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  1. Steelsales do 60mm x 16mm. http://www.steelsales.co.uk/steel-bar/convex-half-round/#3
  2. Streethay might have it, they do boat stretching. 01543 414808
  3. Not as clean as ULS Diesel though. According to Crown oils their "clean" Kero has a much higher sulphur content than ULSD. It used to be the case that Kero had a lower sulphur content than red diesel so was better in Webasto & Eberspachers, it is now no longer the case.
  4. What's your thinking behind running your Whispengen on Kero when you previously said you were running it on Bio fuel ? Kerosene has a much higher sulphur content than ULS Diesel (red or white). Bio, Kero and Diesel all produce about the same CO2 but Bio has lower NOX. With your latest upgrade you won't need your Whispergen anyway will you ?
  5. More than likely it will be a bent propeller. Prop shafts are much tougher than propellers.
  6. So presumably he refused to sell you red diesel.
  7. Flyboy


    I don't understand why you would have to move the boat in the pitch dark after work.
  8. Member Kedian will probably be able to help. http://www.kedianengineering.co.uk/contact-us.html
  9. It needs to be as high as possible above the highest point of the system. It won't have any head if you mount it below the highest point in the system.
  10. The article confirms the boat is a "houseboat" so not a cont. cruiser. To me this implies the boat is permaneantly moored at this spot so CaRT are well within their remit to evict it.
  11. LEC have moved their fridge production from Bognor to Whiston on Merseyside.
  12. Better watch out for those racing Penny Farthings then.
  13. Exactly. No you guessed that the road was 4m wide, were you there ?
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