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  1. Ditto. Find them to be very fair and responsive.
  2. Virtual greenie. I have been both sides of the fence. To quote Michael Cain "I've been rich and I've been poor , rich is better"
  3. reg

    Selfish boater

    Did the down trip Tardebigge flight single handed once and ever set of bottom gates had been left open.
  4. Biggest leap i ever made was when I stepped of the stern only to realise that I had left the engine engaged. Good fun running down the towpath and making a leap onto a 4inch wide gunnel. O.t Gunnel or Gunwale?
  5. Absolutely totaly agree which is why I already removing my answer as you were posting. Forgot my mantra of think it through before posting not whilst posting. Although I believe this mantra is not acceptable on some social media platforms. I still prefer my garage door type locks as they can be used in conjunction with a sliding hatch. Personal preference.
  6. Edited my reply out as it was incorrect. This setup could work for some situations. However It is not ideal when used in conjunction with a sliding hatch. I much prefer my garage door type locks.
  7. So how do you install the yale lock on a sliding hatch? So how do you install a yale lock on a pair of metal doors, the type that meet in the middle? The one thing I'm sure of is that if I wanted to I could find fault with every single security system on every single boat for every single member of this forum.
  8. When I am in the boat the main key set is in the lock all of the time which means it's simple half turn to open the lock. I removed it so that the spare key placement could be shown clearly in the photo. I would suggest that my method is even quicker than using a bolt lock on the door. I have 4 means of exit all of which can be opened very quickly. I am more than happy with my arrangements but I genuinely thank you for your concern.
  9. Here is what I did to cover the emergency exit requirement to have an easily located key. Simply bought some flat plate rare earth magnets and applied them as in the picture and always keep one of the spare keys on it. Simple, cheap and effective.
  10. Sorry I should of made myself clearer I was referring to the board. Should also of made it clearer, because I chose not to pursue it, that I am not sure which brand they sell.
  11. I asked Midland Chandlers Braunstone, approx 18 months ago, if they sold it but they didn't however they suggested the yard next door who said they could supply this board. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the company but I'm sure others on here could supply that info.
  12. reg

    Folding electric bikes

    Batteries are Usually removable as they are normally mounted in a lockable frame. Swytch battery is only 5ah and costs £250. I can usually get a samsung 10ah for <£200 In fact the last one I got, albeit a special deal, was a hailong Samsung celled @£129.99. Current on ebay at £149.99. Only downside is that it is frame mounted so prevents folding the main frame, although this could be done by removing the battery holder by undoing the 2 Allan bolts which is acouple of minutes work. Personally I just leave it as it is in the boat but for car use it is a consideration.
  13. reg

    Folding electric bikes

    Whilst I have above suggested the Brompton Swytch combo as a possible solution to the op it does have some downsides namely pricing. The battery prices seem high for the AH capacity and Swytch prices in general are outside my budget. Also you are tied to Swytch for spares. A CHEAPER OPTION for those with a lower budget could be as follows. 1.Second hand Dahon bike (many on ebay) 2.Replacement front fork to 100mm fork width. Search Ebay for Dahon fork. E. G https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/loopwheels 3.A standard 100mm ebike kit (see 5 below to combine 3 and 4) search eBay for. "Electric bike kit 250w 20" 4. Battery 10ah or bigger (preferably genuine Samsung or Panasonic batteries. Anything else are of unknown quality) 5.combined ebike kit and battery E. G Ebike kit with battery Advantages of this approach Lower costs Ebike kit parts a pretty much generic and spares are readily available Using a 100mm front fork gives many more kit options and, important for towpath usage, allows a wider wheel and more rugged tyre to be used. Batteries can be purchased separately. Downsides More work in sourcing parts initially. General notes Thumb throttles are much better and easier to use than twist throttles. For towpath use, where punctures are not unknown, front wheel motors are easier to remove than rear wheel motors. (tip carry spare cable ties, required when replacing front wheel wiring) 250w is the maximum legal UK size for bike to classified as a push bike. It's also IMHO more than adequate for most jobs. Hope this helps
  14. reg

    Folding electric bikes

    Some do but a half peddle backwards will negate the effect. Usually happens when dropping down to 0 (zero) setting i.e power off or when dropping down to 1.
  15. reg

    Folding electric bikes

    For that budget I would suggest purchasing a Brompton folding bike and fitting a electric bike kit. SWYTCH do a Brompton specific kit (As suggested above) which is very easy to fit , other lower price kits are also available from other sources. Advantages are that the Brompton is a known quality bike and fitting a separate kit means that spares can be obtained independent of the bikes supplier. Eta SWYTCH ebike Brompton kit https://www.swytchbike.com/p/brompton-electric-bike-conversion-kit/ Or read up details of this kit and others here https://electricbikereport.com/electric-bromptons-compared-brompton-electric-swytch-nano-velospeeder-video/
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