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  1. The good people on Fuel Boat Halsall, told me, last Thursday, that one of the other fuel boats had be allowed through as a “test”, so looks like all is on schedule. Due to work commitments changing, because of Covid planning, we are looking to go through next Saturday or Sunday, so like you, we hope that it reopens on Friday evening!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. That is one way of looking at it. Another, and using your figures, is that one person in every 264, will die of this virus. If I look at my family, I have two sisters, and if we count me, them, our ascendents and decedents, and all of our partners, there are about 30 of us. My wife’s family the same. Thus I have approximately 60 close relatives. That means that about one in four family networks are going to be attending a funeral sometime soon (or not so soon given the backlog at the undertakers). Of course you figures, suggest the worst, no one does anything scenario. Or, in a completely bonkers kind of way, we could all try and do something.
  4. There is at least one fuel boat that covers that area. Halsall was with us today, pumped both tanks, filled the diesel, swapped the gas and loaded the roof with coal. Job done and ready to go. Neither they or Alton have any plans of stopping, unless they are forced to by the bug itself...
  5. Not sure you are right there. Our trusty pooch, for dietary reasons, has to have a brand of food that we can only get in limited places. Thus, we have to go to Waitrose for her (whilst we shop at Aldi). It appears that the good people of Cheshire, where we currently are, share our mutts taste (or at least there dogs do). Mind you it. Is not much less than pure chicken, so if push comes to shove....
  6. Don’t bother with a mag. CanalWorld Discussion Forum is all you need. The advice is free, non-judgemental, unbiased and accurate beyond reproach! Oh, hang on a minute... ...yeh, on second thoughts Waterways World is probably a better bet!
  7. Seemingly here... https://www.awcc.org.uk/index.php but not sure what, or indeed where on their website, the connection to Saul Junction is!
  8. Yes it is, just rock up at your local council offices...
  9. Not quite sure how knowing they own a boat, or not helps. Even if they do, there could be a shed laid of debt secured against it. Anyhow, what you going to do if they have, unilaterally lay claim to it? Surely your best course of action is through the courts, and if an order is granted, then it would be for the bailiff to decide how to recover your money. The other thing to consider, is that actual ownership of a boat is really hard to identify. There is no registration document, like a car, and just because I pay the license fee, don’t mean I own it! There are a couple of cases where hire fleets have gone under, and the former owners have made fairly good efforts at hiding boats from the debtors. Mind you I know of a defunct removal firm where the directors managed to”lose” three 10ton lorries! good luck, but don’t get your hopes up in regards to being the proud owner of a boat because of defaulted debt!
  10. 34 gallon is about 155 litres. That’s a bit small, but it depends how you are using the boat. We have two macerator toilets, each with a 300 litre tank, so 600 litres in total. We live aboard, and get about 5 weeks out of the pair. Under the same circumstances you would only get about 8 days. As others have said, the pump out cost will be the same (although obviously we pay twice for two tanks) so yours will be twice what we are paying...
  11. And that’s why I said... But did not answer the rest of my question...
  12. Anyone placed a recent order with this firm? I know he has been having problem with supply of bridge plaques, but I placed an order two weeks ago, for product showing as in stock, expecting that it would be dispatched within 24 hours as per their terms and conditions. As yet I have not had it, nor can I elicit a response when trying to make contact.
  13. Apart from ar a Golden Nook Farm on the SUC, where the wind bows so heavily off of the Cheshire Planes, that it makes me wonder why anyone wood choose to moor there in the first place. Nevertheless every other boat has a turbine, most of which are running so fast, I would be surprised if they don’t burn out within a year...
  14. No problem. As I said, I downloaded this a few years back, but after a bit of skiffing around the net, I’ve just found the link again... https://indigodream.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/hmi-isuzu-manual.pdf Might be useful to you?
  15. @Mike Adams According to the manual that I blagged, online, sometime ago, it looks to be the 4LE1...
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