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  1. Our shower room gets a bit cold in the winter and cannae stop the mould in the silicone between tiles 1. Used cheap white silicone for grout- mouldy 2. Used 2nd most expensive 'never go mouldy' silicone- mouldy 3. used the 8 quid, 10 year guarantee no mould super duper top of the range silicone- you know the rest...... any other ideas greatly appreciated - is silicone more prone to mould than regular grout? if it is, I may try grout instead. The walls are pretty solid so not much flex. many thanks Ed
  2. Well if it stops me going to Burton I’ll definitely build one !
  3. Thanks, Hadn’t thought much about the cruising limitations as we haven’t done much (yet) but I suppose it’s good to have the option. our Air draught is around 6ft
  4. Hello, I'm considering popping a wheelhouse over my widebeam stern deck. Has anyone done similar with some nice pics etc? cheers Ed
  5. yep I totally agree- That will prob be me .... I'll weld a little support this week
  6. Well judging by the rest of the boat, the guy who built it did everything as quickly as poss:) Thanks for all the advice! I think putting a new 5/15 valve and short piece of pipe on is the best solution for me.
  7. I like the idea of not draining the tank. Did that once before- a right old pain.
  8. Ok I’ll give it a shot tomorrow, thanks very much for your help!
  9. Which brings me to the question..,, can I use 8mm pipe, not sure that my chandlers will have 5/16?
  10. Maybe a couple of turns but it definitely won’t go any further
  11. The wheel turns ok and feels like it’s closed but doesn’t do anything. There’s definitely no space to turn the fitting. I like your idea re small length of pipe to a new fitting. my feeling is to leave the valve alone as it’s not going anywhere.
  12. Sorry this is a rubbish pic I’ll take another when I’m back in around 15mins
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