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  1. Interesting. Any idea why the Malham / Rowner / Northlands section now seems to have dropped into the "longer term" part of the restoration plan (https://weyarun.org.uk/node/5), given that this work was done some 40 years ago?
  2. I agree that the Ecoflow / Jackery units are just another battery, so installing one on a boat doesn't do anything that any other equivalent battery wouldn't do. But each is quite portable, so it may be more useful in situations where you can take it off the boat. E.g. if in summer you prefer to use your laptop / music player / tV /etc when sitting in a nearby field. Or for non-liveaboards, being able to take it home midweek and recharge it fully, so perhaps avoiding having to run your engine if your batteries are low when you return to the boat. Or avoiding having to run a noisy/smelly generator at shows etc.
  3. The Basingstoke is completely outside the M25 (admittedly only by about 25m). But I agree it is nothing like a slum!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. If it's more expensive than that I think I'll look into opening a marina! 🙂
  6. Perhaps they tell them exactly that - it could explain why there are now fat boats on the North Oxford and other inappropriate places 🙂
  7. Based solely on train frequency, Hatton to Banbury has about 1 train an hour mid-week. Warwick or Warwick Parkway to Banbury, 2 an hour. And if you were to drop below Cape Locks, as someone suggested, possibly better to go to Leamington where there are 3 an hour. Leamington is also much better for London, with around 20 departures between 10am and 5pm, as there is the option of Euston (via Coventry) as well as Marylebone. But Hatton may be a pleasanter / safer place to leave a boat for a few days. Not sure I would leave it right by the station, as it might be an indication that you will be away all day. But you can probably find plenty of boats moored between there and the top of Hatton locks, where someone might keep a friendly eye on it.
  8. I'll admit to once running the engine when moored after 8pm. Some years ago we hired a boat with friends for a week over New Year. With an early-afternoon pickup, the usual faff getting used to a new boat, and a few locks, we hadn't gone very far on the first day before it was getting dark and we had to moor up. It was then a long evening, and about 9pm the lights went out! Possibly the boat had been sitting in the yard for 3 months unused, and the batteries were not well charged. So we ran the engine for perhaps 30-45 minutes. Being mid-winter there weren't many boats on the move, so I don't think we disturbed anyone - although one can never be sure if someone is moored just around the next bend. For the rest of the week we were cruising all day, and it wasn't an issue.
  9. Meanwhile, back on enforcement: EA appear to have had some success in court against a persistent overstayer: https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/river-thames-houseboat-owner-taken-21399328
  10. +1. If you hire with a friend (which you may have to), try operating it single-handed for a day or two, including at locks. Perhaps only take a few days' food, so you have to face the logistics of resupply. Remember the services provided by the hire company, which as an owner you will have to do /arrange for yourself: emptying the waste tank, replenishing gas/fuel supplies, servicing the engine, regular maintenance/blacking, all repairs, etc. Consider whether you will manage without a car, or the difficulties in keeping one within an accessible range. Factor in other services, such as post, GP, ... Nothing insurmountable, but all worth considering in advance of purchase.
  11. It was pretty bad 😀
  12. Tamworth might be a convenient station for Day 3
  13. I guess companies are wary of single hirers for 2 reasons: the hirer possibly inviting all their mates along for a stag/hen do, and the safety aspect. More mature hirers might be able to persuade companies that the first is not an issue. Managing locks single-handed is always going to be more of a risk for a novice: e.g. climbing greasy lock ladders or bow hauling the boat in/out of the lock. If you can find a company prepared to hire, I would choose a popular route in the hope of sharing some locks (or lock duties) with someone going the same way. E.g something like the Warwickshire Ring can be done in a week, so over a fortnight you could afford to wait at Hatton and elsewhere for another boat to share with (or a volocky where available). On a Ring you can of course still turn back after 6 days if you haven't reached the mid-point.
  14. That's where you went wrong 🙂. Around here people just dangle a piece of string in the water with some bacon on the end - which can apparently be quite successful.
  15. ... by Kingston Council. See https://www.kingston.gov.uk/news/article/154/boat-moored-unlawfully-is-removed-from-riverside Apparently unoccupied.
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