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  1. Someone with the same name - not necessarily the same person - had a disagreement with CRT a few years ago: http://www.bargee-traveller.org.uk/crt-drops-section-8-cases-following-court-of-appeal-judgment/
  2. Brochure says engine serviced 2016; BSC July 2021; blacked 2017.
  3. The simplest things that anglers can do to be helpful to boaters are to be visible (to boats, even if not to fish!), and to acknowledge your approach in some way. Then both parties know that the rod will be lifted out of the way at the last minute, and perhaps a few friendly words exchanged. It avoids the uncertainty that can lead to horns / emergency slowing down / lines being caught etc.
  4. Fully reopened for boats yesterday. (There might still be a gap in the towpath - but it is not too much of a detour to get around)
  5. I may have always mis-understood, but isn't this sort of set-up exactly why water companies are concerned? With the tap on but the valve shut contaminants in the hose can conceivably backfeed into the mains. Whereas with an open-ended hose, so that with the tap on there is a continual flow, the chances of mains contamination are significantly reduced. (But agree the user is more likely to get wet!) Something not mentioned in the guidelines is to try and ensure that the open end of the hose stays above the water level in the tank. Trickier if single-handed.
  6. Agree there are (too) many pitfalls in trying to generate a direct income via AirBnB or similar. But haven't some hire companies had arrangements in the past whereby they lease a boat from the owner and then hire it out? During peak season they can effectively increase the size of their fleet without the upfront purchase cost; generate some income for both themselves and the owner; and deal with the rental, changeover, servicing, emergency call outs etc. No idea if it still happens, or how it works in detail so whether it is practical. Clearly you have to be prepared for the boat to be moved; you have to be moored near the hire base; you might have to move out for a week, or weeks, at a time; and it restricts the amount of personalisation you can do - it might have to be a lot more spartan than most people would like for their home. But for the right size of boat, renting to say couples rather than groups, and if there is no other way for your finances to work, it could be worth looking into.
  7. A 2m pole is currently useful to keep people at the correct distance. 🙂
  8. But from what you have said, you don't know if it is one person involved, who both untied and then retied your line; or one person leaving it adrift and a second securing it to the best of their ability - who should be applauded, not castigated.
  9. But most canal boats have one end of their mooring lines permanently tied off, and don't want the faff of swapping them around, possibly multiple times a day. And an eye-splice on the free end when moving through locks is more likely to catch on something.
  10. Or alternatively .... ... someone tied your ropes! 🙂
  11. Two steps forward, one step back... Wey Navigation in general is reopening for limited activities from tomorrow: see 14.05.20 post on https://riverweyconditionsnt.wordpress.com/. But rewatering the Millmead-St Catherines stretch, past the collapsed weir, is delayed again. Until "mid-June".
  12. A few weeks ago, comments might have been different. But the government is now wanting the housing market to start up again, so moving is allowed - and even encouraged - provided the social distancing rules are respected.
  13. Following your logic would mean the only person/company able to operate a hire business would be someone who starts out with a few hundred thousand in capital, so they can buy and operate a fleet with no bank loan. Even to operate a single boat they would need enough capital to purchase it, produce a website/brochure, have access to service premises & engineers, and operate an office. Then they could perhaps keep your deposit 100% ringfenced until you arrive for your holiday. But of course they wouldn't have the money to put any fuel or water in the boat, check the oil etc in advance - so don't expect to get away from the yard in less than 3-4 hours! 🙂 Luckily that's not the way most businesses work!
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