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  1. reg

    Wood (and coal) burning stoves to be banned

    Then I would look up to you. But I would look down on Smelly Eta Only posted to fulfill Haza's prediction
  2. Like you I'm not a fan of crocodile clips so I have permanently wired up a short cable terminated with an Anderson connector. Makes it easy to just plug in if I need to run directly from the dc output.
  3. Even worse with the 6a one I'm using now. Not a major issue as its just a standalone battery inside a Numax box so effectively, when connected to the gennie, it's working as a pass through box. Used primarily to charge up my tablet and to run some secondary stand alone circuit led lights. Normally charging is taken care of by solar. Current battery is one that was taken down by a shorted battery in a now redundant battery bank. Just trying to put a bit of life back into it and set things up so that I can give it a boost from time to time. Main battery bank is not an issue.
  4. Unfortunately whatever settings you use on the multiplus 2500 the stephill (and incidentally the Honda eu10) are just short of meeting the required parameters. Mentioned it to onboard energy when I called in at springwood haven and they basically said "Yep can't be done with that rated gennie", which was fair enough and confirmed my findings. Frustratingly close to meeting the parameters though.
  5. Many thanks for both replies, does anyone have any recommendations for a <=£70 decentish charger. Will not be permantly mounted and will only be occasional use, would prefer something fairly robust but not too bothered about gizmos and too much sophistication. Unfortunately I can't use my victron multiplus as gennie is below spec to run through it.
  6. I have a stephill shx1000 generator, basic specs here Stephill sxh100 gen specifications I want to charge my batteries from this but have the following question What size charger would be best suited to run from this generator? bearing in mind I don't want to run it at full throttle for long periods of time.
  7. reg

    Hoover which one

    Found myself at a double lock one day after a very long days boating, drained the lock, opened the gates, closed the lock, filled the lock up, thought to myself something doesn't seem right here and the it clicked I had forgot to put the boat in.
  8. reg

    Hoover which one

    Just bought myself a twin 18v makita chainsaw to replace defunct petrol jobby, needed the batteries and charger. As most the time the batteries would be sitting there doing nothing thought I would treat myself to vacuum as well particularly as Screwfix were doing them at a very good price. Initially I was disappointed with the vacuum, does not compare to mains vacuum in any way, but then I began to appreciate it for what it was and I am now more than happy with it. Very useful for a quick clean around the fire plinth area.
  9. reg

    Hoover which one

    If you use makita 18v tools then screwfix are doing a good price on the makita vacuum Screwfix makita 18v vacuum Vacumm is well made but basic and you won't be doing any deep cleaning with it, more than adequate for picking up dust though. You will need the batteries though and genuine ones can be expensive. After a lot of searching I purchased 2 x 4ah genuine batteries and a fast charger for £123.99 from Powertoolmate on ebay. The batteries are compatible with a lot of the makita 18v range. Makita 18v 4a batteries x 2 and charger
  10. Came across this whilst looking for victron multiplus diagram, thought it may be of use to others. Victron multiplus installation and setup details
  11. For a Barrus shire 42 the following after market parts are STARTER MOTOR: S13-294 from www.startermotorandalternator.co.uk (also on ebay with same ref number) IGNITION SWITCH: Durite ignition switch 4 position BG1-0-351-05 Greensparkplug company If it is any use to you location wise the Greensparkplug company are based in middlewich
  12. reg

    Water tank blacking

    Question, is it necesary to treat the tank befor fitting one of these? My concern has always been that there must be a risk of rust due to the gap between the bladder tank and the steel, much like the rust build up you get if you lay a rubber mat on the roof. Danger is with the bladder tank in place it would be easy to forget about the steel work behind it. Genuine question Am I right to have this concern?
  13. reg

    Pillings Lock Marina

    Picture seems to show utter contempt.
  14. reg

    Pillings Lock Marina

    Whilst having no knowledge of this seemingly long running saga I was intrigued enough to do a bit of Googling and was amused by this seemingly left field attempt to address the issue of high eletricity charges. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/pillingslocksolar Strangely enough it appears not to of been a responding success.
  15. reg

    DC lighting bulbs

    Bedazzled. Always work and good quality.

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