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  1. Installed mine over the summer - £1360 for a Hobbit stove and flue kit, then maybe a good 2 days work building the hearth and installing it. At £50/hour, that'd come to roughly £2.5k all told
  2. cheers all - I've dropped an email to Beta
  3. Heya, The belt for our leisure battery alternator is knackered so we need a replacement, and I'm struggling to identify the belt so I can get a new one online It's a beta 43 engine, and the belt is 10mm wide. There's a few codes and numbers on it that are a bit worn, but from what I can make out they're 3108, 13AY1087, 661 1130 54940 161 and FA1 AUTOMOTIVE <something> - pic below I've found this one at midland chandlers, but it doesn't match any of the codes on the belt so I'm not sure it's the one... Any ideas? Cheers, J
  4. I screwed the batons straight to the steel beams using self tapping screws (had to predrill a small pilot hole first). The batons I used were pretreated - I've got a few spare I don't need so if you happen to be around the Limehouse area you can have them
  5. Heya - I recently replaced my deckhead too Essentially get rid of as much loose rust as you can, paint the rust with vactan, add a layer of primer to seal everything in and then replace the insulation
  6. Hmm, ok - there's 4 fairly redundant 90deg bends right next to the pump, so I'll have a play with that and see if things improve, cheers
  7. You've got both right, but the flow from the showerhead is 4lpm. If the flow does get too much for the gulper, I'll find a stronger replacement, but for now I won't solve a problem we don't have I've wanted to live on a boat for the last 5 years, and while I'm used to a less luxurious lifestyle, I'm not the only one onboard Could afford to rent a teeny tiny flat in London, but where's the fun in that?
  8. Heya all Cheers for all the info - we've got a calorifier, I'm happy with a cold shower and me and my partner shower at different times of the day so it'll give the immersion heater time to recover. As for running out of cold water, we've got a hose very close indeed so that's not a major issue I've checked the gulper and it'll be able to cope with about 3 times the current flow The current pump kicks in shortly after the shower starts and runs continuously until the shower stops. I've ordered a 2nd Jabsco, couldn't find the pressure switch right away - if there's problems once both pumps are installed I'll get one
  9. I will get right on that, cheers
  10. Apologies - I'll flick the 'youth speak' switch off Amp up = needs more oomph - we young people have been mollycoddled to expect, nay, demand, a powerful 30min shower twice a day So it looks likes the best solution is to add an extra Jabsco to the mix (and it's also about £200 cheaper) - should I install it in series or parallel? My gut tells me that having one pump feeding into the next would be a bad move, but it's been wrong before...
  11. We're at a marina with a tap 2m away so can have the luxury of long showers
  12. Cheers for the replies Good shout, hadn't thought of that - I assume they've both feed into the accumulator? Both pumps will be right next to the tank, so the change shouldn't be an issue. Will look into L valves I've had a look at the parmax range, and the highest 12v flow rate @ 25psi (from what I can see) is 11lpm, which is our current one. I don't want to increase the pressure because I'm not sure what the rest of the system is rated for, so I'll play it safe and keep any alterations under 25psi to avoid a leak
  13. Heya, I'm looking to amp up the water flow rate in the boat by adding in a mains pump to the system - we're on shoreline pretty much all the time, so power isn't an issue. Currently there's a parmax2.9 Jabsco installed with an accumulator, and we'd keep that as-is so that we can switch back when we're on the batteries. It's 25PSI (1.7 bar), so this looks like it would suit without blowing the pipes apart, and it has about twice the flow rate of the Jabsco Here's the old layout and a rough plan of what I think might work for the new one: Before I go and order the pump, is there anything in this setup that looks off? The pump not in use will be turned off so they won't fight against eachother, but do they need their own individual stopcock to prevent the other pump putting negative pressure on the seals etc.? Cheers, Jacob
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