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  1. I'm planning a trip down the Severn from Stourport to Gloucester, I'll be single handed. Does anyone have any advice or experience to pass on? I've been on rivers before but nothing like the Severn. I've got VHF, life preserver, anchor with chain, phone numbers of the locks, will be checking the river state via the EA. Do I need a bow rope that I can hold from the stern? I'm a bit concerned about the locks and of course Gloucester lock and the wier! Thanks PS I've plenty of canal experience just not so much on rivers
  2. From the tone of your original post, you sound like either a snob or a busy body with nothing better to do. How much of your time has one bloke keeping a few ducks, taken up? With everything going on with the poor maintenance / management of our canals, why not use your time and effort doing something about that? Leave those that are quietly living their lives with zero impact on you, alone.
  3. They are pets. I don't know the guy but I saw the post on here and realised I was moored next to this topics subject matter and decided to have a chat with him.. I still think it's incredibly snobby and bad taste to judge a person by the state of their boat. Not everyone can afford a nice new boat. In 7 years on the canals, most (not all) of the really nice, helpful and kind people I've met have been on boats that the shiney boat brigade would call scruffy. I'd rather deal with nice people than nice boats!
  4. Last night I was moored up to the boat with the ducks, nice chap, ducks were fine, seemed in good health and in good welfare, I was worried about my dog hassling them but the ducks soon put my pooch in his place. Sorry but imo, what a snobby assumption you have made about the liveaboard boater who is tending to the ducks. You have made your judgment based on what his boat looks like and your baseless presumption that he doesn't move very much. Shame on you.
  5. Live and let live. It's down to CaRT to police overstaying, non licence payers and boats without a valid BSC. The local council won't be interested as it's far cheaper to facilitate someone living on a boat like this rather than offer suitable accommodation and support.
  6. jeddlad


  7. Don't assume that a boat displaying an out of date licence or no licence at all is unlicenced. My attitude is that if Canal and River trust can't be bothered to send me a licence, then I can't be bothered to use my printer, ink and paper to print one. I am a law abiding boating but if CRT can pay their top level managers and CEO such huge saleries, they should be able to send each boater a licence when they renew.
  8. When I Went past 3 weeks ago there was also no sign with the fuel price displayed. I'm not sure how legal his set up was as they only accepted cash. Shame if it's closed as was always the cheapest fuel by a quite a way round that area.
  9. There is a boat stuck in lock 9 of the Napton flight. It hasn't been cilled or damaged. There does appear to be a smidgen of clearance each side so the summery (made in the Folly with the boat owner, locals and numerous pints) is that the pound is low and he's caught on the bottom. C&RT are attending Monday morning
  10. I enjoyed a great couple of nights in the Coventry basin earlier this month. No problems at all. The cafe does a fantastic English breakfast and the price was very reasonable. There were a few people hanging around at night but nothing malicious and all were perfectly polite when I engaged them in conversation. I would definitely moor there again .
  11. Christine at Trinity Marina is lovely lady, the moorings looked good when I was there on Sunday. Unfortunately it's too expensive for my northern tastes
  12. I need to leave the boat for 4 or 5 days around Stone on the T&M. Any one have any suggestions for a good place I can moor up? Thanks
  13. Sorry to hear of your loss. When you're ill or feeling down, amazing how dogs pick this up and then won't leave your side. Don't know what I'd do without Lucas, my Dachshund. My thoughts are with you.
  14. Sorry to hear about your loss. Dogs give so much love and are great company especialy if you live alone.
  15. Boating and flying are are my two favourite subjects. I can't fly but love the "inside" track from those who do. To those of you who are or were pilots, surely you wouldn't land if on final approach at say, 200 ft, you could see another large jet on the runway? Even if said jet on the ground was trying to clear the runway. As someone said earlier, doesn't it take a few seconds to spool up the engines? Would there still be a margin of error to get back in the air? I understand that the angle of the camera can deceive - it can make the distance seem much shorter than it actually is, ala Kevin Carter's Pulitzer prize wining photo taken of the starving child and the vulture - allegedly - It was still a great photo
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