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  1. When all this was being proposed I was the IWA representative on the committee chaired by the late Tony Grantham. At one meeting I asked if the regulations would have stopped the 3 recent events at Braunston. No 1 NB Fox set on fire by someone passing out whilst smoking, 2 filling the outboard motor in the bottom lock at same time as wife lighting gas stove, 3 pilot light left on and gone out when owner visited boat bit later and lite a cigarette which blew the cabin off the hull and him onto the wharf.
  2. As commercial operators in the 70s we had an annual license instead of tolls and I think pleasure boats also had to be licensed. Not sure of the exact date but a safety certificate came into being around 1978 and it applied to hire craft and houseboats. As we were camping boating we had to get one of the first ones and I got the surveyor to give the Raymond the once over as Arthur was very worried that it would not pass and they would have nowhere to live, in fact he got the certificate. This eventually morphed into the current BSS as there was a lot of lobbying by the boating trade to extend it to private boats.
  3. Afraid not as it was really shot and needed some timber work.
  4. They are going to apply to change to tiles but think they will be lucky.
  5. Lucky it’s not thatch my neighour just been quoted 80000 for a rethatch and it’s not a very big house.
  6. In 2015 we were touring New England to see the leaves. On this day we were at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire and saw this steamer Mount Washington. Couldn’t find the boat that still takes mail around the lake unfortunately.
  7. On our barge the BT was electric but a 3phase 10kw motor which ran off the generator so if going to use had to start genny which fired up straight away and leave it running until the need was over. No problem but actually it was very rare that it was needed only reversing out of tight or bendy moorings.
  8. My information is now out of date but we took our 50 ft NB to Ireland in 1998. It depends where you are going to keep in once it’s over there but Shannon harbour had the dry dock and welders. We used an Irish haulier from Bannager and the boat went unaccompanied ie the tractor unit and driver this side did not go with it just the trailer on the ferry and picked up by in Dublin by another driver. The company had trailers and a tractor unit based in Liverpool. With a 38 ft boat any 40 ft trailer will be ok although as the springer has a slight V bottom some extra Timbers may be needed. I would doubt if there would be much tax to pay due to age and value.
  9. There used to be one on the R. Nene above Beckets park lock. It was only used to get people across to the Greyhound tack on race days.
  10. Today in 2017 we are climbing up the Ouche valley on the Burgundy canal. Here at Velars Sur Ouche there is one of the few places I know of where you can stop outside a supermarket. This chain is also the cheapest for diesel.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Not on a canal but thought might be of interest. This is the floating bridge at the entrance to Curaçao harbour . The whole thing has to be opened for ships to pass through, this one is a modern replacement for the one I first saw in 1958 from a Shell Tanker.
  13. Today in 2006 on our way back to Antwerp. Unloading iron ore on the Albert Canal near Liege.
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