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  1. The other major advantage is that they are easy to store. I just take the batteries out and keep the chainsaw on top of the bedroom storage. No worries about petrol etc.
  2. I have a makita duc302z dual battery chainsaw. Not cheap about £170+ without batteries. I find it works very well and have been more than satisfied with its performance.
  3. But in this case the figure refers to flexible solar panels. So with that in mind I do find 20 Years to be impressive. It also fits into the context of the thread subject which refers to short life of flexible solar panels.
  4. Just to add some further uni solar details taken from ebay "Uni-Solar PVL-128 128W 24-Volt Flexible Amorphous Solar Panel with Bottom Facing SOLDER POINTS. These are top tier finished panels. Unisolar made them this way for a specific client. These are also Grid Tie UL 1703 Listed for Systems up to 600 VDC. Which means they were made to last 20 Years. See brochure"
  5. Try to find new old stock for uni solar pvl flexible panels. Search unisolar pvl 144. The company went into liquidation some years ago but held a large stock at the time. Most of the liquidated stock has now disappeared but occasionally some new old stock surfaces, fortunately some are currently available on ebay. Personally,I would grab some of these immediately if I had a requirement for them. These are an order of magnitude better quality than the normal flexible solar panels. I believe it was because they were of a high quality that the company went into liquidation as they coul
  6. reg

    Marine 16

    Had a very bad case of the diesel bug when iced in a few years ago. Managed to source some treatment and gave it a double dose shock treatment. Completely cleared the problem up within 48 hours (recommended time is 72 hours) can highly recommend it.
  7. Try Debdale 52p per ft per week https://www.debdalewharf.co.uk/
  8. Relevant page with travel info from Heathrow here https://www.napton-marina.co.uk/information/overseas_travel.php
  9. Have to agree enjoyed this one more than the first.
  10. All very well, but all your data will go straight back to China! Hadaway man!
  11. Sheila is 87 and has zero boating experience. Gyles is 72 and has zero boating experience. Could the production company please let me know why they think this is an ideal pairing to make an informative canal related programme? Tim and Pru had a love of the canals and this came through in their early series. I'm afraid a cynical production company pairing can not falsely replicate this. Nothing against Sheila, more than happy that she is getting a pay day from this, always enjoy her tv and radio contributions.
  12. Huweai 5372 router (has ts9 connector sockets) Plus TS9 3G 4G LTE External Antenna £19.99 From a1techstore on ebay
  13. Gave it a try for 10 minutes but gave up on it. I've always liked Sheila Hancock but I get the feeling the producers have paired her and Brandreth together hoping that they can get a series of 'amusing' incidents to film. Sorry Sheila, still a ran but not of this particular project.
  14. Yes met a couple 2 days ago moving a boat from union wharf to Alvechurch. They were happy with the boat and the charges for its hire.
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