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  1. As Mike says ^^^ I would also add, don't hang about thinking about it - or you may find when you get round to it, there is nobody to claim against.dy to claim against.
  2. If, as has been regularly said, C&RT agree that the volockies are there to assist only when asked, how can they stop you just going through the lock and waving, dependent on age, one or two fingers?
  3. It will remove the dirt, bird mess and the odd tree sap type stain - the paintwork will come up, not 'as new' but a lot brighter than normal - but won't last more than a week or two. However, it is an easy and quick clean. Bit like The Karate Kid, wipe on, wipe off.
  4. I wasn't in the country much during the 80's, was doing my drinking under the stars (when we could get it!) - am sure you are right though.
  5. Sorry dmr, only 10 minutes drinking up time - and in my old man’s pub it was rigidly enforced! Back in the dark ages (40’s 50’s and 60’s) the licensee could lose their license over virtually anything if the police pushed it. One time a drunk was found wandering the town centre (Kettering) and the police tried to blame us - went to court and only a very smart and expensive barrister got my old man off.
  6. I used to collect as many go-cart tyres as I wanted from my local track - they were more than happy to give them away as they had to pay to get rid of them!
  7. They are trying to get rid of an order put in by the Olympic Committee last April for three-legged race equipment
  8. Mike Tee


    Did whoever delivered / changed the battery see the car and know where it lived? (Sorry to hear about the car, just hope the little shit woke up in pain this morning).
  9. Well, yes it is better to slow down before reaching moored boats due to the movement of the water etc etc - but the guy / gal didn’t have room on the lock beam to write an essay, they were just giving a heads up of unusual action ahead.
  10. that's more like an end of mooring garden
  11. blame Dorian, he won't answer back
  12. You need to organise a support group in case it happens again
  13. why heat water with the engine and not store it? also, kneading dough after an oil change really gets your hands clean eta: but mini niggles aside, it really is a lovely boat - and as said, not expensive for what it is
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