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  1. Thanks all ....I am sorted now Slight delay in replying 🙂
  2. I will try it ..... Sounds similar / same system Worse case is new rad 🙂 Thank you Andy
  3. Thank you..... Will try what you did .... Mine is a Webesto Thermotop Boiler. So similar to yours I guess.... Just wondering about it working now as not a "true" pressurised system Thank you Andy
  4. That's the stuff thank you. Just as an idea how many radiators / How big are they just as an idea ? If it doesn't work back to new Rads..... Nothing lost etc Thank You Andy
  5. Therein is the issue ....I can't physically get to it to plug from outside.....Fins etc in the way 😞
  6. Hi Thank you for reading , we have seem to have developed a very small pin hole leek in one of our domestic radiators ...I have found "FLOMASTA 0647 CENTRAL HEATING LEAK SEALER" Am wondering if this is ok to try or will there be any issues when it mixes with the blue antifreeze. looking for some help / advise please Thank you Andy
  7. Thank you all for your messages It looks like just a PC 12v or two will do the job Up to me how I fit :-) Thank you all again Andy
  8. Hi Thank you for reading I have a 12v Shoreline Fridge. I see on the compressor control box I can wire a fan between the " F Term" and "12v" ...It would help give a little more air movement in the somewhat confined space. Has anyone done this ...and have they any recommendations for the fan...I guess a 12v Brushless is a good start ...But also how big and how to mount etc ? Thank you again Andy
  9. That's exactly what I did .....Kind of suggests why I can't find a leak whe I first looked .... Stupid Webesto header has a hole about half way up at the back .... just why I don't know ? Thank you all I "think" now leak is an antifreeze overfill issue .... Andy I think is an overfill issue Thank you all
  10. Hi. Quick question...A few weeks back I spilled some blue Antifreeze inside a wooden cupboard...I believe I got most of it out. But today the cupboard base as still damp..... There are other possible leak sources in there but I suspect the Antifreeze I lost still to be damp.... Is this possible Andy
  11. Hi all Just looking for thoughts good or bad on these generator packs Kipor Generators Thank you Andy
  12. Hi All Very Quick question :- We have a Victron 12/2500/230 Multiplus and a bank of 4 110aH Domestic batteries charger / Inverter All at slightly different voltage levels due to old school wiring practices :-) If I do the flick of the toggle to give them a "Forced Absorb" charge. My question is will this do an equalisation charge. or Am I better singly changing them all remotly and seperately ? Reason for asking is they will be rewired sensibly in not to distant future and would like to start off in a know state Thank you for reading Andy
  13. Thank You They are the same alternators so .... Hopefully be OK :-) Solar still goes via the controller staight to the Domestics ? Andy
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