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  1. No, it places you in the middle of Springfield, West Virginia! Even more important to ensure it is exactly correct if giving it over the phone!
  2. Cheese

    Warwickshire ring advice

    First night is still free for members of the Saltisford Canal Trust. Worth joining if you are going to visit at least twice a year (£9.60 membership v. £6.00 per night mooring)
  3. Cheese

    email notifications

    If your ISP, or some intermediary in the delivery chain, is mistakenly classifying the mail as spam (and assuming the emails are not in your "spam" folder) this can be tricky , or close to impossible! I've had exactly this with some other "automated" senders. Originally, everyone's Inbox used to get clogged up with spam; then ISPs developed automated processes to divert it to a separate 'spam folder' (and you could retrieve stuff that they had put there mistakenly); but now some are just deleting it unilaterally - which is a real pain if it is something you actually want to receive. You can try adding the forum email address to your address book / contacts, but in my experience this doesn't always work. (I.e. the address that notification emails are sent from. Not sure what this is - it might be helpful to mention it on the site somewhere, perhaps in a sticky in Technical & Account Support, as if we all added it to our contacts this might feed back to ISPs that it isn't a spam issuer). It also helps if everyone on the site never classifies notification emails as spam, as that will certainly get back to ISPs and cause more problems. Change notification settings or just delete the emails if they are not wanted. I don't know if the forum itself can do anything, with security certificates or similar, to identify the site as a "valid" non-spam sender.
  4. Cheese

    wey and arun canal

    The Locker Company, Parvis Road boatyard: https://www.thelocker.co.uk/
  5. Cheese

    Silly hour boaters

    I took it to mean he could progress twice as fast before breakfast; fewer boats moving means less hold-ups at lock queues / tunnels / bottlenecks at busy wharves etc. Still true today during peak season.
  6. Cheese

    When and where are the angling matches?

    Agreed - that's why I said "You might not be popular"! And I wouldn't do it unless for some reason I had no choice. But until someone points out that they really shouldn't peg designated mooring areas, either by complaint to C&RT or actually mooring on them when they are pegged, anglers will continue to do it.
  7. Cheese

    When and where are the angling matches?

    Agree for informal moorings - but you can still stop at any designated mooring location. (Although you might not be popular!) C&RT Standard Angling Agreement says: If they peg out a signed mooring spot they only have themselves to blame if someone wants to stop there in the middle of a match.
  8. Cheese

    Thames > Reading > Tesco Moorings

    Not sure that just covering up the signs means the council-specified mooring regulations don't apply? It might just mean that District Enforcement will find it difficult to fine someone mooring there for the first time, as they could reasonably claim they don't know the rules. And any CMer who was thrown off those moorings when they brought the new rules in, but has now moved back, might find they are racking up costs of £100 per day.
  9. Cheese

    Boatshed Experience

    I think a broker still has a duty not to misrepresent the facts. And can be found liable to the purchaser if he does: - so if the broker knew if was faulty, but claimed it wasn't, he should be liable. - if the broker passed on incorrect information in good faith (because the seller told him everything was ok) he can still be found liable to the purchaser for misrepresentation. But he will usually have some comeback against the seller - e.g. via an indemnity in the selling contract against supplying faulty information. Whether it is worth pursuing legal action against the broker might depend on their finances -with no assets it might be a waste of time, unless the seller can somehow be joined to the action as a third party.
  10. Cheese

    Fishing rules opposite moored boats

    Agee if single-handed, or with crew inside / at the stern. But with crew sitting out on the pointy end you really don't want to risk them being garrotted because a dozy angler has either got rock music blaring in his ears or has fallen asleep!
  11. Cheese

    Fishing rules opposite moored boats

    What is annoying is when they have a rod/line across the canal but make no attempt to acknowledge your approach. And perhaps have headphone/earphones on. Mostly they lift the rod at the last minute, but you're never quite sure if they will. Sometimes I sound the horn to alert them, probably disturbing the fish. Other times I just risk just slowly collecting their line and rod as I go past.
  12. Cheese

    Fishing rules opposite moored boats

    You mean apart from: p9: "Go slowly past boats, anglers and other waterway users." p13: "Don't moor: …. In stretches marked out for an angling match" p52: "Slow down approaching bridges, locks, bends or junctions, and when passing boats or anglers." p55: "Respect other waterways users: … ….. Waterways tend to be quiet, peaceful places. And they’re for everyone to enjoy – boaters, walkers, anglers, cyclists and others …… Keep to the centre of the channel when passing anglers – unless they ask otherwise. Reduce your wash, but keep a steady pace"
  13. Cheese

    Fishing rules opposite moored boats

    The MKAA site says, in relation to the GU: "Take particular care not to disturb residents of boats on far bank at The Boatyard. Don't hit boats with ground-bait, loose feed or tackle." MKAA do occasionally kick out members who don't obey their rules.
  14. Cheese

    Fishing rules opposite moored boats

    C&RT sites just says "... make sure you take special care when fishing opposite craft. The critical thing is to prevent getting tackle and bait on boats and not making excessive noise ...". There is supposed to be a video explaining more, but I couldn't find it!
  15. Cheese

    Running engines

    At least with MtB's typo I understood what he meant...

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