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  1. Lol, Snap! That's exactly what I do!
  2. Won't be long before we need to book a simple cruise down the canal through a few locks. I'm not a CRT basher but I do wonder why they've half the staff on furlough.
  3. I totally agree with you Nick. Far cheaper to support people and keep them living in an environment they are happy with. It's similar to the council providing grants to elderly people to spend on wet rooms, stair lifts, new boilers etc which enable them to continue living in their own home rather than pay for assisted or sheltered accommodation or care homes. I bought a house that had been upgraded this way. The deal they had signed up to was, new windows, boiler, roof, stair lift and a wet room. The total cost was £20k. If their mother had lived in the house for a further 5 years, there was no charge. If she died or went into care within the 5 years, the £20k was paid back to the council from the proceeds of the house sale. Unfortunately for the family, their mother died after 4 years so they had to pay back the council BUT the son was pleased his Mum lived comfortably in a decent house for the last 4 years of her life.
  4. Last year I was going down the staircase locks at Stourport basin out onto the River Severn. I was a bit nervous having never been on the Severn before and was worried about the boat being sucked out of the lock onto the river before I'd had chance to climb down the ladder and get on board. As i was pondering the issue, a really nice chap who was a volo (not at Stourport) was walking past and asked if I'd like some help. He helped me down the locks even though it started to rain and he didn't have a coat. He ended up getting soaked and being late to meet his wife, what a top bloke, I couldn't thank him enough.
  5. Unfortunately there will be a lot of this going on. Discreetly work whilst furloughed or a veiled threat about losing your job when this situation has calmed down.
  6. I think what's annoyed everyone our site is that, there is no bar or cafe or shop, It's just static caravans, a lake and a children's playground. Everyone has paid for 12 months site rental in advance, the final installment was paid last month, the site aren't paying business rates at the moment and they've furloughed all of their staff. So essentially they have massively reduced their costs but their annual income remains almost the same. Granted they can't sell caravans at the moment but when I went to open up the family caravan, there were only 3 or 4 empty spots out of 75. My mate, the live in site manager is fed up as they have furloughed him, on 80% pay but still expect him to mow the grass etc.
  7. We understand that so we're not too bothered but, when a company reduces it's overheads by furloughing it's staff, the Council stop charging business rates for the government closure period and that comapny's 2020 income remains the same as all its customers have paid in advance for their ground rent, don't you think it's a tad unfair Alan?
  8. Most caravan sites have not allowed anyone on their property even to check their caravan or remove belongings. Ours allowed it during the 1st week but have since padlocked all entry gates. There are a number of couples caught out by this. They usually stay in cheap accommodation or motorhome in Spain over the winter and stay in their static caravan over the summer. Similar to boats who live aboard, if the caravan is your only UK residence, you can continue to live at the caravan park. However, unlike continuous cruisers, for a caravan to qualify as your sole UK residence, you must pay council tax on it..........which none do....on our site anyway.
  9. Yes but it's far easier to move a boat to another marina than it is to move a static caravan to another caravan park. We have a family caravan on the East coast that is used mainly by my elderly parents. I often visit them when they are there. The caravan site has been woeful with its communication and I can't see, despite it having furlough their staff, that they will refund any ground rent for 2020, that's already been paid fully in advance. I'd love us to move site but it costs around a £1,500 to actually move the caravan by truck (including the existing site charging for it to be moved off their land). The only other option is to sell our caravan and buy another one on a different site. Unfortunately this is not cost effective for us as our caravan, although in good condition, is quiet old and not worth much. We'll be staying where we are and the site owners will think they did the right thing by not offering a refund or credit.
  10. Very wise words. I'll remember that one.
  11. Nick, Isn't it theft is a company keeps money that they are not legally entitled too? They should have a contingency in place. I'm tired of hearing the airlines bleat on about this. They take the money when the good times are here, buying ither airlines, paying shareholders and senior managers loads of dosh. If a business can only work by stealing money, they deserve to go bust.
  12. We need to stop using these companies in future.......But we all want cheap holidays
  13. It's good to see people being very pragmatic on here regarding other people's money. I don't know the booking terms of the OP so won't comment on that but the airlines etc should all be refunding. If a business goes bust after refunding deposits, well so be it. I'm sure the shareholders have enjoyed their dividends over the years rather than building a cash reserve for unplanned issues. The airlines have had warnings before, SARS, the Icelandic ash issue, 911 etc. In the last 15 years there have been at least 3 incidents of airlines not being able to fly or no demand due to passenger confidence. This should be part of their planning and cash reserve strategy. Other people's money should remain just that and not be part of a businesses emergency planning. If BA and Virgin go bust, as soon as there is demand, other companies will take up the slack.
  14. Is it CRT's way of restricting all boats with a home mooring to a short distance cruising pattern? The danger is you could go out for 2 or 3 months and then not be able to get back to your home mooring. It never used to cross my mind when planning my summer cruise (2-3 months) but last year and this year it's almost top of the consideration list! Maybe I'm just grumpy cos I'd planned on a northern canal trip, up the L+L and back to the midlands via the Trent.
  15. Goodluck with your move and upcoming medical procedure. Just 1 tip, don't post photos and a running commentary on Facebook canal groups.
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