappeared.
  14. If you go east from Br18, the shops are not far from the Miners Arms. I'm not sure if the Miners Arms is still in use.
  15. Perhaps we should arrange a "just past br 18" boat rally there !!
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