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  1. That's the plan I was looking at recently, so we could also dump the land line - but the mobile reception here is absolute [email protected] So then I start looking at mobile signal boosters, aerials etc. After I'd got to about £400 I decided maybe I should just keep the landline!!!
  2. Some years ago I was at P.J.Barbers workshop and he very proudly showed me round 'Whitby' which he had just finished (if you ever 'finish' an old working boat) renovating, and much of the wood was in fact plastic. Low maintenance, long lasting and it looked like wood to me. Might be worth thinking about.
  3. I’m not impressed by whoever said ‘if it’s down to 2.5 that’s nothing to worry about’. It started at 5.0mm in 2009 and is now at 2.5mm? If you are planning on keeping the boat for 10 years, best keep a life jacket handy.
  4. And there's me thinking it was 'Pillock of the United States'.................. Oh its all right, its the same thing.
  5. I thought it had been decided near the end of last year that the volunteers are there 'to help if wanted, but the ultimate responsibility is the boat owners' which I read as being the boat owners choice as to what goes on. (Foxton and Watford in particular excepted). eta - come on Mr.Fincher, I seem to remember you got a letter from C&RT after you complained, and it said the boater is in charge, or do I remember it wrong?
  6. You have had two suggestions of the same person who lives (on a boat) in your area - I'll do it a third time - contact 'Bizzard' on this forum - if he can't help, he will know who can.
  7. ^^^ as everybody has said, and despite the hard work at the start, they are great to have around - I'd reinforce the comment about having a crate available. One thing that happened to our pup soon after we had her (and it wasn't anything I'd imagine happening) - she went to follow me off the back when moored, and her feet slipped on take off. Went straight in the canal and fortunately I was watching as she went in - she came up under the uxter plate so I just reached in and pulled her out. I didn't make a fuss about it and it didn't seem to put her off boats, but she was never a swimmer after that!
  8. Well obviously only if I caught him doing it, and I'd be quite happy to be judged if he was as well - but thats the point, these poor hard-done by arses are rarely brought to justice. And if he was, he wouldn't need a slap.
  9. And if you slapped the arse who wrote that, it would be you in trouble - justice is an arse.
  10. Lucky they had not tied the two ends together, you'd be going round in circles.....................
  11. Off-topic, but your post reminded me of a true story (told to me by the pilot in question) - When in Niger, we had two Hercules aircraft attached to the job for moving big rigs around the country. One of them needed a major service, so a trip back to Europe was organised. A stop for fuel was planned at Tamanrasset in Algeria. Unfortunately, one of the pilots, halfway there, realised he had an upset stomach and was not going to make it to the refuel point - and there was not a toilet on board, just a bucket type which he didn't fancy. So, having an old briefcase with him, decided to use that. Everything worked out fine, but then he thought 'What do I do with it?' So, after landing, he put the briefcase next to the steps of the aircraft, in the absolute certain knowledge that somebody would steal it - which they did!!!
  12. Unless you know exactly what was done to repair the boat after sinking, walk away. Engine, electrics, ...... I give up, its a complete minefield.
  13. Leave the hatch(s) open, let some air circulate - small fan would be good if possible, but fresh air will help.
  14. A quick fix is WD40, will leave a result similar to your spilt oil - but don't use expensive spray cans, it can be bought in four (or five?) litre plastic containers, much cheaper. Wipe on with a cloth soaked in it, wipe off with a clean cloth.
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