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  1. Cheese

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    Regrettably I think that may be understandable, given the 'shanty town' developing on the river in that area. Slumboat etc owners have ignored previous requests / court orders, so EA and riparian owners are having to use DE and similar to have any effect.
  2. Cheese

    Its never where you expect

    Unfortunately perhaps more likely to be an issue with a share-boat, particularly if it has many owners. Even locals to it's usual mooring, who 'know' the boat, may get so used to seeing many different people on board that they don't think twice about someone they haven't seen before.
  3. Cheese

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    My guess would be that Reading doesn't want anyone to continuously moor anywhere in their patch. Which DE currently seem to be having some success in achieving, even if by a slightly aggressive approach. Perhaps once Reading are satisfied that the CMs have moved off permanently they will cautiously reopen some areas to short-term or 24/48-hour moorings, retaining DE to deal with anyone who overstays. This is what we ought to push for.
  4. Cheese

    Basingstoke canal Stoppage

    Think the stoppage will be from lock 12, by the A322 bridge. You should be able to wind at Brookwood Lye about half a mile short of this, just after the A324 bridge.
  5. Cheese

    Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Wot about 12 ?
  6. Cheese

    Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Only if you were working on a different calendar to the rest of us !
  7. Check out these links if you haven't done so already: https://www.gov.uk/tier-1-entrepreneur and https://www.gov.uk/tier-1-entrepreneur/extend-your-visa. You can only apply for 'indefinite leave to remain' once you have been in the UK for 5 years. That means you need to extend your initial visa, which is only valid for 3y4m. But to extend you need to have created at least 2 full time jobs that have lasted for more than 12 months, amongst other requirements.
  8. Normal lock operation essentially involves filling, or emptying, a stationary pond of water. Having paddles open at both ends would create a continuous flow through the lock, and I am quite prepared to believe that this might bring more silt through the lock, and also to create flows or eddies that might deposit it in different places. (Look at what happens when there is an unexpected breach in a bank - the continuous flow rapidly moves a large quantity of silt).
  9. Cheese

    Thames Vistor Mooring web site

    https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-arrangements-at-visitor-moorings-on-the-non-tidal-river-thames This describes a 12 month trial, which would have ended 6 months ago. Not sure whether we are now in a extended trial, or if it has been made permanent.
  10. Cheese

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    Are you sure they don't mean they have fitted something like those spinning collars, to stop anyone easily removing the prop - rather than the boat - particularly if they store some boats out of the water?
  11. Ah... okay. The combination of porthole and windows should make it quite distinctive, even if repainted. Do you know if it is a similar window arrangement on the port side?
  12. Not what I expected "genuine heavy duty brass portholes" to look like ...
  13. Someone has got the story mixed up. The marathon race number he picked up and used belonged to a 'Jake Halliday'.
  14. Cheese

    Hire boat fuel charges

    But doesn't the declaration have to be made by the purchaser? If the hirer is buying the fuel they have to be in a position to know the correct percentage - which they won't without either a more detailed knowledge of the boat or if the company has told them.
  15. Cheese

    Hire boat fuel charges

    How do you expect a typical hirer to be able to make the correct % split declaration?

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