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  1. I'm from Sheffield as well, I've also had a narrowboat for 10+ years. I've never had the boat on the SSYN. Unfortunately for me, Sheffield (my beloved home city) is on the arse end of the system. Ie it's a dead end and a very long dead end with limited cruising opportunities. My boat has always been in the Midlands. I used to be moored near Rugeley and it was only an hour and 10 mins by car (not at peak times), Sawley Marina where I was moored many moons ago, was only an hour..... Where I'm moored at the moment is approx an hour and twenty mins to an hour and forty mins away from home depending on traffic / time of day. My advice would be, if you're not planning on living aboard, is to NOT have the boat moored in Sheffield.
  2. jeddlad


    Peel have wanted CaRT to take over the Bridgewater Canal for years.........please note, just the canal and the water, not any of the land....... CaRT have been, very sensibly, declining Peel's "kind" offer due to the fact that the Bridgewater needs tens of millions of pounds spending on it. Most, if not all, of the aqueducts leak and the Barton Swing Bridge needs upwards of 6 million quid spending on it alone....................
  3. There is another water point at the end of the (closest to Rice Street) Staffordshire arm. It's hidden away by the bridge. The one you have ringed is by the 2 large trip boats. The other water point is at the end of the Staffordshire arm under a bridge, almost opposite one of the hotel / air bnb boats I agree re breasting up, that's what I would have done but they were being polite and just hovered............
  4. I spent the night in Castlefield Basin last Friday night. I was on the visitor moorings in the Staffordshire arms (not a typo or a pub for those that don't know, there are actually two arms side by side). I was surprised how few boats were there. I arrived around 11am and was expecting to take hobsons's choice but I had my pick. My only moan would be that the woman who runs the hotel / air bnb boats, moored on the water point for over 2.5 hours. I didn't need water but I felt sorry for couple who needed water and hovered for nearly an hour. The woman was cleaning the boats not filling them with water - selfish. On the plus side, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Lots of people around, no trouble or bad behaviour, rubbish / recycling bins, very central, could walk everywhere. I would say it was quiet even for a Friday night but after a night out with my cousin, I sorta passed out when I got back to the boat!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚ The Police Community Support Officers were over by the Manchester Bowl and I motioned across the arms if they'd like a cuppa. They both came over for a cup of tea and a most interesting chat. They do patrol the area by the canal often and are well known in community. They said that because they mainly patrol the same beats and the fact that they are not police officers meant that the local community tended to engage with them much more than conventional police. There is also another water point by the two massive trip boats and also an elsan point but you need a Bridgewater key to access the elsan point (not the water). You can also moor in the loop if there is space but most of the moorings in the loop are now long term permit holders. My only other observation is that the closer you get to Manchester, people become a lot less "wavy" or smiley as you go past.............Big city living............
  5. Lol, Arthur, I'm certainly no slouch and was going at a decent pace myself. The guy over taking me whilst we were passing a long line of boats was at almost full throttle......
  6. Social media is awash with boaters moaning about other boaters speeding past moored boats. It's been going on all summer. I've been keeping quiet on the subject until now.... Yesterday as I was going past a long line of moored boats (on line moorings for both a boat club and an adjacent marina) a private boater came speeding up behind me and overtook me creating a massive wash and his counter was "riding the wave", as he passed, I casually asked him if we didn't need to slow down for moored boats any more, he just accelerated more and now at full speed, continued his over taking manoeuvre. I still had a great day but did shake my head at the amount of idiots out cruising at the moment.............
  7. I always enjoyed your comments and views. Your take no rubbish, suffer no fools and take no prisoners comments are missed.......By me at least! Glad to hear all is going well motor homing. I'm in the process of getting my narrow boat ready for sale. I've had the boat for 10 years and like you, feel the need to explore horizons not accessible by boat.
  8. I don't know why, but I never cruise with the side hatch open. I've always shut it and always will......Can't give you a reason why. Similarly I never cruise with the bow doors open. Thinking about it, I'm normally single handed and just don't like the doors or side hatch open as I cruise along.
  9. Join the Refleks Diesel Stove group on facebook. Lots of info there and plenty of people who have Refleks and can offer advice. Not all Refleks burn blue, for example the 62 model burns mainly yellow. Any Refleks that uses the same catalyst at the 62 will burn predominantly yellow. Also not all Refleks stoves light the way described above. There are 2 types of controllor that can be used and the description above is just for 1 of those types. I prefer the firelighters method, I just turn the fuel on, let the base of the burner pot get covered in fuel, turn the fuel off, throw in 1/2 a fire lighter, wait for the catalyst to glow red and then turn the fuel back on. Leave and enjoy. The beauty of Refleks is leaving it running 24 hours a day. Mine supplies hot water to the radiators in the bathroom and bedroom plus heats the calorifier. I leave the stove running on minimum, 24 hours a day when I'm on board in winter. Uses approx 3.6 litres of red per 24 hours......Cheaper than coal (depending on what you pay for 0% red) and the heat stays at a constant temperature. Also the entire boat is toasty warm when you wake up in the morning.
  10. I'm not saying anything to drop myself in it...... See you on the cut.... Ooooooops
  11. Fantastic suggestion, loved it as a teenager inbthe 80's. Unfortunately looks very dated now.........Still a good suggestion
  12. Ignore him Matty, it winds Martin up so much more if you ignore him.......
  13. I would Arthur but they've deleted it. My tweet was actually very polite asking them how they were keeping covid safe whilst filming. My comment about meeting them, wasn't meant to be threatening, I meant to highlight how they can clean their social media feeds to make everything look lovely and silence views they disagree with but if ever met them, they wouldn't be able to shut me up or delete my view in so easily in person as they can on twitter. Public figures such as the Foxes are, through their various social media efforts, have to expect public comments regardless of whether they agree or disagree....
  14. Lol not even gonna bother with you, you've always been a prat in all the years you've been posting........
  15. I've been another one watching this from the sidelines. After Matty's post a few pages back, I tweeted the Foxes and within 3 minutes, yes 3 minutes, they blocked me from their pathetic and sycophantic twitter feed........What a laugh............I really hope when this is all over, I met them on the canal....they won't silence me quite so easily then.........
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