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  1. No I didn't and wouldn't consider Collingwood. I'm going with XR&D.
  2. hehe - Not bought yet. Planning 1st, 2nd and 3rd eh?
  3. Sorry, forgot to add that it's for a widebeam. Hesford Marine can only accommodate narrows
  4. Hi all, Is anyone aware of hard standing on the Bridgewater Canal? I'll need a couple of months to carry out some work. Good access and securing would be a bonus. Thanks!
  5. Hi Peter, I am trying to pm you, but I need 10 posts, apparently. Is there any way we can discuss an electric fitout. I have just read the post from 2018 regarding full electric and found it really interesting. I know you are in northern waters and running with electric. Cheers
  6. This is what happened to the cryptos, so maybe the same waves going through both systems. If you don't need to spend it, it may be worth while not twitching and hoping for it to rise again??
  7. No, the site wouldn't let him in with a digger to retrieve it, so it was lost. That was in the early days of BC and I haven't a clue how or where they would have stored them then. I'm knocking off for the night now MtB, so you know I'm not being ignorant without replying. Good chat and good night until next time
  8. That's exactly what we as humans would do. Shit our pants and sell! lol
  9. Now is not the time to buy, it's only just gone up again after the big drop a couple of months ago. I have 4k in Eth, which has gone up and down over the past 8 months, I missed the high because it crashed overnight, so I have waited for it to rise again. This is where I learned a lot. I now have 70k sat in limbo, waiting for a drop / dip. The platform I use is called Kraken. It's very solid. Easy to use, but the setting up of the account is time consuming, but for good reason. The security is rock solid, so if you're going to det up an account, make sure you save all of your passwords etc offline and FFS don't lose them. It's very hard to get back in without them if you forget them.
  10. Guy (coin be There are actually big corps investing now. Elan Musk has invested heavily, along with others of similar calibre. This is a big statement of trust on crypto
  11. Governments around the globe are shit scared of cryptos, and that's why they are trying to control them. Something big is going to happen either way in the next few years. No one can predict this!
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