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  1. More boring than a very boring thing that's won the most boring thing in a very boring contest
  2. The excitement in 1 motor cycle race >= 1 full season of F1 Gran Prix
  3. reg

    Ebay scam

    That's the policy I've now adopted if it doesn't arrive within 14 days of my ordering it then I just raise a 'item not received' and get an eBay refund, no protracted discussions with seller at all. If the item does arrive after the 14 days then that is the sellers problem to resolve not mine, using Argos click and collect makes this policy easier to follow as they will, as I stated in an earlier post, make the return automatically after 7 days. Just a point to note I find it a lot easier to make an ebay claim rather than a PayPal claim, PayPal is a bit convoluted and it takes longer to get your money back.
  4. reg

    Ebay scam

    Afraid that is not my experience, had to raise a dispute a number if times. These disputes tend to be with those sellers that disguise the fact that they are not in the UK, found they tend to try to fob you of with derisory compensation. However, in the case of faulty goods, if you gather the evidence and let them know that the goods are being shipped from China and not the UK as represented and also explain that ebay rules state that l, irrespective of the sellers terms and conditions, they are liable for the returns cost then generally they will pay up as they don't want to incur the returns cost particularly for faulty goods. If they want to misrepresent through devious means and then things go wrong then they must bear the consequences. I have no sympathy for them in these circumstances. I Personaly apply different rules when dealing with fair and honest dealers, play fair with me then I'll play fair with you. Eta Alan ^^^^ was typing the same time as me so I would add that I agree with him that they are not all bad. Have a number of decent transactions with Chinese company's I have no problem when there is transparency just when subterfuge is used.
  5. reg

    Ebay scam

    I only use Ebay click and collect from Argos stores, if product hasn't arrived in 14 days then I get a refund from ebay. If the item subsequently arrives at the argos store then they will automatically return it at no expense to me and with no intervention required on my part. Using click and collect also means that I have an indisputable record of item arriving or not arriving. Handy for dealing with those non UK Chinese companies purporting to be UK based when in reality they use UK agent addresses. You will often find that the returns address is in Manchester where a number of these companies exist simply to give the Chinese seller an appearance of being UK based. On receipt of your package check the post code and often or not, when you Google it, you will find it is for a distribution company near Heathrow or another major airport.
  6. Please tell Billy Connoly about these. Fortunately I'm assured its only a (passing?) phase.
  7. As the week draws to close may I step in and thank Tumshie for having the bravery to step in and raise these important issues and also thank the other contributors to the thread who have treated the thread with the respect it deserves. Hope the whole thing has been of benefit to some.
  8. The gut brain connection https://www.psycom.net/the-gut-brain-connection This is my current line of research and the one that has brought me the greatest benefit so far. Did you know the gut has its own brain? https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/09/your-gut-directly-connected-your-brain-newly-discovered-neuron-circuit Many strides have been made recently in this area of research and I believe it has great potential. It is only this century that the importance of the role of the vagus nerve has been realised, this together with the growing interest in the gut microbiome (Gut Flora) and the need to keep the billions of good bacteria in the gut in good health should I believe to great strides forward in general wellbeing and potentially mental health. Fingers crossed, maybe the oft derided 'Trendies' have got this one largely right. I have had great success so far in following the probiotic, healthy eating route. I Turned myself from a crapping machine into a farting machine, which is a major step forward. I am sure once I get the balance right that I will eventually get the farting part down to social acceptable levels which will be a novelty, being social acceptable that is. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to gain an overall understanding of how the gut works gets a copy of Guilia Enders book Giulia Enders:Gut The inside story of our body's most underrated organ. A charming book which is easy to read, has humour and a great deal of intelligence behind it.
  9. Next week is I believe BREXIT AWARENESS WEEK.
  10. I believe that is correct.
  11. I had 3 tracer bn controllers going into one battery bank to partialy overcome the problem you refer to I simple fed false dates into 2 of them, this gave the, 'end of the month' bulk charge on different real dates. Simply put all 3 of the controllers had a different calendar 2 of which didn't match the actual external calendar.
  12. In my case the clinical depression was just a side effect of more serious medical and neurological conditions so CBT would of been ineffective. Whilst CBT can be of use to some, and I believe many have benefited from it, our blessed government have to my mind adopted its use a bit to readily. A classic example is that the World Health Authority have for a long time recognised that ME is a neurological condition and have indicated treatment paths for this condition which were largely taken up world wide. however our government decided that it would be cheaper to not accept the WHO findings and , largely because they were setting up CBT for other reasons and conditions, decided to offer CBT as the preferred treatment. As I have already said I believe CBT may well benefit many but If the underlying condition that causes the clinical depression is not being dealt with then I see it as being of limited benefit in those such cases. Here is a conclusion from a BMJ article from 2012 "Given the historical perspective, that many neurological conditions are often misdiagnosed as mental health disorders, it is perhaps a wiser course of action to continue to demarcate the boundaries between psychological disorders and neurological disorders; if for no other reason than to minimise the potential for bias and illness misdiagnosis" https://www.bmj.com/content/344/bmj.e3454/rr/586569 I have recently purchased a book called The Inflamed Mind by Proffesor Edward Bulmore https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39899586-the-inflamed-mind Who challenges much of the current thinking on mental health and makes assertions that many mental health issues may have their roots in the immune system. I have largely, through personal experience, come to the same conclusion and look forward to digesting the contents of this book, however it isn't a light read and Warrants a line by line analysis with pencil and hilighter in hand. I am not yet in a position to say whether I agree with him or not but I do welcome his commitment to challenging existing thinking.
  13. Society owes a great deal to unpaid carers as shown in this https://www.england.nhs.uk/commissioning/comm-carers/carer-facts/ To take one quote "Carers make a major contribution to society. Estimates show that the care provided by friends and family members to ill, frail or disabled relatives is equivalent to £119 billion every year"
  14. Diagram doesn't work locked my screen. Is it safe to download or dies it contain macros? Probably best to convert to an image and upload again
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