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  1. I think it is the Act of Parliament, which gives them the powers to make byelaws, that is now law. The byelaws themselves are not yet fully in place, but they can now make them at a time of their choosing. (May need to give a bit of notice)
  2. There are some people on boats who are really struggling. And then there are those who know what their obligations are but try to avoid them. There would probably be a lot more sympathy for the former, both on here and by the relevant authorities, if the latter stopped trying to bend/avoid whatever rules apply to them.
  3. Waterproof plasters for any cuts or scrapes are essential. And the NHS link above says to keep any canal or river water out of your mouth, so don't eat bacon butties with bare hands if you haven't washed them after handling lines etc - whether they have been in the canal or just on the bank. We tend to keep some kitchen towels handy for eating on the move. And of course keeping the ends of the water tank hose scrupulously clean, out of the mud, and perhaps covered when not in use.
  4. Is the suspicion that the buyer has taken the boat, having paid only a deposit and not the balance? If so, then doesn't the fact that the deposit was paid by bank transfer offer a way (for the police) to contact the buyer? Or is it that the buyer came back to pay the balance, but the boat had by then been taken by a third party? How much of a project boat? Working engine, or needs / needed towing?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Not sure I follow this. Your friend is going to give it to someone else?
  7. My last report might have been too optimistic. No-one now working. There appear to be only a few bags in place, on the upstream side of the breach, which at best might be trying to minimise any further erosion of the bank from the significant amount of water still flowing through. Could be a while before it is reinstated. 🙁 .
  8. Link Not the usual "everything is wonderful" piece
  9. If you are hiring for just a week, you shouldn't need to refuel, or empty the waste tanks, or get new gas supplies; as these would be handled by the hire company on changeover day. If looking to hire for a longer period, particularly if more than two weeks, then you will have to think more about these - the hire company may have some recommendations You will need to get water more frequently; there are taps are marked points along the canal. Electrical power on board is via batteries recharged from the engine, so if you are cruising every day it shouldn't be an issue. Charge up items like phones while cruising, to minimise battery use in the evenings. The hire company probably won't permit any appliances with a high power draw, like irons or hairdryers. (It might be worth splitting this discussion out to a separate topic, as more people will probably see it and throw in ideas)
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Have you been there six weeks as well, to be sure it hasn't moved off and returned? 😁
  12. Fair point. The nicest time for a stove is perhaps when you are sitting near it "at home" on the boat, either moored up during the day or in the evening. Most liveaboards probably keep their stove alight continuously during the winter. But with hiring it may be different, since for your holiday you want to visit places during the day, and perhaps eat out more at pubs in the evening. (It will be dark from around 4pm). Check if the hire company terms will let you leave the stove alight when you are away from the boat. If you have to let it go out and relight it twice a day it may be lesss attractive.
  13. I hired a boat without a stove over New Year some years ago, and it wasn't a problem - indeed it was "warm and toasty". (It rained a lot, but there was no snow/ice). A stove is nice, but can also sometimes be a hassle: lighting it, getting it to draw properly, emptying and storing the ash without creating a mess etc, all of which you don't need on a holiday. When living aboard you get to understand the foibles of your individual stove, but for renting I would probably tend to avoid.
  14. +1. The old part of Fishlake is on a knoll, so low flood risk, but like in many other places there has been some new build on the flatter areas to the north and east that are a Medium risk. It will be mainly these properties that are now flooded. Any built since 2009 probably can't get insurance against flooding. The house prices probably reflect the increased risk - but many people choose to see only the lower price and ignore the risk! The flooded caravan site in Worksop is High risk, so they really shouldn't be surprised.
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