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  1. Yes, Ed also owned the butty Bakewell back then
  2. That's the one - didn't want to mention Ed's name in case it wasn't his. I remembered helping him out when Conway broke down in Campbell Park. I did see Conway up near Napton not so long after he sold it - looked very much worse for wear, broken into, and left adrift. I rand Ed to try and get the number of the new owner, but never did in the end. Seem to remember it was bought by a young couple who had plans for it which I guess sadly fell through, and I think it was on its way to Bristol or Bath.
  3. If its the one I think it is (can't remember the name) the then owner was taking it south to its new owners about that time. It wasn't long after that with the new owner it started to get left a lot and suffered from vandals and thieves - wish I could remember what it was called then. Of course, it may not be the one I think it is!!!
  4. With a girlfriend like that he didn't stand a chance🤣
  5. Reading above about the travel restrictions in New Zealand, I just checked the arrivals board at Heathrow - unbelievably there are multiple flights due in from all over the world. Why the hell the UK don't follow NZ's example and close all airports, ports and the tunnel is beyond belief. We are told to keep 2m away from each other, no crowds of more than two, no unnecessary travel etc etc and they are still allowing travellers in. We are in a good logistical position to follow NZ's lead - we are an island! It would not be difficult to control essential imports etc.
  6. a86b556e-ff86-4e17-a9cd-243a1fb8edb5.MP4
  7. Hypothetical question - (raised by the Princess Anne comments) I’ve read that glulam timber, pound for pound, is stronger than steel, also the special glue used is fully waterproof. So would this material be suitable for repair / replacement in wooden boats bearing in mind the beams can be created / bent to order and in virtually any size. Taking this a step further, could the special glue be used to join existing or replacement parts to do away with caulking? (I think I may have too much time on my hands in the current situation!!)
  8. I’m afraid you will have to use iplayer to see my suggestion- just on BBC news, a brief clip of a police launch on the Thames in London blasting out Monty python ‘always look on the bright side...’
  9. you'll definitely need all that toilet paper you bought...............
  10. There is nothing ‘allowed’ about the over 70’s suggestion- if there is no alternative, if you do not have friends and / or family to help, then you go out and do what is necessary, the important thing is to be sensible - avoid crowds, keep hygiene at the top of the list etc etc. You will not be arrested for going out - if anybody suggests you will be, they are talking bollox.
  11. You can't put Strictly down a well; I'm sure (however beneficial) it would be illegal.
  12. I'm assuming he means MK Marina as the sister site, as it is owned by the same people - they don't (or didn't) have a crane, but do have a slipway, which I know is big enough for a 60' narrowboat.
  13. As long as they don't cancel Easter, Christmas wouldn't know when to start
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