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  1. Geoff Pilling also always advised putting roofing felt on the floor of the hull of the boats he built
  2. It stopped raining ..but now we have snow ..so far about 2 inches
  3. The latest word is it will be finished in march..
  4. They did it with me one year..they had me down as having six boats all with the same name and took full payment for each on the same day..of course i had only one boat and paid my licence monthly and had a special account just for my licence..so this was nearly £4.000 i was overdrawn..i cant quite remember the daily interest charge but it was a fair amount.so i rang bw as it was then..and they apologised but said it would take 14 working days to pay the money back into my account and i wasnt to worry about the daily interest charges they would cover the cost..thankfully the bank did some jigge
  5. Bear in mind im a live aboard.i set sail in the boat heading for the boat yard to get some diesel a journey of 3 mile or so..when i got there i realised i hadnt got the money out of my little tea pot to pay for the diesel..so i set sail back to the mooring..moored up..went inside the boat ..got my money ..came out of the front door ..walked to the back of the boat started the engine again and headed back to the boatyard..it was only when i was mooring up at the boat yard again that i realised what id done..
  6. You never get bored on a boat...you havent the time
  7. From what i understand after finishing the steelwork they coated these boats with a layer of filler..something to do with protecting it from the atmospheric conditions in morroco..but people have been having problems over here getting paint to stick to it..as in it comes up in enormous blisters..
  8. I went to the local branch of my bank ( Lloyds ) and asked them the same question and they said we'l let you use our address so thats what ive done ..they even said i can use it for direct debits etc..i dont have letters etc sent but as a care of address administratatively is been a godsend
  9. Have you tried Hesford Marine at lymm if you live in manchester its probably the nearest..theres a website with lots of info
  10. CANAL TREE RESPONSIBILITY-Wasnt that the first album the captain did after Ry Cooder left
  11. They did it with me one year..instead of taking my monthly direct debit they took the full licence amount in one go..six times..they had me down as having six boats all with the same name so they took six payments..nearly 4 grand..and i didnt have 4 grand so i went massively overdrawn..and the bank were going to charge me £38 per day interest.when i got in touch with bw as it was then they apologised said it was their fault entirely ( which i already knew ) but the worrying part was when i asked them when they could pay the money back they said it takes 16 days..so i told them about the £38 pe
  12. I remember the first time i went under a motorway bridge at night.all the cars with their lights flashing by almost as if they were at super-speed and there was i on my little secret kingdom tootling along..sneaking past the guardhouse while the guards were sleeping
  13. My p4 had solid pipes on it but they were steel not copper..when one cracked i couldnt find anyone local to repair it so put flexible ones on..it doesnt look as good but ive had no problems..and luckily mine has a pipe with a bleed screw on it which is a blessing..
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