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  1. What needs to come first is to have all engines fitted with catalytic convertor so this cuts down pollution new boats to have from now and old boats within a fews years say next BSS. My 2nd point is what % of total diesel used in the UK do boats use. So much expense for so little gain. With electric cars sucking up all the batteries price will not drop so much.
  2. marina I am in now has a very low power feed and the power company wants £200,000 to upgrade so not all marinas will find this a option.
  3. As we live in India ( wife born there all be she is half Irish half German lol)when not here on the boat all our toilets in both flats have these have these. When buy a house off plan you can have these which are called European or hole in the ground type called Indian.
  4. Aircraft use vacuum bogs they just vent the toilet tank to outside and the 6 to 7 PSI cabin pressure diff does the rest (hence that rushing sound when you flush that's the cabin air rushing down the bowl) to clean pipework they have ice making machines in the hangers and you put a bucket of crushed ice down and flush (on the ground vacuum pump used) and job done. The idea of the ice is it can't get stuck as it just melts.
  5. But with a house you know it's yours when it's done and dusted with a boat there is always a chance that someone turns up and tells you "sorry mate it don't belong to you". With a car you can see if there is outstanding finance but a narrowboat nothing. There should be a register with CRT using boat s/n which is welded on the hull (boat vin #) to say who the rightful owner is and if there is a loan outstanding. Then buyers are safe from buying nicked stuff it would not be full proof but better than now as its 100% on trust. Even the brokers put a clause in the contract you can't hold them accountable if it turns up nicked or with outstanding loans on the boat. Paying £50,60k + on trust does make you think should I do this deal or not.
  6. When I went passed a boat moored on pontoon, on knocking on the boat for a word took one look and thought "I would rather stand naked in a covid 19 ward" as it was a health hazard, only got a grunt in reply from booze, drugs or both, I left him or her to it and went on my way. He was so close to the lock you could not use near side gate as then no room to get past and the off side was open and no way to get to it to close it as I was going up. Answer was to use nappy pin on a rope to hook the gate then, pull it closed.
  7. If they got a boat it would only be to catch "Speeders" lol
  8. Oddjob

    Covid 19

    Now had a reply from home office from a real person not some auto answering bot which were first 3 were, Yes as a CC with no home address in UK boat is good to isolate for 14 days, so all's good.
  9. Oddjob

    Covid 19

    Has anyone on here give their boat name as a point of isolation for 14 days after returning from overseas. My Wife is in India where our permanent home is but wants to come to UK. We only have our boat and no house in uk we are on a cc license as I leave it at which ever marina I am near to when I leave uk so don’t have a marina address.
  10. Myself also 50 years as a engineer, on cargo no fishing out of the loo the following items iv'e had to get out: 1. trousers! 2. wine glass (broken) from J class 3. Beer tin Y class 4. Dentures 5. Bracelet 6. Pampers The only issue I had with cargo flights was carrying armoured cars/4x4's they smashed up the floor rollers and the ball matts with the weight a Merc car topped the scales at 4 tons for a African president. Happy days lol my years at laker airways were the best fun.
  11. I have on my iPhone works 100%
  12. If I pulled up at a marina to fit fuel water etc they DO NOT check if I have a license my point is they would HAVE to check no license no service. Also Ive been marinas and boats are not showing a valid license so not all marinas are checking, however make your license in with your mooring fee you can bet your last shilling that you will have to pay up. Also as I said in the 1st post if the CRT increase miles to be done to be a CC just think of all those boats having to go and find a place in the new marinas being built as they can not do the miles required, then CRT get its money as the marina will have to collect it. Also as I said so many boats 3 today no markings at all, so who do the CRT contact, all boats with no markings should be tagged as "Abandoned" so taken away for disposal, sale or scraped. Again I pay, you pay so should the free loaders.
  13. As far as I know when I renewed mine just a few weeks back it was stated display on BOTH sides. And today gone past 3 boats with no number name or license on Trent & Mersey. Liking the chat on this subject, and another thought came to mind make boat license part of marina mooring charges I know this makes them a tax collector but they do that for vat already so nothing new there then. just a thought. regards to all
  14. Well where to start? 1. Came across a lock with both bottom gates open paddles up! 100 yards (I'm 68 don't do meters well I can but don't) down the cut the boat is in the next lock heading down so I go down and point out I am not here to clear up after them, got told "do I like sex and travel" if yes then F@#K off then. There reason was we thought (they were double handed me single handed) a boat was coming up. crap just to lazy to close up after themselves. 2. After clearing both locks there they are sat moored up on the lock landing enjoying afternoon tea, well in their case cheap Tesco lager I should think. 3. The boat had: 1. No name 2. No index number 3. And of course no license displayed. Taking the above into account if I were a betting man no BSS cert and no Insurance either. The CRT states "it's hard for us because if we take the boat away we then make them homeless which we can't do" I would like to put forward the idea that no marina or fuel boat can supply non license holders, if they do they catch a large fine. For marina owners if a boat is in their marina and it's not showing a license if they have a hard standing they MUST take the boat out of the water and put in their yard, if they don't have a hard standing the boat is padlocked to the jetty and can not be moved for ANY reason fuel, pump out nothing until a license is displayed, again large fine for non compliance. I get fed up seeing boats out on the cut that say they are CC's when in fact if they untied the mooring ropes the boat would turn over being so top heavy with all the rubbish on roof, also it would take a week to pack up all their rubbish from the tow path. Again so many showing no license. Then have the cheek because I have my engine ON and in GEAR so moving to shout "slow down" when engine is just above tick over so steering is not problem and again no license displayed in many cases. If as in another post on here the CRT wants to increase the mileage a CC must do to qualify as a CC I have no issue with that as I did 600+ hrs last June to October and boat was in a marina when I was out of UK in India. Free loaders need taking to task by the CRT it claims it's hard up, then collect what's due and clamp down on non license payers I pay mine you yours so should the free loaders, there is no thing such as a free lunch. Rant over
  15. AS any football manager will tell when your boss goes on record giving you 100% backing "start looking for another job"
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