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  1. But it isn't all about boat dwellers it's the simple fact that many towpaths are narrow and therefore impossible to meet the social distancing guidelines. The more people funneling themselves towards the towpath the higher the risk of cross contamination.
  2. There is a vast difference in sharing a narrow tow path and sharing an area with paths and roads. It is far easier to maintain a social distance in the village than it is along the tow path. In order for me to get essential shopping I have to walk a half mile stretch of towpath to get to the main pavements. During the recent sunny days I must of passed a dozen walkers and joggers on each leg of the journey along the tow path, simple maths 24 breaches of social distancing along the 2 x half mile stretch of tow path.number of breaches once civilisation was reached was minimal.
  3. Good point. I find the rest of this CRT update gives a confusing message when read alongside the recent CRT posters. The term local means different things to Different people for some it could mean their local 10 mile stretch.
  4. Correct. The first part of my post roughly stands up whilst for the second part I did say " I try".
  5. Basically social distance is one narrowboat wide If they are wearing a mask I try for one widebeam
  6. "Avoid any stretches with boats moored against the towpath". If I was setting out for a walk along the towpath I would have no idea in advance if I was going to encounter a boat moored against the towpath. I would suggest that it is almost impossible for those that do not know the canals, and even those that do, to predict if they are going to encounter a moored boat along the way. I'm afraid the ruling should either be the towpaths are open or the towpaths are closed, binary choice but clear. It is obvious to me that the current ruling isn't working. As a libertarian by nature I may feel uncomfortable with the imposition of these rules, tough luck on me, but I feel much more uncomfortable with selfishness and or thoughtlessness causing unnecessary deaths. Eta Jennifer McM ^^^^ I observe similar today when out shopping. Just glad I'm not at teenager where gathering with your mates and chatting up the girls is a major part of your life, nature at work, that will take some policing.
  7. Edited: Removed content as having just read yesterday's 27th March CRT boating update it looks like my understanding of the towpath usage was wrong. I'm sure the couple I informed that the towpath was closed will be fully understanding and will not be even slightly inclined to curse me when they find out.
  8. Seems a fair few walkers have headed for the towpaths thinking they will be able to have a quite walk away from it all only to find that others seem to of had the same idea. Still a number of fishermen trundling there gear about and setting up on the towpath. Hopefully the message will get to them soon.
  9. And just to add to the above here is a useful age UK links page to a large number of pdf info files https://www.ageuk.org.uk/services/information-advice/guides-and-factsheets/ Seems to cover just about everything you are asking.
  10. Like Mr Smelly (quoted above) I was about to recommend a visit or phone call to Age UK who are very much the organisation to both understand your problems and to give helpful guidance during these confusing times. Met some wonderful people in their organisation (Age Concern at the time) some years ago when I did some I. T work for them, can't praise them and the job they do enough.
  11. Try these for a quote http://www.mjtcranes.co.uk/transport/tuckeys/
  12. Had a severe case of diesel bug a few years ago and did a shock treatment with marine 16 bug treatment after reading the article listed below. Needed two small bottles, approx 200 litre tank, to effect a full cure. Needed to wait a couple of days, Marine 16 suggest 72hrs, to get the full cure. Total success, well worth the money. Only mistake I made was to purchase the marine 16 complete initially when it was the marine 16 bug treatment I needed for the heavy duty job. https://www.pbo.co.uk/gear/12-diesel-bug-treatments-tested-43353 Just as an adjunct I have just purchased one of these to draw the water from the bottom of the tank. Very well made and substantial pump particularly happy at the price paid. When not in use it can be used as balancing ballast. Can't count the number of poorly made plastic syphon pumps I've purchased over the years. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125cm-Oil-Barrel-Pump-Rotary-Hand-Action-Fuel-Diesel-Water-Transfer-Gallon-Drum/133230127850?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&redirect=mobile
  13. Wot he said. Likewise for popty-pings.
  14. Problem I have is that I didn't want to cancel to move to another provider as I intended to go payg only. Tried to continue with current provider but don't have a passport or driving licence so can't prove to their satisfaction that I exist, this despite having 2 previous 2 year contracts with them with new tablet and data only. Have now requested and obtained a stac number and hope that invoking this elsewhere will terminate, as it should, my current contract. Fingers crossed. No I do also use payg Giffgaff on my basic 'drop in the water' phone, no real problems with Giffgaff as not tied to any contract.
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