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  1. EDIT Removed incorrect info. According to THE site it is still age 60. No idea what happened to the proposal to align it with state pension age other than this was met with a lot of opposition. Seems to of gone quite since March 2022 but no definitive statement that it has been dropped. Suspect it is being kept in the governments back pocket so that it can be used as a bargaining tool in the future.
  2. Sorry I only go as far as Tosh, not yet mastered complete B#%llks. Nice to see the old sibling rivalry smoulders on, almost nostalgic
  3. I'm sure, now that we have diverted to this side issue, that it would be more illegal to allow a stocked pond to dry out and thereby cause suffering to animals than it would be fill the pond. I don't know if this is true but I would suggest that the would be the legal interpretation. Fortunately I don't have a fish pond on my boat so it's academic to me.
  4. Which is I would contend the correct and more accurate interpretation than the original post.
  5. O.K I have been informed that file is safe to view Personally I will always be wary of public links to Microsoft one drive files and will treat them with caution. It appears that this is Microsoft word document which is another favoured way of transmitting virus using Word macros.I Now that the file has been verified I'm happy to welcome Dave Martin aboard. I do think that David Macks suggestions of a PDF, HTML or long forum post are better options for the op to consider.
  6. Sounds interesting but I don't blindly follow obscure links would it be possible to provide a more transparent link and a description of what I will be taken to? Ma n y thanks !!!! BEWARE !!!! In response to a Google question what is 1drv.mvs? "The URL is used for sharing links as part of Microsoft One Drive. As a result of this the URL is often associated with malicious files and other"
  7. Occasionally on this forum I speak complete tosh, it's comforting to find that I'm not alone in this.
  8. I actually think this would suit me battered and bruised, seen better days, rough around the edges and , if it doesn't get some tender care soon, might be on its way out.
  9. Can accept that, maybe at a different time with different experiences I might of held a different view. I've had the opposite on returning to locations I've previously enjoyed only to be a bit disappointed.
  10. The rear rails somewhat negate the effect of the cabinside tumblehome. Sorry op can't help with your enquiry. Home built boats like this though are still an achievement I know if I had built it I would of had a smile on my face when I launched it.
  11. Never felt safe there, although did meet one of the permanent residents by the supermarket, very helpful and pleasant gentleman.
  12. Leighton Buzzard is probably my least favourite place on the system.
  13. Any collisions should be reported to CRT details here https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/contact-us/reporting-an-incident-accident-or-near-miss Easiest way to report is on this number 0303 040 4040
  14. Not helped by current heat. Might be worth waiting for cooler weather to see if it is a real problem under normal conditions.
  15. Just to confirm mine was a 2005 liverpool shell and the replacement bearing was 35mm from Ebay. refitted 35mm bearing no problem.
  16. Your probably right as the amounts don't seem to fit. I have checked back and the process I was thinking of is used by PayPal and is for 0.01p.
  17. I have had a small number of incidents where a small transaction took place ahead of a scheduled transaction. It was explained to me that these were done to ensure that the main transaction would work when it was submitted, this normaly happens when either a new payment has been setup or payment details have been amended. Whether this is happening in your case I've no idea as the incidents, which are few and far between, have only been for pennies. Never been out of pocket with them. Be interested to know if this applies in you case.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. http://vintagegardensyringesprayers.info/page15.html
  22. Op needs to consider the fact that buying a used boat is in realty also buying a todo list.
  23. Had same thing recently, easy job to swap out the regulator. I took the opportunity to swap out an automatic switch over regulator to a manual switch over which I find to be better for me. Last regulator and hose lasted 16 years which I hadn't realised until I read the new install instructions was way over the official date for replacement. Symptoms were exactly the same as your experiencing. Edit to add that full kit including hoses and fittings was circa £90 from Midland Chandlers. Similar kits available on Amazon for £84 + Edit again to add Just remembered that you will need some Gas Thread Sealing PTFE Tape which is the yellow stuff. Just a few pence
  24. I made the mistake of trying to think about it and realised I was trying to subvert a subversion but my mind couldn't process the outcome.
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