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  1. Today In 2004 we were taking our first trip up the R. Sambre and had to stop for the night below Landelies lock as it shut at 6pm. Later in the day we moored at Thuin a town of boatmen and an excellent Chippy.
  2. Today in 2007 stuck in lock but diver just arrived. Usual suspect a car tyre stopping gate opening. St Job in t Goor Antwerp
  3. Off topic but Thuin is a real boatman’s town with many retired skippers and we have always been very welcome there. Many Belgian barges are registered there but most are 2 big to get up this part of the Sambre which has 38m locks.
  4. 80m probably a bit big for conversion. Good looking barge who’s owners have clearly got into trouble.
  5. Bit of a change of scene. Today in 2019 Sorrento harbour visited from The Star Clipper whilst on a cruise from Rome to Sicily.
  6. Our old GP thought we had to be mad crawling along in muddy ditches anyway. One could soon get depressed when owning old boats but a few pints sorted it out. We have a granddaughter who trained as a mental health nurse and spent years counseling and trying to help the areas addicts and Alcoholics getting called out at all hours. Now she is at an NHS clinic working 9-4 counseling the latest fad of trans youngsters.
  7. Today in 2005 on the floating dock in Antwerp harbour having some doubling done on the bilge strake.
  8. I have had something like this happen when I used Vacatan on the top of the cabin side where there was rust under the joint between the roof and the sides. Didn’t notice that it had run until later in the day when I could see light black streaks on the white cabin side. Tried to wipe them out but in the end had to sand and overpaint.
  9. Today in 2005 we met the Kempenaar barge Ibis coming up from Antwerp on the Schoten Turnout canal with sand for a big concrete plant. These barges can carry up to 550 tones but this was a fairly new traffic to the canal after many years without any commercials so they are slowly increasing draft as the channel gets better . We were on our way to dry dock in Antwerp harbour. O
  10. My wife had the A40 farina. Austin missed a great opportunity by not making it a hatchback. Best Austin I ever had was an ex police Westminster in 1966 which had a modified gearbox with a 4 speed floor change instead of a column. All the local villains knew it and nobody ever tried to race me from traffic lights.
  11. Today in 2012 . The R. Meuse in Belgium near Anhee. Really nice mooring with the village an easy ride down the towpath for the morning bread. The old fort on top of the cliff is lit at night.
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