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  1. It is a cruiser stern and whilst in theory should be a dry bilge it always seems to have some water in the bottom, we keep the drains clear and have a cover for when we leave the boat. Also have a seperate drip box with it's own bilge pump under the stern gland but water always seems to find a way in. Cheers Pete
  2. Hi Blackrose, The baseplate under the stern gland, yes commonly immersed in water. I have a lovely (and small) wife who has 'volenteered' to get down there with the Vatacan. Pete
  3. Just been poking around near the stern gland and pulled off, what look to me, like large chunks of rust almost looks like a sheet of rust I would guess 2-3mm thick. I believe not a lot of metal converts to what looks like a lot of rust but does anyone out there know? Next job on the list I guess is to get down there, scrape away and repaint. Cheers Pete
  4. I think it was the isolator switch it was very manky on the contacts so I have cleaned it back to bright metal and hit it with electrical contact cleaner and so far so good, inverter on and no flashing this morning. Tracy the 12.64 was after sitting for 6 hours after a 7 hour run, does that still imply shot batteries.
  5. Thank you again all At least I not feel totally stupid after seeing the answers on how to measure the cable. I will get the fridge out again and open the isolator switch. Pete
  6. Thank you all With fridge on but the compressor not running 12.71v when the compressor kicks in 12.42v (that is this afternoon after around a 6 hour run). It is an old fridge, to my certain knowledge 12years, probably as old as the boat 16years. Really dumb question I am sure how do you correctly measure cable size. I have a hole gauge for drill bits, do I stick the copper core through there? Pete
  7. Hi, 12v shoreline and the light was blinking, just one blink (low voltage I think?). Checked the batteries and they were at 12.64 anyone know what an acceptable voltage is at the fridge. The really odd thing is I turned the inverter off (not on shoreline ) and the light stopped and the compressor fired up. This is the first time out of the marina for 12 months and the batteries have been on charge via the inverter. I have not yet separated the batteries to test individually. 12.64 after a 7 hour run and then engine off for 6 hours. Any thoughts/suggestions more than gratefully received. Pete
  8. There used to be rings past the no mooring section opposite dobsons. The tow path has been upgraded and the rings have gone I have yet to try and get a pin in the very narrow strip of earth left. Please PM me if my location description does not make sense. In Nottingham there used to be rings opposite the canal house and fmc pubs, when the edging was replaced the rings were not.
  9. Hi, Trying to change the starter alternator belt on my beta 38. The new belt I have will just not fit and I was hoping someone could advise the correct belt to get. The old belt is a contitech ax 10×950 and so is the new but the new belt is toothed where the old belt isn't,. The other numbers on the belts (incase these mean something to someone) are 02102017 8 66 (old) 02102017 8 61 (new). Several of us in the marina have tried without succeedsuccess and yes the alternator is adjusted all the way in. Thanks for any help. Pete
  10. Dates have just been announced for Crick 2021 20th to 22nd August. Pete
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Hi, I use my phone as a wifi hotspot to stream netflix but not HD (as my telly is not HD) without a problem. And my phone is the original note so I am sure does not do 4G let alone 5. Pete
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