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  1. Is there pedestrian access to Bramble Cuttings? I have been past a few times when there has been no space and it's difficult to see from the canal. It always looks appealing.
  2. I have used Tradline soft shackles for about 8 years, one for each centreline so I don't have to flip a single rope over my solar panels. Tradline told me when I bought them they would be as strong as my rope in use. I used them regularly to hold the boat in the Nene locks so would say they are strong. The great advantage is the speed of removing them as I don't leave centre ropes on when away from the boat. I also use the centre line as a spring line with the shackle attaching to the fender mounts. All that a d no damage to the paint, what's not to like.
  3. Another vote for the moonraker
  4. Never realised there was a pub there, never stopped longer than to use the services.
  5. The boat won't be staying any longer than it takes to move the car so a few hours at most, we have a deadline to get to our new moorings before our first grandchild puts in an appearance. I didn't fancy leaving the car in Market Drayton for a few days. Tyrley is about halfway between Brewood and our destination Thank you
  6. Thankyou Sanddancer and Tracy, very swift responses
  7. Does anyone know if you can park a car safely at the top of Tyrley locks for a couple of days? I need to move my car up north as I change mooring by 'cycle shuffling'.
  8. Thanks Jen, that is what I was thinking. I will probably put another coat on after assembling as I will do the screwheads as well how long does silicone last in this use?
  9. Whilst my boat is being painted I have taken the opportunity to clean and incralac all the brass work. My portholes are the type with a single piece of glass that drops back and can be lifted out. I have removed the drop back (four screws) to clean thoroughly. There was a white flexible compound between the two parts which I don't recognise, it only acted as a seal and didn't stick the two parts together. It appeared to have come out of a tube when applied. Has anyone any experience of the best thing to use? Also is it best to incralac the two parts then assemble or incralac after putting together?
  10. CRT are hoping this will be open by Easter
  11. Snap surveys comes up with a genuine looking website claiming the BBC and NHS among their clients
  12. Good evening , just had an email asking me to take part in a CRT survey from Janet Johnson, survey@wh.snapsurveys.net. with the following text :- Knowing what boaters think about the Canal & River Trust is very important to us, and we would therefore ask you to take part in our Annual Survey by clicking on the following link: Take Part Many thanks I'm suspicious that this is a scam as nothing official logo wise or anything within unlike other crt surveys I have received and completed. Has anyone else received the same and is it genuine?
  13. Had a quote from Kings Bromley, very different to others. Extras based on usage for elsan and lighting around berths/walkways. Could have been tempted if I had a rebate on the lighting and used a torch?
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