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  1. Mine is being done next week and not too far away from OP. Been told, into dry dock first thing Monday back in water noon Thursday. Its a dry dock with space heaters but should i challenge their time scale?
  2. Mine desperately needs blacking. Is it too early in the year? Am thinking a dry dock is always going to be a damp environment any time of year. Cold temperatures too must make a difference ?
  3. Thats lovely to know, good old fashioned service. Rare nowadays. Look forward to getting there.
  4. Well i have keys to the boat and registered in my name with CRT. Still chasing bill of sale however.
  5. Broker has not sent me bill of sale yet. Funds only transferred this week. Assume he needs vendor to complete this, saying it is free of debt and unencumbered etc. Other posts on here appear to suggest this is the norm.
  6. But you dont get that until you have paid your money . Seems an odd way to do business
  7. Well have just paid for a boat and few days on i have access to boat, keys are left at marina that broker works out of, but said i could take keys away with me. Have owners manual BSC etc ...so do i own a boat or should i wait for seller to return bill of sale i have signed before i relax?
  8. The manager is chap we dealt with. Very helpful despite not having firm dates for arrival was understanding and flexible. Cant get there now till Easter due to culvert collapse but they said no problem deposit on mooring will be held and dates will only start when we arrive. So far quite impressed with customer service.
  9. Currently my boat is at Nantwich booked into Overwater but cant get there till Easter. Cant go North as works at Beeston locks and wont get far on Barbridge link as have works ongoing on a bridge near Middlewhich. It appears i have bought a very expensive static caravan.....
  10. Have recently bought a boat from Nantwhich, have secured a mooring at Overwater, but of course cant get there due to culvert collapse and can't go North due to works at Beeston. Global warming or poor maintenace by CRT ?
  11. Yes that's it, new to this so didnt spot it,. Thanks for replies non the less
  12. Friend of mine moving his boat to enable medical treatment has reported stoppage at Anderton. Nothing on CRT site. Anyone know where to get further news?
  13. I have to add that the survey, carried out by Rick Tropman was very thorough with over 20 pages of facts rather than a dozen pages of caveats and waffle like many have seen. Happy to reccomend him, very professional.
  14. No corresponding bump outside so doubt impact damage. Yes they can be pushed back.
  15. Just to confirm, they are not bulging through damp swelling, just where 2 panels meet vertically the fixing has come off the hull behind causing a deflection in section of wall . The panels are in excellent condition
  16. Survey yesterday and hull etc all good. However inverter and webasto not working but broker has agreed to fix / replace. Main worry is bulge on 1 internal wall. Surveyor thought timber vertical rail, poss held in with sprayfoam had come loose bringing int vertical batten and MDF panel with it. This bulge is only around 20mm . You can see the deflection as you look down length of boat. Should i be worried? A deal breaker or something to negotiate price down?
  17. Pre purchase survey on my new boat this week, and this topic is interesting. Assuming we go ahead what if anything can i expect off broker before i transfer money ?
  18. Because 3 years ago it was 4 years old. And problems possibly on the way. But yes no real reason to change.
  19. We and previous governments have been sleepwalking through this upcoming disaster for years. Fossil fuels need to be replaced, yes but there is no alternative currently that is sufficiently developed. I live off grid, by that I mean in a house away from mains gas. I have renovated it over last 3 years to be as green as possible. PV panels and Air Source Heat pump. The government should be proud of me but in this period they have withdrawn feed in tarrifs for PV ( already drastically reduced from early figures ) and i understand the Renewable Heat Incentive for the ASHP is to be wi
  20. Am now on yanmar site and the numbers match sorry to appear thick in any case it is the service intervals I was interested in.
  21. Yep agree. It is shire 38 using 3TNV yanmar base engine. But not sure how these numbers relate to list on shires site . According to the downloaded manual 4 TNV is type number forthe 38
  22. Just looking for manual for engine in NB am about to buy. Confused at Barras numbering system. See photo, can anyone explain how the numbers relate to engines listed on Barras website
  23. Welcome to a trying, stressful but hopefully rewarding journey. Just buy a boat, someone said. Yeh....ok....
  24. Thanks, have been told it is a Narrowcraft hull, made in Gdansk. Also told that for a 12 year old boat i shouldn't have too much to worry about.....but i will worry anyhow....
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