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  1. I also enjoyed this having had a DM2 in the past - it also showed a DM1 which was talked about recently.
  2. I apologise for my comment which in view of your last post may seem in bad taste. So sorry for your loss.
  3. My first thought was in the low £80's but that's my 'end up' figure, so if through a broker you would have to start up near £90 and it might stick around for a bit - and for some, by the time it was done & dusted, the cruising season will be nearly over. So, as said by some, sell it yourself this year, and then have the option of going with a broker in the new year. ETA- sell (or rent out) the land and enjoy the boat - we, apparently, only live once!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Google C5 clear zip up folders
  6. ^^^ That's fine, it worked for you, but the original op said, and I have to assume was told this by his surveyor, that 'the two pack epoxy was put on badly' - so in this case there is a problem. In the opinion of the surveyor.
  7. Your first option is to get a significant price reduction due to the expensive problem you will inherit if you go ahead with the purchase.
  8. Simple fix on the centre line fouling the solar panels is to have two lines, one each side.
  9. That's it - not saying they have all the answers, but I guess they could be ranked as one of the top brokers so they must have looked into it and got their comments from somewhere. I'm a bit twitchy on this as I own a 2006 self build (not by me) with a Petter PH2W. No plans to sell but I will one day!
  10. Yes, under the subject heading 'information'
  11. Not too sure about this 'five year rule' - can't copy and paste yet on this new to me tablet, but ABNB reckon that this has been legally challenged recently as the boat would need to be self built in its entirety including the shell
  12. So in general if a post 1998 boat is bought / sold / owned, what are the penalties and who will apply them? This is not a frivolous question, but a serious one. ETA- forgot to say 'with an older vintage style engine'!
  13. Have you thought about getting a large modern campervan? Then winters could be spent in southern Spain where apparently good football is available if you like that sort of thing.
  14. somebody on here was looking for something like this some months ago, and I can't remember who!
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