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  1. I’m sorry for your troubles, looks absolutely awful- best of luck getting everything sorted, I know it will be a long job.
  2. That doesn't sound like The Globe I've used in the past - although it was a while ago.
  3. obviously not since I met my wife, but I used to love embracing sinners
  4. That must be awful to be stuck near the Globe!!
  5. Ray, the exhibits in dry storage, are they still accessible for the public to wander round?
  6. Typical Tory elitist, cold milk, ice cream and didn’t even have to take the top off
  7. At least you had fresh milk handy.........
  8. Firstly, stop doing the front garden. Then contact the council. For them to take any action will take YEARS. This is exactly what happened to good friends of ours. Their semi-detached neighbors abandoned their house and it eventually threatened to damage our friends property. Eventually the council stepped in and did repairs, then took the owner to court and the property was eventually sold. But it did take many years. eta - should have said ‘the council stepped in and did urgent emergency repairs’
  9. You went home after school? And had proper weekends? I had to live in a castle with 3 working radiators and no fires. During the winter in question we had no water for weeks and had to stand out in the snow to clean our teeth (and got a flogging if we didn’t). The ice on the outdoor swimming pool was broken and the water used in the kitchen - but we all survived (just) although we did stink a bit!!
  10. Don't like the Bolivians - didn't they shoot Butch and Sundance?
  11. Only overnight stay in Lagos in and out, on the way to Port Harcourt early 1971. Lagos was just a busy, large, dirty city where it was easy to get ripped off if not careful - Port Harcourt, well the Biafran war had only ended the previous year, and it was an eye opener for all the wrong reasons. Only there for about 4 months, but the highlight of the visit was the cholera epidemic. Not a trip I look back on with many fond thoughts.
  12. I'm just glad the airbase at Whellus wasn't dry - we used to get the odd quart of alcohol smuggled out!
  13. Preston Bar in 1970 - both the British and American's had warships in port - there was some blood spilt!!! We'd fly over from Libya, go on a 24 hour bender and fly back ready for another few dry months.
  14. Well it used to be .......................
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