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  1. The flooding was pretty bad...
  2. The boat is now located in Wakefield. The owner has requested that you contact him. I have PM'd you his number
  3. Going the other way into the lock i have seen the Rix oil barges using their thrusters to get round the bend so i guess they will do too.
  4. It is removed now but there used to be a underwater obstruction at Dewsbury bridge on the Calder and Hebble. Every time we went past the boat would cut out due to the propeller hitting the obstruction.
  5. Adam


    Nope i can confirm Catweasel is alive and well
  6. What are the rules around water skiing on a canal? Are speed limits exempt if you are towing a water skiier? I notice BW have designated water skiing areas on certain rivers.
  7. I only have a vague description but at Wakefield there is no weir to be seen and the water is touching the top of the bridge. There's a rowing boat stuck against the weir boom aswel (that's probably gone now). I think the boat is the guy who has about 5 or 6 and moors against two trees just up the river from Thornes lock (Towards the weir).
  8. Back doors shut and engine cover lifted off (semi trad stern)
  9. Why is the Kyme only open a few weeks a year?
  10. Am i correct in thinking you will also need warning stickers if you store your petrol in the gas locker? Whats a suitable container anyway?
  11. Adam

    nintendo wii

    With the Xbox 360 only SOME of the games work. The hardware should work but i'm not 100%. You would probably be better asking on a games forum.
  12. I heard it just operates the throttle or does it operate steering aswell?
  13. I cant get the webcams working Hasn't the boat gone yet?
  14. enourmous. Do you know any figures on the size of it?
  15. The Nicholsons guides tell you the maximum draft. I would geuss most canals accomadating your boat size will accomdate such draft.
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