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  1. sorry ran out of time, thanks very much for your help. The green engine light doesn't come on at all Going to try next week again now
  2. Hello there, usually when I rev the engine highish after starting the alternator wakes up but nothing happening! any advice greatly received . many thanks
  3. hello there, been thinking of getting a small washing machine on board. Are those top loading things any good? I suspect not but would be interested to hear your thoughts. Been looking for a 3kg regular small side loading machine but they are pricy. This would be only for use when moored up and plugged in many thanks
  4. ok great thanks!! As I haven't been gasping for breath lately, and my dodgy back doors have a pigeon sized gap at the top, I'll prob leave it!
  5. Ah I've just seen it's marked A on the list- this means advisory?
  6. Dear Boaters, I have to increase my ventilation by this much: upper ventilation 18448mm2 lower ventilation 8,126mm2 That seems like quite a lot, my boat doesn't have mushrooms. I guess I may need to hack some In? Big door vents maybe? any advice appreciated many thanks!
  7. Looking for something not too big but decent enough to do a reasonable load. (on shore power) any ideas?? Many thanks
  8. Just prepping steel ready for painting. taken back to metal pretty much(slow!) but there are obviously tiny bits of surface rust ( no rust scale) question is, can I paint straight on this or or any treatment recommendations? I don’t Like vactan as it’s latex based. I’ve heard some use neat phosphoric acid and rinse off. Any opinions on this please? I’m guessing the same would happen in a boat yard after grit blasting if they didn’t paint immediately after blasting. many thanks.
  9. I have to make good some bits in the tank that burned through when welding, don't want to spend 90 quid on 5 litres of paint just for tiny bits. I guess there's no alternative? boo-hoo
  10. Got a par max 2.9 - it’s developed a small leak had heavy use for 5 years, shall I just buy a new one? Whenever I used to try and fix shurflo pumps it was rarely successful cheers. Ed
  11. that sounds like a good plan. I am adding a little plating to the boat so she may be sitting a little lower when I go back in the water, which is part of my concern.
  12. Thanks for your swift response, never thought about the vibration issue. I'll post a photo tomorrow when this rain stops (hopefully!) The engine has a large bolt at each corner but nothing special I don't think. I'm quite keen not to have to change the whole cooling system if possible - the damn things cost me enough money already
  13. My exhaust is a crude steel pipe that goes from engine to hull, it's only around 4-5 inches above waterline with no swan neck. Someone said I could perhaps fit a higher one or put a swan neck in the existing one. I actually have to do a little plating over where the outlet is anyway so is this a good time to redo exhaust? Are there any better exhaust methods these days other than a steel pipe or is this still the norm? many thanks
  14. thanks may be worth hiring one! Just debating whether all the paint needs to come off the bottom or just scratch up the old epoxy. There is specks of rust coming through as it didn't get done that well 7 years ago so maybe it's time to do it properly- boo
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