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  1. He only wants a bloody crew mate gay or not what up with every one leave the bloke alone bulling comes to mind
  2. Thank you so much for you help and I got the info 12mm thanks
  3. So I thinking of getting these ?
  4. Thank you so much that very kind helping me and good info 👍
  5. No mid bulkheads the outlet is on port side and the oven and hob are to and the boiler is on other side gas locker to hob 40ft then oven 45 foot then boiler 3 foot from that across
  6. Yes it go across on the bulk head behind unit and step
  7. 5.4 kw output that all I can find The hob and oven one side and boiler at end opposite oven so just 4 ft across Thanks Paul j
  8. I don’t have a problem sounds like you do I was ask to give the item and Tracy d arth was kindly doing it for me that’s why I posted it ok with you boss
  9. Hello right this is what I will have the run form the gas locker to last appliance which is the Aide 2928 boiler 50 ft So it’s hob then oven and boiler last the hob is about 38 ft from locker
  10. Ok I find out thanks what he has in qualifications and certificates so may be buy it with out the plastic cheaper as it not cheap as you see in pic I put there must be 15 mm fitting that Reduce
  11. He is trained and works on lpg yes this is the stuff
  12. There is noting in the boxing so I can clips it on it I guess I spoke to a Expert gas engineer and he said 15 mil copper coil plastic coated
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