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  1. Just the one? https://www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2019/11/03/house-worth-1350000-enough-plug-sockets-everyone-street-11033568/amp/
  2. Had exactly the same thing happen to me this week.
  3. Swapped my ryobi petrol chainsaw out for a Makitta 36v chainsaw, very impressed with the Makitta performed much better than I expected. Downside is the cost of the batteries it takes 2 x 18v batteries however the batteries are common to other makita tools. Chainsaw was a Makitta duc302z at £131 for body only. Genuine makita batteries circa £30 each for 3ah so £60 required for 2.
  4. That's precisely why I dumpted windows a few years ago, Totaly clogged my hard drive with repeated failed auto updates. Only use Linux nowadays.
  5. Question, bearing in mind the video below shows a max 12a draw at start up would I be OK to use a Clipsal 12v 15a plug socket and plug? Or should I use something a bit beefier? Good Video showing current draw for various stages of 5kw heater.
  6. reg


    Clive James was in that "must watch" category of TV entertainers. A rare beast with a wonderful sideways view on life. "Everyone has a right to a university degree in America, even if it's in Hamburger Technology."
  7. Although, due to intended location of heater on boat, I won't be doing this I did do a bit more research and found that the consensus of opinion appears to be that using a 2nd hand EGR gives better results. Literally thousands of salvaged EGRs on ebay. Does require some additional plumbing though. Sample here. Also has the advantage of cooling down exhaust and exhaust gas. If I was mounting this in my semi trad engine bay I might seriously consider doing this.
  8. I have Coil of copper tube Calorifier Former shouldn't be a problem As it will be a new install there shouldn't be a lot of additional work. Just need to sort out a pump and how to connect to calorifier. I don't expect to be able to run my radiators from it but if it helps raise temp of calorifier water or even just help retain the heat of the water then I don't envisage any real downside. One thing I was wondering was if it took any heat away from the blown air though, assuming it does how much. Also will the air blower part be less fuel efficient, if so by how much. One possibility is to have a valve in the circuit to stop the water flow, or possible just a switch to stop the water pump. Only pondering at the moment but would appreciate your thoughts.
  9. As it will be a fresh install I'm Tempted by this. Having removed my alde some time ago I have a full central heating plumbing, albeit sans the boiler, in place and a 10 meter coil of 10mm copper tubing left over from my build. Might be picking your brain on this Mike.
  10. Currently doing a bit of research on possibly installing on of those Chinese 'planar' heaters and came across this new site which has just been created 7th on November https://dieselkeepyouwarm.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR3tah3METyj4wu7Bfr0j7hWZjEn0uBaBGbqOVVw5meJbKt1KPm4UlFr0Ps I believe the owner is a regular contributor on various Facebook sites. Looks very usefull for units, fittings and spares. Thought the link might be of use on here. Early days for me yet but a good chance I will be asking questions soon. Standard disclaimer time. I have no association with the site just thought it could be of use on here.
  11. No they went into voluntary liquidation with all debts cleared. Subject covered a number of times before.
  12. reg

    Stove fan

    Had one junked it. At full blast I could hold a paper tissue in front of it at about 3 inches away and it hardly moved. No weight to the blades.
  13. Just to clarify Tony it was not me, myself, I who asked the question you highlighted in red "Anything else anyone" I was quoting mtb, unfortunately I missed the end quotation mark. Not that it matters much but simply making a clarification.
  14. And someone on the Internet will believe it to be the one true source of all that is true about this incident and will defend until death their point of view and will make tee shirts with slogans to support their view and may even do all of this without any regard to grammar or syntax whatsoever an may even use extensive use of UPPERCASE.
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