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  1. I am planning on CC'ing for 6 months of the year as a retirement plan starting in 2020 and having no experience was estimating 4 hrs. per day cruising say 25 days per month = 100 hrs. per month, would this seem excessive or normal practice to experienced boaters in similar ci8rcumstances. We plan to move around the system and enjoy the canals as opposed to stay in the same place for any period of time and use the engine for heating water and generating electricity as we go.
  2. I did not consider the current 60/40 rule, actually the increase will only be around 50% of the increased cost as boaters are already using some white fuel, is this correct? Why would canal side sellers stop selling as there will still be the same supply and demand for boats in any case?
  3. Ok thanks for the advice, I will adjust the budget accordingly, Cheers Mick
  4. As I am not budgeting to return to UK and start continues cruising next year for retirement can anyone clarify the impact of changing from red to white diesel. My prior cost estimate was “Red diesel fuel x GBP0.9 per L x 1L per hr. x 100hrs per month” (100hr x GBP0.9) = GBP90 per month. Any advice from experienced boaters appreciated. Cheers Mick
  5. Ok thank you for the confirmation, I was aware of income and capital gains but not having lived in UK for a while was not up to date on council tax etc.
  6. Prompted by another members post on a similar topic but not wanting to hijack the thread I was hoping to get some clarification on the following; Myself and my wife live overseas and are gearing up to return to UK to retire on a canal boat for CCing. We may only live in UK for 6 to 9 months of the year and will place our boat in storage at a marina while overseas during the winter. Would we be subject to any council tax or other tax apart from income tax from property rental income? Thanks for any advice Mick
  7. It will be interesting to see the comments you get about this requirement. I have no experience in this matter but understand from other posts the danger of being swept backwards off the “suicide” seat on trads. However I have also wondered if having a seat with a raised back rest would prevent the person from being so easily swept off the seat.
  8. I do like the idea of a vintage engine and back cabin so a longer boat would be better for this option but otherwise 57' to 60 may be considered. I would be with my wife so would have an extra pair of hands to assist. Also the ability to have guests without using the salon is an appealing idea but I am still in the research stage so considering options
  9. This is really my aim to consider the compromise between lost living space and lost canal cruising. I am considering CCing with summer months on the canal and from research to date looking at 65-70 ft. as best option or m60 ft. for a particularly nice boot. Mick
  10. I have seen canal maps highlighting in colour navigation by boat width, i.e. narrow canals for 7’ wide boats and wide canals and rivers. Is there any map available either on the internet or even in hard copy for wall hanging that indicates canals by boat length, i.e. boats up to 57’, boats up no 65’ and bots up to 71’ for easy reference of where narrow boats of various lengths can and cannot go or where bottle necks are located. Cheers Mick
  11. This is interesting to note, thanks for posting
  12. I'm not sure of prop size but wouldn't the 2'1" be a plus considering many vintage engine boats are deeper and more prone to grounding
  13. I was under the assumption that with a hydraulic gearbox head room in back cabin would not be too greatly reduced, is this incorrect?
  14. I’m not planning on wintering on a boat myself so this issue of insulation is more regarding the resale however I should ask if the insulation has a bearing on keeping cool in summer or any other issues I may not be considering.
  15. Good morning everyone, The boat advertised in the below link looks to tick all the required box’s for personal preferences but I do have a few specific questions I would like to ask of the experienced boaters; http://rugbyboats.co.uk/listings/hope-cts-608-trad-1990/ Engine hours “4,946” Hull thickness “8/6/4” Insulation “polystyrene double layer” Assuming the engine is running well at the time of sale would this engine still require overhauling in the not to distant future? Hull thickness also raises concern of at some point over plating may be required. I have heard bade reviews on polystyrene boards but not come across “double layer” before. My biggest concern would be resale value of the boat in say 2 or 3 years and how these issues would hinder resale and price even if the new owner had several good years cruising from the boat. Also the engine size 3LW Gardner would make it very suitable for river cruising, am I correct in this assumption? Thanks for any comments Mick
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