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  1. reg

    Solar woes!

    Also you will find that the controller will throttle back when charging if it thinks the battery is nearly full. Best thing to do in winter, to determine the effectiveness of your system, is check the kwh generated for the day. This is easily seen if you have the mt50 panel. Mine shows 0.28kwh for today with 350w. Not to bad for a winters day as quite sunny today. Checking the daily generation is better than spot checking at random times as there are many variables that come into play at any point in the charging cycle, the effect of these variables will of been smoothed out when checking the daily generation. To summarise some of the previous posts Typical narrowboat Solar can produce a lot of 'free' energy in summer but in winter it will only produce a few bonus amps. Bonus amps are better than no amps.
  2. reg

    Solar woes!

    You've answered your own question I think.
  3. reg

    MPPT controller

    Seriously considering ordering the 100A mppt for £16.49 and a tongue cleaner for £2.49. Should I be concerned about the sellers lowish ebay rating?
  4. I have to disagree with that.
  5. reg

    Character From the Cut

    Just for clarity I think you will find that it wasn't the op who stated anything like that
  6. reg

    Steel / Labour

    Although not narrowboat specific These have some info you may find of interest, including steel kits, plans, bespoke designs etc. http://www.dutch-barges.net And these have narrowboat engineering plans http://www.acornengineer.co.uk/plans-drawings-set-of-enginering-drawings-for-narowboat-steel-shell-fabrication/engineering-drawings-for-steel-narrowboat-shell-construction And this might be useful for design ideas and tips https://www.thefitoutpontoon.co.uk/narrowboat-widebeam-plans/
  7. reg

    Lithium battery project.

    If your playing about then You may be interested in this article I recently came across. https://www.electricbike.com/how-to-make-lithium-battery-last/ Maybe your circuitry can handle some of the issues raised. Has some interesting info from the professor who worked on Tesla car batteries and who enabled them to give a 8 year battery life Warrenty
  8. reg

    Giff Gaff sim card

    I use giffgaff just for my phone and not for data. £10.00 top up as and when required. Not limited to 30 days or any other time period.
  9. reg

    "Your lights are blinding!"

  10. reg

    "Your lights are blinding!"

    1700 lumens from these lights us far too much. I'm tempted to mount a large mirror on the front of the boat so that oncoming boats can blind themselves. Just a thought as nothing else seems to work.
  11. reg

    Best Dylan song.

    There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief There's too much confusion I can't get no relief… Hendrix cover of this must make the best Dylan covers list. After hearing it and returning to electric guitar Dylan chose to play the Hendrix version rather than his own original version. He said "the song no longer belongs to me".
  12. reg

    Best Dylan song.

    Another for Sad eyed lady of the low lands. Tended not to get much radio play as it was a bit too long and talking over it or cutting it short would be a travesty.
  13. reg

    Canal Pushers - Launch Date announced

    Maybe it's a time traveling narrow boat.
  14. reg

    13/10/2018 - Major outage

    That is overall the most serious of the consequences, there is already insufficient brexit discussion on the Web and in the media.
  15. I would rephrase that and say "less likely to go wrong". The back blanking plate on my morso squirrel fell off a couple of weeks ago, metal holding lug had cracked and came away, fixed that problem and then a week later the top reducing ring cracked which meant that the high temp sealant came adrift. I was fortunate that these problems occurred before winter had set in. The back plate failed when I was burning a small amount of paper waste, heard a sound and then saw flames coming out of the back of the stove, lucky I didn't have a full fire going at the time also lucky that I was there when it happened. So solid fuel stoves can fail. Currently looking at a backup system, looks like a planar would be a good contender.

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