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  1. Interesting read, we have a new boat with macerator pump out and despite being 300 litres, disapointed at how soon it fills up, must be our age, but also more disapointing, the smell. A plastic smell, rather than drains, which morfs into drain smell as it gets full. We have ditched the blue and using Tesco oxy power stain remover as suggested in another thread. Assume this adds oxygen to the mix and starts the aerobic action. How often do we add this ? Incidentally the pipes are plastic rather than metal which seems to be the norm
  2. They fixed mine via an exhaust clamp fixed to underside of deck . This gave it more angle. No swan neck.
  3. Thanks for suggestions. Er indoors double flushes all the time as sometimes we are " getting our own back " on eco flush. The smell is a putrid but plastic smell, not just drains. Inside only, stick my nose down the outside tube and no smell except blue. I have taken bed up looked underneath with camera. Dry sawdust on floor suggests no leak . First thought was vent pipe was poor fit. They say no...and they put gaffer tape round it. But it is also coming from wardrobe, where filter is. They have replaced 2 NR valve, saying i need to empty it more often. Guage still only indicates half full on the 8 th day. Smell is also not consistent, sometimes worse than other times. Pipes are wrapped in Vetus Sanitary hose. Begining to wish had joined cassette brigade
  4. Just an update, all snagging work done with no quibble. Exhaust realined and now having decent fall. One new problem however is waste tank smell. No amount of Blue will cure it. Guage says only half full. Also was expecting it to last longer than 6 days with 300 litre capacity tank
  5. Thanks for confirming my fears. I will update you when i can. It goes back in 2 weeks for snagging works, they have not disagreed with any of my complaints so hopefully all will be sorted
  6. Cant say but it is oftEn Likened TO a dessert oNe May enjOy . ThiS iS part of snagging list i am compiling ( and no, I know where caps lock is 😄)
  7. My new boat has a canaline 38 engine. In conversation with another owner i noticed the exhaust runs level, then down to exhaust manifold. Without a rise in pipe from the point it exits the hull, is there not a possibility water could run in and straight down into exhaust manifold, causing engine to hydraulic and seize ? Surely it should have an intial rise to allow water to drain back out ? Any thoughts please ?
  8. Just picked up my new Elton Mos / Northwich Boat Company NB from Kings Lock this week and delighted with it so far. Ok, yes have only done 7 hours.... Two months late but guess thats normal in todays world and a few things to go on snagging list but no quibbles when i raised them. Overall finish is good a few comments but PM me if you are considering one.
  9. Foxes have just released vlog re-capping the launch of " the most famous narrowboat on the canal " what an arogant pair of t***ts
  10. In the words of Arkwright.. " de de de how much !!???
  11. Buying a boat off a vlogger has its advantages. You can trawl through hours of vlogs to see its history and any major problems it may have had. Foxes were always vague about their new boat but as i said previously i have not followed them. I do find them false and irritating. What was their motive for misleading everyone ? Perhaps if Elton Moss have taken over Bickerstaffe then they have been told to go away?
  12. Best of luck to him. David's were the first vlogs i watched when considering a narrowboat. Always well produced, entertaining and informative. None of it in a " look what i have done and this is how you should do it " manner but in an often self deprecating way. The Foxes i can watch in small doses only but as said in earlier post, Narrowboat Pirate is another i enjoy, plenty of humour and inuendos in a " Carry on up the cut " style. There are some however who simply should not be allowed a camera. No, i will miss Crusing the Cut and best of luck to him for the future.
  13. Norm55


    No one has mentioned an incinerator.
  14. 2 pages into this thread and yet very little relevant replies to the OP question. Well, are they any good ?
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