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  1. Tam I did know you did the lime juice run but couldn’t remember the sequence. Apologies and no slight intended.
  2. I meant the lift bridge by the radiator factory. The pictures were from 1979.
  3. The well known Olney bridge on the Thames and the lift bridge by the Morris works on the canal. This bridge was a problem if single handed but this time had daughter on board. Long time since we went that way and wonder if this bridge is still there.
  4. 2 letters in today’s Telegraph including spin from Parry. If anybody with more knowledge of the True situation wants to reply the e.mail address is dtletters@telegraph.co.uk. They ask for name and telephone number.
  5. The old lock at St Jean de Losne now a mooring for bigger boats. When the navigation was enlarged this lock was bypassed. We wintered here in 2007 after herself’s heart scare and a spell in hospital at Dijon. We had decided not to go back to Antwerp now that we could not use red diesel and instead stay in France and as things turned out it was a good decision.
  6. When the original safety certificates were being proposed I was on a committee representing IWA members convened by bwb . At that time it was only proposed for hire boats and house boats and had come about because of some accidents mainly involving CO from heaters. In one case the iron lift bridge at Heyford had come down on the roof of a hire boat and squashed the vent. Luckily someone realised they hadn’t seen the occupants the next morning and they were found in a bad way but alive. At one meeting I went through some accidents that had happened at Braunston and asked if the proposed regulations would have prevented any of them. Filling an outboard petrol tank in the lock whilst Mrs lit the hob, leaving a pilot light on and going back much later and lighting a cigarette , this was in a small cruiser and it blew the occupant and the cabin onto the bank, smoking in bed whilst worst for wear due to drink and setting fire to the boat. With regard to the gas fridge we had one with out an external flue on 2 boats and the only problem was rust falling onto the burner until the door seal came apart on the last one and it was only replaceable complete with the door. Changed to 240 volt instead .
  7. In 2015 we were staying near Lake Winnipesaukee in Hew Hampshire. It’s a large lake of 69 sq miles. There was a vintage rally going on but we were a bit late and some had gone but these old Chris craft were still there. The trip boat Mount Washington does two trips a day round the lake. It was originally a steamer but the US Navy took the engine in 1940.
  8. Know this dock well. Tadworth in there in 1976 as I remember not a lot of room for blacking round . Apologies for the quality of the scan
  9. This is Bruno who lives in the port and runs the B and B playing in his little boat taking the dogs for a ride. Today 2014
  10. In 2014 we had arrived back at our winter mooring the rather grandly named Pont Royal a collection of about 10 houses. Bruno who runs the B and B and looks after the port was playing with his little boat and the weather looks very nice. cant upload photos they keep coming out upside down, tried altering the photos but they still come out upside down. Any ideas this has never happened before.
  11. I would be pleased to post this to him if you let me have the address. Pm me if you would rather. So pleased to see some commercial traffic again.
  12. Don’t get excited. The copy function does nothing . E.mail does give a link address but I can’t see a way of posting that on this site. I think the iPad does not have all the functions of a pc or Mac and the apps can be programmed differently.
  13. On the iPad it offers air drop, e mail. Copy, messenger. I can’t see any way of giving a link to this site. If you know how I would be pleased to find out
  14. Sorry can’t post a link as read it on the Telegraph paper which is downloaded via an app. This photo shows the text that accompanied it..
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