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    At last. On the water again for a quick trip to Brum
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  1. Theo

    Wire crimps

    Sorry to be obtuse but do you crimp the metal with a proper tool and then use the heat gun to seal it?
  2. The view is, apparently, downstream. If this is the case then the boat that we can see nearly stern on is about to pass the buoys on the wrong side. N
  3. I think that the tendency to be open to bullying on here as on other social media is related to the seeming compulsion to take note of insults. I am convinced that the way to avoid the mental anguish is not to read or listen to the insults. A computer is signally easy to use in this respect. It has, among other facilities, an on/off switch.
  4. That was exactly the situation.
  5. You are right. It was ChrisW. He threw several hissy fits when I was a new mod. Jon Belcher, who was then the owner, gave me valuable advice.
  6. For a really technical humdinger you needed to witness the Gibbo/ DaveW arguments. I think it was DaveW but I am not absolutely certain. I moderated one or two of the posts of that pair. Indeed some, including Gibbo, say that I was responsible for Gibbo's leaving the forum. Thone who remember will know that no mod could leave the post in quetion untouched! N PS Incidentally I am sure that I used to be able to use the search function to find a particular member. That facility seems to have disappeared, perhaps as a means of flame prevention or was it just a moderator facility?
  7. Thanks BEngo. Mine is a 230V fridge as will be the replacement. Does that make a difference? N
  8. Thanks all. CWDF again proves itself as a superb fund of good advice. N
  9. My BMC 1.5 certainly has not had its day. I change its oil and oil filter every 250 hours and its fuel filter every 500hrs. After leaving it alone for about six months I went to it at the beginning of last week, gave it a minute on the glowplugs and a 5 second go with the sarter motor. It did't go so I did the same again and it fired up and has been running smoothly every day since then. It doesn't smoke at all. Its oil pressure according to the giage starts off reasonable when the engine is cold but drops into its boots when its warm. Nothing appears to be rattling, though, so I am unconcerned. I don't know how many hours it has done but when I bought Theodora I fitted an hours counter and she has done 5,500 hours since then. Oh, I did adjust the tappets when we were in Leeds in 2008. Nick
  10. Pleiades Built by Mel Davies/an Other - Length : 21.3 metres ( 69 feet 11 inches ) - Beam : 2.08 metres ( 6 feet 10 inches ) - Draft : 0.686 metres ( 2 feet 3 inches ). Metal hull N/A Electric power of 27 HP. Registered with Canal & River Trust number 513337 as an Electric Motor Boat. ( Last updated on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 ) from CanalPlan
  11. Our fridge has recently become faulty. It is a 230V larder fridge and the cooling is taking place over a smaller and smaller area of the back panel, It's now down to about a 4" square and cannot maintain the temperature even though the motor is running all the time. it's not very old (about 5 years, three of which were when we were living aboard) I am wondering if we could have damaged it when we installed it, tipping it too far for it's health. I knew at the time that you should leave it upright for 24 hours before switching it on but I thought that you could tip it to any orientation as long as you obeyed the 24 hour rule. In preparation for buying a new one I have been Googling to see what the currect advice is. I have see varying advice from "keep it upright at all time" though "Don't tip it more than 45 degrees from the vertical" to "you can lay it on it's back or side but don't switch it on until it has been set upright for as long as it was laid down." Do we have a refrigeration engineer in the house that can give me clear advice? Nick
  12. At one time "port" was called "larboard". You can imagine the confusion that could cause in a gale when voices got carried away by the wind. "Middle English ladebord (see lade1, board), referring to the side on which cargo was put aboard. The change to lar- in the 16th century was due to association with starboard." Again, to keep the steering oar away from the quayside. N
  13. That article doesn't contradict what I said but I will leave it at that for the time being as being
  14. Adding yet another to the list of disadvantages, petrol can be really difficult to coe by on the cut. You can't buy it at boatyards you need to find a local petrol station. However you can get kits to convert to gas power which turns out much cheaper than petrol per kilowatt hour and is much easier to get from boatyards. N
  15. Quite right too. It's to do with the logarithmic repsone of the ear. I have a theory that, because sound intensity in watts per square metre obeys the inverse square law the ear has evolved a logarithmic response so that pecieved loudness is a linear variation with distance from the source. I must add that I have not had this theory confirmed or deinied by anyone mor qualified than I. N Which come to the same thing!
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