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  1. I have a cold fill washing machine (Aren't they all, these days?) but I certainly don't want to heat the water using the inverter so I have plumbed in a mixer tap using HW from the calorifier. I can adjust the mixer to give a temperature appropriate to the clothes being washed. I usually wait until the machine has done its first fill then turn down the mixer tap to cold for the rinses. This sytem worked well for the 3 years that we were CCing. N
  2. Theo

    Cable size

    If you are buying a new charger then the advised cable size will be in the installation instructions. For a second hand one you or someone else will need to do some calculations. N
  3. We got to the basin. We, too, spent time down the weed hatch.
  4. And we had ours going from Constellation Cruisers at Higher Poynton on the Macc. to Llangollen and back from 7th May 1977. We had a fortnight! Lovely. Nick
  5. A bout 2 1/2 years ago I had Theodora's roof painted. Scabbled down to the bare metal and a lovely finish. The man said that it should last about ten years. I was disappointed to see cracks and rust as shown in the photos. What could have caused this, do you think?
  6. I first read that many years ago in a delightful book called Verse and Worse. I remember it was published in paperback by Faber and Faber. I have tried to get another copy of it but it seems it is out of print. N
  7. If it goes out straight away even while you are keeping the knob pressed in then it might still be a sign of air in the line. Keep trying. N
  8. We didn't have to go diagonally in our 60' boat when transiting the whole length of the L&L N
  9. A motor takes a huge belt as it starts up (that's why electric cars accelerate so well from a standstill). N
  10. It's always a shame when choice becomes more limited and the personal cost of closing a company must be high. ~Was the propeller materially better than an ordinary one though? If not, an Axiom was rather expensive IIRC. N
  11. Theo

    Gang plank

    I used an 8' piece of scaff board for ages. It's a good idea to have a spreader on the outboard end so that it doesn't tip in use. Now we have an aluminium ladder with an aluminium plate clipped to it. Very light and easy. N
  12. And there was me thinking that it was a vaguely amusing misspelling of those vessels in which we float. ? N
  13. Another benefit of the high speed: updates to Windows happen so much more quickly. Thanks for the life expectancy comments, Jess. I will email Crucial and ask for their advice about a preemptive disc change. It would be nice if they could build in some sort of meter so that you knew how much work they had done. Nick
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