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  1. 'Vollockies' versus Lock Keepers

    There are paid lockies on the Bank Newton flight on the L&L between March and October. They also look after the 6 locks through Gargrave.
  2. traction battery and boat stability

    a bit like the useless little staircase landing in Faulty Towers where they're taken up to a higher level and back down to the same level. ive spent 40 years wondering about thaT
  3. Under Foot Insulation / Carpeting

  4. The Boating Season

    lock keepers always ask where your going its called small talk they could ask what do you do for a living, what do you drive and whats your house worth. no boats passed me for a fortnight and yes i am on a main line if i had a magic wand id use it to dry up the freekin mud
  5. Old sayings.

    In a similar vein when my sisters an I all wanted pudding first my old man used to say cryptically, "Thems that are first will be last and thems that are last will be first." I remember pointing out that this meant that technically nobody got anything, and nothing is what I got.
  6. Success at magnet fishing - not

    Or by way of variation. There's a bloke sat outside a pub in the rain holding a fishing rod with the line dangling into a puddle. A drunk staggers out the pub, looks at the fisherman and asks,"how many y caught ?" " You're the fifth," says the fisherman.
  7. ID this hardwood :)

    B'locks !. its teak, Utile as a treatment might be better than i know however after 30 years in science labs, and after seeing hundreds of meters of the stuff scraped by by subcontractors refurbishing science labs and replacing it with an ugly composite called TRESPA (who wont let you pinch a bit of the left over benchtop to make a garden table coz its contaminated waste) who ain't really selling it on anywhere nudge nudge wink wink, ITS TEAK
  8. ID this hardwood :)

    what job ? the link refers to varnish its up to you but varnish tends to age and crack. this means you gotta sand and re-coat. If you use oil or polish all you gotta do is re oil or re-polish.
  9. ID this hardwood :)

    Old school workbenches or even "old school" workbenches if used in science labs as opposed to woodworking shops were made of teak. This is because all the nasty chemicals you used to be able to use in chemistry lessons couldn't destroy the fu**er. To me (in the sanded photo) teak looks like what you got. I'm a chemist not a woodworker. I take it the indestructible element is good. Acetone will clean it but even though its an aggressive solvent it not attack it (hence the use in chemistry labs). I have used danish oil on teak (don't varnish, it looks nice but the wood is harder wearing than the varnish which defeats the object) but been told that Tung oil is better. oh yeah and you won't plane it, just try
  10. Old sayings.

    Hasn't got the sense to pour piss out of a boot
  11. Old sayings.

    If it were raining soup he'd be out in it with a fork
  12. aldi inspection camera

    wow i can feel a new toy coming on
  13. Ribble Link. Draft 2 feet six

    Has anyone done the Ribble Link in in a boat with draft 2 feet six? Nicholsons suggests a 2 feet 3 max.
  14. Looking for help on the Wigan flight

    google "wigan flight crew"