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  1. Trains again. On the 26th we were back in Cienfuegos and had a rickshaw ride around the town. Came across these abandoned locos near the harbour. Think they were used on the sugar plantation railways. The horse and carriage is the normal method of transport in the rural parts of Cuba.
  2. On the 25th 2018 the Star Flyer was back in Cuban waters and this large pilot had to stay on board. He spent the day eating and lazing in the saloon. It was my birthday so herself embarrassed me in the evening with a cake and a song.
  3. Don’t know about that but the then owner was house builder called Mackenzie Hill. We went to see him on a Sunday after tramping about along the canal and were invited in to the lounge and told no need to take off your boots . He just said to leave any big pieces of firewood and do what you like. We never really looked into who owned the bed and he assumed he did. The house was destroyed in a fire in 2016.
  4. Can’t remember exact date but in the 70s the Northampton IWA branch started work clearing the bed of the canal from Cosgrove to Old Stratford. We had agreement from the then owner of Cosgrove hall to cross his land and the owner of the old wharf to work there. When the road plans were published we lodged an objection to the height of the bridge which would not allow for a level navigation under it. At the public enquiry myself and Rodney Hardwick presented our case backed up by local boat clubs and users but unfortunately not MK development corporation. At the time the gentleman living
  5. On the 24th 2010 we went up to Shannon Harbour to visit friends. The 2 barges are moored where we did for 2 years when we took our NB over. For only 100 Irish pounds a year the canal license included mooring what a bargain.
  6. At Georgetown Grand Cayman 23rd jan. The ship comes here for stores and fuel as they cannot get it in Cuba. We had a trip on this submarine whilst all the loading was going on.
  7. In 2017 we were in S.Africa and saw these youths finding a use for a sunken fishing boat at Hout Bay
  8. On this day 2010 we were in Limerick to watch Northampton Saints play Munster. The Shannon here is tidal and the lock is into the abbey river which bypasses shoals. The moored boats are at Killaloe in a backwater originally part of a canal to Limerick before the big hydro plant was built. We lost by the last kick of the match our fly half missing a penalty, but a great day anyway.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Thanks for the correction. It’s an interesting place.
  11. Braunston on Oxford canal. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/74682654. sorry link doesn’t work
  12. Not canals but definitely boating. Today in 2018 we were on board Star Flyer in Cienfuegos waiting to set sail for a voyage along Cuba’s southern coast.
  13. Have to pass on this as we haven’t got enough furniture.
  14. All the dish needs is a clear line to the satellite. Being low down on a narrowboat nearby buildings and trees are the main problem but it’s safer on the roof.
  15. The Nene will also risers our little brook in the village is really flowing. Think it rained all night and still steady drizzle.
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