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    No one has mentioned an incinerator.
  2. 2 pages into this thread and yet very little relevant replies to the OP question. Well, are they any good ?
  3. Thanks for speedy reply. Have been offered 2 options, both with macerator a 210 litre tank under centre of bed, 2nd option, 25 % smaller tank with identical size tank alongside holding water for flushing, these both positioned on port side , it allows more storage under bed without the need for re trimming as tank fills. ( one empties and the other fills up thus keeping boat trimmed. ) I like the idea but it does give smaller capacity. Am thinking forget under bed storage and go for bigger water tank
  4. Looking at old threads and found this. What is the size of normal waste tank ? I have gone for pump out on my new boat, in build, as it is a holiday boat and cost of £16 or so every 10 days cruising is fine with me. This is based on frequency I had on last boat, though am unsure of that ones capacity. The new boat has, I think 210 litres. How long should this last 2 of us ? At 5 litres per flush, ( am thinking domestic loos here ) that's 40 flushes or so.
  5. The search continues. Looked at new build yesterday, 2nd fix completed, buyer not come up with funds. Impressed with workmanship inside. Externally it was in primer only and in the water, hull not blacked. Is this good practice ?
  6. Ok, i am a nubie yes, 12 months ago decide i would like a canal boat and what a journey it has been. A little about me, i have bought, renovated and sold houses all my life. I can value a house as well as an estate agent. Have also bought property abroad, tital deeds etc all checked through correct channels. I guess am valuing boats differently. I dont know a Liverpool boat from a Stoke boat but i do recognise quality of woodwork and finishing. Neither of these boats yesterday had this. My other passion is classic cars, again i have a good feel for their value, history, provenance etc. 20 years ago I gained a pilots licence, every plane had a tech log, history and paperwork supporting its stated history. Canal boats....jeez....I read the New to Boating forum and hear of people putting their life savings into a 60ft floating chunk of steel, often bought for cash on side of canal, no paperwork, history or at best a survey full of caviets.. Should there not be more regulation? Brokers....were do i start..... On one of the boats yesterday, could not switch on any of domestic electrics. Out of boat, into office and told broker, who, hands in his pockets said " yeh I think the batteries are flat on that one " You knew I was coming, why was it not made ready for viewing. If you want your 6% earn it !, Also yesterday I had an induction from guys operating canal boat for disabled. I am giving my time to them. Their passion and enthusiasm completly different. Rant over.
  7. Best delivery date I have is July '22, this is for new, off the peg boat circa 105K. Incl VAT . Take off 20% VAT and we have around 84K nett. Today I have seen 2 boats, 20 years and 8 years old respectively at 75K. Where is the logic?
  8. Just been to view 2 boats today. No end of photos and gushing descriptions on AD can replace actually standing aboard the boat. Both today's were vastly overpriced. When broker recieved my honest feedback, there was a shrug as if " yes, sorry thats what owner thinks its worth " they had been on brokerage for a month or so. Am thinking some owners feel they can wack up the price in return for free mooring whilst on brokers books. Another thought, would you really loose much on new boat? If it was off the peg rather than bespoke, then am beginning to think maybe you wouldn't
  9. Agree 100% Northern, have now moved on. Was asking for feedback on this one i posted https://www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=677169
  10. I have no idea, however my purchase went through ok with all paperwork, bill of sale etc recieved. Any thoughts on second boat I posted, also new but looking more mainstream ? Hurst are the fitters and yes I have searched and found a few comments from way back on here that aren't too complimentary
  11. Excellent reviews though..... https://m.facebook.com/PaulSimpsonBoatBuilder/reviews/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0 What is it about this hobby of ours? Can someone reccomend any builder / broker ? When I bought first boat back in January there were tales of doom on here about Stephen Harral who i bought it off. To be fair it went well , no complaints in the end, even sold boat for small profit. Now am back in the lions den again
  12. Despite the strong 2nd hand market there are new ones to be found. Another one am tempted by is this https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-cruiser-stern-for-sale/677169
  13. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/paul-simpson-58-semi-tradi-for-sale/674646 Sorry should have posted link, this is the boat in question. Agree it is quirky and as a joiner myself there are a few strange fittings. Again is the builder known to anyone? He also built the hull.
  14. Agree, but he can convert to semi trad and put in pump out. Back cabin would be spare bedroom or whatever the buyer wants. Agree its not to everyone's taste . But price is right The builder is not one have heard of
  15. Hi all. You gave me great advice on first boat a few months ago and now due to a nice change of circumstance we are onto boat no 2. We now know what we really want, 55 to 60 ft semi trad and poss even a new build. This is one have found but doing a search for the builder on here only reveals threads from 2007, is it even same person? Seems nice chap but would value your sage advice.
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