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  1. Today 2014. First lock of the day at 9.06 am and it’s open with a lock keeper there, brilliant .( the canal doesn’t open until 9 am)
  2. Today at Berry au Bac on the Aisne canal close quarters passing.
  3. Yes in Yes indeed . Because our GP won’t do ear syringing due to the pandemic I had to go to a clinic which is in the old depot. Most of the buildings now seem to be occupied.
  4. Today in 2017 at Gray on the R. Saone. This converted tug had belonged to a friend of ours for many years and had just been sold to this family who were enjoying it.
  5. I can’t recommend Trojans highly enough. After years of trying all makes of wet batteries and sizes I settled on the 6 volt Trojans wired up for 24 volt. At the time 2011 Battery megastore had a good offer on them so took the plunge and they are still going strong. Just need regular checking and topping up.
  6. 1981 going down Braunston with plenty of helpers. Tadworth and Alton
  7. If it’s your first time in a tidal lock , or even you’ve done it many times, we have always found the lock keepers advice helpful. They know that piece of river and also have seen in in all its various conditions. Where next Shelby?
  8. Today 2012 at Bar Le Duc. Drifting around waiting for the bridge to open.
  9. We came out of the lock into the Loire just before it was going to be closed for canoe races. We had to follow a dingy down one of the lanes and friends large Tjalk only just fitted between the buoys which were difficult to see from our wheelhouses.
  10. This is a subject without an answer. There are so many moored boats in unsuitable places that a deep draughted boat will move them anyway. Speed is in the eye of the offended person. When we loaded on a canal like the Oxford fishermen were always shouting about speed. Some chance of even 3 miles an hour but we shifted a lot of water just going along. I used to drop out of gear and then reverse up to the complainant which took some time to ask him what he said, then getting under way again would stir the mud up. Learn to tie up or move.
  11. Stormy sky at Chaumont 2014.The town is up a very steep hill.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Today in 2013 the weir alongside this lock on the r Yonne was being rebuilt. I didn’t fancy the tower Crane swinging over our heads. This lock is one with both sloping sides but luckily we were the only boat in it so could drift.
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