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  1. If you eventually get/decide on a bracket, forget the tow ball and get a ‘2” square receiver’ - google will help but think 4x4 - and the accessory’s that are about that fit into the 2” receiver are, I think, far better than tow ball ones.
  2. In answer to the original question if you have access to google, searching for diy shops in a particular area will get you a map with them marked on it, and you can zoom in to see any near your preferred canals. I’ve used it for laundrettes when out away from home waters, and it works a treat - even giving walking directions if required.
  3. We have owned dogs for many years in the past (would love another but due to my age would not be fair on the dog now) and I cannot see the sense in not training a dog properly. It’s hard work for maybe a year then, with luck, maybe 14 or 15 years of joy with one of the most devoted friends possible. The training never stops, but if the groundwork has been laid, not hard work and above all else, the dog will enjoy it and be a real pleasure to have around. I see people out with a yapping pest that pulls in all directions and no control or discipline in sight - it is obviously not any kind of pleasure to be out with a dog like that, and I wonder what kind of life the dog has at home. Owning and keeping a dog like this is, to me, bordering on cruelty. Morning rant over.
  4. The idea that sticking a finger up a dogs backside will stop it fighting is not entirely true - however, some breeds will 'lock on' when fighting and the favorite point is to lock on round the other dogs throat. Not only will this obviously cause tissue damage there is a real danger of the attacked dog being choked to death in a very short time. (This is how the big cats kill their prey). There is very little chance of opening the dogs jaws once it has locked on, but 'gatting' as it is known, will 99% make the dog release. After attempting this, please wash your hands.
  5. If a dog not on a lead attacked my dog that was on a lead, the attacking dog would get a free swimming lesson. A second attack would get it a free underwater swimming lesson. I know its not the dogs fault, but your dog should not suffer.
  6. https://fourcountiesmarineservices.com/ Try Ed Shiers at ^^^, worth a phone call anyway
  7. I see the Chinese tug still relies on old tech for the fenders - big tyres! Looks good though, and the port in general is pristine, with immaculate matching boats moored up into place with a tape measure.
  9. Are you in a marina? Somebody will have some bolt croppers (standard kit for weedhatch use). Otherwise ask other moored boaters although they might suspect you of breaking in!
  10. I just hate to see anybody, and in particular a child, standing within the arc of the tiller
  11. Its OK, its all been passed by the management
  12. You drink this IPA and you’d light up like a jet fighter!
  13. Is there a trick if you mistime it and it goes tacky? Maybe panel cleaner (50% IPA 50% water)? Only asking as I'm planning on doing mine fairly soon!
  14. there were a couple of Wyvern boats there on Saturday evening
  15. ^^^ and is this the result of a thin coating rubbed off almost immediately? Looks good.
  16. We went up Foxton on Saturday early afternoon and got the last mooring spot available for the night, lots of moored boats but very few using the flight. Short cruise next morning to turn round and back to the top of the locks as we had promised the great grandkids a day on the boat before back to school - again, very few boats using the locks, we were straight to the front of the (non existent) queue. Maybe the stoppage in Leicester is the reason, and it was just the same earlier in the year.
  17. Good idea, but after ramming a 14' wide fibreglass cruiser, you would be too firmly attached to reverse off muttering 'sorry' Totally inappropriate, nails are way OTT and very dangerous.
  18. We've got one in our marina as well
  19. One of my favourite ‘cleaned up’ insults is when talking about some politicians and describe them as a ‘testicular ventriloquist’
  20. bit like Scunthorpe hence the old joke - 'Never mind who put the Tea in Typhoo, who put the **** in .................'
  21. Have you, in the past, ever used a polish on it that contained silicone?
  22. My wife, when being 'modern' with the kids, has occasionally said the letters 'WFT' to express surprise - the look of bemusement on their faces is magical - you can see them saying it in their minds trying to work it out!
  23. I've just looked at the OFCOM guide and there are words in there I have never heard of - and I spent 20 years at the rough end of the oil business! I may well have been severely insulted in the past and didn't know it. I might try a few out on the grandkids (great-grandkids are a bit young yet)
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  25. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/rw-davis-62-traditional-for-sale/738482 It is a nice boat - been for sale for a while but has now come down to a more realistic price (but only in my opinion!) We bought Jasper from this chap - no huge surprises, got what we expected so reasonably happy with the experience. Jasper has a BD3 but with hydraulic drive, so headroom in the backcabin is 6' plus, but a huge drop if you miss the step coming in. Doesn't smoke and stops a 70' heavy boat in a very short distance. (My boat, not the one we hit).
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