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  1. Another vote for craftinsure, very easy to get an online quote from them before deciding. https://www.craftinsure.net/mobile/
  2. I don't actually use them but may in the future spent some time researching though and they seemed very friendly and professional. You could try them using the PAYG option which only cost £5 plus £25 mailing bond, so for £30 you will have a real home address. You can I believe switch between schemes so could go for one of their more permanent options at a later time. I think some members on here do use them so may be in a better position to give you a real users view on their service.
  3. http://www.boatmail.co.uk/ These do exactly what you are asking for.
  4. YouTube showing the pvl144 unisolar panel
  5. Unisolar panels are an order of magnitude of better quality than the normally advertised stuck down panels this is immediately apparent when you see one in the flesh l, unfortunately the high quality of these panels may of lead to the unisolar company going into liquidation in August 2012 as with the tumbling price of normal solar panels they were over stocked with a non competive, price wise, product. A few years ago Midsummerenergy.co.uk did find the manufacturing unit for these panels and had them or an equivalent on the books for some time. it appears that this is still true although for how much longer it is hard to know the op can read up on a 75w equivalent panel here. https://midsummerenergy.co.uk/buy/flexible-solar-panels/miasole-75W-CIGS-flexible-solar-panel Note the price of £185 for a 75w panel which reflects the quality of the units. They are a very hardy panel but, as others have pointed out, they will not deliver much output but the big advantage is that they are very low profile and very tough so don't get in the way when locking. Certainly a nice little freebie. Eta Take care when sticking them down to ensure they are laid down nice and squarely as once stuck down they aren't coming back up again easily.
  6. Just done this job ready for repainted engine bay. Found this tool invaluable https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-Manual-Vacuum-Fluid-Extractor/dp/B000RA16CO Similar pumps are available on ebay at a lower price but I am not sure about the quality of them whilst the genuine Sealey ones are very good quality, mine cost circa £70. Very useful item to have on board as can be used for oil water, greasy water and I have also used it for diesel. The different tubes and extensions allow you to get into those awkward corners although some patience is required as easily blocked when sucking up dirty bilge water. Highly recommended as a piece of on board equipment.
  7. The advantage of debdale is that they have their own crane and are pretty flexible on lift in dates and times so you can work on your boat for as long as it takes and arrange a lift in date when you are near completion. Better than having a fixed period of time and either trying to rush your jobs or the opposite finishing the work but waiting until your lift in day arrives.
  8. I'm sure that technically that there are good arguments against it but in the real world I find it works for me and requires minimal bother.
  9. I have always used method 2, without knowing why, instinctively. It would appear that my method of shuffling the batteries along, although done for convenience, after one has failed has some technical credibility. Using Gibbo's data on a 4 battery bank The 2nd battery which has had relatively light use e.g 23.2 amps is moved into the heavy duty position where it uses 26.7 amps. The 4th battery (26.7amps) moves into the more comfortable position 3rd position (23.2amps) the new battery goes into the heavy duty 4th position and so the cycle continues. So this battery shuffle works for me as normally get 4-5+ years out of my batteries and have minimal fuss with the cabling.
  10. Thanks for that certainly answers the question in detail. I think, because I use cheapo batteries by choice , that I will just carry on with my current method but if I was using more expensive batteries I would certainly consider taking on Gibbo's points and solutions.
  11. I can't find it in my documentation but am sure I saw it somewhere amongst the Victron docs, whatever it does happen. Because of the difficulty in accessing my battery bank I don't bother changing the cable about but just let the end battery fail and then remove it and then shuffle the batteries along and add a new battery at the far end. Works for me. Would be interested to hear from the more experienced on why this happens. I have my own thoughts (gut feeling) but don't accutaley know the technical reason why it happens.
  12. I have found that when this happens it is invariably the battery where the Victron Inverter positive cable is connected. I seem to remember that Victron recommend that this connection, when connected to a bank of batteries should be periodically moved about to prevent this problem. Can't find the actual reference at the moment but am sure it's correct.
  13. At that price on ebay I (always) check the feedback of the seller. Would suggest the same for these.
  14. Just looked at the photos and have to agree, very Tardus like. https://boats-from.co.uk/not-specified/dehli-lms-station-boat-tug-narrowboat-barge-houseboat-264837
  15. Am I correct in thinking that this RCR course is based on Tony's old course? If so then it appears to meet the brief.
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