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  1. Thank you everyone for the advice A litre of morrisons bio laudary liquid seems to have cured it. Morrisons because we were in stone and that is the local supermarket Pete
  2. Hi, I think the seal around the ball is OK, the bowl retains water fine. I would have thought if I had rust holes I would have had the smell before the bolts were replaced. Anyone ever tried a smoke candle or some thing to check?
  3. Hi When you say he fitted it so the hole is blocked do you mean by accident and caused a problem or deliberately to solve the problem? Cheers Peter
  4. We recently had a problem where the screws holding our toilet flange down broke and had to be replaced. We always had the occasional whiff on flushing, it is a dump through traveller but now it is constant but oddly a sweet sickly smell rather than the more 'traditional' smell. When it was reasembled the person who repaired it seemed to use plenty of a black coloured sealent and I replaced both the Base and bowl seals. I obviously need to disassemble and have another go but anyone got any advice on where to add sealer or test before I do as I am at a bit of a loss. Thanks Pete
  5. Had a bit of a disaster, we have a domestic Sealand dump through pump out toilet and the 8 screws which held the toilet to the top of the tanks all broke. The broken screws have been drilled out tapped and replace. Had to reasemble with the old gaskets as that is all I had. I have the new gasket with new nuts and bolts but the instructions say 'tighten securely'. I am talking about the 4 bolts which hold the Base to the nylon flange. Was wondering if anyone had any further advice about how tight to get those nuts. All help (as always) gratefully received. Peter
  6. Thank you everyone for you advice. If it us useful to anyone it is a myson type 13. VERY easy to change once you have the right part. There is a good seller on ebay am I allowed to mention his name here? Peter
  7. Hi, I am back from the boat with a couple of photos. The fitting does look like it would unscrew, but I did not try to remove it. I did take out the bleed screw and it is not tapered it has a blunt end with a raised circle in the middle, not sure how clear that is in the photo. It is next to a new standard screw for comparison. I did remove another screw and it was the same. Pete Had to do 2 post for 2 photos
  8. I think mine are the old fashioned kind, so just a little brass tapered screw. I will be at the boat this weekend so will check and post pictures. Thanks Peter
  9. Thanks all I will get a picture this weekend. Pete
  10. Hi, I have a bleed screw on a radiator on the boat which just keeps weeping with the central heating pump on or off. It is staining the woodwork below so I would really like to stop it, I have tightened as much as I dare, any brilliant ideas aprreciated. Thanks Peter
  11. Thank you I Could get here but not the crt site for some strange reason. I get a SSL error
  12. The towpath telegraph is saying this is shut Just wondering if anyone has up to date info Cheers Pete
  13. Thanks all Just checked the voltage and it was just over 10 at the fridge and 12.86 at the batteries. When I tightened the earth connection at one end of the batteries I obviously did not tighten properly when I replaced the domestic batteries it went up at the fridge. Doh! I would love to say this was the dumbest question I had asked on this forum. Pete
  14. Hi. My shoreline fridge is acting very strange. If I leave it set on 3 the led starts blinking which I thought meant low voltage? However if when it does this I turn it up to 4 the compressor starts and it seems happy for a time. The domestic batteries are about 2 weeks old. The blinking appears to be one a pause then 2 although it is difficult to be sure. It has been very hot on the boat. Any ideas great fully received. Pete
  15. Hi Do ypu have the contact details for the guy who came and sorted it? How much was it? Cheers Pete
  16. I'm going tp make what is probably a dumb comment. Make sure the diesel valve is off and even then you will still get a regulators worth of diesel when you unscrew the cover. You will probably have guessed that in advance but....
  17. I wasn't sure but I have been using the small version of this on our 54footer to moor in the marina for over a year with no issues. It is mounted on the gunnels about about 35 ft
  18. Thanks all the water is coming out the hole in the top and only if you flush long enough so that and a plastic chinese container is keeping us going. I know what I need to ask for, will call leesan
  19. Hi I have a problem with my Sealand toilet and was hoping someone may be able to advise. At the back of the bowl is a cover and under it a valve this has started to leak. Anyone know what this is called and how to replace it. Thanks in advance Pete
  20. Thank you for looking Pete
  21. I've seen the miracle leisure ladder come gangplank but was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that supplied ali gang planks not built on a ladder? Cheers Pete
  22. Made me smile but I have edited title to avoid confusion Pete
  23. Hi Trying to get hold of lockgate. Does anyone know if they are still in buisness? They have definitely moved from their old building in Shardlow, emails and phone calls get no response. Thanks Peter
  24. There is a small landing in the offline waterway above the weir. We used it to visit the pumping station. When I say small it is roughly 6ft so you have to tie up in a strange way but it worked.
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