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  1. Courers DPD are a joke

    Had 2 deliveries in last few days from these one hour slot by e.mail and even name of driver. I wonder if the parcel in question originated in the USA or somewhere else that puts the month before the date?
  2. Dog Harness

    Getting a dog back on board was the problem for us. The barge has nearly a meter of freeboard and when our Airedale fell in whilst we were drifting below a lock on the r.meuse and swam to the stern. He weighs 28kgs, luckily there are some rungs welded on the side of the rudder so I climbed down and got hold of him, however couldn’t push him up with one hand whilst holding on to the barge. First mate passed a rope down which was tied around him and she pulled whilst I pushed and we got him on board. in a lock on the upper Thames our old dog scruff decided to go ashore despite all the notices saying keep off the grass. He made a leap from the cabin roof but didn’t make it sliding down the lock side like in a cartoon. The keeper fished him out with a keb and put him on top of the coal saying your dog looks like a laboratory brush on legs. Charged him bit more for his coal!
  3. Location - May 1970

    We got WRG to bring their long arm smalley to clear the loading area of the spilt coal which was bagged up and sold.
  4. Wartime (1944) Canal Photos

    Great collection of photos showing how the idle women really worked. Amazing that they still dressed in skirts and heeled shoes! Pity some of the images are reversed I began to think that some boats had chimneys on the right side until I realized. Good shots of the old pub at Buckby bottom.
  5. Any of these still around

    They must be well looked after we had to scarf pieces into the Transom even back then. The plywood they used must have been a lot better than the stuff around today. i believe Brooklands did build some in GRP towards the end.
  6. Any of these still around

    I have been scanning old slides and this is our first boat. A 19ft Dolphin cruiser with unusually a inboard engine a 2 cylinder 2stroke made in Stratford on Avon. Think it was called a Seafarer and it went for ever on a gallon of fuel. We brought it in 1963.
  7. Photos of Gas St Basin in 1968 and Preston Brook in 1972

    1970’s gas street. Don’t know exact date
  8. Beckett's Park 1971 Photo's

    Joe and Rose brought a miniature railway to the rally they were towed by Bert Dunkleys Prince. what a nice photo of him, young lady nice as well.
  9. Beckett's Park 1971 Photo's

    Here’s another,
  10. RIP Trevor Maggs

    This was a most excellent way to remember Trevor and what a large turnout to say goodbye to a real gentleman of the canal. Having known him for 50years I was really amazed to see how well known he was and with genuine affection by so many people many of whom I did not know. david
  11. Rather nice canalsise property

    My old friend the late Graham Palmer moored here one evening and I went up to meet him. On the way back to the boat he tripped over the rope and pierced his cheek on the mooring pin. Luckily I hadn’t had much to drink and we eventually got him to Coventry hospital where the stupid receptionist asked me who his GP was. They kept him in for a couple of days before transferring him to London. I took the boat back to Braunston. Not a good way to end a weeks holiday on the cut. Hard to believe a house in beduth is worth this sort of money.
  12. Bilateral Worlds.

    Living on the cut is a parallel universe. I remember talking to Arthur Bray one day and then thinking he’s lived through 2 world wars the switch from horses to engines talking pictures etc but his world never really changed apart from watching the wrasling on the Telly sat afternoons. Not quite the same now as we have the inter web and forums like this to play with and think we know everything. after days on the cut traffic is defiantly a bit scary but when I was 17 went to sea with Shell Tankers and after 14 months paid off in South Shields, now that was scary.
  13. Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    Pete . You are lucky that the insurance people don’t insist on a report before insuring. My 100 year old barge needs a hull survey every 7 years for the insurance company which has always been an ultrasound one and I have been pleased with all of them so far although it’s always a thought that they have to find something for the yard to do. David
  14. RIP Trevor Maggs

    I’m afraid got name wrong it’s not Alf but Chris Williams and wife.
  15. Bringing a boat from Holland!

    If you are talking about a steel cruiser then check the draft as some are over a meter. No problems with paperwork use a notary to buy then have it removed from the Nederland kadaster and put it in on the SSR. Boat it to neiuport or Calais then on a good day across the Chanel. You can find pilots for the channel crossing who will bring the necessary radios and other kit. if it’s a barge same applies but use a surveyor who specializes in barges as lots of pitfalls, if it’s over 20m make sure it has a TRWV certificate. Others have mentioned mooring in uk and this is a major consideration.