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  1. Sad story (good to see balanced justice), and a saga, and obtaining pecuniary advantage ..... A good cross section - interesting thanks, A
  2. Deathly silence from CRT for a while - any news on them and the 'third party' actually fixing/reopening the cut?? Cheers, A
  3. related but not so focussed perhaps. As a newcomer to narrowboats, I'm frankly amazed that full boat thefts happen (as opposed to thefts from boats) - surely not the obvious candidate for a quick getaway, nor an environment to wander around undetected...??? Naive of me perhaps.......
  4. Crumbs.....supposed to be bringing ours down past there in March......how likely does that look....not.... :-(
  5. Suitable and restrained response to some comments some might have found patronising...... We’re about to launch into narrow boating and will have plenty of dumb questions I fear.....will provide lots of detail behind them for certain....
  6. Great to see this posted Miso and the hints/guidance - headed onto the water ourselves for the first time (in our own boat) over the Winter so will be following this with great interest. Cheers, A
  7. Wow - so glad to find this forum as easy going as many others........ Found plenty of good stuff/advice/info trawling around tho - grateful so far. Keep up the good work, and basically sad over the story that got me reading this thread in the first place..... Cheers, A
  8. agew


  9. I do hope someone replies - brand new on here and headed for a shower room project myself...... good luck, A
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