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  2. Hesford Marine just before lymm..they have a website
  3. I spoke to my bank about this and they said why dont you use our address for all your bank mail..i said great thats brilliant i just need to find an address for my internet contract now and they said why dont you use our address....so i have done for years..its the bank with the horse
  4. Met my first adder on the towpath by the wooden bridges near winsford and i couldnt believe how vivid its colours were...i was transfixed.. a collie had seen him in the hedgerow and had a right old bark up..so he headed right on to the middle of the towpath ..he went a few metres toward the dog then stopped then headed back a few feet towards me then stopped then set off into the weaver.....brilliant
  5. Hesford Marine at lymm ..there is a web site and it will probably be the cheapest
  6. Shouldnt this be in the fetish section
  7. Its a watercolour on paper ..like you said the house is fairly distinctive so i thought someone may recognise it..i bought it from a charity shop in chester if thats any help
  8. It was only a fiver from a charity shop so its no big loss..il just re-donate back to the same shop
  9. I was hoping to avoid the inverter so i thought id ask the forum..i didnt think it would be a goer but it was worth a try Thanks for your help
  10. Sorry..the power brick is on the old radio..the new one has just a normal 240 v plug on
  11. Yes it has the brick top similar to a laptop lead
  12. Thanks.. my old one has a round inlet that you can plug either a 12 volt or a 240v lead in and on the 12 volt lead there doesnt seem to be any kind of inverter/converter type gubbins its just a lead with a cigarette lighter socket on it so i thought i was worth asking the question
  13. Can i put a 3 pin round plug on a 20 watt dab radio using the 240 v cable ..will it work and will it be safe
  14. Geoff Pilling also always advised putting roofing felt on the floor of the hull of the boats he built
  15. It stopped raining ..but now we have snow ..so far about 2 inches
  16. The latest word is it will be finished in march..
  17. They did it with me one year..they had me down as having six boats all with the same name and took full payment for each on the same day..of course i had only one boat and paid my licence monthly and had a special account just for my licence..so this was nearly £4.000 i was overdrawn..i cant quite remember the daily interest charge but it was a fair amount.so i rang bw as it was then..and they apologised but said it would take 14 working days to pay the money back into my account and i wasnt to worry about the daily interest charges they would cover the cost..thankfully the bank did some jiggery pokery and got the money back but just think of all the wasted licence money if my bank hadnt been so understanding
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