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  1. I'll bite, its a nice looking boat and if the poles and boat hook are in keeping then that looks nice too. Frankly I think oil is a better way to maintain the wood. If you're going to sand it nicely anyway then its loads less effort to oil it than paint it. The wood still looks nice and oil is much easier to apply and reapply. That said I just repainted all o mine. Time, time-y-time, is on my side. Yes it is.
  2. wot dead enders cancelled i dont believe it. must move to somewhere with a TV signal so i can enjoy not watching it
  3. no just beer, bung on a bog roll and y'd sink her
  4. Lifes too short. At least I hope mine will be.
  5. and if you fill up the boats at the bottom they can take the water back to the top and you don't need pumps at all
  6. or if y like words so much perhaps you could explain,clarify or otherwise elucidate the precise difference difference between points 2.3 and 2.4 of the list you so proudly cut and pasted in your previous post
  7. Yes DOH indeed because cutting and pasting tranches of legaleese ain't the way to get the support of anybody. No one can be bothered to read it let alone care about it so the CRT decided that a computer generated animation of a buzzy bee thingy might be a bit more accessible. As stated previously; love it / hate it, its still a fact. Maybe you could take y list of regulations, ordinances, directives, stipulations or whatever the f y callem and stick em on a church wall, or some other place that nobody goes anymore, bung a begging box underneath and watch the cash come rolling in
  8. to raise the awareness of the general public to the activities of the CRT. DOH
  9. and to return to the purpose of the advert
  10. That's my assumption too magic time is right. Look in the CRT's financial statement which, if you are a boat license payer and have given your e mail address you will have been sent a copy of, and you find that the CRT receives about 50 million quid a year from central government. This grant is due to end in roughly 10 years time when presumably the CRT will apply for further funding. They assume (almost certainly justifiably) that if the canal network is seen to benefit a broad section of the demographic as opposed to the 35000 or so boat license payers then they will get more money from government. This is what last years re-branding exercise is all about. Love it / hate it, its still a fact and one that should be remembered next time you are reading a pejorative post about inconsiderate cyclists, dog walkers, fishermen, hire boaters, runners, walkers and crawlers or any other group of the thousands of people who use the canals but don't own a boat. Vive la difference Don't live in the past God save the King
  11. thanks ditchcrawler too that looks like the same accumulator
  12. Cheers Tony. This is also a very desirable answer answer, Knob and valve exactly as described so i gave it a few with a bike pump. If it cuts in again I may even find a pump with a gauge and endeavor to find the specs. At least I dont have to try and find a pencil.
  13. My water pump comes on occasionally too. I've checked for a leak and found none and though it happens more when the hot water tank is hot (as previously mentioned) sometimes it happens anyway. Its been a long way down things things to do list for a good while now coz it never really bothers me but I appear to have stumbled across the cause of the problem. So that begs the question, How do you repressurize an accumulator? Obviously the desired answer is that you close one eye wave a pencil at it and say the magic word. The least desirable answer is you dismantle the entire water system, post it off to the Faro islands and use bottled water for 6 months whilst waiting for it to come back after parting with a years supply of beer money. Advice please. Before you ask what accumulator it is, its red(useless but true) and in the least accessible part of the boat (also useless coz you already knew that) but ill find out if its relevant.
  14. 36national

    Too much solar?

    the sun is recharging over winter dats why we dun get no solar till spring innit
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