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  1. Chateau Bateau le bateau de chateau, come on
  2. My ex went on some DIY composting toilet course that he ran at his place man years ago. He's been doing this sort of thing for ages. Of course, the real money is in making the TV series, for which this narrowboat project is really episode content.
  3. They've an entire chateau to accommodate people. What's the appeal in going over to France to spend your holiday in a boat that's not going anywhere?
  4. Doesn't that bit of kit just put out a boosted signal from your router (which I'm guessing you don't have)?
  5. ok, thanks. seen a few warnings, wondered if it ever did happen.
  6. Well, that's the question really: does it get affected by flooding from the River Stour?
  7. Aldi offer even cheaper (£16), can buy online. Buy something else for a fiver and get free delivery.
  8. Seen those; thought powder was more for electrical fires, but not bad value. There's an ash vacuum cleaner for £40 that's interesting for cleaning stoves. edit: 33 quid!
  9. Pleasantly surprised to hear it. No way to moderate it?
  10. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/happy-home/vonhause-3-blade-stove-fan/p27919 No endorsement from me, just FYI
  11. Jesus. Maybe I'd be better off forgetting about the bed, and sleeping upright.
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