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  1. Had a quote from Kings Bromley, very different to others. Extras based on usage for elsan and lighting around berths/walkways. Could have been tempted if I had a rebate on the lighting and used a torch🤔
  2. Permanently fixing the top /table mount would be too much of a hazard I think. I could see the wife and I turning our ankles when boarding and as for the greyhound I am sure he would break every leg and probably more than once! this is similar to my original thought but to prevent the above would be removed when not in use. I had envisaged a slatted deck covering which would remain in place all the time and erect the table when needed. We tend to eat in the well deck whenever the weather is good enough. I have not mentioned this to the boat painter as he is adamant that nothing should cover his new paintwork☹️
  3. I currently have a hinged table mounted in the well deck which when not used hangs down so I still get maximum light through the cratch glass. The downside is that it makes it awkward to use the front storage locker. I am thinking of using an existing small dinette table instead which will require a new shorter desmo leg and floor socket. I don't want to cut a hole for the socket through the well deck floor because that would be a significant water ingress into the boat if a seal failed. I am thinking of building a hard wood floor, which I could fit the socket into, to lay on the floor of the well deck. Has anyone tried similar? Would supporting the wood floor on rubber feet provide sufficient drainage to stop problems of rusting of the steel floor?
  4. Loved the conservatory when we were moored opposite a couple of months ago. Looks really nice inside but have you watched the video? Bit of an own goal by the estate agent, you can hardly hear him over the traffic noise
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Provided I clean the pan thoroughly before relighting I have a lovely blue flame. If I don't it either takes several attempts to light or will burn yellow. I do light with a small cube of fire lighter, about the size of my little finger nail, so it may be the residue of that which causes the problem.
  7. Yes it is a waste but..... Our 57ft boat came with two heating systems, the bubble and a mikuni running radiators. The mikuni is great if not too cold and you want a short blast but uses electric to run and not the most efficient. The bubble is a continuous even heat which is capable of warming through the length of the boat to ensure I don't get too chilled on the tiller, it's about 10 feet from the front doors. It is not as easy as a solid fuel stove to let out and relight due to having to thoroughly clean it between. Therefore once cold enough to light it, it tends to stay alight. When it gets a lot colder the doors hatches etc get closed. My wife will definitely not be cold. I had a Morse squirrel on my last boat which struggled to keep a 50 ft warm. That boat had a useful coal store built in which countered one of the solid stove problems of coal storage. Our current boat is also very well insulated and with hindsight we could have a smaller stove except as far as I know there isn't a smaller one available. Everything about a boat is a compromise.
  8. Our Bubble drip feed stove hasbeen running on minimum for several weeks now. We have the front doors open all the time along with windows, Houdini and side hatch top hatches to stop the RSPCA prosecuting us for cooking the dog. Full tank to fultank for the last 7 days used 29litres at 69 p/litre (coutesy of Turners) so £20.30 for a weeks heating.
  9. Thank you for the help. Now fixed, I was going to blame the new style of cassette as I had never had this problem previously.
  10. I emailed Thetford to complain about the wheeled variety. Had a very prompt response thanking me for my feedback, explaining that the capacity had only been reduced by half a litre, they were designed due to public request and the designer had not been fired. My second email asking them to exchange my cr3p wheeled one for the original procured a response that they had none left in any condition. I know I only bought the wheeled one because I could no longer find an original.
  11. I believe it has been open weekends. There has been a fair amount of traffic going through including hirers doing the four counties and I have not heard of any weekend problems. The quote came from the lockie who said there was noone to operate it, hinted at CRT not wanting to pay weekend rates.
  12. But apparently no one to assist on Saturday or Sunday.
  13. Went through Hack Green with CRT assisted passage today. Unofficially told that it would close on Sunday although assessment takes place tomorrow. If you are going through don't leave it till 2.30 as staff locked up before then today
  14. No timescale given, the blown cill at Buckby in August took a week. We are having to make a decision as to wait or turn around and use th T&M in order to be at Stourbridge for the end of the month.
  15. Just been told this is now a closure on the towpath telegraph. Haven't been sent notifications but on CRT since yesterday at 4
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