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  1. Money up in smoke. Oops, forgot notes are plastic now.
  2. And that would before you factor in currency exchange charges and import duty from the US On second thoughts having checked out the link to the 'Bubble 1 Pie Pod' (you what?), perhaps the Salamander isn't *that* bad.
  3. Salamander Stoves do a range which seems to tick all your boxes - unless one of those boxes is not being horribly expensive. https://salamanderstoves.com/product/the-little-range/
  4. Thanks all. Would a 'swan neck' be a configuration of the hose, something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174340321353 Or a specific component?
  5. Morning, Leisurely Sunday morning planning for a new shower install, waste handling in particular. Nearest skin fitting is approx 6 feet distant from shower waste. No constraints on space or previous install considerations, so what are my options? Would it be better to have integrated tank/pump or separate? Would I just need an isolating valve between the shower and tank? I notice that some tanks have see-through top covers. How useful are these? Appreciate your thoughts...
  6. You could maybe perk it up with border tiles in a contrasting colour, using heat-resistant tile adhesive to stick down on the outer edge of the slabs. Minimal cost/effort.
  7. Anyone know what the situation on Thorpe Island is now? Jenner's Basin now under new ownership and the basin cleared of boats - likewise for the rest of the island?
  8. I've checked my email, and haven't received this communication from CaRT. I did however, receive an invitation to take part in a similar consultation last year - the timetable for which was: I haven't received any follow-up communication of any proposals published in 2021, either.
  9. Weighing the two up. Would anyone care to comment on these?
  10. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you; 1) about a good half an hour to go touch dry / stiff 2) yes, it'll stick, but the trick is to get it to stay in place initially while it cures. Careful, slow, progressive application might get you there.
  11. I wonder if vinyl tape might be an effective solution.
  12. The Soudal foam that you're referring to ('Genius' - isn't that the name of the gun system?) appears to be 'resistant to water', according to their website. Having just used an expanding foam (a different Soudal product), I think that you'll definitely be better off with a gun rather than a tube applicator. You'll likely need to modulate the flow in order to get it to fill the gap and not just shoot down to the bottom of the void. Not sure how you'd tackle the top of the porthole, though. May be tricky.
  13. What licences, insurances, etc. would you need to operate a tug (construction, general towing services) on the inland waterways? Appreciate insight if you've relevant experience, TIA
  14. Okay folks, I'll try a light misting. Cheers
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