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  1. As a gay man myself, I won't be worrying about the Equalities act this time.
  2. It's a very similar sentiment when driving now. When I passed my driving test in the 80's, it was fairly common to stop if you saw someone broken down and offer assistance especially if it was a remote location, dark, raining etc etc. After some despicable crimes involving solo women broken down, it became the norm to approach and from a distance tell them you'd help but for them to stay in the car so they could lock it, if they felt uneasy. Now you just drive on past without a second glance or thought. I know 99.9% of drivers have mobile phones and cars are much more reilable thes
  3. Thanks for this. I would totally get involved and I'd enjoy meeting new people / boaters. My only experience of trying to join a CC was meeting an odious little man who was the Commodore of this particular club. It properly put me off but as in all walks of life there are different strokes for different folk.
  4. Has anyone any experience of cruising clubs, apart from it being difficult to join them? I've always avoided them but I like the idea of meeting other leisure boaters and having people around to help out when my limited mechanical and electrical knowledge runs out. All the boat / cruising clubs I've seen, seem very well equipped. Have always been in marina's or CRT moorings. Have enjoyed them but the other boaters have always been mainly live aboards who don't travel much. I'm mainly single handed but do like trips with other boats. My main concern is having to bow an
  5. What would knowing the name of the other boat solve? Now if the other boater involved was on here that would be great. I'd deffo get the popcorn out for that one!
  6. Wow, that must have been an interesting trip! All the time effort to check 298 boats not displaying a licence......I'd rather enjoy my trip and worry about where my next beer is coming from, not who has or hasn't licenced their boat!
  7. Apparently the land does not belong to CRT but one of the water companys. As usual people took the piss. They couldn't just moor for a few days and move on. Oh no, we had the stay a long time and spread out onto the bank side brigade moor there. There were no signs where I was there last week but knew it was coming due to the mickey takers moored there.
  8. Imho this post shows why the Facebook canal groups are thriving yet CWDF (although a wealth of knowledge is contained within these pages) is dominated by a handful of people. This place used to be my goto for canal stuff on the Web, now I only visit when I'm exhausted by the FB canal groups.
  9. Lol, Snap! That's exactly what I do!
  10. Won't be long before we need to book a simple cruise down the canal through a few locks. I'm not a CRT basher but I do wonder why they've half the staff on furlough.
  11. I totally agree with you Nick. Far cheaper to support people and keep them living in an environment they are happy with. It's similar to the council providing grants to elderly people to spend on wet rooms, stair lifts, new boilers etc which enable them to continue living in their own home rather than pay for assisted or sheltered accommodation or care homes. I bought a house that had been upgraded this way. The deal they had signed up to was, new windows, boiler, roof, stair lift and a wet room. The total cost was £20k. If their mother had lived in the house for a further 5 year
  12. Last year I was going down the staircase locks at Stourport basin out onto the River Severn. I was a bit nervous having never been on the Severn before and was worried about the boat being sucked out of the lock onto the river before I'd had chance to climb down the ladder and get on board. As i was pondering the issue, a really nice chap who was a volo (not at Stourport) was walking past and asked if I'd like some help. He helped me down the locks even though it started to rain and he didn't have a coat. He ended up getting soaked and being late to meet his wife, what a top bloke, I couldn't
  13. Unfortunately there will be a lot of this going on. Discreetly work whilst furloughed or a veiled threat about losing your job when this situation has calmed down.
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