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  1. Cheese

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    Who has the obligation re consent? If it is on the landowner to grant/withhold consent, then these boats arguably have a case, because they haven't been asked or told to move on (until now). But if the obligation is on the boat owner to identify the landowner and obtain consent, then they clearly haven't done so.
  2. Cheese

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    Thames ... Byelaws 1993. 44(b) "The master of a power-driven vessel may tow another vessel secured alongside ..."
  3. Cheese

    Upware Marina

    Isleham? Might be a bit nearer, depending on where you are in Suffolk
  4. Cheese


    Hmm.. you may be right! I am still a few years short of state pension age, but have stopped working. I just checked online. It shows I have made 41 full years of NI contributions, but still says I won't get the full state pension, and can pay more NI contributions to increase it. As with Mrs S it is the recent non-working years that are "missing". Something is clearly wrong - either the online system not allowing for the maximum years, or the message that 35 years is sufficient.
  5. Cheese


    Agreed. If Mrs S has paid 40 years of full NI contributions then she should be getting the full state pension, at the relevant age. It might be worth checking out which years the DWP think are missing - it is not unknown for them to have made a mistake.
  6. Cheese

    March of the Widebeams

    They do - anything over 2.9m wide requires advance permission from the police and highways authorities. And possibly also from bridge owners.
  7. Cheese

    June holiday advice please

    There aren't many hire boats with more than 8 berths, and those with 8 will probably have 2 in the "lounge" (needing making up each evening and dismantling each morning) and perhaps 2 bunk beds. Seating, storage space, drying space if wet, etc for 7-8 adults will be tight. And even if it is sunny, at any one time a couple of you might have to be "indoors". So although in theory an 8-berth is big enough, in practice it will be quite crowded and you would really need to keep the amount of "stuff" you take to a minimum. I have hired an 8-berth boat for 5 people before, and at times it still didn't seem like there was much "spare" room!
  8. According to their website (http://aylesburycanal.org.uk/our-services/slipway-dry-dock/) it is £70 per day after the first week, so for 10 days it will be a bit more. The £200 covers both ways.
  9. Cheese

    Sign Posts

    I think they are consistent with the milestones on major roads - most of which have disappeard, but there are still a few around.
  10. Cheese

    Boat swap

    There has been a market in house swaps for holidays for many years - which involves similar issues of insurance, trust etc - so it must be possible. (And I doubt whether people make a complete inventory of their house contents beforehand).
  11. Cheese

    Two week cruise from Stoke Prior

    If from Stoke Prior I guess you don't mean the Kennet & Avon?
  12. If getting foam, try and get something that is fire resistant. The last thing you want in an emergency is molten plastic dripping from an exit route.
  13. Cheese

    Help me out please.

    As others have said, ventilation is the key. If you are cruising a few lifestyle changes can make a big difference. E.g. always shower and do any washing in the morning; or have a main meal at lunch time, particularly if it involves heating water; then cruise in the afternoon with windows / doors open front and back. Even simply just opening and closing front and rear doors periodically will get some air movement through the boat which can help. At this time of year it can be much easier to resolve cold air than damp air.
  14. Cheese

    Mountain Warehouse

    I think with BT 0870 numbers are only "free" if you have one of their landline "calling plan" packages. Otherwise you will pay something like 13p/minute (or 30p/minute from a mobile) to BT, plus up to another 13p/minute to Mountain Warehouse.

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