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  1. If they don’t moor in a marina but claim to be cc’s then they living the wrong life style you can’t be a full time cruisers with kids in school. Home schooling is a option lesson one how to give the finger to Crt licence ranger. Lesson two it’s your right to moor where you like for as long as you like. Lesson three leave as much s#*t and rubbish on the tow path as you like. Lesson four shout at me for going to fast past their rusted tub with no licence, insurance or boat safety cert. Forgive if I have missed your favourite gripe about these squatters that take up mooring space for years together without moving one inch. Just got to Bristol today after doing the K&A which had a serious issue with this. rant over
  2. I was on the Ashton and at the swing bridge had a mixed race kit drag his electric scooter over the roof from one side to other while I was half way through the bridge. Man o man did he get shouted at and his reply “ bloody racist” if my wife was here at that time she would have ripped him a new arse in Hindi being she is Indian I must admit I love seeing her get to it when someone upsets her. However back to the post doing the nine no real issue just get on with it overnight before getting into city centre set off early the next day before the wasters are out of bed job done.
  3. New and old side by side. Old ones may have had some more life left in them because one was stuck when I removed it. However new one in now working fine and I’ve now made a note to remove and clean after about a 1000 hrs of running which should be later in the year. As live aboard engine gets heavy usage so I like to keep on top of servicing etc. Also it’s a life time of aircraft engineering coming out prevention is better than cure!
  4. Will sent pic later as I have a 2nd new one as a spare
  5. I've just had to replace this item after 2000 hours since alt O/H. Got 2 brush packs for £60 delivered from "four counties services" fitted and spare in the spares box so happy. I've used him before very good service and support. See his web site for work he undertakes he will come to you he is based at Leek. His upgraded our domestic alternator with new high output unit fitted with smaller drive wheel so alt runs at higher speed at low engine speed works very well, also he o/h's travel pack alternators installs new bearings etc which he did for me. Problem with the bearings is if they fail they wipe out the alternator which is mega bucks to replace so prevention better then cure.
  6. Hear hear pissed off by boaters who's boats are rusted to the bottom of the canal shouting that Ive split their cheap Tesco lager or earl Grey tea depending on what end of society they are in. just because my engine is on and the cheek to also be in gear does NOT mean I am going to fast!
  7. Went to Devizes marina none available also having to wait at Devizes due doctor appointment for my wife. So waiting here for a few days
  8. Need a fuel boat at Devizes on k&a in next day or so
  9. Any fuel boats on the k&a at Devizes in the next day or so. need fuel and coal
  10. Just done the Thames, when you get one of the EA's moorings big sign saying 24hrs free then £5 for next 24 hrs, now you go on the website to pay you can not select I've been here 24hrs need to pay for next 24hrs. you can only select free 24 hrs pay for 48 hrs. we stayed for 24 thing we would move on but stayed for the extra time but no selection for that. so if the mugger (parking guy) would say you have over over stayed and hit you with £150 fine because you've stayed for a total of 72 hrs but only paid for 48 (24 free paid for 24). 24hrs beware log onto there site and select free 24 hrs if you only plan to stay for the free
  11. Oddjob


    Here we are doing the K&A the GWR rail line follows the canal much of the way, ironic that the canal does the hard work surveying the most level route between London & Bristol the the GWR comes along and follows that flattest route which is the canal (straight lining some of it) then puts the canal out of business by competing with it. Just a thought
  12. I had two gas bottles both full and half tank of fuel which I found out when filling up on leaving. I now have 3 bottles as I got a 3rd when supply issues started last year. Mind you in the 1st 18 months Ive replaced most items with wires attached but for lights. All be I've put over 2500 hrs on the boat which only had 1995 hrs when I got it and that to over 17 years so electrical items just failed with the shock of so much use. Domestic batteries died within the 1st week which was upsetting to say the least. However all is well now and we are happy leaving and cruising full-time on the boat.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. About to enter the Thames Wednesday heading for K&A. So will see first hand what this is about. Not looking fwd to having to deal with on commission jobs worths but hey ho onwards and upwards.
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