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  1. I think that may well be the crux of the problem nowadays. It seems to me that small groups travel together as a "community" and seem to think they have some sort of ownership of certain areas. Problem particularly bad in the South east. I can see the problem but have no solution to offer.
  2. Quite right about peak district, old age playing its little games again. I was on the very busy camp site at or near Buxton, woke up to a covering of snow and a lot of very busy campers packing away.
  3. I do that as well, easy reach swivel bracket with easy reach switch. Use it to check out tunnel architecture and water cascades. Very useful addition.
  4. Pretty much my set up, halogen bulb pointed to roof. Installed a LED once but only for a short time far to bright. Have no problem running a halogen as only on when engine running and batteries not bring drained, only caveat is to remember to switch off as heavy drain on battery when static.
  5. Ditto. Please stop posting how reliable they are we all know what happens next when you start praising electronic items.
  6. Ah! Got that wrong as well then. Printed and laminated to fit portholes.
  7. I was indeed the impression that you no longer need to display the licence. I am fairly sure that was the case a few years ago. Looks like I was wrong
  8. From CRT I’ve lost my licence discs, what should I do? Although we can tell from the boat index number whether a boat is licenced, it’s still a legal requirement to display them along with your boat name and index number. If you bought your licence online, you can log into your account and print another set. If your index plates are temporarily obscured for any reason (eg. under covers during winter) you can also print temporary plates to display
  9. You have to ensure that you have a bank account set up befor you go nfa. Also a good idea to set up other accounts in advance e,g Tescos etc
  10. Maybe a little edit might be in order? I do agree with the general thread though.
  11. I had a nice ride out to near Buxton in the dales on my little suzuki ts125, plimsolls, jeans and lightweight jacket. Pitched tent, woke up next morning to a snow covered camp site. Had a cold ride to nearest cafe where a very kind lady sat me in front if the radiator and supplied with hot drinks and food. Very memorable weekend.
  12. Typo? Or something else I don't know? Good info by the way. I'm never sure how tight to make a joint so I probably err on the side of over tightening.
  13. reg

    Emily Anne

    Excellent little film and what an excellent presenter Daniel's mother is.
  14. Many decades behind me and still learning new things. Never knew that.
  15. My first point of call, although I haven't used it for sometime, is the BES catalogue. https://www.bes.co.uk/pipes-tubes-and-fittings/pipe-fittings/compression/ They give pretty comprehensive descriptions and measurements.
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