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  1. Set. Up an account with Tesco, or one of the other supermarkets, and get your groceries delivered... Or Birmingham and pick up a boat from Napton?
  2. Yep that’s what I said, “local sources”!
  3. If charged, the persons name will, in most circumstances, enter the public domain, like it or not, that is the law. However this driver has not yet been charged, and the police are being careful in only stating his nationality and age, yet the news outlets are all quoting “local sources”, which I agree does seem prejudicial. Interestingly Channel 4 news is naming him, but are at pains to remind us that he must be considered innocent...
  4. So that’s 39 people in side a steel container with about the same volume as a 70ft narrowboat. Think of the amount of ventilation that BSS insists we have for a vessel that should only have eight people aboard...
  5. Worcester marina will have one yellow boat left after next week, when Horik leaves their fleet, and I doubt that the other two old Viking bases are any different...
  6. For what it’s worth, mine are in exactly the same position, and will have been there for 15 years. That’s three BSS passed. Also surveyor did not raise an issue when we bought, a year ago. I guess from our perspective, BSS bod would be churlish to fail us, knowing three before him hadn’t. Yours might ask, “why did you move them”...
  7. Nah, they were moored up on the offside of the outer basin, for just a couple of days. Thinking about it, I wonder if they ended up in Pinder’s dry dock. Haven’t had a peer in there recently...
  8. We had a couple stop of at Diglis earlier in the season. The yard is still open at Dunhampsted, just don’t appear to be hiring anymore.
  9. I get it, we all need to do whatever we can for the environment, marginal gains and all. But our electric cost, and thus more or less, carbon cost is the lowest of our four fuels. Anthracite, diesel, LPG and electricity, in that order. Doubt we are much different to the majority on the cut. So whilst there are many benefits to solar, not sure we are going to noticeably change the planet with it...
  10. This sounds like my father in law. Nothing says “happy, collegiate and relaxed family boating” like a captain who feels the need to keep going despite the crews need to feed their hunger!
  11. I use this stuff: https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-heavy-duty-degreaser-5ltr/88668 does exactly what it says on the plastic container, and less than nine squids a gallon!
  12. As I post, the cheapest “Buy It Now” is £555, and anything sub £400, on auction, has at least 2 days left to run, so won’t be that price when the hammer falls.
  13. Just got me self one, off the old ‘Bay. Thanks for the advice...
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