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  1. And cut the expensively installed mooring rings off too!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Only just read through this. I note the absurdity of having a deisel generator on an electric boat. The reason that some people consider it is to keep noise down. You ahve the generator in the bow and run it when you are off the boat? or when you are less bothered about the noise. Silent smoke free lock working might appeal. N
  5. Making a minor environmental problem major. Much better to get a stick and push it off the path where it will rot down and cease to be a problem in not many days. N Heartily concur!
  6. How the language changes! When I were a lad the cratch was a locker on the back of the deckboards where the hay for the hoss was kept. 😉 N
  7. Your not going to say it's fonetic, surely. My wife was a midwife and she said that it was silly to spell "feotus" that way. It should be "fetus". One of the few things about which we disagree By the way there was an article in the New Scientist about miscarriages a few weeks ago and the closing remark was to the effect that fine baby boy was delivered. "No it wasn't" quoth I. "The mother was delivered of a fine baby boy". But then I am one of life's pedants. N
  8. What lead to all this, then? Armed and tallowed.
  9. John Orentas seemed to be supporting me (This is from memory. I have not reread the original thread. In fact I was puzzled and was asking out of curiosity, being very new to boat ownership then. The explanation, IIRC, was that some of the current was being diverted through the 1, 2, Both, Off switch. You know, that big round switch that you have to remember to set aright after you have finiahed cruising or you won't start in the morning. I fitted Smartbank Advanced fairly soon afterwards and regret the purchase not in the least. It has proven a great bit of kit and very relia
  10. Why not just change it to Halcyon the once? 😉 N
  11. and 63.47% of statistics are made up on the spot. N
  12. Nicholson's for the mapping, Pearsons for the narrative, so we have both. Nick
  13. Sorry to be obtuse but do you crimp the metal with a proper tool and then use the heat gun to seal it?
  14. The view is, apparently, downstream. If this is the case then the boat that we can see nearly stern on is about to pass the buoys on the wrong side. N
  15. I think that the tendency to be open to bullying on here as on other social media is related to the seeming compulsion to take note of insults. I am convinced that the way to avoid the mental anguish is not to read or listen to the insults. A computer is signally easy to use in this respect. It has, among other facilities, an on/off switch.
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