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  1. And the Lucy but both these butty’s had little draft
  2. On this day in 2017 we arrived in Burgundy to find that the water pump had been damaged in the frosts during the winter and there was nothing we could do until a spare part arrived a few days later. The head is made of cast iron and was cracked. Before we left in the Autumn I had followed the same proceed for the last 16 years but obviously there was still water in it. After this I took the head off when we left for the winter and tipped some cheap gin in the bottom part.
  3. Today in 2012 we were in the basin at Erqulinnes on the Belgian French border preparing to join in the protest cruise on the Sambre Oise waterway which had been closed for a few years because of a small subsidence of an aqueduct.. The Sambre river after Charleroi is very attractive and the locks are for the 38m peniche although unfortunately it is not used much by the commercials . It is a good link from Belgium to France and both ends are busy commercially but nothing in the center section except pleasure boats. Even now 9 years later it is still closed although work is now going on
  4. This chap manages to control his 110m river cruise ship with a little lever. All the big barges have a layout like this. Photo from google
  5. Today in 2006 new engine installation finished. No more smoke or oily mess in engine room. Lovely.
  6. Ships swing when anchored so it’s a sea rather than canal terminology.
  7. Country file has been a kiddies programme for years, why would this be any different. I will wipe from my memory the WRG work parties and the hours spent campaigning as it must just have been a dream because the BBC told me CRT saved the waterways in 2012. Admittedly I was in France then so missed this wonderful event.
  8. Apparently Rod has brought his wife Penny a narrow boat for her 50th birthday. She wanted something to pass the time and slow down! They have a river by the estate so no mooring problem
  9. Note all the coal neatly trimmed. Both Colin and Trevor Maggs were draftsmen at GEC and their loads were always just so. Ours were not.
  10. Today in2015 had a ride on the North York’s from Whitby to Pickering return and had lunch at the White Swan. Bicycles everywhere.
  11. These Belgian guys just got stuck in. Familiarity I’m afraid
  12. Today in 2006 the engine change was going well. The new mountings were made and in the afternoon the new engine dropped into the engine room. The tanker barge behind was brought in by a tug with a failed engine and as is the case commercials get preference. They had a rebuilt V8 GM in the workshop and tomorrow they cut a hole in the side of the barge and got the old engine out. It took 3 days to complete the changeover.
  13. Did a bit of pole vaulting using the long shaft to get ashore from loaded NB occasionally when single handed, no so easy getting back aboard though.
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