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  1. In 14 seconds he travels 57ft plus the length of his boat. Alternatively he takes about 8 seconds to go 57ft (until his bow passes the stern). So nearer 5mph
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. That's a bit drastic - I usually just get rid of the contents. 🙂
  4. Don't mount a powerful magnet anywhere near where you might want to put down a phone / laptop / tablet / watch or anything else with electronics in it!
  5. There is both a family and marina name on the side it, so it shouldn't be too difficult for the OP to make appropriate enquiries.
  6. I think this summer has been busier than usual, with more delays at locks etc, so some hire boats have probably been caught out and need to make up time. If the main intention is to avoid pins pulling out, does that mean it is okay to not slow down for boats moored on rings/bollards? 🙂
  7. There might be a few bits still in water on the Andover, or the Salisbury and Southampton. If so they are perhaps okay for a coracle, but probably not anything bigger.
  8. Western end of the Basingstoke, beyond Greywell Tunnel. A number of separate "disconnected" sections currrently on the Wey & Arun. As with other disconnected sections, water supply can be variable so you can't always launch you coracle!. Are you going to share your list, once it is more comprehensive?
  9. Cheese


    But if the broker (acting on behalf of the seller) becomes aware of something more about the state of the boat, from potential buyers who pull out, they can't then lie about it. Taking the example above, continuing to say "The condition of the hull is unknown ..." if both seller and broker know that a surveyor has recommended it needs £7000 of work on it is risking some comeback. Couldn't a subsequent potential buyer, paying another surveyor who say comes up with a similar figure, justifiably claim against the seller or broker for their wasted survey cost?
  10. Oops - I got that wrong! You are absolutely right for overnight hire. Day hire for a group of 6 might be possible.
  11. Cheese


    I think vendors / brokers are still obliged to give honest answers to questions, and not to knowingly make false statements. So it would be sensible for any buyer to ask questions along the lines of: - has anyone else made an offer on this boat? - did they have a survey? - do you know any of the results of that survey? - were any serious faults disclosed? etc
  12. So if a group of 6, NOT against the regulations....
  13. Cheese


    This is an interesting point. Ordinarily a surveyor's report can only be relied upon by the person who commissioned it. But what happens after a disappointed buyer specifically discloses some of the survey results to the vendor/broker - which usually happens with the faults in order to negotiate on price? Can they still honestly pretend they are unaware of those issues?
  14. That sounds as though it will be okay for you ... but when you eventually come to sell, it might be more difficult to find a buyer (other than those who are happy to keep it in Scotland)
  15. Stove on the starboard side tends to mean that the chimney is more likely to catch on a bridge/tunnel roof, or overhanging vegetation etc
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