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  1. reg

    New boats need room sealed boilers?

    Must admit I edited in that highlighted part for clarification as an afterthought.
  2. reg

    New boats need room sealed boilers?

    In the dim and distant past when my brain worked and I had a proper job it was always my policy to leave some work undone prior to an audit that way the auditors had something to put in their report. Auditors were happy as they could write a report with some valid content, management was happy as they had some work to dish out and be seen as being compliant with auditors requirements. And thus the world kept on turning. I take much the same position, where it is safe to, with the BSS.
  3. reg

    Solar tilt in the winter months

    I stopped tilting my panels a good while ago with the cost of solar panels coming down significantly I found it easier just to add another panel and lay it flat. If you have the roof space then I would suggest this may be a better bet cost wise and requires no faffing around or constant monitoring. If you don't have the room for an additional panel then tilting can have a beneficial effect, whether that benefit is worth the hassle or not is up to you. If you go for an additional panel with the aim of getting a benefit in winter the I would suggest a higher voltage and lower amp panel coupled to a proper mppt controller should give the best output.
  4. reg

    New boats need room sealed boilers?

    Mine was a 2005 shell and during fit out I was told the same thing so never installed a water heater, however shortly after they seemed to realise, after some prompting, that there had been very few incidents relating to the heaters and so backtracked. The restrictions were therefore short lived. The timing was unfortunate for me as I could of fitted on at fit out stage, nowadays I don't have a suitable location for one. Just unfortunate timing.
  5. Back in the day there was always a good chance to chat to a fellow motorcyclist at A. E.
  6. Canoeing around Cape horn Some people like a nice little adventure, a good while ago i use to know Jim Hargreaves who was part of the above trip. Thanks to this thread I was reminded of it and managed to find an online expedition report here Eta:Its a pdf file https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.ukseakayakguidebook.co.uk/nordkapp/1977%20Cape%20Horn%20Exped%20Report%20-%20HQ.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjQxcXD1qTdAhUBe8AKHdGuCn4QFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw3EPMEJiAQwvSGpFAmBssmL Good read if you like that sort of thing.
  7. Not a bad idea I use a inline blade fuse between panel and controller, simply remove the fuse when needed. If I am doing anything with battery then the order is 1 remove blade fuse panel-controller 2 remove fuse battery-controller And reverse the order when reconnecting.
  8. To be honest it took a number of attempts due to language barrier to make the key point clear, didn't want to confuse the issue more with the simple, and I think fairly obvious, misspelling of reversed. Liked the sign off touch Thanks~!" Apparently means : Rye smile, wrinkly nose embarrassed by the error.
  9. reg

    Black Jack Bitumen Paint

    Formula hasn't changed apparently but I understand that they decided that the cost of obtaining certification to meet the new rules were prohibitive so decided not to certify it. Personally I've, just gone back to bare metal so decided to try vactan only method.
  10. reg

    Black Jack Bitumen Paint

    Another one using black jack above the water line. It's no good for below the waterline though. Shame it's no longer classified as suitable for water tanks though as it was easy to apply and lasted fairly well.
  11. I used gun gum back in the day. Worked well https://www.holtsauto.com/holts/support/gun-gum-product-i-use/ Above link shows product range and uses.
  12. It's that time of year to meet and chat to many new faces whilst waiting at locks.
  13. And don't underestimate the cost of wood finishing, when I totaled up my narrowboat fit out I was suprised to find that the cost of wood stain, varnish brushes, sand paper etc, etc, came to as much as the initial wood and trim. So rule of thumb for me is for a full fit out cost the wood and then double it. Tip I was given for tongue and groove, particularly on the ceiling, was to give the same number of coats of varnish to the back as to the front. This was to prevent warping. I can vouch 11 years on that this was good advice.
  14. Fine piece of writing, thanks.
  15. Which is basically why I decided not to produce a dataset. Also there are only a very small number of these places that they tend to be known about, experienced boaters tend to know about them and how to deal with them but, as you say, it is probably best not to encourage inexperienced boaters to use them.

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