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  1. Cheese

    Help me out please.

    As others have said, ventilation is the key. If you are cruising a few lifestyle changes can make a big difference. E.g. always shower and do any washing in the morning; or have a main meal at lunch time, particularly if it involves heating water; then cruise in the afternoon with windows / doors open front and back. Even simply just opening and closing front and rear doors periodically will get some air movement through the boat which can help. At this time of year it can be much easier to resolve cold air than damp air.
  2. Cheese

    Mountain Warehouse

    I think with BT 0870 numbers are only "free" if you have one of their landline "calling plan" packages. Otherwise you will pay something like 13p/minute (or 30p/minute from a mobile) to BT, plus up to another 13p/minute to Mountain Warehouse.
  3. Cheese

    What's up with the Canal and River Trust?

    I think that was someone admitted to having travelled only 60 miles in 6 months - and even that not continuously in one direction, but a zig-zag pattern. I am not surprised that C&RT initially classified that as "pushing the boundaries", even if it is in common with a number boat-dwellers, particularly in London.
  4. Cheese

    What's up with the Canal and River Trust?

    To avoid alarming [email protected] unnecessarily, has there ever been a case where C&RT has got it wrong and taken away a boat from a genuine CCer? There are probably many cases where people return after say 10 days away , so get logged twice in the same place and have to point out that they really are moving around. But every case I recall that gets close to licence / boat removal is where someone is (deliberately) pushing the boundaries in some way.
  5. Cheese

    Cyclists and CRT Code

    Action being taken on the Basingstoke https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/cyclists-told-dont-right-way-15452609
  6. Cheese

    Cycling the Warwickshire ring

    There are some quite long stretches through Birmingham that are paved / gravel, so will be fine. Elsewhere is mainly earth / grass, so will depend a lot on the weather - if it is really wet some stretches will be muddy and hard going - you might want fat tyres.
  7. Cheese

    Permission for moorings

    If in an area popular with hire boats, he might pick up passing trade lunchtime and evenings say 5 days a week during peak season, which could make a lot more than £20. Admittedly it would be a lot quieter at other times of year. Perhaps a better offering would be something closer to the winter moorings scheme.
  8. Cheese

    Permission for moorings

    Permanent moorers, even if essentially liveaboards, are not that likely to visit the pub every night. If the permanent moorings would occupy the space that visiting craft currently use, would discouraging visitors lose almost as much as he gains?
  9. Cheese

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    With that wording (which could be the marina operator's simplified explanation of the actual permission), an equally plausible interpretation could be that for a period of 50 consecutive weeks you are not allowed to stay on board, within the marina, at all.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-birmingham-46103113/the-smethwick-engine-steams-again-after-restoration
  11. Cheese

    Looking for a marina nr. London

    Where in London do you want to end up? You can save quite a lot if it is near a London rail terminus/station, so doesn't need an oyster card. Pyrford marina is within a couple of miles of Byfleet & New Haw, for trains to Waterloo, and surprisingly rural for the south-east.
  12. No, it places you in the middle of Springfield, West Virginia! Even more important to ensure it is exactly correct if giving it over the phone!
  13. Cheese

    Warwickshire ring advice

    First night is still free for members of the Saltisford Canal Trust. Worth joining if you are going to visit at least twice a year (£9.60 membership v. £6.00 per night mooring)
  14. Cheese

    email notifications

    If your ISP, or some intermediary in the delivery chain, is mistakenly classifying the mail as spam (and assuming the emails are not in your "spam" folder) this can be tricky , or close to impossible! I've had exactly this with some other "automated" senders. Originally, everyone's Inbox used to get clogged up with spam; then ISPs developed automated processes to divert it to a separate 'spam folder' (and you could retrieve stuff that they had put there mistakenly); but now some are just deleting it unilaterally - which is a real pain if it is something you actually want to receive. You can try adding the forum email address to your address book / contacts, but in my experience this doesn't always work. (I.e. the address that notification emails are sent from. Not sure what this is - it might be helpful to mention it on the site somewhere, perhaps in a sticky in Technical & Account Support, as if we all added it to our contacts this might feed back to ISPs that it isn't a spam issuer). It also helps if everyone on the site never classifies notification emails as spam, as that will certainly get back to ISPs and cause more problems. Change notification settings or just delete the emails if they are not wanted. I don't know if the forum itself can do anything, with security certificates or similar, to identify the site as a "valid" non-spam sender.

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