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  1. Well yellow, grey, red, blue it didn’t matter. The boat has no engine despite being advertised as having one fitted......its on order. Not only our politicians are generous with the truth. ?
  2. Thanks guys I think I am now prepared for the conversations to come. cheers phil
  3. Hi guys, spoken to tuckeys about boat transport. They told me to get a local crane company in to do a site survey as I want to build my boat here at home. How much does a 57x10 weigh in empty and then fully fitted. Ball park figures. My guess is 15 then 20 ton? phil
  4. Thanks for all of the replies I will let you know how I go on phil
  5. Thanks for the info, it looks like a grain of truth in the towpath myth.
  6. I don’t know what colour it is until I get there.
  7. Looking at a boat with a Barrus shire engine tomorrow. It’s had a new engine in recently. I have been told that there is a big difference between the yellow and grey engines and the grey engines are better. Is there any truth in this or is it an urban “towpath” myth.
  8. I have used them in campers and they are a good unit. Is the 1.5m a specific boat requirement?
  9. Is it possible to fit one of these into a bathroom onboard a boat. https://www.truma.com/web/downloadcenter/files/truma-heating-varioheat-installation-de-en-fr-it-nl-dk-se.pdf just to give a quick instant blast of heat when required (by the wife) It has a remote balanced flue that could be routed out above the gunwales.
  10. Cheers guys, the answer seems to be, take the tape measure and make your own decision. Now where did I put the 200’ tape?
  11. I have a 100 ft tape measure left to me by my dad. I Never thought I would use it but guess what it came out of the back of the shed this weekend.
  12. It matters if the locks are too small, I want to be on the LL and this 60’ boat, brand new was nearly 62 feet tip to rudder. Just wondered if there was an accepted convention. Do they shrink when you put them in the water?
  13. Hi guys, when you measure a boat length where do you measure from and to. I went to look at one at the weekend that was 60’. When I got the tape on it the body was 60’11” and then the rudder stuck out further from the back. I need your experience!
  14. This isn’t a serious proposition it’s just the follow on from a conversation I had over the weekend. The conversation just set my brain mulling over, how hard it would be? How much it would be? How worthwhile etc. Thanks for the comments guys.
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