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  1. No they went into voluntary liquidation with all debts cleared. Subject covered a number of times before.
  2. reg

    Stove fan

    Had one junked it. At full blast I could hold a paper tissue in front of it at about 3 inches away and it hardly moved. No weight to the blades.
  3. Just to clarify Tony it was not me, myself, I who asked the question you highlighted in red "Anything else anyone" I was quoting mtb, unfortunately I missed the end quotation mark. Not that it matters much but simply making a clarification.
  4. And someone on the Internet will believe it to be the one true source of all that is true about this incident and will defend until death their point of view and will make tee shirts with slogans to support their view and may even do all of this without any regard to grammar or syntax whatsoever an may even use extensive use of UPPERCASE.
  5. Now that is how minor problems should be handled 🙂
  6. Not necessarily an invalid point but I believe it is out of place in your post where you say it is evidence you have seen put forward when in fact it is "evidence" you have put put forward yourself. So in this context I do believe it is important to identify who initially made the statement. " I've watched the video and read this thread, and the evidence I've seen put forward in support of Mr Haywood so far is as follows: 1) The film is purported to be grainy and indistinct 2) The film is shot with a wide angle lense so he appears further from the mooring than he actually was 3) The bloke steering the narrow boat might not have been Mr Haywood 4) Video evidence can be very misleading Anything else, anyone?
  7. Err, wasn't that you in post #200
  8. Ah now I feel at home thread has disintegrated nicely, was getting worried it never would.
  9. Tend to agree. As far as I am concerned he was in the wrong but the vilification across the Web has become in my opinion a bit over the top. The hire boater who took the film has said as much over on Facebook. I'm sure that that if you don't agree with this you will let me know.
  10. reg

    NB Phoenix

    Granny Buttons did some photos of this in 2006 https://www.grannybuttons.com/granny_buttons/2006/04/phoenix_rises.html And a small profile of the designer here https://www.boatingbusiness.com/news101/industry-news/ex-dubois_designer_creates_luxury_narrowboat Btw hope you enjoy the boat.
  11. If you look at the video at 36 secs It is clear that the hire boat is coming alongside the moored narrowboat just in front of the mooring. The approaching narrowboat is still a good distance away but seems to make no effort to change direction. At 44 secs it is obvious that the hire boat has the mooring I've made my mind up.
  12. Completely in the wrong, no excuse what soever. Clear case of self entitlement.
  13. Nicely filmed. Appreciate the non judgemental approach and no attempt to find a novelty angle, just good straight forward filming. Hope you can stay true to that approach if and when you go professional.
  14. Still a decent watch though particularly as a reminder of the cost in human lives.
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