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  1. Well that was good! I was impressed by his speculation on the dilation effect. N
  2. The more articles like this that there are the better. Perhaps it will dissuade a few potential "livie in London Cheaply" people. N
  3. And heare's another interesting article: https://resistantelms.co.uk/elms/
  4. And here's another clone claim: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/the-english-elm-is-an-asexual-clone-imported-by-rome-6xff5b8znh8 I don't know what to think now! I had heard the Roman import claim before and that is what I took to be incontrovertible truth until now! N
  5. Here's one https://www.avelandtrees.co.uk/index.php/2017/08/planting-elms-in-the-british-countryside/ Note that it refers to English Elms. Other types of elm can be grown from seed. N
  6. Highly unlikely to be resistant as is is a clone of the "parent" and, therefore, genetically identical. That's why elms are so susceptible. They are (nearly?) all clones. Apparently they can't be propagated from seed. I don't believe that foxes kill for the fun of it and waste their prey as many claim. When we kept chickens three of them were killed by a fox. He took one and left the other two. I left the dead chickens lying where he left them and sure enough, he came back and collected them on successive nights. N
  7. I could bear to listen to him! Poor chap. N
  8. A good indication of this sort of fault is dead fish and human swimmers floating about near your boat, and possibly a sharp tingle as you get on or off. N
  9. You're all very rude about Mikunis. The Mikuni MX40 which was fitted to Theodora is still going strong 14 years after buying the boat. It displayed aberrant behaviour when we first got it but it has performed well after I did a bit of diy serviceing on it. Twice I have had the problem of it refusing to start but a quick rub over the photo transistor for sorted that. I have had almost no trouble with the glowplug coking up and when I have a quick rub over with a wire brush sorted it out. The trick with the glowplug is to make sure that the littel hole at the boss end is plroberly clear.
  10. That would be while it manoeuvred around as it prepared to anchor while is waited for passage or for the pilot cutter to catch up wth it. N
  11. If you have a longish boat the water point is not easy to get to!
  12. I would agree but it seems to have made some progress in moving the sand from one place to another.
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