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  1. Ah, sorry, got the idea you were looking for a white one to buy! Not seen the Harworth one's in the flesh, but they look like a worthwhile back cabin replacement worth considering bearing in mind the shortage of anything else.
  2. Not white, but described as 'almond' which is close'ish https://www.harworthheating.co.uk/product/bccs-4a/ (personally I'd rather have the diesel one, and in black!)
  3. I've used 'WetWall' in the past - does exactly like the name suggests. Biggest problem (no pun intended) is the size of the panel required - it will not leak except at any joints so the bigger the panel the better.
  4. refill at an lpg filling station, putting in 26 litres (which is recommended amount) - price varies from 45p up to about 80p - in MK the only station we have (and they will fill motorhome cooking tanks) is 70p, so cost is between £11.70 up to around £20. So it is worthwhile doing a bit of checking to find a service station that will let you fill your orange tanks. Even better if your local lpg station will help you do it - the tanks are quite heavy to lift in and out of a boot. (No idea where A de E gets his £9 fill from - probably knows a tanker driver who goes round filling the domestic
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. edited sorry, misread the title, thought it said 'Two jobs and a big hubby'
  7. A well trained effective rescue team will leap into action and rescue the crew. After the fire service has done its work, C&RT will take a minimum of 6 weeks to remove the sunken hull.
  8. I very much doubt that Trotman will pay any of the £39k
  9. Many years ago, my late mother-in-law had an old mini with a large hole rusted in the back below the boot lid. So I prepared some papier mache, filled the hole, put on a bit of filler to create a crust and spray painted it. The car was then sold. Father-in-law wanted me to use his Daily Mirror for the makings, but I do have standards - wouldn't use anything less than the Daily Telegraph.
  10. Taking it for granted that you take reasonable care to isolate from others etc etc, there are then two scenarios - 1) you get caught by the police and get fined £200 2) you don't go and, worse case, your boat sinks I know which one I'd go for (plus I'm sure the insurance excess and other uninsured losses would be way more than £200)
  11. another thought to throw in the mix - how does your current rent stack up against cost of moving by truck? At least that option is a fixed forecastable sum, as opposed to hoping the river may go down......
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Can you ask the present / previous owner where the boat has been?
  14. It’s not easy in a situation like that even if you know what to do. The first time I did training in a survival suit did not initially go well for me. I have always been a strong swimmer and, lockdown excepted, still swim a kilometre a day front crawl at a good pace. But going in wearing a survival suit, the suit took over and I was not in control - I had a hell of a time reeling in the panic and getting the training to take over - this wasn’t in a pool, but somewhere off Southampton, so quite deep! So going into water in a car unexpectedly it would take nerves of steel to do it all logi
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