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  1. I measured our 4HP 2-stroke Mariner at 30 mpg pushing a 650Kg sailing boat hull at canal speeds, over about a week's cruising.
  2. What about plastic cruisers? We've got a 28' cruiser with an outboard. Firstly we struggle to go as slowly as a NB on tick over, especially if the wind's blowing, when we skate sideways (and our only steering is when we've got thrust). Secondly with our low displacement we don't disturb moored boats as much as a heavy NB. We still slow down for moored boats, but not as slow as a NB on tick over. Are most NB'ers relaxed to see a cruiser go by a bit quicker than a NB? I can foresee answers like "you're in an inappropriate boat". We will get something metal one day, and up until now we've been on rivers.
  3. I've been the one coming round the corner, into an open lock, when activity starts on the boat moored next to the landing stage - "oi that's our lock, we were just having a cup of tea." There wasn't room for both in the lock, and we carried on. They were very annoyed.
  4. I think Dan's sticky at the top of the forums list answers all these points, and any similar foreseeable ones. These inward-spiralling threads about who was right & wrong, dependant on tiny details of history, are energy-sapping of the rest of the forum. I know I could ignore, but that's not the point.
  5. Thank you, Desiree, for the link, it's a nice idea. Did Limehouse twice - once in an electric canoe from the Lea, and once off the Thames in a 20' sailing boat (ex rig). The turning into the lock gets quiet exciting, doesn't it?
  6. So that's all settled, isn't it? Well done, Dan, you've accepted every important point raised, and outlined how you're going to do it. I, for one, would like to see an end to all this introverted nit-picking, and more discussion about boats. Sewer tubes are rubbish, and cassettes are better than stupid holding tanks - anyone disagree?
  7. Absolutely - and prevent the possibility of sending the angry draft by deleting the recipients name from the "to" tab, until you re-write!
  8. We got charged £350 to bring our 28' cruiser from Windsor to Ely - a guy did it with a 4WD and a twin axle trailer. It would have been a fortnight by water, and we thought that was reasonable.
  9. Thanks to all, in the end I booked Stuart - he was the guy the marina recommended, he quoted a fixed price of £120, he doesn't sell extinguishers, etc., and he'll meet me at the boat on a Saturday morning.
  10. Thanks, everyone, that gives me more than enough! I hope to get into the office sometime this week, and will ring a couple then.
  11. Thanks, Rick, is he within reach of Oundle? phone number? Thanks to Martin & Nick.
  12. We have a cruiser at Oundle that needs a new safety cert. The marina has given me a name, but I'd like to phone more than one. I don't know whether there's a fixed price schedule, or whether people just quote freely. The last guy was very keen to sell new extinguishers, etc, even though the existing were in the green zone, and like new condition externally. I don't know whether this sort of thing is considered appropriate for this forum, but we would like to have peoples' recommendations, from their own experience.
  13. Thanks to all who replied. I'll have to get on the phone. Re trailering, we have done it, and love the idea of visiting new waters, but it takes so long to find a launch site, drive, launch, recover, etc. - we're enjoying just turning up & walking on board.
  14. We intend to move our 28' narrow beam cruiser from the river Nene over to the canals next spring. Ideally we'd like to be somewhere near Norton Junction (Grand Union Leicester line). We're not that fussed about electric hook-up, and want to find somewhere cheap but secure. Any recommendations, ideas, comments?
  15. We used http://www.sunstore.co.uk/Motorhome-Solar-Kits/ for a small kit to keep batteries charged on a sailing boat on a mooring, and have been very happy with the quality of the kit and the advice & service, and they are top of our list in researching what to do with our newly-acquired river boat. VFM is far higher on rigid panels than semi-flexible.
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