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  1. Small boats only using this canal It is within the grounds of a reastaurant, may have guest houses aswell, but all clossed up today due to Covid, I will go back agan when it is all open. There is a coffee shop there aswell
  2. Spotted this converted boat situated by a canal in Bangkok today and thought some pictures would be appreciated by the form members. Cheers Mick
  3. With full retirement ever getting closer, 12-18 months away, and planning to return to UK and CC on the canals I am wondering if there is any anticipated long term effect that C-19 may have either to the rules of constant cruising, the number of people either moving on to or off of the canals or the numbers and sales price of boats that may become available. Would there be any difference to the socializing at locks etc. or any other likely changes? Cheers Mick
  4. We are a married retired couple and have followed the form for some time while hiring boats from commercial hire companies and looking to either buy a boat outright or in a partnership as we are overseas for most of the year. I have seen companies offering long term hire alternatives by actually adding a client to the ownership of a private boat to make this work legally, is this a loophole or a valid approach? I would like to explore the option of either joint ownership or long term hire of a private boat for say 6-10 weeks per year by either paying an equal share of the value and upkeep or alternatively, a monthly fee to an existing owner who does not use their boat all year around. Traditional share consortiums do not work for us as we would fly into UK once a year only for longer periods, not 2-week slots. We own property in UK and Thailand and would expect to add additional insurance etc. so would consider ourselves a safe partner in such a venture, also we could offer a Condo in Bangkok by return option. Has anyone here ever heard of such options and is this something that might work? And comments would be appreciated. Cheers Mick & Winnie
  5. This is great news, I expect to be cruising approximately 5 to 6 hours per day with a day or two stopping in interesting places.
  6. Also are there any boat shows on or around this time, late April, early May?
  7. Good morning, We are planning a narrow boat holiday for two weeks starting mid-April 2021 and are looking to hire from Napton Narrowboats. Our plan was to pick up a boat at Napton Junction and navigate the Warwickshire Ring, however the boat we prefer is based at Autherley Junction so now considering the Four Counties ring instead. As we have only been on the South Oxford Canal before can anyone tell us how the Four Counties ring compares to Warwickshire Ring and/or South Oxford Canal. Would stoppages, low or high water etc. Need to be factored in? Would two weeks be sufficient to make this trip. Cheers Mick
  8. Is this ARS hydraulic drive a standard item for this engine with Beta servicing etc
  9. I posted a topic inquiring about head room in engine room/back cabin last week and received replies including reference to ARS hydraulic drive systems. This boat has this system and 6’5” headroom so certainly meets this requirement. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.com/boat/stowe-hill-marine-70-traditional/630297 Although the ARS system has great head room advantage are there maintenance issues to be considered? the bow thruster is also linked to this system. Also how does the Beta compare to a vintage engine, I’m sure it provides better horsepower and less maintenance, oil leaks etc. but with regards to the traditional sound and ambiance how would such an engine compare. I would appreciate any other feedback from the experienced live aboard members on this boat as a constant cruiser as my own experience is limited to hire boats for holidays only. Cheers Mick
  10. Glad to know this can be done, I will keep this in mind when I am looking at boats.
  11. No but it could have been, just a Beta BD3, the height through the engine room and back cabin is the same as the galley and lounge, a level flour right through. Would it be rude to ask what such a conversion might cost
  12. This is encouraging, I viewed a couple of boats last time I was in UK and this is my only concern with the boatman’s cabin otherwise this is my preference
  13. Was this done on a vintage engine, can I ask the final head room you gained
  14. H Dave, I was of the understanding that such traditional boats would not have hydraulic drives as a norm. I am looking at buying such a boat but not doing any significant work so just trying to establish what is likely to be out there head room wise. Cheers Mick
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