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  1. Yes we have the Candy and run it if of a Mastervolt 12/2000 with no issues at all...
  2. The Candy equivalent, whilst a little more pricey, apparently has a better reputation for running properly from an inverter.
  3. I’ve nowhere especially to be, so slow passage is not a major issue, no my observations are genuinely more about local respect for the environment.
  4. Totally agree, from the Fingerpost to the end of the Anglesey is well worth the effort.
  5. That might assume that The Dreamer hasn’t been boating for over 20 years, and before last week hasn’t had the weed hatch open more than half a dozen times! Oh, an a fair chunk of my experience is on the Basingstoke, which hardly ever has more than 3ft of water in it...
  6. I don’t have unrealistic expectations of urban canals, in fact many of my favourite parts of the network are in cities and towns (and not just the gentrified and developed bits). My issue with the W&E, and especially the length from the Cannock Extension to the Mainline, is that it is abused by the locals, frankly it is strewn with rubbish, most appearing to flow from both back gardens and factory yards. Maybe local folk should take more care of their canal, and they might see more boats!
  7. A contender for the worst swamp hole of a canal on the network. Discuss...
  8. With hindsight I should have hauled it into the bow deck, it was so flipping heavy, it might have brought the prop up a few inches and prevented any more useful items being snagged. Sadly I had nearly killed myself dragging it out the water and could move it no further!
  9. If you believe any member of staff, at any other BWML/Aquavista Marina, Sawley is the dog’s proverbials! Now I treat that with a pinch of salt, but I think it is fair to say that, for reasons of it being head office and one of their largest operations, it does get more than its share of resource. However when compared with somewhere like Great Haywood, my view is it falls short...
  10. So how did that go for you? BTW, you were seen passing by Mrs Dreamer, but I was up in Liverpool on business!
  11. Indeed it was. At one point I was half expecting that the horse was still wearing it!
  12. So today I have had the weed hatch up five times: Carpet hall runner Padded horse jacket (pictured) A dress, or maybe a curtain, or maybe a dress that used to be a curtain A pair of tracksuit trousers A collection of plastic bags I would like to think that I have totally hoovered the Wyrley and Essingham of all debris, but somehow I doubt if!
  13. In my experience it is slightly pessimistic with the time it allows for locks and is slightly optimistic when calculating miles. On an average day the two offset each other, but on Tardebigge days we beat the clock, and on Wolverhampton Level days we get behind. But this is boating, so who cares? We’ll get there when we get there!
  14. Thanks folks! Over the years I have done both and have found that when I call, I have been asked if I am able/willing to run the water myself and when I just got on and do it myself, inevitably a CaRT bod turns up and tells me off! Today however offered a whole new dimension. Coming up Rushall Flight, one of the short pounds had drained, so I ran from one, two locks up, that is a mile and a half long, a member of the public (not on a boat), seeing me open a top and a bottom paddle, told me that they were going to report me, and they did! Anyhow, CaRT bods didn’t turn up until I was half a mile clear of the locks, so not quite sure what their views were...
  15. Call, and wait for, CaRT? or Run water through the above locks yourself?
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