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  1. This refers to 'penetrating' and 'entering' the 'interior of the vessel'. If it is done from the well deck, then I read that as being OK.
  2. Ask the boatyard where you pick the boat up - I'm sure they will know exactly where their boats will (and will not) turn round.
  3. Another word for traceable Smart Water is ‘Urine’ - that would work OK.
  4. That's 5 days - I thought you were looking at 4 days hire, then you mentioned a good rate for a week. Or do they not count the last day now?
  5. Col, photos of the engine mounts would help to show how much 'wiggle' room there is. You may get away with jacking up the engine to replace the mounts if there is room.
  6. Quite right Mike, but if we all start thinking negatively and don't bother reporting then not only will nothing definitely be done, but those scrotes will get even more into the mindset that they can get away with anything. There is then a natural escalation and they gravitate to more serious stuff. I know a lot of them take this course anyway but I also know that if the police get enough complaints about recurring crime from the same group / family, they start taking an interest in them.
  7. Ridiculous. They knew the colour, boat style, aproximate length, time, location, direction of travel and the op's other half had a brief conversation with him. If we only reported possible crime if we had the personal details of the bad dude, the police would have a lot of spare time.
  8. As with a previous post about kids throwing stones, if you feel he was acting dangerously the only option is to inform the police. It’s then up to them to make the decision about attending or not. If you don’t tell them, they can’t decide and for sure nothing will be done.
  9. There is pre-booked mooring available at the London Canal Museum
  10. Maybe you could mix it into the paint? Then put the mixture into the Flit can and spray your boat.
  11. Not with your accent🤣
  12. Do you see many accidents in your rearview mirror?🤣
  13. Tree Monkey will be along in a minute - I'm guessing his suggestion will be next time, wash half the car and paint the other half and note the end (!) result
  14. Maybe the first fly to get stuck sends out a mayday call and the others swarm to help him/her/it/stupid sod. I've passed people painting under motorway bridges who have a radio blaring out horrible stuff at top volume - maybe its to drown out the mayday call.
  15. I used to have a ‘nappy pin’ permanently spliced to a 4’ or 5’ (depends how high your boat is out of the water) rope with an eye spliced the other end. Leave the eye permanently on the front t stud and makes single-handed mooring a doddle - just drop in the pin and walk back to the stern. To make life even easier I had another pin fixed to about 16’ of rope for the stern - drop in the pin, loop the rope over the rear dolly and tighten up as needed. No fiddling ropes through the eye etc.
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