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  1. Mike Tee

    New boat

    Fully agree above the waterline, but going on the experience of 'KeepingUp' I'd never take even a year for granted. Can't remember the exact time scale, but he was close to losing his boat due to the dreaded rot, and that was over a relatively short time, something like two years if I remember correctly.
  2. The Falkirk style lift or other, was, I think, for going up / down Brogborough Hill
  3. Just to be clear, the entire route is now 'cast in (the planners) stone' and cannot be built on, or permanently blocked in any way - as with the A421 crossing though, it is all down to cost now, which is steadily rising. But nothing is cast in stone - the old Gyosi (spelling?) school in Milton Keynes had a huge playing field, and there was a 1000 year covenant on it to prevent development - it is now covered by a huge retirement village!!!
  4. I thought the M1 was already able to be crossed by an old(ish) cattle tunnel. The big problem at the moment is the new A421 has no provision for the canal to cross it. They had to incorporate a plan for it when the planning was approved, which they have done, but they would not install the culvert during the new build - so if the new canal is to cross the new road, a new culvert will have to be dug under the new road - cost estimated at £10 million. If the road builders had built the culvert at the same time, cost estimated at £1 million - bastards!!
  5. The U boat shouldn't be a problem - he's being shadowed by a Cockleshell Hero.
  6. If they want to stop 'no shows', they should double the booking fee, and then give it back when you turn up
  7. I was there a couple of days ago - either recently installed or I never noticed before, there is a newish looking steel gate just above the favourite parking spot on the large hardstanding by the lock. Don't know if it is regularly closed, or if it could be closed by the (presumably) landowner. (Or maybe C&RT owned?).
  8. Maybe they will claim from all the Councils they boat through - that would encourage them to move over vast distances each year, and generate a substantial income (and I'd guess, tax free!!)
  9. If the boat yard it is currently in are any good, they will advise you of suitable local crane hire that they themselves use.
  10. Let’s hope the law traces the backstabbing little shit. I’ve no doubt it wasn’t his fault as he had a troubled upbringing so will be asked politely not to do it again.
  11. No, it means it floods really well - house, land, moorings......... could be advertised as Back To Nature Real River Living
  12. Would have done them more good to cut out the middle man - would have improved the beach as well
  13. Its all very well being told we can go on holiday, but have they opened the toilets at any of these places yet? All those awayday people on the beaches - where did they 'go' either during the journey, or on the beach? Actually, I know one answer - my granddaughter plus partner and children took a portable toilet with them on a recent day away - at least they have a large enough vehicle to carry it in, and use when necessary. But I bet the majority of travelers had no facilities. (And I probably know the answer to where most of the rest went............... just keep your mouth shut when swimming).
  14. If it hasn't changed ... Yes If it has changed ... No More information on Barby required
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