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  1. The hire company / boat was mentioned in the OP's previous thread.
  2. Tickets to "London International" also include tube travel across London. But I think you can only purchase them from stations, and by showing your Eurostar ticket - I have never found a way to buy them online. Tickets to "London St Pancras Interational" are just normal tickets to St Pancras (station code STP), and not the same thing as "London Inernational" (code SPX).
  3. If you run a low cost airline, then once you have paid for the purchase/lease of the aircraft, you want it to be in use every day, and to maximise the income from it. So you vary the prices according to demand: if no one is booking the price goes down until someone is prepared to pay. So in most case the flight close to full when it depart, and you have maximised the income. As with the airline, the initial purchase cost of the boat is not directly irrelevant - it has already been incurred. From then on, it makes little economic sense for hire boats to just be sitting in the yard - at any time of year. If the hire company really wanted to maximise its income, it would be flexible on price. Setting high prices for busy periods, but in slack periods reducing prices to the level that almost every boat in its fleet is booked out at all times (allowing for maintenance). As I said above, the only critieria should be to cover the marginal costs of hire (booking cost, instruction, fuel, oil, cleaning/turn-around, depreciation etc), as after that every £ is profit. If the marginal cost is £300 for a week's hire, it is better to hire out the boat for £301 for that week than leave it in the yard earning nothing. The downside is that the canals would be full of hire boats, every week of the year!
  4. Which is surely somewhat surprising? The hire companies have incurred those costs, even if the boat is not being used. Provided they cover the marginal costs of hiring (handover, fuel, cleaning, a contribution to maintenance / depreciation, etc), then any sort of hire should be better than none. Why not hire it out in the spring/autumn, even to just two people, for a substantial discount on the normal price?
  5. Not sure if I have misunderstood, but this seems to imply that the other lock crew had already left the offside gate (open) and were back on the towpath - presumably having deliberately left it open in order, in their mind, to be helpful to you. In those circumstances I really wouldn't expect them to go back around and across the top gates just to close the offside bottom gate; it would be more work for them than for you. I find it helpful if people leave (any) gates open for me when approaching a lock. And if for some reason I then decide to moor up and not go through, it is only right that I go and close the gates they left open for me.
  6. So if the water level is a bit down, it could still get stuck in a 12'8" bridge hole?
  7. Cheese

    Marmite XO

    But, but.... normal Marmite is based on lager (+ bitter & ale) extracts. Marmite XO just uses bitter & ale. 🙂
  8. Try to estimate the weight of everything you still have to add to the boat: remaining fit out; furniture, books etc; food & drink; people usually on board; average volumes in the diesel / water / waste tanks (which may depend on your cruising pattern / lifestyle). Then you can get an idea of how much ballast you need. As to where it needs to go, that may depend on your layout. If your tanks and galley are all towards the stern you may need some ballast further forward.
  9. This doesn't have to be either a virus or spam attack (although it could be). To me it has highlighted a bit of a weakness in the forum, that could happen to any of us. Display Names are public knowledge. Anyone, even if not a member, could repeatedly attempt to login using someone's Display Name. Obviously they would keep failing bcause they don't know the password, but as I understand it this would keep causing the password reset problem described above. RichM, is there an option to require login via email address only, either at individual or forum level?
  10. "Dangerous conditions" on the central section of the Wey Navigation (Guildford - Send).
  11. I'd suggest Warwick and back. That should take about 5 days. When you are almost back perhaps continue through Blisworth to Stoke Bruerne for the canal museum. And if you make good progress there are lots of other options for a short detour on the way back: South Oxford, North Oxford, Leicester Arm, Northampton Arm - just check for the next winding hole before you go too far. Warwick is probably more interesting than Rugby, Coventry, Nuneaton etc
  12. If they are in a marina with plenty of vacant spaces, then yes. But if they are in a full / waiting list marina, and if by transferring the berth they can increase the selling price by 15%+, then no.
  13. Rushmoor as well
  14. Enlarging the picture it looks like "10x5x0" where the missing digits are probably 3 or 5 or 8.
  15. Given your lack of experience, there is a lot of useful information on the Canal & River Trust website. In particular, under "Enjoy the waterways", "Boating". Start with th Boaters Handbook.
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