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  1. Hi all Just looking for thoughts good or bad on these generator packs Kipor Generators Thank you Andy
  2. Hi All Very Quick question :- We have a Victron 12/2500/230 Multiplus and a bank of 4 110aH Domestic batteries charger / Inverter All at slightly different voltage levels due to old school wiring practices :-) If I do the flick of the toggle to give them a "Forced Absorb" charge. My question is will this do an equalisation charge. or Am I better singly changing them all remotly and seperately ? Reason for asking is they will be rewired sensibly in not to distant future and would like to start off in a know state Thank you for reading Andy
  3. Thank You They are the same alternators so .... Hopefully be OK :-) Solar still goes via the controller staight to the Domestics ? Andy
  4. Hi All Looking to install a Cyrix-ct-230A Battery Combiner (VSR) My question is .... :- I have seen many installs using just the one Alternator and Two battery banks, but non with two (I have one 70A Alternator for Starter Battery and another 70A for domestic bank) So is it possible at all. Just thinking of using my spare power from starter alernator to help keep domestics topped up in winter months :-) Thank you Andy
  5. I have it in my head it was 16mm .Just looked page 39 below link ...16mm :-) Caldwells Catalogue I asked :- Hi Andy, Yes the sealing tape will work for this! It is approx. 3mm. Kind Regards, Hannah Caldwell Caldwells Windows Ltd
  6. I just got the original tape from Caldwells . I got to do one side ..... All looks OK so far Only thing is as the tape settles I did have to nip the screws up very very slightly as i did get a little rain ingress the day after All good now :-) Andy
  7. Hi Thank you for reading...Am looking for a replacement Tacho glass as in photo. Mine has a huge crack letting in water. Any pointers welcome Andy
  8. Hi All I currently have two 70A Alternators with a separate start and leisure battery bank on each alternator. Am looking for suggestions to divert the power to leisure bank once start is full. Split charge ? I know about the Sterling AB ...I had one if those ....it killed my Alternators and batteries. So wondering if any simpler solutions you have used ..Trusted Thank you Andy
  9. Thank you all So my idea that generally he who opens bridge closes it...Or in very occasionall settings passes the responsibility on ...Is correct. I will continue in that vein Andy
  10. In answer to some questions I was 3rd boat in the convoy .....The Hire was the one that opened said bridge first then later on asking as to why we haven't closed it (There was NO handover at all) We even thought it might already be up . .... When we explained (politely) as we all do. That normally him who opens it closes it ...As that's how I was tought ....He went of on one shouting that that was utter nonesense if he had to do that, he would be waiting all day ....Then jumped back on board and made off into the distance. Leaving his crew apologising. We walked back to close said bridge .... Yes the one at Tevor 😁👍
  11. Only been boating 12 years so really not sure of the etiquette at lift bridges ! assume three boats are going under same lift bridge in a convoy. They don't know each other. Suggest the Llangollen as a setting Who would open and who would close ? I know what I would do, But having being challenged by a 5min hire Boater now I am not so sure....Asking for a freind ?? Andy
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