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  1. Hi All, In the 2 years we've had a boat we've mostly stuck to canals where mooring is abundant having only ventured onto the Trent for a day or 2 sometime last year where we moored on a pontoon. We're planning on going onto the Severn soon from Worcester up the stretch onto the Droitwich Barge Canal sometime next week. I'm hoping to stop at the Camp House Inn for lunch on my way upstream and I think there's a mooring pontoon there but from pictures it looks quite small. My question is... what is the etiquette for mooring abreast should that be occupied already? Obviously if they are there I can just ask, but what if they aren't there? Do I have to move on, or can I drop some fenders and tie on? If they need to leave and I'm moored on the outside and off the boat, what's the etiquette there? CRT encourages double-mooring: Welcome to moor alongside? | Canal & River Trust (canalrivertrust.org.uk) On the official handbook it says: "You could even encourage another boat to tie up alongside you providing it wouldn’t interfere with boats passing by." Thanks!
  2. I've got one of these, you see a lot of boats with them on and it works really well. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Poynting-4G-XPOL-A0001-Cross-Polarised-Antenna/dp/B00C1DGFPS/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=4g+antenna&qid=1618814491&sr=8-3 My router is one of these: Unlocked Huawei B535-232 CAT7 300mbps 4G/LTE Home/Office Router (White) with 2 x External Antennas. Will work with any Sim Card Worldwide (Renewed): Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories There are lights on it to display the signal strength which is handy. I went with Vodafone as my work mobile is with them and always seems to have better signal in rural areas than our personal mobiles on BT and 3... but it obviously depends on your area as to which is the best provider is for you.
  3. I'd certainly like to know how to moor up properly! I've come back to my boat 3 times over the last few weeks for mooring neighbours to say it bust it's moorings and they had to pull it back in. First time, the ground was too soft for pins, second time mooring pin bent and lifted out, second time a paperclip bent out of shape. I can only assume it's boats going past quickly, it must be some force because I can't bend them back into shape with a mallet.... But maybe I should be mooring differently to prevent this? I bought some chains and I think they are great so I'll use them whenever I can wrap them around something from now on.
  4. We have a deposit on an ex Black Prince 69ft to upsize from our current boat. They are easy to spot so have been speaking to a few owners about their experiences, nobody seems unhappy with theirs. There is sometimes a waiting list you can get added to I think, but last year when we were looking there were a few boats to pick from so I think demand comes and goes or they had a surplus being decommissioned last year.
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