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  1. I'd suggest Warwick and back. That should take about 5 days. When you are almost back perhaps continue through Blisworth to Stoke Bruerne for the canal museum. And if you make good progress there are lots of other options for a short detour on the way back: South Oxford, North Oxford, Leicester Arm, Northampton Arm - just check for the next winding hole before you go too far. Warwick is probably more interesting than Rugby, Coventry, Nuneaton etc
  2. If they are in a marina with plenty of vacant spaces, then yes. But if they are in a full / waiting list marina, and if by transferring the berth they can increase the selling price by 15%+, then no.
  3. Rushmoor as well
  4. Enlarging the picture it looks like "10x5x0" where the missing digits are probably 3 or 5 or 8.
  5. Given your lack of experience, there is a lot of useful information on the Canal & River Trust website. In particular, under "Enjoy the waterways", "Boating". Start with th Boaters Handbook.
  6. It depends on how efficient you are with locks, when you are going, and how busy it is. To the top of Hatton is probably less than 4 miles - say an hours cruising. Adding in 23 locks at 20 minute per lock increases the total to 8 hours - too much at any time of year. But at 10 minutes per lock - easily possible if you have a good crew - it would only be 5 hours. The latter could be comfortable if you get away at say 3pm in June, when it will be light until after 9pm.
  7. I'll make one last attempt. 2.3 says we all have to comply with any local restrictions and signage - in this case relating to a mooring charge. Refusing to comply is by definition a breach of the C&RT Conditions. And for any perceived breach of the Conditions, 7.10 means that C&RT are within their rights to exchange details with third parties "... such as mooring providers".
  8. Why do you think 2.3 (which I quoted in post #26 above) doesn't cover it?
  9. Agreed, but he seemed to be concentrating on 7.8 and not 7.9
  10. Who has the obligation re consent? If it is on the landowner to grant/withhold consent, then these boats arguably have a case, because they haven't been asked or told to move on (until now). But if the obligation is on the boat owner to identify the landowner and obtain consent, then they clearly haven't done so.
  11. Thames ... Byelaws 1993. 44(b) "The master of a power-driven vessel may tow another vessel secured alongside ..."
  12. Isleham? Might be a bit nearer, depending on where you are in Suffolk
  13. Hmm.. you may be right! I am still a few years short of state pension age, but have stopped working. I just checked online. It shows I have made 41 full years of NI contributions, but still says I won't get the full state pension, and can pay more NI contributions to increase it. As with Mrs S it is the recent non-working years that are "missing". Something is clearly wrong - either the online system not allowing for the maximum years, or the message that 35 years is sufficient.
  14. Agreed. If Mrs S has paid 40 years of full NI contributions then she should be getting the full state pension, at the relevant age. It might be worth checking out which years the DWP think are missing - it is not unknown for them to have made a mistake.
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