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  1. Hi all. Thank you for your replies..... It does seem to me that my guess figures seem to be about right :- Absorption Volt Charging = 14.6v Float Volt Charging = 13.5v All caused from my chasing an alternator fault on a reasonably sunny day and reading 14.4v on batteries making someone better versed than me suggest to check the Solar controller..... Just need to work out the panel buttons again now :-) Thank you again Andy
  2. Hi All Just a quick one as lots of conflicting information out there. Am revisiting my Solar MPPT regulator in the belief the Absorption and Float voltage settings are incorrect, I have maint free lead acids Numax XV31MF. My question is what should the Absorption and Float Charging voltages be. Absorption Volt Charging = 14.6v ?? Float Volt Charging = 13.5v ?? Thank you for reading Andy
  3. So just link each alternater straight to batteries. I should comment the rev counter isn't working either.... That comes from alternator too I think 🤔🤔 Andy
  4. Hi All My Sterling AB12160 has stopped charging my batteries..... Or so it seems. No LEDS are on. No voltage detected on the ALT input Now the issue is the 2 x 80Amp Alternators are wired in to the A2B together to get 160Amps Could it possibly be one alternator failed a whilst ago and I didn't notice...... Now the second one has failed I have lost everything. Anybody any experience of this or similar? Thank you for reading Andy
  5. Back at boat soon Can check out Thank you all Andy
  6. Hi If that is the case the grub screws aren't anywhere near close. I am thinking now they are there just to adjust the slack on the tiller. I can liken the scenario to a M10 bolt in a M16 Nut if that makes sense Andy
  7. Hi Steve So the grub screws should be tight onto the shaft ? BR Andy
  8. Ok . So today nipped up both the grub screws as found hiding under the grease. Still a fair bit of play left though.... How tight should they be on the inner shaft ..... It looks to me as if they have never butted up tight. That is assuming they should be 🤔🤔 Andy
  9. I hope the grub screws will sort the issue. 10 years of owning the boat was not aware of them at all. Always learning :-) Thank you again all Andy
  10. Looking for someone to start this off.....
  11. Just read about the grub screws on another post..... Will nip them up at weekend. Thank you
  12. Hi all Just wondering if anybody could advise on my possible rudderstock bearing issue.... I think it has failed, lots of side movement, very rattly on move, water coming through it when on load. Am guessing needs to be replaced..... but anything better than standard steel bearings ? Grease often ? Any suggestions on keeping water out.... Splash cover ? What ball park cost am I looking at ..... Will it be better to live with it till boat out of water later in year for blacking if can ? BR Thank you for reading Andy
  13. They are a Joke ....let's hope our solicitors can sort out some of the chaos for us
  14. Hi Steve You got me ! We really don't know what their end game is... The favourite theory at the moment is they want to backfill and make it into another caravan park. We thought about new short term moorers making them more monies but Tattenhall is not on a cruising route, so no value there really ? Who knows ....But certainly is a lot emptier than I remember this time previous years , Huge congratulations to all concerned :-)
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