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  1. The chaps could have at least whetted appetites with teasers of forthcoming episodes. A cruise has already been covered by All Aboard! (although I'm not saying 'if you've seen one...'), so maybe they're still working out different ideas for episodes. Maybe some slow TV ideas could be pitched here, like 'filling a water tank', 'fishing out my keys'...?
  2. My suggestion to you, seeing as would be 1) not to look to buy a tool, and 2) not a tool to do both jobs - what you could do is to see if you can borrow a tool from whoever is around at the time to tackle the first job of removal. That could be a cordless drill or angle grinder. Then all you'd need is either a poly abrasive wheel for a drill or disc for a grinder, a mask and goggles, all of which shouldn't break the bank. Same with sanding, although more people seem to have a cordless drill/grinder than a ROS so then you may have to buy. Hmm. Having written the above, I'm wondering now whether your strategy of means a series of prepping and painting small areas over a year or more. If that's the case, hopefully you have neatly-defined sections so that you can avoid a patchy overall result.
  3. In a pinch, and if the pins have 'eyes', you can slip them behind the lining strip threading the rope through the eye and around the bottom of the pin.
  4. Had some nr Regents Park I could have sold you, but never mind.
  5. ...or paper, or Artex(!). I'm guessing that @notts_alan wants to keep the 'wood look' if he's thinking about panelling over the top.
  6. Just a suggestion: if the existing lining is sound, and you just want to freshen up cosmetically, why not just apply a veneer, or sand and varnish, etc.?
  7. More Robbie Cummings Canal Boat Diaries on Beeb 4 at half past, btw.
  8. No central heating, no water (small forecabin). Useful note on gas / electricity, thanks - a gas pipe exists at gunwale height. I'll either separate off, or more likely run wiring on other side.
  9. No, I'm planning to have a box channel running along the underside of the gunwale.
  10. I posted the other day about flooring to lay on top of these boards in the picture below (and thanks to responses, I'm getting in vinyl samples and catalogues) - thinking ahead to the lining, I'm wondering about how to finish at the meeting with the floor. I was just going to go with a skirting board flush to the floor, but as I've got boards on either side which should be lift-uppable for inspection / bilge maintenance, I paused for thought. Maybe I should leave a little gap to to be able to lift the board without needing to remove the skirting board. Shouldn't need much, as the board is 16" wide. That got me to thinking, why have a skirting board at all, if it doesn't meet the floor? Just leave a gap (which would also allow for movement?). Any reason for going one way or the other, apart from preference for looks? edit: forgot to say, a bit more of a gap might allow for later retro-fit of a solid-wood floor.
  11. Thanks - yes, I'd been reading this page - was there a form/template for the Operating Proposal, or did you hand-craft your own?
  12. Hi, Is anyone here a CRT-licenced trader? I was just wondering what more there was beyond paying for your licence. Any inspections, or paperwork required for example? This was just in regard to general trading, i.e., not carrying passengers or having the public enter your boat. TIA
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