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  1. Yes its red lead. When we rubbed down the cabin of Tadworth after getting her from BW the red lead primer was in great condition. We always used Crown red lead paint, not primer, in the hold and cabin roof it was a very satisfyingly red and stood up well to the coal in winter and camping boating in summer.
  2. I remember seeing Baldeys wide boat at Gosgrove where the horse had real difficulty as there was hardly a walkable towpath in those days. Must have a photo somewhere but no chance of finding it quickly.
  3. I think the thing about watord gap began when the M 1 finished just past the services at Crick. No doubt when the southerners got to the end of the motorway they turned round and went back. For some years the Blue Boar services was the place for the local youths to go on Saturday nights where there was late night food. Sometimes there was even a good fight as well. Anything for entertainment when you live in the sticks.
  4. Not to mention the original route the Watling Street.
  5. Another company that has 12 berth boats is www.unioncanalcarriers.co.uk they have been operating boats for large groups for many years. Before we finished some years ago we ran camping boats taking 12 young people on each boat and we had a contact in Denmark who arranged the trips. We sent a coach to Harwich to collect them and from our base near Derby used to take them towards Stoke on Trent. The Wedgwood museum and the Chatterly Whitfield mining museum where great favorites.
  6. I believe that if you had a marine mortgage the boat had to be registered and identified with a permanent number usually cut into the hull.
  7. If they had been going a bit faster the other ship could [email protected] gone right through. Happened in Persian gulf.
  8. My parents kept the pub at Ravensthorpe at the end of the 60s and there were some good old boys who used the pub then. In the winter dad used to keep pokers in the fire son they could warm up the stingo nips and bitter. Never heard it called Ravensthrup but it’s possible. there is a village near us called Eydon.The controversy is wether it’s Edon or Eye don. I always get it wrong. i was once asked the way to Lye cester.
  9. As someone born in Northampton 77 years ago and still living in the county it is the Nen to somewhere round about Oundle and then it becomes the Neen in local parlance. Not sure why and it’s annoying for us to hear it referred to as the Neen by bbc local tv whose studio is in Cambridge. BBC radio Northampton gets it right. Years ago Terry Wogan played a request for someone from Hig ham ferrers cogenhoe is really good one pronounced cookno. started canoeing on the Nen aged 10. Used to play in the outfall of the power station (now long gone) thought it was like real rapids. Rowed and sailed the cadet forces whaler and jolly boat from an island near Abington lock before graduating to Tankers and then narrowboats. The place above the last lock on the arm was where bwb had a transshipment shed for the newsprint that use to come plus timber for 2 yards that were near south bridge. When the current Earl Spencer took over the estate he started calling it Allthrup instead of Allthorpe but he was soon aware that this was not acceptable locally and now refers to it correctly. local place names are a nightmare all over the country and for strangers trying to ask directions.
  10. Entrance to the Pouilly en Auxois tunnel Burgundy canal. You can just make out the lights in the roof. It’s 3km long and pretty slow.
  11. It was said that on entering blisworth the butty’s stove was made up and plenty of smoke was encouraged so that following boats knew somebody would be in the locks ahead. Never tried it as smoke from PD2 was bad enough. i am now in France and the tunnel on the Burgundy canal is very low with no towpath and originally the barges were pulled through by an electric tug which picked up a chain. Now you can fasten timbers to the front bollards and just rub along the walls. The best thing in France is the tunnels are all light.
  12. What concerned me was the pictures of bits of the ceiling falling down on passengers. Sure the ship was rolling about but it was on built in 2017. It has 4 engines and they all failed what on earth could have happened. As an aside I went to look at a tanker that the company was considering chartering. After a good look round I was concerned about the crew mix. The captain was Russian, the mate Indian, the chief engineer Singapore Chinese. The crew mixture Philpinos and assorted east europeans I asked the captain what common language they would use in an emergency ne said get in lifeboat and F off. We declined to charter it.
  13. These were the doors on the Tadworth when we brought her, think they are the transfers bwb used no doubt someone will know.Later Simon Wain painted over them.
  14. Steve. I know you did the back cabin but didn’t know you did the can was sure it came from Ron. Apologies to all. The one we had when we owned Crane was from Ron as I dealt with it and it’s in the loft at home. The can we had on Tadworth all those years ago was painted by my old friend Graham Palmer of wrg fame who was quite a talented painter. here in France they don’t seem to go in for ancient folk art on their barges they prefer latest radar, AIS, powered hatch covers and cranes big enough to load the car. Regards dave
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