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  1. As a republican, I would happily take a full blown dump in the presence of the queen, and use her second sons tie to wipe...(well you get the idea). As a boater, I would not speak to anyone who dared paint their boat in metallic colours, and especially the hue of a mass produce parcel carrier! As a critical friend, I would warn of the dangers of applying a paint that will be hard to touch up. As a hedonist, I would say if it pleases you, go for it...
  2. ...that we committed to our new home 😄
  3. And when did you need to do this?
  4. Na, don’t want a Disney canal, we would have to add coconut essence to the water, and play an eternal loop of “It’s a Small World”. note: I am now aware that the whole of CWDF will be humming the aforementioned ear worm...
  5. Have we got an aqueduct? We need an aqueduct. If we have an aqueduct, particularly if it is long and high, we can light it up at night, and all the people we want to bring their boats to see it. Of course, we need lots of boats, because as the nice people at ANT will attest, trying to run a comparatively short stretch of navigation, whilst maintaining our independence, means we will have to charge an extraordinarily high licence fee!
  6. Yep, and apparently residential customers also get a post office registered postal address included, but we still end up paying the “independent” chandlers for handling our mail and we get a storage box, subject to availability, which are always available in Wickes, which is where we had to buy ours from!
  7. Craprajester would be more fitting! I presume the change is to distance themselves from their former owners. Funny though, British Waterways Marinas Ltd, as a name, survived several years of CRT ownership, and they did not feel the need to rebrand!
  8. That registration is not recognised on the CRT online checker... https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/boating/licensing/boat-check/submission/54185/status/not-found Is listed on CanalPlan, but as with most of their records, they last updated in 2013, since the last time they did a FOI requesT to CRT. So sometime in the last six years it appears to have fallen off of CRT records...
  9. It’s been moored there so long, this boat, that it appears on google maps. Although I guess if they retook the satellite image tomorrow, it would be gone!
  10. There is this, from googling “boat fire Rickmansworth”... https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/17360207.the-incident-took-place-on-the-grand-union-canal-close-to-the-aquadrome/ but does not really match the facts you describe...
  11. As Homer (Simpson, that is, not the ancientGreek poet) might say... D’OH!!!,!
  12. And certainly if you have a long (69ft or longer) boat. Going down stream, on the lower Avon, we find we get wedged between the cill and the lower gates, in a number of the locks. Going uphill, the prowl of the bow, just sits enough over the cill to make things a little less stressful!
  13. Definitely no guillotiné locks on the Avon now. We did the ring just two months ago...
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