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  1. A friend of our uses this tool (they call the scrabbler), to remove paint - back to steel, from the gunnels and sides of the boat below the gunnels. It attaches to a metabo buffing tool, but according to metabo UK they have no clue who makes this attachment. Apparently it works wonders by scratching off all of the paint with no damage to the steel. Anyone have any idea where I can get one from or anyone have a tool which does a better job?
  2. This foam type stuff sits directly above the engine (the flap is open at the moment.) Anyone know it's purpose? Or what it's called, or where it's sold? We are guessing it's some sort of fire retardant material for this passenger boat.
  3. I would like to keep the inside of my boat somewhat dry over the winter when it keeps super chilly. I do not live on this boat, but she is always plugged into shore power (if that helps). The boat also has a diesel heating system, and I can get LPG tanks if that helps, I'm not sure which is the most efficient option. My plan is to have the heating come on when she drops below a certain temperature - say 8 degrees (just randomly picked that number.) What do other people do or use? Thanks
  4. After fixing the issue, we realized what caused the alternators to both fail. We had an incident about two months ago where the sump pump for the engine oil shorted against the shared live feed connection point for both alternators. (I forget what the correct name is.) I've attached some pictures you can see the damaged caused. As you can see from the pictures one is with the pump on, and one is with it off. As the owner of the boat I should have moved where the pump was installed, as you can see it's on top of that power distribution point - so that's on me. It was installed ther
  5. Just as an update! We cleaned the multi-plug, and had to replace both alternators. Thanks again.
  6. If I have everything switched off, what sort of output should I be seeing for the two alternators? I measured them with the engine running idle and it was 12.22V and 13.22V - but I had everything switched on. Thanks, see attached photo.
  7. Our battery warning light has decided to start illuminating and buzzing as soon as we set off. The tachometer is also acting funny, and sometimes it just goes flat. I'm guessing I want to start looking at the alternator, alternator belt and batteries first? The beeping and buzzing do go away for a while when we are plugged into shore power. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know what brand this diesel heater is? I’m trying to order a new chimney for it. If you know a good place where I might be able to order that, please let me know. Thanks so much.
  9. The engine is an Isuzu 35 see attached pic I took last night. Thanks again everyone.
  10. Sure. It happens at different times. Last time, I warmed up the boat for about 25 minutes before pulling away, as I was pulling away (going forward) you could hear the engine start to struggle and almost die. I increased the revs - sometimes this works, sometimes it gets worse when I will just cut the engine.
  11. Only because I've never had to do this before I thought I would ask for best practices on here. In short: after speaking to a local mechanic he believes I may have a tiny air leak on my boat. After describing the symptoms to the mechanic he thought it would be a good idea to start there first. To start I've gone around a tightened all of the connectors mainly on the diesel line going into the engine. Would next step be to start switching pipes? Wondered if there was a simple trick I am missing? Thanks
  12. No solar panels on this boat. How would I test the alternator? Or would it be quicker to just switch it out? Thanks for all your help everyone.
  13. I'm having trouble trying to workout why my boat sounds like a small budgie is trapped behind the control panel. To try and isolate what is causing this I disconnected the oil pressure switch sender (all 3 wires), and then separately disconnected the temperature sender and switch......and although the chirping is faint, it's still happening. The batteries are charging well, and I don't see any battery warning lights flickering, even when I switch everything on. What am I missing? Thanks so much in advance.
  14. I've contacted BM, and will let you know what happens - finger crossed for a good outcome. What was interesting was yesterday I ran the engine for about 5 hours (I was traveling at times up and down the canal), I intentionally didn't let the revs get below 1200rpm, and for the first time, the nut didn't come loose.
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