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  1. I've just purchased one of these horns and when they go off you can probably hear them from London (we are located in Yorkshire). Does anyone know of a way to slightly lower the noise level? Other than an old sock! Thanks https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/aaa-12-volt-stainless-steel-marine-twin-trumpet-horns-ad-113
  2. So I took some readings.....I have two alternators, one for the starter and one for the domestic batteries. Alternator 1: 14V Alternator 2: 14.6V Battery Voltages when engine running = 13.2V and 14.7V Battery voltages when engine not running = 12.9V and 13.5V Really appreciate everyones help/response.
  3. What reasons would my control panel start beeping? I assumed it would be because the batteries are low, but as you can see, they are fully charged? https://share.icloud.com/photos/0ach0cr9vxaAV6GLj-UdqVtEw Thanks in advance.
  4. Just remembered I didn’t provide closure for this topic, and figured maybe one day someone else might have this issue. The culprit was……temperature sensor out of the box was faulty. I guess I just assumed as it was new it worked. 😒 That will teach me. Switched it out for a magical Bluetooth dongle and it’s all good. Thanks everyone above for all your help. Much appreciated.
  5. You are correct - this is the setup I had. Apologies to everyone for asking the wrong question. To be fair the person I asked said it "might" be live on negative. As it's being discussed - what is the best wiring setup for a bilge pump? We would like to be able to manual switch it on from the control panel as well. Thank for everyones suggestions and time.
  6. I have a bilge pump which needed replacing and was. When I took it apart I didn’t pay attention to the wiring (I know). I’ve been told the switch on the control panel is live on negative. Can anyone explain what that means, or better still have a wiring diagram? Lesson learned for next time! Thanks
  7. I know in an ideal world before repainting a boat you would remove all the previous paint down to steel (on about the top section - nothing under water.) If you don’t have time to do that what grade sanding disk would you take the boat down to. Last year (different boat), I think we went down to 180 grade before we painted - does that sound right? Thanks
  8. Thanks so much for your reply - makes sense, I’ll just keep doing the same.
  9. Every two years I paint the bottom and sides of my wide-beam narrow boat . Last time I painted the bits which get wet using Rylard Rytex Bodied Bituminous Coating. Recently I keep seeing on youtube boaters making videos about using 2 pack poly paint. Should I be using this first, and then top up with the Rytex? Just trying to get the hull and bum to last as long as possible. On the Leeds & Liverpool canal which isn't very deep. Thanks in advance. PS: I'm actually required to paint this often (MCA friends insist - LOL).
  10. Yeah, I’ve done the first step and opened up a support ticket with Midland Chandlers - where I purchased it from.
  11. Ive only just had this connected and as soon as we did, we had the two lights.
  12. We used to have a Heart Interface Freedom 25 Inverter, which I believe had a rating of 2100 watts, so less. Are you recommending we fully charge the batteries (I have a couple of chargers), and then reconnect them? Thanks.
  13. Here’s a zoom of the cables. The person helping me, who didn’t install this says they look big enough. Do they? Yes I think next step is to try some new batteries to just rule this out. Just got to find someone who supplies them.
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