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  1. you’ve just saved me from what I thought was looking like a Sunday plumbing adventure. the mesh on inside of tap nozzle all blocked! thanks so much! If you’re ever in Brentford let me know. I owe you a beer ( if the pub ever opens!)
  2. Hello. All of a sudden there seems to be very little flow on my kitchen tap. Strangely the shower seems to be ok. could there be an internal blockage in tap? There is a filter on pump so seems unusual cheers
  3. I just woke up slightly anxious I need to paint my engine. it’s getting a bit rusty. It’s a ford tractor engine so I’d like it to be Ford blue. looks like a big job. Is this possible without removing the damn thing??
  4. Hello there, I need a better solution to attach my 25mm liquid pipe to a portable plastic liquid tank. It obviously needs to be removable regularly so screw seal nut or quick release attachment or something?? any ideas?? cheers
  5. So who gets some bilge water condensation in winter? Is this normal? My bilge is is dry as a dry thing in summer but always a tiny bit of water at stern in winter what a swine
  6. So a de-scale may be needed! Any tips or links? sounds like a fun Sunday ?
  7. Ok I’m ready ? maybe already covered in another thread? I’ll take a search
  8. Thanks. If it was a gas issue, would it be effected when I use hobs etc at same time? I’ve tried turning on cooker at full whack and hobs and these don’t seem to have any effect on gas strength for heater although this may not be an appropriate test.
  9. Ok, I’ve read on another thread that it’s good to set heater to lower flow setting thus increasing temperature. Ive just tried this and when I turn knob it has no effect whatsoever on flow! Maybe faulty?
  10. Morning folks, thanks to your great tips I’ve fixed the thermocouple issue I had and now to another problem. My heater is a morco D16, pump is jabsco par max 2.9 The hot water seems to get less and less hot, first winter was fine- this is 3rd winter. If feels like something is stopping the gas from firing at full capacity. Occasionally though the water will go back to being nice and hot, sometimes after running for a little while or other times intermittently without reason. I know the outside temperature is a factor but it used to get hot enough, even mid -winter. I’d be grateful for any suggestions. Many thanks Ed
  11. Phew you’re right. That’s a big relief!!! thanks Sorry, I got my posts mixed up. Canal world has changed since I last used it. Thanks Moominpapa, you were right, I’d turned the setting down! Ok so I think I’ll try to clean the jet and report back many thanks
  12. Oh no, now the pilot lights but doesn’t ignite gas when I open hot tap. What have I done ( he screams head in hands)
  13. That’s great thanks! On a slightly more pressing note, I took the cover off to take a look and put it back and now it’s not flaring up when I open the hot water tap!! Hope I didn’t damage anything, all I touched was the end of the thermocouple!
  14. Hello folks, my morco pilot occasionally goes out when boiler not in use. I’ve read a bunch of previous threads on this and believe the thermocouple could be the issue. Ive taken a look and here’s a few questions. * Should the thermocouple be enveloped by the pilot light? Mine is a close but not immersed in flame. * I’ve read you can tweak/bend it to be closer but I don’t see how this is possible as it looks fixed and it’s hard to access. Any help greatly appreciated many thanks. Ed
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