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  1. Hi it’s the walls the deck head is ok there no room really on walls I can fit a strip over it only
  2. Ok thanks but I have no option as need to just cover with something before T&g over it when I striped it out it only had a 3 mm of Polystyrene strip glue to it and the wood above was absolutely fine and it was for 30 years
  3. Ok so cut it in strips and tape over steel areas
  4. Hi what can I do I have insulation in the form of kingspan and there are steel supports level with it can I put roll silver insulation on them with foil tape ?
  5. Well today was good had a good walk around there was mainly dealers of engines and a like some rope suppliers tiller stall lots of no boat stuff was nice to see the old boats on display and weather was spot on going back tomorrow
  6. Well weather lovely hope for a good day
  7. Ok well some negative view there I am here now and going for the weekend so I let you know what I think
  8. Feeby100


    Any members going this weekend ?
  9. And still used in millions of pipes under ground no harm doing
  10. Bitumen been used for hundreds of year it fine
  11. It’s from 1 sep they say half price
  12. Ok so I go in from October then that a bit bad they charge whole year when you go in now
  13. So if I went in water start of September I get 6 months ?
  14. It’s a shame to lose the harbour to build bloody more houses
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