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  1. Similar I've never realy saved any money by using cheap Sfesionsbatteries. For the Makita I will only use correct batteries. Only place I saved money was buying a WORX Professional Drill and hammer drill set,superb. Changed batteries once in 16/17 years.
  2. I can happily endorse that. Very impressed with the Makita. I only use it occasionally mainly emergency towpath clearance etc. Easy to use and works far better than I expected.
  3. Its always best to check beforehand to see if they will accept it. They are under no obligation to accept it and sometimes may not even be aware of the service. I have yet to find an office that will not do it though.
  4. IMPORTANT UPDATE Informed by Mike H that the above ignition switch is not suitable for his engine. Appears to be no alternative than to purchase from BARRUS. So important to double check part number If Durite is to be used. Otherwise can't go wrong if bought through BARRUS dealer using their official ignition switch.
  5. Sorry meant to mail Mike H not you. Dementia having another practice run. Hopefully he will see it in the thread
  6. This is a standard ignition switch that is much cheaper when not purchased from Barrus. My post in this thread from 27th Oct 2022 gives non Barrus part numbers for Starter motor and Ignition switch. IGNITION SWITCH: Durite ignition switch 4 position BG1-0-351-05 Greensparkplug company Look at my prev post for suppliers. N.b obviously need to double check it goes with your engine EDIT TO ADD MULTIPLE SUPPLIERS ON EBAY WITH CLICK AND COLLECT. CHEAPEST £29.99
  7. They do have some Waterlodges which occasionaly come up for sale https://www.waterlodge.co.uk/waterlodge-six-for-sale-in-brighton/ These are purchased and I assume you then pay mooring fees on top. Only things going for this is that you should have little problem selling them when you leave and Travelodge have a number of locations which theoretically you can transfer your module too.
  8. For a 57ft narrowboat at Brighton it would cost circa £7,500 if paid annually for a standard non live aboard berth. For a heavy usage add I believe 18% to that gives circa £8850 but even that is not a livea board deal and has restrictions on the number of weeks you can use it. Add to that in a non sea going boat you have nowhere to go. Not surprisingly its geared towards yachts. I lived on Brighton Marine parade many years ago, love the town but there is no way I would live in the marina on a narrow boat even if I was allowed.
  9. Velocette Venom was, from the pretty side, one of the best looking bikes ever made.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. My washer Bendix automatic washer will not run the wash cycle but it will run all the other cycles. I have one of the small washing machines for the wash cycle and the transfer into Bendix to rinse and spin. Rinse and spin requires my 2kw generator. I suspect but dont really know that the bendix wash problem may be due to some sort of internal thermal cutout, just a theory never proven.
  12. reg

    £10 DWP XP

    Ditto However I blew all my £10 on non christmas things, how's that for a protest.
  13. I had constant problems with my original CAV filter unit on a barrus shire 40. Tried everything recommended but still sucked in air. Eventually replaced it with a new one about 12 years ago and never had a problem again, for £36.60 (assuming it's a Delphi) it's worth a punt. May just be a minor invisible fault with the unit.
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