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  1. Tamworth might be a convenient station for Day 3
  2. I guess companies are wary of single hirers for 2 reasons: the hirer possibly inviting all their mates along for a stag/hen do, and the safety aspect. More mature hirers might be able to persuade companies that the first is not an issue. Managing locks single-handed is always going to be more of a risk for a novice: e.g. climbing greasy lock ladders or bow hauling the boat in/out of the lock. If you can find a company prepared to hire, I would choose a popular route in the hope of sharing some locks (or lock duties) with someone going the same way. E.g something like the Warwickshire Ring can be done in a week, so over a fortnight you could afford to wait at Hatton and elsewhere for another boat to share with (or a volocky where available). On a Ring you can of course still turn back after 6 days if you haven't reached the mid-point.
  3. That's where you went wrong 🙂. Around here people just dangle a piece of string in the water with some bacon on the end - which can apparently be quite successful.
  4. ... by Kingston Council. See https://www.kingston.gov.uk/news/article/154/boat-moored-unlawfully-is-removed-from-riverside Apparently unoccupied.
  5. Is The Boat at Hayton still open? With it being another canalside pub less than a mile from The Gate, plus the one in the village centre, I could see that with all three open they might be struggling to make a profit.
  6. I see it is being held at number 37, Clemens St. I wonder if the people who live there know? ?
  7. No one picked up on this then ? If that is true, then there are actually 140,000 boats , so if C&RT are claiming only ~30,000 licences are issued they actually have a huge licence evasion figure - not the 2 or 3% they publish. How do you work that out? To me it says that at some (indeterminate) time here were 28,000 people living on boats, and that it has increased to 35,000. 30,000 boats means for 35,000 people means either that most are occupied by only 1 person, or more likely that a significant proportion of boats are not liveaboards
  8. That's probably about 4 miles - are they planing on moving at less than 1mph? ?
  9. Agreed. What's needed is a bit of common sense: ideally volockies would talk to everyone in the queue and ascertain if they have any sort of deadline that would be in jeopardy if they don't get through today. Some hire boats may need a quick passage; but others may have time to spare to get back to base. Working boats may or may not need to get through today. CCers may be happy to moor up overnight. ... But then of course they might have to ask some boaters to let others 'overtake' in the queue. I suspect that some have found that trying that only brings them further grief, so they find it easier to invent a simple rule that probably works for 90% of the time.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. How far below the bank/footpath is the typical river level at that point? It is difficult to tell from your photo. Or is there a lower section of bank close to river level? If most of the year it is a metre plus drop straight into the water it isn't going to be easy to get anything out (or possibly even in). If it is only say 30cm it will be easier - but that might also mean there are times of the year when you can float something directly from your garden into the river - although those aren't times when it would be sensible to go boating!
  13. To me that clause just says they have to record who is currently moored there; not that they need a record of anyone declaring that location as their Home Mooring.
  14. Even if they do have to issue a new licence (which as Alan de Enfield says is debatable) in return for a new fee, if the behaviour that led to the revocation continues then 12.3 seems to allow them to suspend or terminate the new licence, with no notice and no refund. If someone continually reapplied it could become a nice little earner to contribute to upkeep!
  15. CO is slightly lighter than air, so I have always assumed that higher is better...
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