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  1. Thanks for reply. Yes of 3 boats am interested in, 2 are owned by them ( Venetian ) and these have been surveyed by same surveyor. Doesn't give me a lot of confidence, but then guess am just cynical. The 3rd sold under brokerage has no survey. Which to be fair is my preferred boat.
  2. Do these comments apply to their Cheshire branch at Nantwhich, Venetian Marina? Just shortlisted a couple here but alarmed that surveys done are not necessarily independant
  3. Fair points both. Bear in mind however that have never had holiday on narrowboat. . We had booked one but it was cancelled due to Covid. So this is holding me back a little. Am therefore not rushing into this but have learnt a lot from this forum.
  4. I disagree. We are now all in lockdown. No one else will be looking at these boats To make a huge purchase like this almost blind is foolhardy surely . Do we trust surveyors ? You have to feel the boat is right for you too . Would rather sit out the winter and watch the market get back to normal. Currently we are buying when market is high. I think many may come to regret their purchases when the market gets back to normal.
  5. Doh!!! I meant this one https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-semi-traditional/646561
  6. Not a broker, no its when i ring a private seller. Am thinking this is worth a look https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-semi-traditional/646876
  7. Thanks again for all advice given. Under lockdown so no chance to get out and look at any, but have drawn up short list and rung around. A few things have come to mind. If you are selling something, then why not clean it up for pictures, in particular make the bed before you photograph the room. When ringing vendor and asking questions , most kindly suggested by you folks i am met with " don't know,...... think it is...why dont you just come down and have a look " If I am selling something I have all info to hand And then when questioned about my intended method of purchase - deposit then balance pending survey " nah, she doesn't need a survey save your money " Is it just me?
  8. Info overload here but keep it coming, am learning by the minute! Would a surveyor remove skirting board as part of survey or are there different levels of survey as in house purchase, i.e. structural survey and valuation type. As regards a certain function, and its options we have not yet discussed the merits of a pump out system.. I understand the holding tank is under the bed, the thought of that could kill the moment. 🤐😂 Am stuck in lockdown so unable to get out and view anymore boats, so could be a long search,
  9. Just another thank you to all who have chipped in. Insulation was raised by one poster, on Gemini it is Rockwool which I believe is preferable as not a fire hazard with electric cables buried within. Battery count, i think is 3 leisure ones Yes 2nd boat does look like poor use of space and good point about RCD which I would not have thought about, thank you garibaldi. Gemini has pump out loo which I prefer, but I know this is contentious point too, ( feel free to discuss ) I would not consider basic Porta-potti Overall am leaning towards first boat, Gemini, thanks to all above posters, I can now see the difference . However the engine is older, ( Perkins Perama) should I be worried about that?
  10. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/bluewater-boats-40-semi-trad/650185 Thanks for all replies, just found this one too Similar boat spec but a lot newer. For around same price. Am confused 😩
  11. Thanks again for two more replies. Was thinking of offering 30K subject to survey No central heating and have seen newer boats cheaper. But now in lockdown in N Wales so wont see another for coupke of weeks, but then neither will anyone else..... The blacking is being done by vendor, not me, it is at this point I would ask for survey to be done ( by a surveyor of my choosing ) thus saving me the cost of lifting out of water. Have not placed an offer yet
  12. Thanks for both replies They were having viewings last Tuesday after I had been and it has been advertised online for a while . But it has not sold, so am I missing something? It's back out on hire next week, so no viewings for a while. Have just read through the thread on buying ex rentals and verdict seems to be no problem, usually well maintained Interesting point about the hours....the Hobbs meter was showing zero.......
  13. A whim, but one that has been ongoing for 6 months. Lots of research done and viewed my first boat last week. Have started a thread looking for comments on it. Am sure I will find this site useful and thanks for welcome !
  14. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/liverpool-boats-45-cruiser-stern/649250 Hi all, new here and thinking of taking the plunge into NB ownership. Have viewed the attached boat and appears very good. However, wonder of am missing something. Not the cheapest and it is an ex hire fleet. It is for leisure only, just 2 of us and not a liveaboard. Previous survey available and intend to get another done when it is blacked in November. Have always thought never buy the first you see, but it does tick a lot of boxes. Am fairly practical have renovated houses and woukd change bathroom etc Any thoughts ?
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