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  1. Version 3 i have moved the calorifier (under the coats) washer and sink onto the same side as the shower to keep the pipe work on one side. That puts oven and hob (gas) on the other side. 26 feet run calorifier to shower is that too far? I keep getting told the Wood burner is in the wrong place, is walking past it so bad? Still only a 10’6” living area including a breakfast bar, is that a little small?
  2. Great points thanks. Again I hadn’t thought about the bridges, my wife can create a lot of washing in 2 weeks! thanks folks
  3. Back to protocol don’t even know if this is in the correct section under build blogs. Admin please move, advise? as appropriate. Phil
  4. Don’t know if I should resurrect this post or start a new one, what is the protocol? Health issues over the last few years have both delayed and changed our plans. We were going to live aboard for a few years and then buy a house again. We now have now bought our forever home and it is going to have to be a holiday boat. I have reduced it to a 55’ and changed to a cruiser stern which I recon will give me 39’ internal? Port holes or windows in the bedroom? 10’6” big enough living space with a wood burner? Still thinking of another hatch in the bathroom to easily air out after a shower. Thoughts guys? I am talking to shell builders and they all seem booked up forever, anyone know different. cheers Phil
  5. Thanks for your input I wondered why I couldn’t find anything closer than Bottany Bay. They just aren’t there. I have 1/4 acre up here but we are down a little lane and have a few trees about. The bin men and the Builders merchant hi-ab lorries get down how do I figure if I can get a 55foot narrowboat down? How heavy are they sailaway and complete? My guess is 9 / 15 ton. Do you always need a crane? Or can you jack them on and off the transport? Told you there would be questions.
  6. Hi guys health issues now behind me I am back into the driving seat for building a boat. I now live in Dumfries and Galloway so need to find suitable hardstanding at the northern end of the Lancaster Canal. Any suggestions? Brace yourself I will be back with more questions. cheers Phil
  7. Well yellow, grey, red, blue it didn’t matter. The boat has no engine despite being advertised as having one fitted......its on order. Not only our politicians are generous with the truth. ?
  8. Thanks guys I think I am now prepared for the conversations to come. cheers phil
  9. Hi guys, spoken to tuckeys about boat transport. They told me to get a local crane company in to do a site survey as I want to build my boat here at home. How much does a 57x10 weigh in empty and then fully fitted. Ball park figures. My guess is 15 then 20 ton? phil
  10. Thanks for all of the replies I will let you know how I go on phil
  11. Thanks for the info, it looks like a grain of truth in the towpath myth.
  12. I don’t know what colour it is until I get there.
  13. Looking at a boat with a Barrus shire engine tomorrow. It’s had a new engine in recently. I have been told that there is a big difference between the yellow and grey engines and the grey engines are better. Is there any truth in this or is it an urban “towpath” myth.
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