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  1. Met my first adder on the towpath by the wooden bridges near winsford and i couldnt believe how vivid its colours were...i was transfixed.. a collie had seen him in the hedgerow and had a right old bark up..so he headed right on to the middle of the towpath ..he went a few metres toward the dog then stopped then headed back a few feet towards me then stopped then set off into the weaver.....brilliant
  2. Hesford Marine at lymm ..there is a web site and it will probably be the cheapest
  3. Shouldnt this be in the fetish section
  4. Its a watercolour on paper ..like you said the house is fairly distinctive so i thought someone may recognise it..i bought it from a charity shop in chester if thats any help
  5. It was only a fiver from a charity shop so its no big loss..il just re-donate back to the same shop
  6. I was hoping to avoid the inverter so i thought id ask the forum..i didnt think it would be a goer but it was worth a try Thanks for your help
  7. Sorry..the power brick is on the old radio..the new one has just a normal 240 v plug on
  8. Yes it has the brick top similar to a laptop lead
  9. Thanks.. my old one has a round inlet that you can plug either a 12 volt or a 240v lead in and on the 12 volt lead there doesnt seem to be any kind of inverter/converter type gubbins its just a lead with a cigarette lighter socket on it so i thought i was worth asking the question
  10. Can i put a 3 pin round plug on a 20 watt dab radio using the 240 v cable ..will it work and will it be safe
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